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Simple 2d Walk cycle Animation loop in After Effects

teacher avatar Aarthi, Motion Graphics Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Character setup

    • 3. Animation

    • 4. Loop

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About This Class

This course helps to create 2d simple walk cycle animation in a continuous loop inside After effects. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Motion Graphics Designer


Hi, I'm Aarthi.

I am a Professional Motion graphics designer. I love to explore different styles of work.


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1. Intro: Before I introduce myself, I thank you for coming. To save myself and actually Illustrator, motion designer and Lilian into electrical convey a state. Freelance illustration. The same look to the explainer videos for many plants and lonely based applications. Today, let us see how we can create a simple walk cycle and sugar intake, the actual effects. In just 20 minutes. I'd asked to carry it to the project and close segment, if you bought it and see character for animation, or you can use your own character. I will start the course with how we should change the list of catalogs inside Illustrator. And I will teach you how I looked. And finally, by the end of the course, understanding of Animations, introduction. So let's jump into the course. 2. Character setup: Welcome to the system. It is the character that we're going to use Polymer walk cycle. I've gone to the adapts to scatter file to the project and resource statement. So you guys can download it for yourself. Here I'm going to show you how you should lay out a category for animation purposes. These are the segments for leading a character. There's no told you guys that aren't site and MATLAB. So that means if it is odd hand, that means it is the right time. That means for the left hand. So there are total of 13 layers will be using one by one and number character 123456, leg 789, 10, 11, 12, 13. Congratulations on finishing the columns that are new to the next one. 3. Animation: Now you have the actual effects. Just double-click the project panel and choose to a file. For importers. Select Composition, Retain Layer Sizes option so that you will get all the layers inside aftereffects. And click Import. We have successfully imported over a file inside the actual parts. Now, the booklet confined is beacons to all of our layers here in the composition. To complete a walk cycle animation, we have to follow four steps. The fourth step will be anchor points at the edges. This step is essential for all got ectothermic and natural movement. Before I start this, I'm going to restaurants the layers. This will give us short vector look to other character. Select all the layers and click the star will click icon. It will legislates the layers. You can just click post-transplant Britain for a clear vision, but that is not a recommended one. So go to New, select solid. You can change the color of the solid layer with those skills. You won't ask the background. Here I want to use white currently cookie. You can place a solid layer at the bottom so that it will act as a BG of the bag on the set and the characters visible. Now we will come back to a four-step anchor points setup is select the layer and fill this lock icon. It will help us to show that vertical layer ALU visible on the compulsion endlessly began to the object clearly and canceled the anchor point. The anchor point tool. I'm going to zoom a little bit concave. Now I'm going to move the anchor point at the thought is, I want to show you now how this anchor point at this age but affect its moment. Do that, just select the patient to undertake the hand and the hand moves for the dark beads in a MOOC looks unnatural. Because if I set the anchor point and the thought is it ordered like this, That's why not be a goal for the next layer. The art on the altar should read it from a dark age. And can point at the blockage. For the body in the ankle point can be in the center. But the faith, the anchor point should be on the board damage. If you're not able to see clearly, to split the chance for an icon, I don't help them to see it. For the neck, it can be centered. Who the odd link, normally for lexer to the anchor point should be at the top. For dinosaur. So it goes to state that blockage. In the same way, less to for a ligand L by four feet also the anchor point should be at the top. Finally, for L hand, it should be at the top. The same goes for Elon. It's done. We have completed our four-step anchor point center. Not the second step is patentee. The odd hand will rebound to the R. The R will rebound Goteborg. The border for laundry bound to anything truly does not normally to phase would be parented to the body. The neck, we'll be back into the body. And the leg will depend too, aren't they? The archetypal non-defined to anything. So it does not normally, in the same way. Let go the pan to put the L di belonging fan to the editing so it has non-monetary. Alpha will be two odd length. L foot will be bound to put a mic, to repent, to put the arm will be pander to the body. We have not completed the second step parenting. So we will move to the third step and medium the hands and legs. The most important step was to focus on hand woman's select our arm. May need to use position and rotation to get the moments. Click B for portion. That will be the rotation also will sag, Shift and click on to get the position and rotation are the same b. And set the keyframes by clicking the stopwatch occur in the same baby you're going to do at the ILA? Please be F1 portion. Should Our Father patient and set that Gabriel's that looking at stock was shaken. Before they go for the actual animation. You have to first set the frame of dummy. Currently if you have three minutes, but given to use only once again for the animation, but have continuous loop. I will show you at the end of the video for really had the time flavin, once again, both twins again, or fives or gain is okay, you don't have to change the timing. But if you don't click Control key to get the compulsion settings against a duration setting. Delete the current time and change it to eight. So again, we can use the 1 second for animation. The remaining will be eligible for the continuous loop. Click Okay to save it. In the 8 second work area, we will use only one circuit for just drop the ball Galea do one circuit and expanded for a veteran beam. Now with screen to work. Up to now, we have set keyframes for the fourth sprint for ADL, or get along the guiding or guidelines but arms. The first frame and last frame look to see only the middle frame looks different. So for L Now, we can copy the keyframes of the full screen. And based on that loss to print. In the same way for Adal, we can copy the key themes of the first frame. And based on the last frame. Now go to the medium flame for all the, all the snob in the forward phase. I wanted to ask you for the back face. So just rotated backwards. Sorry, it's a long so go to OD on, use rotation and change its direction to backward freeze is almost going backwards, the portion below, so go to a little bit backward. This is an important point here. Same way the law should go to the flanked on the back. So the push, the law. So go forward. Then we can play and see how this one looks. Know the handle members. Clearly natural because of Spinney, the subgrade moments for the hand sorption will just give the moments two arms. So to do that, we have to create a separate motion for hands to make it natural. Good on-hand. Click off or rotations per set a keyframe at the first frame. Let us see what El Nino set a keyframe for the rotation as well. The guidelines copy that keyframe from the fourth frame and paste it to the last trip. And do the same for all handled soap, comfort, and murdered flame. Before we do the change in the other patient level, one thing for a hand, Michigan rotated forward at the point where the hand is already incorporating motion for n hand in different affordable direction at the middle plane. So r due to the frame at them or do fail. Don't do Amy chimps at that first and last frames. Right-hand patterns. I'll hand it is Norman, the father of faith at the middle. So we will not make any change. You can keep the keyframe acidosis. We have to change the rotation at the first and last frames for the forward direction. Because Asperger guidance of post and last group should look to see that movement. Looks good. Again, go for the leg moments. As just a compulsion in a way, the laser clearly visible as follow guidelines, reactive give moments to let in two ways. Firstly. A complete die moment in the social Foster and last dreamy look the same or litho model-free envelope to plant. Seconds to fill with changing the length gives us the same as how we did for hand plus the change of the arms and gave some moments to hand the family bus. We will give them unsupervised under the gifts of great moments to what links? Let's walk on two dice now. Go to L tile. Click before for sure on offer or patient. So the few things do the same for our date. Now go to the last stream, copy the keyframes to the first frame. And based on the last frame for both LTE and Arctic, go to the middle frame. For n Pi, it's already in the backward direction in the fall, spring. So articulate a friend. For all tailored bad since the already in the front side, the aftershave, the push. So also for all j, we would output two gap. Since it's going back via automaker, little backward moment. What n times and it's going friend McCullough to friend moment because plates, you know, the whole leg is moving now, so it's time to make some woman stored licks is the most important steps in a walk cycle it and the ones that make us believe that calculus actually working to do that first reactor check. One thing you can see here on the left leg is going from back to front. Which means the leg is filings with the buzzing lecture bent in the middle. There it is passing the left. Let us parson here. So a clip before pushing and R for rotation. So the keyframe at the first frame, copy and paste a creepy or the last frame. Because the policy MC had this dream is the last stream for the left leg, for the middle, rotate the leg and make a little bent bookmakers too much. Then it looked at the calcium surrounding the old lift your legs like this, we're walking so because small event at this stage, we cannot set up position because there's another Lincoln's hiding it. So you can click the solo icon for both a ligand L. We can adjust the portion accordingly. It's done for the mode icon. It will come back to the normal state alkane. Now the left leg of sewing the walking or material. Let's say maybe attribute for the Catholic. Quite odd. Let it goes from back to front. And the passing happening in this frames go to odd leg. Click FIFO and pusher. To add rotation. Keyframes. Copy and paste. At the last frame. Go to the middle, anger get back leg. I'm sorry, thought our limits are tight. So go to allylic and get them may complain. On I just took Russia. I think we can still lift the leg up. Now plate is the lakes of fine. Control the hand. We have completed the third step. Then all began with the final step, Gordy and head movement. Select the body layer. Bushnell center keyframe. Copied and pasted the last frame. Phase and fame came to him and number that the bossing point propulsion will change. Go to the first-person point, changes and push downward. Copy this keyframe and pays for the next two positive point. If I'm playing C Now, I think that we can still give some extra document, no market authority to make it more realistic. Since we made a change, copy that, and paste it to the next program point. Latency. It's more realistic now makes us given hormones to the head. Currently the HIV is also moving from the coast and expand to the body. But still, we should make us a brief moment to it. Correlate phased clip art for rotation. And so back evenings as how we did for the body has last unlimited frame. We're gonna make moments only at the fostering Finance Lab. Zoom that first. And at the first file thing quite or tail, tail towards the friend. Make a small vent. Copy that keyframe, and paste at the next passing plane. Now we can say head moments here. Let's fit a compulsion to see the complete box agglomeration. If can't see the walk cycle. But soon There's something wrong here. But this smoothness school versus very important animation. To give smoothness, we have to do easily used to all the keyframes. Let's see how good step. Select all the keyframes. Press F9 to do the ECT is that it stopped. Now. So a complete rock cycle. The ammunition sport on life. Yet complete and walk cycle animation. Let's go for a continuous loop now. 4. Loop: Now we're going to do the continuous loop. What if I want to read the scattered around for like three seconds continuously? There is a 1D. You have to copy this key frame and I gain new area to paste it. But that will take a lot of time. That's what I did in the beginning. But because I'm not aware of this continuous loop and then start. Now, I'm going to show you one thing which make us look a complete continuous loop. So before we go over continuous loop and we have to keep one thing in mind that the initial cream on the last frame, we should look here. How many initial fee? Our last the boulder looking right. And we have to kill the gaps. So you have to fill this gap, says select this last keyframe. Copy paste. We don't have good jobs. Okay? Now to do that, click the layer and click thick coat of property and click import. Now we are dead then looping through the output. Now play that image. That's it guys had completed the animation and also the Lupe. Thank you guys for making it up to here. And we'll see you again in next coast.