Side Hustle Money Management - Includes my personal spreadsheet template so you can track everything

James Burchill, The Side Hustle Coach

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10 Videos (60m)
    • What to expect from this course.

    • How To Setup Your Bank Accounts ... Properly

    • How to track and record your expenses so they reduce your tax liability

    • Here's what you owe in taxes and how to reduce the balance

    • Your balance sheet and how much money you have available at any time

    • How to get a year end bonus :)

    • How to track your income and ensure you get paid in a timely fashion

    • The devil (and the profit) is in the detail - time logging

    • Simple Tax Calculators - How to find your income tax rate in Canada and the USA

    • SUMMARY: The entire process explained in about 6 minutes!


About This Class

Side Hustle Money Management  -- How to get paid quickly, track income, expenses, time and minimize your taxes. Know your balances and avoid penalties!

So you have a side hustle or about to start one. That's excellent! I have just one question for you ...

How are you going to manage your money? 

Are you going to subscribe to a monthly paid online service? What about buying some software? It's all a possibility for you but the problem is you might not yet know which is best for you.

I can help you with that.

Eventually (and that could be later this year or next depending on how successful your side hustle is) you'll probably want to switch to an online service. 

But until then I'd recommend you SAVE YOUR MONEY and focus on using FREE TOOLS to manage your money, and in this course I'll not only show you how I use a spreadsheet to manage my 6 figure side hustle business, I'll even give you a copy to use yourself!

Making money with a side hustle is only part of your business process and in this course I show you how to set yourself up quickly and easily for success. I show you how to ensure you aren't penalized by the tax man and how to feel confident the money in your bank is yours to spend.

[WARNING] If you're already side hustling, I'm betting you're making a few mistakes which (while not illegal) will most certainly cause you financial problems during the next year end and tax cycle.

But don't worry, sit back and watch as I walk you through my simple system showing how to use my included spreadsheet. See how much money you have at any time, what's yours, what's owed to you, what you owe in taxes and much more.

My system (custom coded into the included and downloadable spreadsheet) provides something I've NEVER found in any online system - a real time report on income taxes owed! My spreadsheet adjusts as you add income, reduces as you add expenses and with my simple 1st and 15th process, you'll stay on top of your side hustle money management.

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What you will learn in this material is my PERSONAL SYSTEM & APPROACH to money management. I share my experiences and advice, and you are free to follow or ignore it as you see fit. Remember I am not a lawyer, tax specialist or certified accountant.

However the advice which I'm sharing was taught to me by such people (usually for a large fee!) That said, your circumstances are unique to you, to your business and to your country. Seek counsel from your book keeper, accountant or financial advisor when necessary.

My aim with this material is to show you a framework that's cost effect and easy to apply, easy to follow and helps makes managing your money a lot easier! 

Thank you and let's get going. Enrol now.

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I'm glad I took this class. I feel, however, that the order of the videos might need some tweaking. Now to go play with some numbers.





James Burchill

The Side Hustle Coach

I help people make extra money and save time in a variety of ways.

My preferred approach is with an online passive income side hustle.

For free resources and more information visit http://TheSideHustle.Coach

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