Simple Artistic Exercises In 10 Minutes Or Less | Creativity For Everyone | Cindy Guentert-Baldo | Skillshare

Simple Artistic Exercises In 10 Minutes Or Less | Creativity For Everyone

Cindy Guentert-Baldo, Planner/Artist/YouTuber

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14 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Keep It Simple

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Exercise #1 - Word Clouds

    • 5. Exercise #2 - Lyrics Spiral

    • 6. Exercise #3 - Page Of Shapes

    • 7. Exercise #4 - Leaf Resist

    • 8. Exercise #5 - Watercolor Resist

    • 9. Exercise #6 - Watercolor Sky

    • 10. Exercise #7 - Drips & Blooms

    • 11. Exercise #8 - Spatter Art

    • 12. Exercise #9 - Brush Tip Flowers

    • 13. Exercise #10 - Blob Flowers

    • 14. What Next?

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About This Class

I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why people feel like they can’t do something creative on a regular basis, but they can be summed up into three categories:

  1. They don’t have the skills.
  2. They don’t have the supplies.
  3. They don’t have the time.

In this class I’ll be showing you 10 creative exercises utilizing a mix of doodling and watercolor. They will help you get past all three of these common problems. 

Not Having The Skills:

Each of the exercises is simple and can be completed at any skill level. I’ll also be giving tips, tricks and pointers in each lesson to help add variety and fun to your creative practice!


As an example, in Exercise #10 - Blob Flowers, you’ll learn how to doodle simple flower petals and foliage that not only work for this lesson, they’ll be handy in any future doodling of flowers you’d like to do!

Not Having The Supplies:

In this class we will be using a limited toolbox of simple supplies that can be purchased at any drugstore or big box store. If you don’t have any of these items, detailed in the lesson on Materials, you could easily purchase them for a total of less than $10.


If you already have some materials, or after this class are interested in trying something a little more advanced, I’ll be offering up some suggestions for other materials in each exercise.

Not Having The Time:

All of the exercises in this class can be completed in 10 minutes or less. You could sit and do them all at once and spend over an hour being creative, or you could find 10 minutes each day to try one.


Each exercise can be repeated many times in many different ways, as many ways as you could dream of! I’ll provide a couple of examples of each one to show how you can reuse these ideas over and over again without doing the same thing.

By the end of this class you should have 10 different small pieces of artwork, each created in 10 minutes or less. 

This class is built for beginners, but could be a useful refresher for artists and crafters of any skill. If you have felt that being creative daily is out of reach for you due to time, supplies or skill level, I invite you to join and prove to yourself that being creative IS possible for you!