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Sigils - Create Some Magic In Your Marketing

teacher avatar Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Sigil - What is it and Where did it come from!

    • 2. Sigil Creation

    • 3. Activating the Sigil

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About This Class

Sigils are a visual representation of a desired outcome.  This metaphysical approach to creating outcomes can be used in your business, marketing, relationships or any area you might need some help.  This class will teach you how to create sigils and activate them to help you create some magic in your business ventures as well as your life.  

When you put metaphysical practices practices into your business and marketing you can get a leg up on your competition.  

Peace and love,

Your Metaphysical Marking Guru - Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Sigil - What is it and Where did it come from! : Hi, everybody. Today we're going to teach you how to make a sigil. Now what she might ask is the sigil. Well, this is a basic civil right here that I've created, and we're gonna show you how to create one of these Ah, little later on in the class. But a sigil is a magical representation of a desired outcome that the magician in this case , you wish to happen. Announced vigils have been around since the dawn of man, and we've seen them pop up in so many different civilizations throughout history. Um, and somewhere along the lines that got linked to be a colt into evil practices. And, you know, that's just not the case, that silly to even think that. So let's go back and look Now, the first vigils were cave drawings. You know, the caveman would draw on the wall of them going out from the hut and wanting to, you know, secure some food so they would have pictures of them attacking the food and bringing that back to the village. That was the very first representation of a sigil. The ancient Egyptians, the higher Cliff ICS, were powerful citadels that the Egyptians were amazing, crafting magic and bringing amazing things to themselves. Some even say that lucky numbers numbers in general are citadels, that they represent great outcomes that we want. And if you've ever bought a lottery ticket, you probably feel the same way. You're hoping to bring the outcome of bringing all that money to you, so there's no way, no possible way that sigil zehr evil. It's just been something that's been put in the history to scare people off from using them , probably because somebody else didn't want them working the magic. Now these thes Sichel czar very powerful things, you know, They, um, creates a magic in our lives up, you know, it's just unbelievable. Sometimes, Um, now some of you might have heard about a little thing called the Law of Attraction. And in the law of Attraction, they create what they call vision boards, and some would say that a vision board is technically a sigil to I know in modern day they use fancy pictures and stuff like that. But it's still that visual representation of a desired outcome that you want to have happen . Now some people will say that this is just you know, putting this into focus and making it a focal point. So you focus on it so that you know you're gonna drop to you because you're focused on, and that is part of the law of attraction and part of the magic of citadels. But it goes much, much deeper than that. And we're gonna, you know, show you how to activate a sigil later on in class to you as well as create some. So you know, you're going to be able to see this firsthand and feel it for standing, you know, experience it firsthand. So now one thing schedules do is a drop in the power from the university. Draw power from everywhere. You set the intention out there, and then the sigil starts to collect the energy for you in various different ways. So you know, it's it's working for you to bring the desired outcome. So it's not just, in my opinion, it's not just, oh, I'm focusing on the sigil of now. Things were going to start happening because I'm thinking I'm keeping in my mind now. I think it's a much, much deeper, um process than that. Now, the connection between the sigil on the creators. It was something that we can't explain. You can't give you exact details of how it works yet it works over and over again. I have used sit jewels for a long, long time now, and I am still amazed and, um, in all when they when they work, which and when they bring even much more than I ever expected. So we're going to get on with the class. We're gonna the next section, we're going to show you how to create a sigil. And then from there, we're gonna go on to show you how to activate. So get your paper and pencils ready. We're gonna make some sit jewels. 2. Sigil Creation: Okay, We're going to create some sit jewels now, and I'm gonna show you how to create three citadels. Now, I use thes little cards that I have. They are about two inches by three inches. I gotta Matt Adam for a while. A friend of mine gave him to me. I'm get tons of him. So I use these to create my schedules on. The other thing you need is that drawing utensil I love to use a Sharpie Sharpies are my instrument of choice for creating citadels. Now, the first thing we need to do is have our intention. Um, And just to make it simple, we're gonna We're gonna use this sigil to create more money. So we look at the words open money down here. Okay, so we're gonna get money. We don't need the exclamation point, but most put emphasis on it evidently, but we're going to create a sigil for money. So let's start out by using what I call the box method where we just use the boxed letter. So let me kind of show you what that is like a box tm would look like this and no would look like this in, huh? On E and alive. Now, we can't just dropped like that than be too simple. So we're gonna do is we're gonna stack these all on top of each other. So we're gonna start on our card. Excuse me? We're going to start out with our am dot here in the center. So you know where the center is. Are you? Then on top of that, we're gonna draw r o go over all four sides, creating our and then we're gonna do our end up one side all way down, and now, then our e there and then our why? And there we have that is our sigil for money using the box method, including now we're going to go on to another method and we call this one removing the bath . So as we look at money and we've dried out our statement here that we want and again, you can use anything elaborate. I mean, you could get us creatives. That is. You want I'm I would suggest this being more specific. Money's a pretty general terms, so I wouldn't suggest necessarily just putting money down. But it is, um, for simplicity here. We're gonna use that. So on the removed, the foul method, we take out the valves, we strike out the val. So on money, we got the in the and I know sometimes why is considering about but in this case, we're not going to consider it about, So So we're gonna have him in. Why now? What you do on the remove the vowel method of creating a sigil is you will jam all these letters together. So I'm going to start out with my AM. We're gonna make my am there, and then I'm gonna use the last section of my am to make my in okay. And then I'm gonna jam my Why? Right off to that, too. So you got a little crazy with that? So you wouldn't want that section in there. So you see what it looks like. So let me get it for you. Get in here. Then we're gonna do her in and our why? And that's gonna be another sigil. Help us bring money into our life. Now that the one that I like and some people are not very creative is just the picture method. And you draw a picture of what you want a visual representation? So I'm just gonna draw a picture of some money for everybody to see here. We're going. Yeah, face of the person that air and give us some things there. So we're just drawing a representation of the bill. Doesn't have to be perfect if you're a great dollar. However, that that would be fine to make it beautiful. 3. Activating the Sigil: Okay. I hope you've had fun. Creating your sigil is it is kind of fun. It almost is almost great school. They're so simple. I mean, you can get really elaborate, but the basic ways a really simple it is. It's almost like coloring or drawing when you're a kid. So what? We need to get to the point of activating the Citadel's Now Many people believe that just creating a sigil is good enough and putting it out there, I d. You know, in many ways is is great. So and that's true. But there's so many ways that you can activate a sigil. And like I said, the most common way is just a place it somewhere in the house where you're going to see it . Quite often, you place it on your mirror in your bathroom, maybe by the television somewhere places that you look a lot. That's that's the basic and the most easy way to create us toe, activate a city, put it places that you're going to see it now another way that a lot of people activate situates is hiding it somewhere, hiding it somewhere where you're going to forget about it. Some people put it under their doormat. Some people will put it under the cushions, cats, couches. They might slide it in between the the mattress and the box springs in their beds. Putting it somewhere where you forget about it for a lot of people. Makes them think that their mind is not actively seeking it out. So it will let it come to easier in that sense, because they're not focused on the outcome there allowing the universe to take control of that. But my favorite ways to activate the sigil involves elements earth, wind, fire and water. Those were my favorite ways, and they're quite simple, but I'm gonna go through each one of them individually for you. Um, let's start with fire fires. One of the easiest ways. One of the first ways I activated a sigil, but I create my sigil, put it on my paper, and then just simply I put it in a bowl and I'd burn. I would burn it and let the the energy come out of the sigil and go up into the universe and do its magic in that process. Now, um, this is obviously you need to be safe don't do it in the house or by your covers or anything like that. Get in a safe place if you're gonna burn your sigil and, you know, allow it to just float out to the universe. In that way, it's a great way Now, Um, let's go to Earth. Next Earth is a great way. And quite simply, you just take your situation. You barrier. Uh, it's that simple. You take the sigil, go out someplace, maybe away from your house, maybe your backyard, and you just bury the sigil. You can also combine this if you want to do it a little bit of double, and you'll be able to do this with all of these hurt based activations of your sigil is, but you could don't burn it first and then take the ashes and various. So that's another way that you can get double the the activation for your sigil, and then we go toe win and basically wins the same way you let the wind take your situ away . Now I don't advocate littering In that sense, I don't consider this littering, but some people might, so you might also burn the sigil before you let the wind take the ashes away. So again doubling the activation on that sigil to in that sense. And then there's water water. You can do this a couple ways. Also, you can go out. I took some cards out recently to the ocean, and I dipped all my cards into the ocean before I created the sigil sawn. So I had the salt water on my cards as they were created, and I sent them out there. You can also burn the sigil first and take the ashes after the water again. You can combine these in your way and dip them in the water and then bury them later on. However, whatever feels right to you is what you should do. Now Here's a crazy one. If you want to get really crazy and you get it has sigil that you really love have a tattooed somewhere on your body. Now, obviously you want to make sure that it's it's a very positive sigil on something that you wanna gonna want to keep for the rest of your life. But that's an option to you know. It's just how everyone activate your schedules. Now I have some other ways that involved your relationship and some intimacy and things like that. You can send me an e mail. You know, Send me a message if you want to learn about those because I'm not gonna go into those. Keep this PG here on activating sigil. So if you if you're curious about those, please send me a message and I'll be happy just to tell you all about those. But Okay, you you. Now you know a lot about schedules. You know how to create them, you know, activate them. You even know what a sigil is. You know now I want you to get to work, making your schedules, creating your sit. Jal's getting him out there into the universe. Now, your homework assignment is to create a sigil and send it to me, create a visual representation and send it to me. However you do it, whatever fun way that you want to do it on, and then just a copy and paste it here in the in the assignment section so we can see it. I just love to see him see how creative you can be, you know, And that's gonna be powerful sharing it with me is also powerful if you can share your sigil out in the world. That's another thing. Because you know, there is plenty of energy out there for everybody and everything to go around, so there's not like we're depleting it in any way. So don't think that sharing your sigil will lessen its value in any way, shape or form. So get out there and create that sigil. Make sure to share it here in your assignment. I look forward to seeing them and again, if you have any questions to send me a message, I'd be happy to answer them, answer them for you, um, and help you make your sit jewels as powerful as possible.