Silversmithing for Beginners - Hammered Chain Bracelet

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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16 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Hammered Chain Bracelet

    • 2. Hammered Chain Bracelet - equipment

    • 3. Hammered Chain Bracelet - soldering equipment

    • 4. Hammered Chain Bracelet - materials

    • 5. Hammered Chain Bracelet - coiling the wire

    • 6. Hammered Chain Bracelet - cutting the coil

    • 7. Hammered Chain Bracelet - preparing for soldering

    • 8. Hammered Chain Bracelet - soldering the links

    • 9. Hammered Chain Bracelet - soldering two links

    • 10. Hammered Chain Bracelet - soldering troubleshooting

    • 11. Hammered Chain Bracelet - hammering

    • 12. Hammered Chain Bracelet - filing

    • 13. Hammered Chain Bracelet - making the clasp

    • 14. Hammered Chain Bracelet - soldering the clasp

    • 15. Hammered Chain Bracelet - polishing

    • 16. Hammered Chain Bracelet - final thoughts


About This Class


A chain was one of the first pieces of jewellery that I made after I learnt to solder, certainly the first piece of jewellery with multiple solder joins.

I originally taught myself to solder because I was using a lot of closed jump rings in my bead and wire work and they were expensive - I thought making my own would work out much cheaper, but as I look around my workshop at all the tools and equipment that I now have I’m not sure that cheaper is the right word to use! It certainly did open up a new world for me though, as once I was confident with soldering jump rings closed it was a small step to making simple rings and bangles - and then I wanted to link those jump rings together...

The hints, tips and instructions in this class will take you from never having soldered before to a beautiful finished chain bracelet - or a necklace if you get carried away!

I will show you how to make the chain bracelet show above with 1.2mm wire links, starting with a length of wire that I'll teach you how to easily turn into jump rings or links. I'll show you how to texture the links, and also teach you how to make a matching clasp for your bracelet. I have also covered an explanation of all the tools and materials that you need, and a downloadable equipment and materials list is available in the project section of the class.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the same materials in stock that I have used in the class example, or hammers that give the same textures – experiment with what you have available. Beautiful chains can be made with a mix of wire gauges left over from other projects. Above all, have fun!

This class is part of a series teaching you all the basic but essential silversmithing skills that you need to create beautiful jewellery. My aim is to get you confident with sawing, filing, texturing and shaping your silver, and to add in some beginner stone-setting techniques too.