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Side Hustle Success: Amazing Customer Service

teacher avatar Ben Hawes, Side Hustle Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Side Hustle Customer Philosophies

    • 3. Great Advertising & Online Presence

    • 4. Customer Friendly Sales Process

    • 5. Handling Requests and Inquiries

    • 6. Proper Follow Up

    • 7. Class Conclusion

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About This Class

Customer service is so important as you build your side hustles. Here are ways to ensure that your customers love their experience working with and buying from you. 

Class is taught by Ben Hawes, Owner of Rent My Booth, a five star Photobooth side hustle in NYC. 

Follow Ben on Insta: @TheRealBenHawes

Follow Rent My Booth: @RentMyBooth

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hawes

Side Hustle Coach


Hey everyone, it's Ben! Your favorite side hustle coach here to help you leverage your unique skills and talents to find, start and grow your own side hustle. Take my side hustle courses here and follow me on instagram for free tips around side hustles, small business and entrepreneurship. 


Visit my website for 1:1 coaching services:

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1. Class Introduction: Hello, everybody. Welcome to side hustles. Five Ways Toe Wow, your customers. My name is Ben Hawes, and I'm so excited to be teaching this class. It's actually a class that I've had in mind for a few months, and I'm so excited to be finally sitting down to talk about it. I'm really excited to get started, so let's just do that. Let's get started. So before we get started, I do want to talk a little bit about who I am and why I decided to teach this class. My name is Ben Hawes, and I am a side hustle owner. I own a side hustle called Red My booth. It's a photo booth rental company for parties, corporate events, weddings, all of that stuff. I live in New York City. I'm in the East Village in New York, and, um, I've been here for about five years, and I've spent a lot of that time in customer service. And so I do have many years of customer service experience, and I have loved weaving that experience into my side hustle work because I've really learned that the better the customer service, the more money you make as a business. Like I said, I own rent my booth, which is my side Hustle on. And I've been really into making sure people have really good experiences using my company , and I've learned a lot about how to keep my customers really happy. I'm a five star business on Yelp, which is really not to brag. It's just to tell you that I've really invested in making sure my customers are happy making sure they're satisfied and making sure they're referring their friends to use my business as well. And I love teaching on skill share. Skill share is a really cool platform. I do learning and development in my professional career as of now. And so I'm leading a lot of trainings at work, and I love doing trainings outside of work as well. And so I've decided to kind of lead this training on customer service as it relates to side hustles, because it kind of wraps all of my passions into one a big project. And so I'm very excited to get started. I do want to talk about the agenda so you know what's coming and you know it's gonna be coming up in this class. So the first thing we're gonna talk about is some side hustle customer philosophies. So what are some ways that you can start to think about when you're thinking about your customers? The next one is great advertising and online presence. So how can you make sure that your website and your social media is customer friendly and that you're giving a great experience for your users or your customers? The next one is customer friendly sales process. So inside hustles there's a lot of sales that goes into it. And I want to make sure your customers are feeling happy with the way that you're doing your sales, um, handling requests and enquiries. So once you've made your sale, how can you make sure that your request that your responses are really customer friendly, another making people happy, and then the last one we're gonna talk about is proper follow up? And so how can you follow up? How can you stay in touch with your customers to make sure that they are big fans of your company and that they're really happy as your customer? So that's what we're gonna talk about today. Be sure to sign up. Click through, you know, move on to the next video. I'm really excited. If you do have any questions, you can always follow me on social media, and at the end of this class, I'll give you the links to that on. There will be links in the description below, but I'm very excited to get started, so let's get started. 2. Side Hustle Customer Philosophies: Okay, so the first thing that I want to do before we get into all of these tactical tips, I just want to talk about some philosophies that I have when it comes to customer service and inside hustles, because I think customers are really, really important as you build your company and they can actually help you a lot in in making more money at your company. So the first philosophy that I have is that your customers are your partners. This means that you should be treating your customers as partners as people who can help you just as much as you can help them. Uh, as you grow your business, you're going to need a lot of word of mouth promotion and your customers. Your early customers are the people who are going to give that to you the most. And so, making sure that you are treating your customers like partners with respect and admiration , and you make sure that they have a good time using your company. You are going to be way better off. The second philosophy is adopt a five star mindset, and so when you're thinking about customer service, obviously the best outcome of a customer service experience is that somebody leaves you a five star review. Whether that's on Yelp, whether that's on Google, whether that's just a testimonial they wrote for you for your website. The obvious best thing that can happen is that they leave you a five star review and so what you need to do as a customer service person and as a sales person within your side. Hustle is adopt that mindset where you will do whatever it takes to get five stars. You don't have to do whatever it takes, but at least have that mindset where you are willing to go the extra mile for your customer and make sure that they have a great experience using your product or using your service. And so those are the two customer service philosophies that I just wanted to get out of the way before we even start, because I've woven these philosophies into the different tips that I have. So let's move on to the next topic 3. Great Advertising & Online Presence: Okay, so the first thing that you can do to be customer friendly in your side hustle, is having an honest and authentic online presence through your advertising through your social media. Just making sure that everything you have out there is honest up front and makes customers know that they have what they need in order to be successful using your product or service . That's the best thing that you can dio. So the first thing is that on your website you want to be really transparent with information. One thing that is not customer friendly is if people have to constantly reach out with questions for obvious information. So if you are a side hustle that has a pricing structure, make sure that that pricing structure is as transparent as it can be on your website. Because even if you don't have a specific price for a specific product, make sure that your customers know how your pricing is structured and how they confined mawr information. If they need to reach out to understand exactly the price that they're gonna pay, then make sure that that's at least clear that that process is clear, that they know what they need to do in order to get that answer also on your website. If there are any policies that customers need to know about before they sign up with your product, then make sure that they know that as well. So if there's a 24 hour cancellation process, make sure that they know that if there is a contract that they need to sign in order to sign up with you, make sure that they know that as much as you can do to be up front with that information on your website, the better off you'll be and the better off your customers will be set up for success. The next thing I want to talk about is social media, so your profile should display exactly what your customers are looking for. I recently met somebody who has a product, and they wanted to share it with a friend, and I went on to their social media to share it with a friend so I could send a picture and say, Hey, you should try this and I found that their social media did not give me what I needed in terms of sharing with a friend eso. What I recommend is making sure that if you have a product that the pictures display the product, that they display somebody using the product. If you have testimonials that you want to share, make sure the testimonials are upfront on your social media. If you have anything that you need your customers to know right off the bat, make sure that that is at least profiled in the last five photos that you've posted or last five updates that you've posted because you want to make sure that your social media is being used for word of mouth promotion. Because the more that people can easily find and share your product, the more successful you will be and the more happy your customers will be because they will feel like it was easy to share your information. And then the last thing about your online presence is that customers should always be able to find some sort of third party review of your website. So whether that be an article that was written about your product or your service or a yelp review that people have left or Google reviews or even a trust pilot review as long as there is some kind of external thing outside of your own website that's gonna help you a lot in your advertising and making sure that people trust you. Because building that trust is one of the biggest things you can do to have a customer from the company. If customers trust that you're there to help them, and that you're gonna provide a great service than they are going to really be more likely to sign up with your product or service. So when it comes to online presence, just making sure that you have these three things all set up and all ready to go will help you really be more successful in a customer friendly side. Hustle, Let's move on. 4. Customer Friendly Sales Process: Okay, So when it comes to side hustles, sales is a really, really big part of it. And making sure that you have a customer friendly sales process is going to really make sure your customers admire you. They love you, and they will share your product or service with other people. And so it's really easy to fall into a bad place with sales. And so I created these seven tips that will help you not fall into that bad place and kind of create really a stable sales process for your company. So the first thing that's really, really important is that you are really prompt with replies, whether that's from inbound enquiries or whether that's from responses from something you've said before, the quicker you can reply, the better and happier your customer will be. The 2nd 1 is just be a human person and not a corporation. So you are running a side hustle. You're not running Google, you're not running Facebook, and so that's one of the things that your customers will actually be looking for. And so if you can give them that human touch and make sure that they know that you're just a person who is trying to help them with your side hustle. You're gonna be a lot better off. So that's things like using their name when you're emailing them, commenting on why you think your product will be helpful for them specifically, and just helping them understand that you're a person with a personality and a sense of humor on, and that you're not just replying via email or via phone with generic responses. The next one when it comes to sales and I see this all the time, is just do not be too pushy, too pesky or to root. Nobody wants to be pushed around. Nobody wants to be bullied into buying a product. And so you need to make sure that when you're communicating with people, you are doing it in their best interest, and you're not just doing it just to do it. Eso When it comes to sales, you know, don't over communicate too much. Don't over sell. Don't over push people and trying to make them buy your product. Just make sure you're kind of helping them, making sure that they have what they need on and not being too persistent and following up too much. The next one is always focusing on connection, and that's with the customer and the solution. So if somebody reaches out to you and they want to use your product or service, what is the reason that they're reaching out to you? You need to think about how you can connect that to your products. So for me, my photo booth side hustle, somebody who reaches out because they're looking for a photo booth for their wedding, I need to connect with that somebody about their wedding and make sure that they know that I care about that piece of information. And I'm not just treating them like I would treat any other customer. So as much as I can connect my own product to their needs, the better off I will be and the more happy the customer will be as well on and then connecting with the solution so you might have a few different products or a few different services out there that people can pay for or that people can use. And the important thing is being able to connect somebody's needs with the best thing that you have. So for me, I have a few different packages with a photo booth, and when somebody reaches out and it's very clear that they don't even need the most expensive package, I don't need to sell them the most expensive package just because it's the most expensive. And it will make me the most money I need to sell them, the one that fits with their need. So that kind of goes into don't over sell. One time I asked somebody why they chose to use my my voted with company were at my booth over other companies, and they told me that a big reason that they chose to use my photo booth company is because I didn't try to over sell and give them something that they wouldn't need. I did sell them my least expensive package, and they appreciated that I wasn't trying. Teoh in authentically get more money just because it was more money. So the more you can do that, the better. Tip number six. So if somebody says they're not gonna be interested, which is totally valid and it's totally going toe happen, don't continue to follow up with them and be annoying. I have not seen a situation where somebody has reached out to me once and twice and three times. And then I told him that I'm not interested and then them reaching out three more times has helped. What I appreciate just as a customer, and something that I think that I respect as a customer is when somebody says Okay, totally fine. I get it. This isn't for everybody. Here's a resource that you can read in case you become interested in the future. Let me know if you have any questions. When somebody replies like that, that makes me much more likely to use their product in the future or refer them to somebody in the future than if somebody just continues to follow up. Uh, relentlessly. I don't think that it's helpful to continue to follow up like that, and the last thing is never end on a bad note. So it's easy to get your pride involved. And when somebody says they don't want to use your product or your service or your side hustle, it's easy to get angry. It's easy to get defensive, never end on a bad note and tell somebody off or make them feel lesser than because they didn't use your product. Always leave on an uplifting, positive and good note. And those are some tips for how to, you know, have a customer friendly sales process. There's so many more. This is not an exhaustive list, but this is what I have now, and I've really found these tips to be the most successful and the most helpful, as I've built out a five star company in my side, hustle. 5. Handling Requests and Inquiries: So after you've made a sale and after you've actually gotten somebody to be your customer, how are the ways that you can keep them engaged and keep them falling in love with your company? I have these tips on how to handle requests for, um, you know, when somebody has a problem when they have an issue, where or when they have a question. So let's get into these. So the 1st 1 and I said, this with the sales is always being really, really prompt and thoughtful with your replies so prompt, making sure that when somebody reaches out, they're not waiting too long for a response. Because in that time, when someone's waiting for a response, they're formulating all of these different opinions about your company and about you as a sales person and as a customer service person. And so the quicker you can get back to them with your actual response, the better off you will be and thoughtful, just making sure that you're not responding with generic responses, making sure that when you reply, you're actually addressing their needs, actually addressing their questions and making sure that you're giving them exactly what they need the next one, and this goes back to our five star mindset is doing whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. It just makes sense to have happy customers in business and as a side hustle. You don't necessarily need to make somebody angry about your business. So making sure that each and every single customer is happy regardless of the outcome of you know, the financial outcome or whatever, just making sure that you give them what they need and that they are ultimately going to leave you a five star review. That's the really the most important thing you can do when people are asking you a question that relates to number three. So Number three is don't focus too much on the money lost by providing a customer friendly response. So as a side hustle, Ah, four or three or two or even one star review can really hurt you. Um, and and that's not even necessarily just on Yelp. But in real life you need to rely on word of mouth promotion for a side hustle because people need Teoh. Share what you offer to the world, and you don't have that much money for advertising dollars. So word of mouth promotion is super super valuable to you. So it's a bunch of you can do it, make the customer happy. And don't think too much about the money that you might be losing by giving a refund or, uh, you know, paying a little extra for shipping or whatever it ISS. The five star reviews are gonna be more valuable than the money that you may lose by giving a discount or offering to pay for someone's shipping or something like that. S o. Just really focusing on that five star mentality is really, really important, and the number four you can learn from these experiences. So with number three, you know you might lose some money, but you can use those experiences to formulate new policies and new procedures that will protect you in the future. So, for example, if you don't have a contract and somebody calls you out and you lose money on, you know, whatever it is that you lost money on, you can take that opportunity to write a new contract and to make sure that the policies and procedures are in place so that you don't lose money next time. You can also create more efficient policies or more efficient procedures based on feedback that you get from requests. And so using those enquiries and requests toe actually improve your business will make it a lot better. And that's what I have to say on handling requests and increase. Let's move on. 6. Proper Follow Up: So now that you've sold somebody on your product, you've hands or their questions and their requests in their enquiries. How are some ways that you can make sure that you're following up staying in touch of your customers in a really, really exciting, lovely, friendly, customer centric way? So these are some tips on how to do just that. So the first thing that you can do is after somebody buys your product or after they use your service. Just ask politely for a feedback on your service. So whether this is a yelp review a testimonial that you can use on your website, just make sure that you follow up and ask for that feedback on your service. So whether that's gonna be good feedback or bad feedback, it's all really, really helpful feedback and customers really enjoy letting you know how you could be better or how you did a great job. The next one is use your business social media to follow customers. So if you have an instagram page, if you have a Facebook page, follow your customers so you can stay in touch with how they're living their lives, and you can always and you can always comment on their content and make sure you like their posts and make sure that you're kind of there for them. You're following along in their lives and that they know that they can rely on you next time they want to reach out and use your company again. The next thing that you can do is make sure they are aware of any way they can help get you more business. So if you have a referral program, if you have maybe a discount if they if they give some, if they tell somebody to sign up with your company anyway that they can help you, or that they can get a benefit from referring other people to your company, they need to know that after they've already gone through your process and so letting them know is a really, really good idea. The fourth tip is leave your communication on a positive, warm note, so making sure that they know that you appreciate their business, that you had a good time working with them, that you're excited for them to have your product and that you would love for them to use your company again. just making sure that they have that warm feeling about your company and that you feel like you're kind of a friend. Like I said in the beginning, like they are kind of a partner for you and making sure that it just feels good when you leave that communication is a great way to make sure your customers are loving your company . And the fifth thing is letting them know that you would love to have them again as a customer, just letting them know that you enjoyed working with them and that next time an opportunity comes along, you'd love to be considered for them to use you again, and that will make sure that they feel like you value them as a customer and as a partner, and that you're excited to work with them again. And when people feel like you're excited to work with them again, they're much more likely to work with you again. And that will give you another opportunity to make money on that customer. And these were really the five tips I have for friendly follow up. If you follow these five tips, people will leave the communication with you feeling really, really good about your company. They will leave you a review. They will be more likely to use your company in the future, and you will make more money off of that customer. 7. Class Conclusion: And with that, I want to thank you so much for taking this class. I really hope you got something out of it. I hope you got some tips and tricks, some new strategies and some new philosophies on how you can make sure that your customers are wowed by your customer service skills. It really is a skill, so definitely feel like you can try it. You can practice it and you'll get better over time. But don't expect perfection from yourself right off the back. I would really appreciate it if you would follow me on the social media. So at the real Ben Hawes on Instagram is my personal. You can type in Benjamin Hawes or at the real bed cause, and it will show up on Instagram. You can also follow my side hustle at wrap my booth. I do a lot of different posts about my photo booth about the people who are using it in about the process of having a side hustle. You can email me any time you have any questions at Ben Jae ha's at gmail dot com. I'm always open to give tips or to hear your feedback on this class. And last but not least, please do follow me on skill share for more classes like this because I'm gonna be posting Maura Side Hustle classes this year. And I'm very excited to kind of create this community and have some followers and have some people who can give me feedback on these classes. So without further ado, please do leave a comment below and let us know how you are incorporating some of these tips into your own side Hustle, you know, and really just have a great day. And thank you so much for watching by.