Side Hustles for Beginners : Start Your Side Hustle Today without any Skills and Zero Capital | Junaid Koya | Skillshare

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Side Hustles for Beginners : Start Your Side Hustle Today without any Skills and Zero Capital

teacher avatar Junaid Koya, Entrepreneur + Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction to side hustles !

    • 2. Canva

    • 3. Android applications

    • 4. Wordpress website development

    • 5. Fiverr

    • 6. Skillshare

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this mini course , I will introduce you to a few underrated side hustles which require no specific skillset .

Most of you will be interested in starting a side hustle . Everyone has their reasons , some want to utilize their free time , earn a second income or you just want to learn something new .

 If you are like many, you may not know where to begin or have enough ideas.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Junaid Koya

Entrepreneur + Creator


Hello, I'm Junaid.

Student and Teacher .

My interests are : Absolutely everything !

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2. Canva: So the first one on our list is gamma, can make a graphic the same platform. We, it is really easy and straightforward to create anything with the help of camera. In January you can create business cards, posters, flyers. These are decency to ban is Facebook posts, instagram stories, and intake. The list goes on. It's easy, is if I just show you, let's go into Canva logo. So let's go to Can we reduce that are also paint features, but mostly you can do almost anything free. You can see the templates here, Instagram, post stories, facebook, YouTube channel out, business cards, logos, presentations, the list goes on and on. You can also disable the shirts here. Let me just show you it's really easy to do. Let's select business card now. They give you the available templates here. Let's just say you're reading list for you. Yoga place. See, you can add elements here like that. Even in the elements leg here. Can change color. See it's really easy to change the name. Make a few edits here, and their annual business card is ready. You can green business cards. Law was plays, bosses, anything on Canva logo man, or for your services, do your friends, relatives, local shops, or on the internet, and show you how in the upcoming classes. Let's move on to the next one. 3. Android applications: Creating an Android app. Now, I know most of you are thinking, I don't know programming. How am I going to do this? Nowadays, people, I go to you. You can create android apps and games using templates is really easy and straightforward. Anyone can do this. Let me show you. Now. The first website we're going to set out is QC app name there. Let's go. So with the help of this website, you can create four basic games. It's not being oriented. It's like this amazing games for pigs. One word, rearranging tiles, guessing the picture, finding words. I'm sure all of you have played all of these games in one BMR and it says Basic gives what? This is pretty easy to do actually. You can also find the tutorials here. I were to grade the quiz game, how to upload name to Google Play. And it even shows you how a demonic days, these apps, like with AdMob, with Facebook, ad colony, junglefowl, add Falcon, the list goes on. It's really easy to do. You can use this template. You can't even see in-game examples. You can get inspired from other games and other users who have used and will this news, this website and build games. So let's go to our next website. Yes, I've got one more. This one is called apps, the pseudocode. Now, this one, this one is going to blow you away. You can create a list of apps and games using this website. You can convert their website into an Android app, mean your Colab. But I was wallpaper app for 2010. You can see the list here. And it's amazing. The tutorials are also in this website that out also I never other apps you can, you can come with a YouTube channel or a playlist into an app. You can create business website. This is going to be very helpful for all of you guys. I highly recommend trying these two websites because this will blow you away. Check out this one you get, you get hammered Tiktok pages into AP, same here App for leaky and thus the same thing. And you can also create the e-book grade, and this is one of my favorites. You can download PDFs from the website and you can create an app to and Windows PDF. I use them all the time. So let's move on to the next one. 4. Wordpress website development: The next idea, so you can check out these WordPress website development. And this one also mean Sony Duff and complicated, but trust me, it is not. It is far easier to them. It sounds. With WordPress, you don't need to knowing the HTML or coding or anything to create the website. It is pretty straightforward to do. But they'll both Michelle, developers that's living a word, WordPress. Anyone can create the website, get dopamine issues. Let me show you. You can do it. So this is the WordPress website, Sci-Hub 41 percent load. The n layer web is built on WordPress in a way because it is very easy to create a website with this. Everyday enemies greeting oxygen through and prestige this. See. Now of course, no man has no units. You can do however you want. You can also find themes, but a built-in so you can build your website around it. In this way, the effortless only have to do is pay for hosting a disability and below $20 or something. It will also depend upon the URL you are choosing. You can use Michelle build the set S and the vehicle interface layer extra. It will make it easier to create website, which is really easy to do. But most people don't know these animals people. I'm not trained me to do this because mostly we are lazy. So you can make use of that and you can create a website and sell it to your friends or family or people who need websites. All businesses need website. So make use of that. So let's go and X1. 5. Fiverr : So now we have Wednesday checkout 50. 50 is an online marketplace for freelancer whizzes. The company Bruins, a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. And this leads will be incomplete without favor. Now, fiber is a goldmine for free lenses that are also similar freelancing websites such as Apple, but I prefer Fiverr. Fiverr, there's no subscription fee or listing fees, anything like that. However, I would exit in the Persian commission out of each sale you make. In table, you can offer any services starting entire dollars and thus the name fiber. By any services. I mean, absolutely any services. Anybody say that's a lie I have mentioned in this class can be combined with favored. So let's go to So this is the 50 we obtained. It's spelled FIV ER are local. So now let's start with the first one. So that is Canva, which helps us make the logo and business cards, right? So let's start logo designs. See, you can make, if I were listening just like this, make amazing phi will with Canva. Let's check on business cards as well. Same. You can create business guns just like this with the help of Canva, and you can create listing just like this. The next one on our list is Android apps, right? Let's check that one too. See, Android apps are in high demand. Now, let's get specific. Let's take our Canvas website into Android N. C, as you can see, many bringing the service, The held both apps days ago. We can do this in five minutes. Let me show you. Let's click here. See when the album, this template, we can convert any website into an Android app. All you have to do is click here. And now all we have to do is type in the URL here and click on save to camera that you employed app. So the next item on our list was WordPress website development. We can sell it for that. And as it dense out, also in high demand. And once you learn the WordPress, you can also grade listing slave this. Now, fire has got a lot of options. As I mentioned earlier, anything can be listed on Fiverr asking IQ. The possibilities are limitless. Most of you folks have the knowledge or skill sets to create at least three divine favor 10Ks. Suppose unit two languages, English and Spanish. You can offer it to translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. Do listings right there. Let me show you see translate English to Spanish. Same goes for translating Spanish to English. And there are also stat, virtual assistant mitigate paid by the hour for being in which a less system to somewhere. Now, you can start small and started running to test the water and you can scale it up from there. So all you have the luis. Just to get creative, you can convert anything into FI will leak. For example, you can monetize your hobbies. If you are into art, you can convert that into FIFO week. So that's about it for 50. So see you in the next video. 6. Skillshare : So the last one I want you guys to try is dating at Skillshare. Since you guys had already here. I know you guys are familiar with the concept of Skillshare. And Skillshare you can learn almost anything no matter what you want. The lens culture has what a glass for it. See. If you saw helpful skill share is an amazing community. May you be it allows us to teach and learn. That is something amazing in inviting atomists, them and New Orleans to someone else. It is also a way of giving back to the society and community. So I believe you can do it to Skillshare, promotes and helps new leaders so much. They have weird things like teaching challenges and staff picks, etcetera. So I urge you guys to give this one a tray. It is highly recommended. 7. Final Thoughts: Thank you students for enrolling into my class. I hope it was helpful. Do now these are known as citizens. You can create Acadia or building business wisdom any of these methods. And I think you should. The goal is doing what you love and freedom. Now, I want all of you to do at least one side embezzle from this list and unit in the class project. The more, the better. The ones I mentioned, I list a few of the many. You can find a lot more research. I urge you to try all of them and get creative with it. Falling law with the process. Let me know your thoughts about this class. I'll be happy to help in him again. So thank you again, students and good luck with your favorites.