Simple Animation in After Effects: Get to Know the Wiggle Technique | Sebastiaan Destellirer | Skillshare

Simple Animation in After Effects: Get to Know the Wiggle Technique

Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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13 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction to Simple Animation in Adobe After Effects

    • 2. The Basic Wiggle Effect

    • 3. Short Demonstration

    • 4. Workflow Tips

    • 5. The content of the Project Files

    • 6. 3 Stages - All Set and Ready to Go

    • 7. Tree Moving in the Wind

    • 8. Binoculars Spotting a Ship at Sea

    • 9. Flickering Candle Light Animation

    • 10. Machine Goes Crazy

    • 11. Equalizer on the Move

    • 12. 3, 2, 1, Start Wiggling Now, Create your Motion Graphics

    • 13. How to Embed Vimeo and YouTube Video to Project Page


About This Class

In this Adobe After Effects class you will learn how to use the simple effect “wiggle” and use it as an expression to create stunning dynamic animations without using any Key-Frames.

After this class you can make your animation feel organic and random. (like this example)


The “wiggle” effect can be applied to many properties in AfterEffects, such as: Position, Rotation and Opacity.

Based on some simple examples you will learn the possibilities and the power of this technique.

For example:

- How to make the Leaves of a Tree move in the wind

- Making a simple Graphic Equalizer
- Animate the flickering of a Candle

You can download all the 5 project files, each of them containing 3 stages:
(1) Unprepared artwork,
(2) Prepared artwork so that you can start quickly,
(3) Finished version to check how the effect is applied if you get stuck

The graphics are very basic, focussing on the technique and not on design.

(The files are also compatible with Adobe After Effects Creative Suite CS6)

Some basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects is required as this class won’t cover the basics of the program. However even if you are a beginner, you can watch this class, and used the downloadable project files, to get an understanding of the possibilities of the wiggle effect.

If you want to get started with learning the program from scratch there are some great beginner classes from awesome teachers here at Skillshare.

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