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Side Hustle Business for Creatives: Become Your Own Boss

teacher avatar Dan Dan, Analyst + YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 3 Core Types of Businesses

    • 3. Turn Your Passion into Business

    • 4. Content Creation

    • 5. Print on Demand

    • 6. Day Trading

    • 7. Online Course Creation

    • 8. Blogging

    • 9. Podcasting

    • 10. Online Tutoring

    • 11. Language Tutoring

    • 12. Digital Products: Make and Sell

    • 13. Freelancing

    • 14. Content Writing

    • 15. Online Moderation

    • 16. Freelancing Jobs to Start

    • 17. Freelancing Statistics 2021

    • 18. Freelance Platforms: Pros & Cons

    • 19. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Side Hustle Business for Creatives: Become Your Own Boss

This course, Side Hustle Business for Creatives: Become Your Own Boss, is a course that exposes you to multiple side hustles and freelance businesses in our today's world that you can start. You can start all these businesses at the comfort of your house with little to no money, skill, and experience.  These side hustles are what you can start and grow into a full-scale business as much as you desire with no limitation.

The benefits of having your own successful business cannot be overestimated! It just changes your world for the better. 

This course offers numerous insights on how to start a business based on three pillars - what you enjoy doing, what you can do well and what people are willing to pay for. This helps to align your passion with your business. It also makes it easier to start and scale the business as you are doing what you already love and enjoy. It equally enables you to overcome obstacles in the way of your business success.

There are several tips and strategies for starting and running a successful business as you take this course, including:

1. Why you should start your own business

2. How to start a successful home-based business

3. The numerous examples of side hustles

4. How to align your passion with your business

5. Why freelancing is the job of the future.

6. The high-paying freelance jobs for beginners

7. How to start a product-based business 

8. Why you should use a brand third-party website to start selling online

9. How to start a business small and grow it big

10. The unspoken truth about side hustle businesses.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Dan

Analyst + YouTuber


Hi there,

I'm Dan, an Imperial College London Master's graduate working as an analyst in an investment bank.

On Skillshare, I will be making a sequence of classes on work from home businesses that will help you to start and grow your own side hustle enterprise. We will be exploring concepts like freelancing, print on demand, the entrepreneur mindset, side jobs, productivity tips, etc.

As personal finance is key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life, we will be analyzing the financial markets including stock market investing and trading, in a comprehensive but simple, digestible manner.

Furthermore, we will level up our understanding of budgeting, insurance, credit cards and scores, banking, just to mention a few.

In conjunction with being a S... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, welcome to this course. Side cost of business for creatives. Become your own boss. In this course, I'll take you through more than 100 side, also businesses you can't start or at the comfort of your house. I don't know. Just lift despite Hasso bot Radha, I explained the best ones you can start and grow to a foodscape business. You don't need to worry about scheme or experience or even starting cost because I offer the best site also, you can start from where you are. A good number of us have had about cytosol business. And we're interested to start our own business. And you are wondering, what are dabbling with businesses out there that I can start. In this course, I answered your question by providing you a simpler examples and explanations of sight Hasso business so that you can go for the one that fits best with you. You're not going for the one Augusta, your wave or the one that suits you, the one that you are comfortable, which I equally offer new insights on how to grow your site also business to a foodscape business. This course has a lot to offer you when it comes to starting your own business and becoming your own boss. So with that much time, Let's jump right in and get started. 2. 3 Core Types of Businesses: I want to start, I want to leave at my own comfort. I want to walk when I'm at a walk, I want to be in charge of my time, in charge of my piece. I want to be in charge of my life. I want to start, I want to start. I want to start. So what businesses can you start? What businesses are available that you can patch? I will show you the businesses that are available that you can start damage. Only three businesses that are available is Adeimantus service-based businesses. Product-based businesses. To implant. Service-based business incipient means you are selling us keys, you are Sally, you have expertise. You are selling well, you know what? So you are selling your talent than our friend here can be lame, is very well known for selling discrete aside his hand, its elements and not of God literally selling exam. Well, if you're on tiktok, you must amend. This guy is a little bit like this. I spent concept. So his creative side, his talents, He's telling it. So the powerful engines like writing a write-up and the salad. What of graphic design? Canva is more than a $1 billion because some people are selling the graphic design to Arabic. Also, when we talk of service-based business, we're looking at these keys that you have. Worst kidney you have. Was Katie you have assigned the future, you can say to adapt IU Google Console channel. Are you good with MCA chain? Are you good with graphic design? Are you good with the writing and admitting content? You can sell it. But some people are selling relationship advice. The castle. If you have problem with your partner, your problem, your children, economy, then of course, for each service you pay them. They are selling yes. Kicks to you. They're like, Oh yeah, I will problem with mathematics. I can teach mathematics. And for each one of our teaching mathematics, you pay me $20. Does selling, whether new pillars as well, for selling what I can do, the like, oh, you made it be do you want an editor? Don't worry. I can I get dividend for you? Me. Diastolic is key to you, the editing skis. So that's all coins. Savage beast business was not based business. Here. You are selling the products. You sell a product to an individual or a company. You are selling physical items like Cloudyn, electron is Jewery. You are selling phone. You are selling a pen to other people who are selling digital products to like e-books and online courses, you are selling a product to a wrap-up of this course you are taking. I am selling the product to you and the product is a cost. That's a good example of businesses you Carta from whom? So selling these products, it can be templates, you can be present as long as specific, and that's what we call product-based, which means somebody can hold it, is tangible, is visible. But when we come to ski is not visible. You can see this is key. Also, we have implants and as a business, you can't start a good number for you. They can discuss and watch videos on TikToks, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, you already have it. Oh, able to reduce on this platform. We are selling is your impresses kids who are selling to people, your creative side. It's very similar to a service-based business. But just that in the coming one epipolar data, I try to make each to be on his own. So he asked, filling this key can be tiktok, you come and dance in common. The idea, is it common to what they do on TikToks? In this case, you have placed on an epic poem. So you are selling your influence. Who go through each of these businesses step-by-step on the one that most a language you potato starch. So I also want to have is key. You want to sell to other people. Even if you don't have is key. You think you can't say you can Lenski or sell it. Does the Amazon Athena Passat also. You don't need to be an expert. Know, you can let it settle upon. It may take a beginner, but I people don't never had a battle the iPhone 11 at them and they can sell mosquito them. So don't be angry and iodine is Quito, say No. There are courses on this platform you can take or how to start. And as we go through each of them is aligns perfectly with me. Which one is in sync with who I am. So does your focus would want aligns very well with my personality. So before we start to look at the ski shop policy, ski chalet, any drop shipping, business model. As a side hustle is again, the policy for you to teach people about drop shipping. So I covered different ways of structuring a side also business drop shipping is not included because it's against the policy of syncytia. And that's why Malachi, you we are not done. We have gotten a business. You have to do business within policy, data and disobey rules and regulation because we want to start a business. So electron, this will drop shipping online survey, market research or gets rich quick, are not continue these costs. I'm happy. Are you taking this course? But I want to tell you from the beginning what is not contained. There is no survey data, market research does not drop shipping. There's no scam. A little does get rich quick is not in this course. So this is how to start a business. You have certainly proper business and growing to become a billion-dollar business or a $1 million business. And it's not what you would do in one day or in two days. It takes time. It takes hours of work. And not just about discourse even in life. Image and I promise you get rich quick, please run away, run a little nanometers, you die. You can make a $100 thousand in one hour, please. Run away from it. You as an individual, money is not so easy to get. If it look so easy to get, I so easy. Why is everybody but one knowledge is, always think of it. If they are promising you down is very easy. You just need to put your money and you get a billion-dollar. Why is it that in the water we're living in Domo pop-up or damage before because you don't know walk. So get rich quick schemes. Don't walk. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I don't have anything on get rich quick and have energy and on trucks shipping, even MCA. So VM and market research, some of them are legitimate at, on their campus come because they have a tendency to become Aaron away from it. So any gender has to do with scamming people. I'm not a fan of a datum, also against the policy of syncytia. So which means it is not continuous course bought every agenda you need to actually start the cytosol business, die. You can grow to become a re, proper business day. You can't grew to a $1 million business, billion-dollar business. What about level? You wanted to continue this course, but it is not a one day or two days. It takes time, it takes a process. So in this course, I will just tell you the businesses are also showing you the process. So it's not just about the what somebody, how the step-by-step guide, why you should do these OVOC this every time that you need in order to start your business ascii will be given to you in this course. 3. Turn Your Passion into Business: So which services should I offer? So let's go to Sammy's basis then. I want to say, send this out to say scheme by a creative act, which said is, should I say, should I offer? Now we're looking for a service. You can say, I can offer. You must consider threatens what you enjoy doing, what you are good at, and what would people pay you for? So you're looking for this sweet spot that has the combination of the two of them. What do you enjoy doing? So we would like Python apical. Some people like making courses. So Napoleon does. Some people like talking. So but would like drawing, painting. What do you like? I like teaching, for example. So like teaching other people, I splitting costs at the people in this simple digestible way, unlike the Limpopo, a Byzantium, through a step-by-step guide that a list to be believed to see and not just the process, but the reason why it just happened to when they happen and NADPH it, enjoy it. So that's what I enjoy doing. So what do you enjoy doing? What you discover, what you enjoy doing. What are you good at it not just ON John Green distance, but you're not good at it. You have to be good at it. So what do you enjoy doing? Also good at? Because for people to pay you, you must be good at it. I enjoy dancing. I enjoyed us bomb, not good at dancing. So that's why I don't make videos about dancing or you don't see me dance. Not because I enjoy it. I'm not good at it. So Walter combat side Haase, we're looking upon what do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? And the final part of the puzzle is, what are people willing to pay you for, even though you enjoyed doing it and you are good at it. Are people willing to pay you for each ribosome and a control like a penta or an artist, you enjoy painting. You are good at painting, but people are willing to buy your products. People are willing to buy a service. So you have to look for what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what people are willing to pay for. Because side of the business, as you will discover is it takes time to be focused on making profits. Sometimes the profit is not as, not as a freelancer. If a YouTube bargaining unit, wonderful subscribers event, a TikTok, digitally reach that doesn't follow us. So which means before you get the YouTube reduction over and over again, it keep doing it over and over again before you achieve the minimum requirement to be paid for it. So you have to enjoy doing it and you have to be good at it. And people must be willing, ready to watch you, to see you occupy and joined the service and are willing to pay for it. So that's the service you will have to offer a combination of these three items. That's why I've used a Venn diagram to explain to you the kind of say, but you should offer. So now let's bring it home. Think a pen that came book. I write out what you enjoy doing. 50, total limit your separate out. What you enjoy doing. The top ten tons. You enjoy the act of those 10 things you enjoy doing. Which of them are you good at? So check the ones who are good at and what they're not good at. Put Bardo put upstairs or put an X sign on it. And attitudes, ones that you mark the UAG, UGA, which one are people willing to pay for? Give it a double mark or a tropomyosin. Which one are people willing to pay for dow epsilon naught standard service? You should offer? We're offering a service that different auction densest. Do you want to have your own website or you want to go through an already established brand. Let me give you a good example of service data, but often, which is Phil as you like, additive B2C for example. Now, if you can identify the two or you can lend to I edited videos at editing that we do. Just as an example, you can have your website way that people die. Or you can register yourself on 51, Upwork, Freelancer, grew people per hour, an odd, this body established platforms in order to get customers. The choice is yours. But there are pros and cons of whichever path you choose to take. The gluten naturally, you can do. But if you want to go through a branded website or a third party website, an already established website. Like the ones I've listed here. The artist you enjoy, like payment protection service, which means your customers must pay. Once you've done the job, you don't have to pay me or dumpy below the website will show that you are paid for each one of the advantages you enjoy. The money comes to you tag you Haslam point. The provider payment structure for you. Also, you can list your skis at little to no cost. You can list on the website. Most of them do. Don't be upset when somebody purchase from you, then you pay 20 percent commission. If nobody has ordered acceleration view, you don't be hostile. Customers seek for you, comes to you offering a service on a product website or on a third-party website, customers 6 or you know, five bankable are looking for editors. Podcast us, voice mellitus, a, B, C, already knew where to find them. So they just simply go to this website gel-like, you want to buy something, you just go to Amazon to buy that item, it or going to a website to be looking at what the item you go to Amazon and type toothbrush or toothpaste will look at surfaces. If you use a third-party website, they offer you these advantages. For them, offering you disadvantages. They take a 20% cut of the sale price of the item. So if the item is lift up a $100 bill or a hundred-dollar, then detect 20 dollar, you keep HE data glove. You'd like $50 to purchase the item. So your profit becomes like petrodollar, just as an example. So because they offer you, their customers offer you their own platform to use the ticket 20 percent caught for it, contact them, present some take 15 percent, but most of them take about 20 percent cotton. So this happens when you use a third-party website. And I would encourage you if a beginner, to use a pet potty website, because you'd have to be doing McCutchen to get customers. Customers come to you is easier for it to make it say we are using a trusted third party website bone. If you decide no. I want to start on my own my own website now did it all by myself. I don't want the debt by two website. I don't want anybody taking 20 percent of my money. You can also do it by yourself. Then you're a solo premium. You an entropy NANDA walk. So Lou Hamer, like you do everything myself. In that case. How you can start is by marketing or sevenths their family members, you can shatter your product or your service to you. If a council of unoriginal your friends like yes, even cooler, I can offer castle and advice. So if you want gasoline, Permian offer your customers advice. Usually your friends and family. Melanoma, biosafety. So you're the one not as marketing yourself to add up upon what you can offer. Only use one of March if you have a TikTok account or a YouTuber contribute to the account, you can put the Dang Yes. That I can offer the service. So if you have this problem acrophobia for you, I can offer US service in this or in that. So if you have problem with feel free to reach out to me, send me a DM and our applied you as early as possible to evaluate the 70s. And also in order to entice them, you can get them like a free sample. They're like, Okay, whew, right, a 100 pages for me. Your client is telling you you write on a piece for me. Like, I don't try it can't be distant. So you're like, Okay, don't worry. Our write five pages and send to you and see if you like it. If you like it, you give me your contract of 100 pages, CSEA content. All right? So you can give them like a free sample, prototype it taste of the service you can offer. And also advertise yourself which social media advertiser say partition began the epipolar anti-Semites you can offer you be the one on advertising yourself. And of course, since you had wondering it, nobody takes a cut tree and money. And also you can advertise yourself through blogs, infographics, webinars, and podcasts. You can look for different ways of advertising yourself. There's nothing wrong with doing it all by yourself. There's nothing wrong with using a branded website or a third-party website, both. As a beginner, I would encourage you to go for the third party. I would encourage you to go for in product website, started a business of his spoon is difficult. So you want to make the process as simple and as easy as possible. You let this key. You will learn how to market you Lana to do with customers and will then have to charge their similarities to lay at the beginning, does so many things you have to make. So I certainly have already established yourself. I would encourage you to cooperate that party website just weigh a stretch. And then as you know, the ups and down the right and left of the business, you can scale up to have your own website and do it all by OSEP, overdose, touching tree or subparts for the first time. You want job security. So golf with a third-party website. 4. Content Creation: We've discussed a lot about service basis than an attribute. A good chunk of service basis step is creating a content and a scholar in place. You are creating content online, you're offering a service. You are doesn't see this purple that changes keys. On Tiktok on YouTube. That doesn't only on the membrane. Mca, Tableau and other business. You can start creating content online. You can create content online on YouTube and Instagram on Facebook, on Tiktok, on Twitch. You can create content on all these areas. And one thing I like about this social media you touch due to the content you want to create. I click on that on YouTube and Nissan finance, you can create content on YouTube and is at the pet names and nail polishes. It can be taken review. It can be hard to invest in the stock market. Had to dance, it comes up area, EBP live in London or you live in America, you should people press nine places in your location. So that's one good thing about social media, is you choose the initial you want, you choose the area I want. You can choose to cross-promote. You put them into a tube. You post on Instagram, post on Facebook, post on TikToks was on Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming website that teaches usually for livestreaming. It will do this one's open live streaming services, which is entirely can livestream other ones. You can do a recording and post them. My advice, as always, is to do it on several platforms. I don't believe that you not do it on one platform. Detailed content hosted on different platforms in order to increase your reach and your ass and evacuating content. Now, how do I make money? So let's go to derivative instruments, the revelations that I can make money by posting content online. And I took it that you as free as a choose. The era you want. You can make money truths, partnership. And you've already heard about YouTubers making money from ours. Even on tiktok, can make money from us and also make money from subscription or membership. People subscribing to you, people becoming a member, you can make money from that. You can also say what our products to them and make money through brand is an affiliate marketing. I went to California. Can make money and buy your content into books or audio books to monetize your channel. If you'd like posting content online. And remember Dan, you can post way you like as long as it's within the policy of the platform. I brought Tiktok here to tell you that I will strongly encourage you to have an audience on tiktok is easier to grow on tiktok done on YouTube and on Facebook, and on Instagram, done on Twitch. The easiest one to grow your audience is true Tiktok. It gives you high USA are the following. So you can have a massive following from tiktok. And once you have done mass, you can channel them to YouTube, channel them to Instagram, channel them to ADA platforms that you have. So Tiktok it easiest one. And I will strongly encourage you to start posting on tiktok. It will leave you on a different niche. Maybe you sell on Amazon or via online teacher. They're not around who is T posting some of those content on tiktok just to have audience following. You make money through in place. Make one m by n. So if you post it on the audience, Communism, which are to you, to MCIT are baptized the service and they pay you substation. They pay you like 2000 K dependent on the audience that you have. So our strongly encourage you to start posting on TikTok so I can let your money by placing people. So by implicit people make money from TikTok and it's a very profitable way of making money. And what do you need to start? Your phone. Your phone is unlocked for you. Your point is that not only to start posting on social media, so you see it aside, cosecant, start with just your phone. We just your phone. If you want the microcanonical used your exit. The hazard that comes with your Apple iPhone or your Samsung phone. And you're good to go when we're starting, I should individual of capitalism. He pushed on tiktok. It doesn't say any words. What we're trying to do in a complex way is amplifies it. And the light is CRC can be very simple, very simple. Very well, I don't know the exact amount is paid more than 100 K for just one art. Just to promote the company is paying on a 100 ki. And what does he have to put his phone. So you can tabulate and you'd have to copy and just be yourself. What can you come up with a response times? Those by Campbell, I did. So the online space, your creative side to show, Feel free to attach the link up your online social media platform in the comment section so that I can follow you. I want to pull it in and I will strongly advise you to start. And what are the chips? What are some tips that you should know? If you want to be a quantitative create on to the niche. Niche, simply miss which area, which interest you have. So we put DACA, buy the house from a pataka. Pataka about cars, which one is open interest? For me, it's personal finance and personal development. So watch your niche. Be creative, see what you're doing and be creative. We teach, tried to apply creativity to it. Don't just be generic, be more creative than them. So can either be education or entertainment. Yada, B2B, Poissonian, are you at the back dancing by jumping or whatever? And the good. Cross promote, promote on tiktok, YouTube, Facebook promote on all social media platform that you can know that people have shot at the saucepan Gua patient EPA videos when a one-minute tick tock. So we'll click out so new that they have short attention span and try to give them the best, the very best, admit them engaged during that one minute that you have to talk to them. If you want a longer content, can use you to campus data minutes, 15 minutes as you want. And you can make money through this means true apps, affiliates, brand is causes merchandise and a backup plan isn't to you. These are the auctions, nicest way to make money from critique content online. So thank you for taking this course. Please read our review, discuss it. We have to promote discourse to mostly done. Please rate and review. Of course it's a five-star rating. And erase any reason why you think my advice turn can lead them in before reaching. We know Please read and DVDs course now, before we go further in this course, thank you so much for the image. 5. Print on Demand: So the last one is print on demand POD. Print on-demand. So you see this lovely T-shaped is one advantage that you have seen. You too can make the kind of design and print on-demand business. The kitchen here is you want to make any tissue actually puja making easy design. You're making the design. So you are the one that's making the design, but so can make it would come back and upload it to prettify from the Cathar, sell him on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, amazon, America, but it's so let me just take you treat see the code that I have made it print on-demand. So do you just take you through how the print on-demand business Walk? Most people use Kanban to learn how to design the tissue. So it's way to upload your design icon. Make a design easily on kanban. Kanban already asked templates for you already, so you can use it, you upload it to quantify or print foo from this principle can sell it on Etsy, on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, even, or red bubble. So you can also sell a rainbow print on-demand we tried, but you make it on Redbubble and you sell it or Redbubble. And to make the design is not too difficult, actually, is very easy to make a design these dishes. Then we want to meet this design. And I spent her identity in this course does how print on-demand business walk and the tissue business is growing. Every exit is keep growing and growing and growing and growing. Because see, the pretty market size worldwide has in green acetone 21, it has grown about $2 billion and it kept growing. An entry to define it to be about $3 billion. So you want to be part of this movement, this print on-demand movement of the tissue that is most common when Gattaca print on demand. But artistic asset or an anti-ship, they have cup. There's different kinds of tissue, the different designs you can do. You can take summer courses on autostart, of course actually my own. If you're interested, you can take it, touch your print on-demand business. So there are different tests you can define design, can make Latisha to say puja, making it the design. So the company which is usually prints or prints film, would be the one to make the shared printer design on it and ship it to the customer. So you don't have to process. Your job is just to make the design unleashed on websites. When a customer pays for it. Philip continent, which is usually printed, we printed these tissues and be shipping it to your customer. So what you get is the profit after they've collected your own cost of living humans, just about designers. And you can make a design on Canva using Open Clip Art and mockup work to get my mock-ups where designer, if demand is 100 buddy agency dioxin, which, which is usually pretty fine, almost be prompt. And when it comes to tissue, that different tests you can create base by our interest, busy Hobbes Donovan would be in our world events in different hobbies or interests, do design business interests, event to spot the design, that aspect related event to PECC do design at a pet related and you can sell on red bubble or a bubble. They do the marketing for you and you listen the website. Possible use principle of equipment to get it, to print your design on it and sell it or you sell 10 would ratify an XY Amazon instagram and selling marketplaces. They don't print for you the website that you can sell it. So it will start from you. You credit design, our Canva or any Photoshop website that you like. Then you upload the design. Prettify or principal. Therefore, this 25, grateful, you connect it to Amazon FC, EB and differential amplifier. That is the way it works, is the window print on demand business actually work? Is that from you? They can a designer come back and uploading that design on prints or prints Japan. And number 2 Phi. Now you can connect your stores, you Amazon's tells us Stone your eBay stars as passing media, print, on-demand, cause for beginners. So if you want to start, you can take the costs in order to start on Chrome. 6. Day Trading: Welcome to the next one. The next step is you can offer ALL and the comfort of your house. We have swim or day trading. Simply miss trading we are creating. Now, I know you may have seen pictures or video before where people look at chart on the screen and they said I trade as before, trading was, for example, in institutions or big companies like good masses, HSBC Northwest and big banks like that, or prop fence. There are big. But with the impassion of technology you and I can treat and the conquest of a house. You can buy a stock or a share and sell it today. You can buy it today, actually today. And it will say unbind. So Rappaport are doing the trading Australia treating the dividends that literally involves you by now selling monkey 72 by the punchline instrument and you sell it emissivity is one I one day, they can be weeks or months. By today, I will sell it in 20 this time. When we talk of investing, we're looking positive long-term, like a minimum of a year, one year, two years, three years. So you buy an asset coded for a period before you can say, of course, loading inside the project, right? You buy a house boundary key, annuity times time plus the price of double to 200 and k doesn't require close it trading while repeaters on now short-term it like an invest in that short-term. We don't want to be within two days. You buy a house today to Maria Salinas. You buy stocks and shares or bonds today to Marika salinity. So something that's very quick training if you want to become a day trader, or is when trade are evenly to the injera. You need to understand fundamental analysis and technical analysis that the strategies traders use in order to make decisions whether to buy or to sell vehicle has a trigger. You come by and say, you buy when the price is low and you sell when the price is high. Also, you can also say when the price is high and you buy when the price is low in order to make profit. So it depends on where you want the trader. So in order to decide whether how is he don't mean it, understand what Amanda analysis and technical analysis. I might say AMI trader. So I can tell you that it has the potential to be lucrative. You can make a lot of money from trading. Honestly, it's also very risky. The law in penalties that the higher the risk, the higher the electron and the low energy risk, the lower the electron, which means that if the risk is very high, dairy time most likely be very high. And if the risk is very low, the return is very low. So trading is Bernoulli scheme, which also made the return, can also be mouth-watering and you can trade commodities, shares and Japan instrument. So that different instrument I can treat as a trader. And if you're interested about it, just follow me and this platform so that when analysts, because it would be equally there also some cost on this platform. You can take you can take a stock trading. But my advice would be, don't put all your money to start treating, start with NMR count, etc. But 80 percent of shaders loose money while trading. So you don't lose your money. We have to do is practice with DMARC count and see how good you are and see if you even enjoy it before you're going to use in reoccur. 7. Online Course Creation: Let us start with online courses cyclical say a scheme. In the sense of teaching is simply missing. You're creating online courses like what I usually do and make ecosystem which you are taking now. And I put it on Skillshare, Udemy and other platforms for you to take. So what do you know about is if fitness is, if we do, is this of today's event planning, you can sell it, can make conscious about it, and sell it on Udemy. Skillshare by evil teachable, and thank you. So for me, I know a lot about personal finance, a Beslan development. So mycoses are on personal finance. And personal development can make any cost. It should be aware of that sometimes they can be a big pop font investment. If you have certain scratch in many deformity good camera. Also, you may need to buy a good audio, to sound equipment, money to buy lightning. There is light at the back of this place now, pointing to is my origin. You have to buy a camera. And it may involve the big upfront investment. But maybe watch it at the end, makes really, really be wanted. Dependent on how much your courses say permanent particular costs. You also have to decide what's your teaching style. I use when I do screencast him an emission or just show your face, which type do you want? For me? I do a combination of screencasts and my paste as you noticed in this video. So you have to go, we are studying to teach people how to analyze your past nine freshman by site also, what aligns very well, we use this one, want to learn how to use the back and he's teaching him when he comes online courses, you just make a pinata, use the baton out to play. Detainees. Humanity across iOS, split it to people. And also, do you want to say On already known website or you want to set the costs or your own website. Website for creating courses are silicosis as Qishan Ossetia, you get your pay every month, a big your reality on a monthly basis, if you are using Udemy to say your course, you are paid us today because it's not a subscription. But just to make it simple, you are paid about 50 percent of the price of the cars. 50% of the price of the cost is similar to what's on private land. You are paid about 50 percent of the price of the cost. Thank you, Vicki. Just a website that allows you to upload your cosx. And your cost is easier. And you can change the website to your own brand. So instead of having a generic name, you can change the name to watch you want. Isn't an apple core teachable. So you pay them a monthly fee for using the website to create your costs. And you can also upload on Coursera and YouTube. Youtube is free, but you get money from parks, an affiliate for Coursera. They also pay you populating cosine platform. So do you want to go with a generic website like these ones? But this was generic, a Bodhisattva specific. You can rebrand it to your name, toy you want. In general, the cost that I hear are chimpanzee Quasi that idea. Even if they're the same chords, like 10, $1.10 pounds, and tick going above causes the MPO here, you buy one. So qPCR like an average of $200 dollar, an average of Pteranodon and akathisia, like an average of $10.20 dollar Legacy digital activity circular sketch, I like $15 per month. You dummies like $10 script in the last five by $20 for you want for one costs rather. Yeah. And also it does look like an old post on multiple platforms. Seen the throne idle idea for us to then does not mean that you generate paradoxes. Remember, when the price is high, pupil byte t0 happens and causes in general, if the price is high, Few people would buy it because not everybody wants to spend a lot of money to buy a cost, even if they needed cost, but if the price is lower, multiple bytes, so what you'd likely get, yeah, you the most dense we buy, most of them will take your cost-competitive here, YouTube is free when you reach whatever subscribe as you can generate ammonia from tax revenue. So that's when we discussed so far about creatine and making a, let me give you an example of my own. So I make courses on Skillshare on YouTube and you demo. And these are mycotoxins kitchen stock market. As my budgeting work from home jobs discuss, I'm making up my satellite it before. But this one is an updated version of it. So I added more things in this course down. What is Yan originally? So we will have Bitcoin and blockchain and apparently cost today is to discuss the DSM determined mechanism. So you see my cursor on work from home jobs, investment cryptocurrency, personal finance, and personal development. And I will make Marcos is so where what you hear, it'll tell you that it will operate my courses on Skillshare. I also personally course on Udemy. And very soon I plan to upload on Fiverr. So you can upload a multiplatform in order to start growing their revenue. 8. Blogging: Another job that you can do is to be a blogger. You can't be a blocker. Discussed a lot about writing the magnetic Hamiltonian or copyrighting. And a block IS way blogger, you add your own website when you do the job. Because right now you're more or less like a plaza. You're right whenever people and the kitchen day is, you have to be based on your niche. What do you like? Idea is to the Apache? And you bring a thoughtful perspective to bring an innovative idea to a general concept. Do you like passion? Tony, Xm X, take, what do you like? So you can write a budget, you have a website, and of course it's Fritos that if we do two weeks or Squarespace or blogger, you can start for free. And as you grow before you can be passionate features. For now we are going to attach 1 million bloggers in the world, dominant at 1 million bloggers all over the world. I must be frankly, you few block has actually make what a 100 alive much does have any blockers these days, but they are not really rapid. Nobody pays you for each one. And true and true, you have written a lot of posts it will do is exciting. I'm going to be January you that most people dodge Olympic, obtain 100 and align in a March. They're like AMI block and the block I've got the data and make the money if you want to start, can use WordPress in order to learn more about blocking industrial land. Land is collegial by Dasani. Be open to ulama. Be sincere when you say you know the good and the bad, and decide for yourself, I'm giving you some scenarios, several possibilities you want. And if you are writing, you can use Grammarly free version to correct your grammar. And post. Atsic Arctic coast is about blog introduction. You will not be among these people that n less than a $100 a month. So I got into where I say blocker to take Mac OSX are due. Bloggers make money, make money primarily from Acts. Also you can make money from sponsored post. You can make money by offering different services like saying, coaching, training, and consulting can make money by selling products like eBook, ecosystem software, photographed, and also make money through affiliate from this online shops and stores, you can make money by offering affiliate services. So these are new with that. Blog us make money. So they are different with a blood gas can make money. You need to have a good number of regular visitors to your website before you can actually start making significant amount of money. So if you are good in writing, I always say like Jackie own lock and also be freelance writers like and get money from different widths. We've discussed a lot now about blogging. How blogging is you're writing on the website, your own website, and getting paid for it. 9. Podcasting: And I feel awesome job You can start is forecasting. So let's look at statistics of podcasts listening in the US. So you can see here the about what acetabulum people have listened to a podcast, an obvious people who listened to a podcast, the number keeps increasing every year. We have examined million in 2021, so denom bytes increase in people down listen and I listen to podcasts. The number is growing. This to tell you that the number of people in the podcast, we keep increasing. So if you are someone who is into podcast, You have a good I'll do. To make a podcast and people listen to each. They can post it on YouTube, on iCloud, SoundCloud, on iTunes, and different platforms even adapt or die, willing to listen to you on what we can bring to the pigment as a podcaster. So can you see the number of people to lead to podcasts keep increasing every year. So among more people will become podcast us. Let's get Mach podcast on parks. How many podcast or the pass of non Tao? Over 2 million podcast. The camera 48 million podcast episodes can be used only on you invite a guest to your platform and to have you talked to him, microphone or by cost activity discuss a concept. So if I talk you talk on aipac again and again, utility backup podcasts, namenodes, plants, so much NDT, you've seen it. So why do people listen to podcast? The reason why police in the podcast is to lend Newton's three out of four is a number 20 to a podcast to learn, continue to lend you tense up alive about relationship, about carrier, about jobs, Apache recruitment, about page. So the two m to listen to the podcast on spot on betting, on fitness, on gasoline, to learn something new, something different, something that they don't know. So if you want to take the podcasts like habitat the back of your mind at the bottom left. So chatted me, giving them 1717 new so that they'll keep coming back. Awesome. 82 percent of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours listening to podcasts, which means in one day they spent one, I wanted to listen to a podcast one hour. In the US, they are generated about $2 billion in the US, and it will sit to be LLS in 2020. So which means there'll be more money coming to podcast us. By changing. The podcasts industry in the US is expected to exceed $2 billion in an axe revenue is just ours. And that depend ways you can make money as a podcaster. So the kitchen about podcasting, microphone would produce. It has minimal editing, unlike YouTube way out to add ma mb, y, d, t. So do your podcast and post on YouTube, post on different forms. And these days, you don't have to have a backup of your house to the podcast. You can read online and postage. So we can be lucky Zuko, ITIL coin record the audio and post it as a podcast. A lot of identity does this daddy comfortable houses and they are duly called and a recording the call to post a podcast. Remember, what you should know when it come to podcasts is or is not negotiable, you need a very good audio system. Design the best audio system so far, because it will keep listening than ACI you that listening. So please give them a very good audio system. And our advice, you don't just post on Spotify and iTunes, on podcast. Apps and platforms. Also post on YouTube. Also post on tiktok, also post on Instagram. An extract of the most exciting part of it, posted on social media in order to get more audience or not clients to yourself. You can record your podcast on Audacity, garbage bag and what I use mark on Adobe Audition. And you can edit it with audacity to come edited on Premier Pro, similar di digital platforms. And you can host it on SoundCloud, on one bean on iTunes. So these are the platform that you can post your podcast for free. Of course, other podcasters make the ammonium, ammonium from sponsorship and parse. So if you have what, abandon, lose the pill like $20. So you can make money from sponsorship and parts from downloads. They can get paid for subscription and membership. You can also sell products and make money. And make money. Can also turn your podcast into books and sell it onto videos, are posted on YouTube and make more money. And also promote affiliate links to a podcast. 10. Online Tutoring: So we have online tutorial. Just miss you at the epipolar line, you can be on lunch period of medication orders via the Internet. The different between online tutorial and our enjoyed teaching it coordinate over again, panicked people, mathematics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography. Where did it over the Internet add up to one to one widow group video costs or to webinars or Zuko or tin. And they can inspire the team web-based, all for free. So you see what I was telling that you can start your site also business for free. So what do you know very well, B2 subject, do you know very well that you can do this job at home in a coffee shop, in a co-working space. Only just needed a concrete down and an internet access to students. That's all you need. A computer, which I guess you already have and Internet access to establish into students. Now, these are these such as quality chance about 25 million searches. I want to teach online, online tutorial on how to teach on nitrogen or nitrogen. So you see nested from this day to 2016 to 2020. In 2020, there was a spike because of Coronavirus. There are Aquafina whom to them stop going to school and they certainly keep Lenin. So this spike was due to COVID-19 working from home. So there are two wanted to teach. I want to lend axon collateral within a particular job that they can do from the comfort of your house. You can see the spike, which means that they are occupied doing it too. If you are very good in a particular subject, carta offering online teaching. So when we talk about online tutorial, online teaching, you action at any location does convenient for you. You can teach any topic or any scheme. Most popular subjects include language's, math, science, or business. So most want to learn a new language. They are on the land. Mathematics know mathematically difficult for a good number people. So if you ask carefully mathematics, calculation, you can make money. We teach some quanta lens sciences of business data, the most popular. And that doesn't mean there's no space for geography, economics, or other subjects. But these are the most popular. And you can N1 and also make an impact in people's lives. Because you actually have people from all over the world. You can be in UK until someone from Nigeria and you can be in UK and teach someone in the US. So you're making an impact, not just teach them, making money for you also make an impact in people's lives. The physiology students are learning from the teacher. And the teacher is on line C. That's myelin. Myelin. Myelin. Smile. Even maybe the ammonia is Barbarossa is here and the average pay is up at 20 dollar per hour. This is the average being $20 per hour from payscale. And he actually people from different backgrounds, geography, race, and age. So if you have a skin teaching and you know, you saw that very well, mathematics, chemistry pieces, we can start teaching. So if you're wondering where connected, we are connected, shocking, I can't teach. So where can I teach? You can go to my tutorial shank, Utah's to tell me my private school early weeks, the different teaching platform. And you can register like as our teaching students, your favorite subject. It doesn't have to be what you don't know. Apache go for what you know about what you enjoy. Dylan, mathematics. One, I love English language. Teach them mathematics. If you love chemistry, minor pieces, feed them chemistry. Teach what you know and you can teach on multiple platforms, register multiple platforms. And my tip for you, if you want to be a teacher, is to create a grid in traditional video. Most of them actually to introduce yourself, to them to hear equally past time. So make it great intellectual freedom. How do I make a new medium to do if this is your area, you have to take more courses are needed to finance the specifics of the information I'm covering a lot of cytosol. So if I could go into the specifics of one of them, this cost become extremely long which you don't want. So I won't go into the specifics of each of them. If teaching is your area, there are costs already on this platform or haven, tell me, I'll make an exclusively due on teaching or whatever niche that you prepared so I can make more cautious. My job is to make cost is or your interests. So which one is our interests? Just timid and a bake-off sabbatical. So, but just as a general guide, you to make a good introduction video, you need to prepare and getting lessons in advance before your classes. Just take one hour, two hours just to teach. It makes you a better teacher puzzle letter by 20 exams. Most of that and I just let it just on land data patterns are so you can have the apartment upper part are a bicycle with them. And also understand how you are paid and how dependent system works. Don't just play dumb and depth. Doumani know one of your original post mechanics that host is to make money. So understand how you APEDE is the weekly, is the monthly. How much will you pay per hour is on platform, you get is two, that is $20, which I told you. Wave your teaching multiple students like pipe student posted that it becomes what's the dollar? So do you want to teach multiple students and NMO? Are you okay with we just want to warn. The choice is yours. Understand and implement, sit and walk, and how you can make more money. I mean, some people live which again into school. They just make one lecture to be the WHO. And constraint. 11. Language Tutoring: If you are not actually like a cos, you actually like a language teacher, French. To chain Spanish, teaching, Ebola, Europa, teaching German. You can teach a language on these platforms. Can't really apply it. Bacchae, Bob Lane, Lane, Golda, you can teach anonymous platform. The cottage people of different age from D varies from different contrast in the word. Boy, if you're interested sure that each polychaetes language to kiss, you can use VIP Kid is mostly for people in the US and Canada. Dark teach Chinese to English language. So this just for teaching English language that children in China. Yeah, the kids BIP for teaching language, English language to children in China. Did the social cue kids partition languages to children and China and all over the world. So if this is your interest, is your area, Jabir can just Google it and find out more about it. 12. Digital Products: Make and Sell: Now let's start with first of them is telling digital product. If you understand digital products, products that are not physical, like online templates. So you can sell digital products including online courses. We do our photographs. You can sell it after you depend on where you're selling a castle, it most likely on LC, if I want to sell online costs. Of course it can't sell it on LC. You sell it on teachable, on the graphic, on Udemy, much Kishor, you can set templates and TMC can say creative pieces like recipes. Like I said, we do some photographic, you can sell online courses. There are different things you can say when it comes to selling online, graft, patency. See this beautiful Walker seen steady digital part of IT. Department that will buy it, will be the one to download it and put it in the house. You can make the pattern easily on Kanban and sell it on ls into another cell music and audio clips. Because as up to a web-based application, can equally say content like white papers, e-book, and research is similar to the market is opening to say differently. So we consider sum of distance by a cancer. 13. Freelancing: Hi, thank you for taking this course so far. So the question now is what service can you offer dies the question that is left to watch service, you offer the job already. The people are already looking for you. People are looking for with the service you can offer. So it goes on is what step is can you often does several services available? These are the top freelancing jobs. Video I did chain web design and emission, HR consultant, witness kitchen. So let's go through it one by one. The first one is align consultant. So I like consumption, juice, which you often advice and services to people. So what do you know about IBS? Not Trina, I use on the car Cook. Are you a business Kazakhstan? Are you a career coach? Do you know a lot about beauty delay, a lot about relationship between a locked up ahead or fitness watch. Do you know about what key do you already have? So the gluten about freelancing is that even if you doubt this key, you can take courses. You can watch pre to deduce, get the skis, get experience, and apply our register on freelancing website and start doing the service so people are familiar problem to you and you are offering solutions to them based on your expertise. You can do it through Zoom or through Skype, through one-to-one, or to a group setting, which means you can talk to one person, I can talk to a group of people. And all of this is at the comfort of your house, you at your home, and you advise people on how to do certain tasks. It can be beauty, can be project management, it can be sought to. I had to cook how to design. And you use Zoom skype chimps. You can download online for free and start doing this business because this gentleman, he is teaching her how to do this exercise. Now, this is physical bought for freelancing. We're still spending to choose Zoom through, Skype, how she should do it. You're not physically present. You had really turn my its own line. Also have to be like or have your own website or use histogram Youtube, tiktok to promote it in order to get new clients. So if you have starch in our encourage you to use that party website. It makes the process easier for you boss, you grew, you have your own website in order for it to scale and Gooten about freelancing middle gray to scape business. You can start most IN, in which the law by law to $50 per hour to a 100 a lot by our 2, $1 million per hour. So you can scale it, you can grow each to a full-time business, one of the companies online converter. So once you have review and you already knew what happened, you can grow the business to why you want an envelope upon to inquiry lesson and making insignificant amount of money going at this that we think there are two pillars us, bailey, PDD or polypill these days, the webpage that being very well personally, I have hired freelancers over the course of my walk. I keep high-end different glasses to help me to dislike buys me on this on audio on PDL. Yes, I think the services and I pay them, of course, to the next freelancing job is online recruiting. You can become an honor Greta today, allow repetition just simply means you are hiring for continents, not necessary for your own continent. So Communists reached out to you to help them recruit on their behalf. So y is simply the post job vacancies US election between abuse, conduct, initial interview if needed. And you can start with LinkedIn, Lynda Capybara, handy, Rappaport are looking for a job. I want to walk out on LinkedIn. So if the best path from to meet them. And you can be an ordinary quota on this website. So it is a website that you can reach Saturday and started recruiting people for continents. Of course, companies pay you a hefty commission for the, for recruiting or their behalf. And this is actually smiling for collecting a hefty commission. So I took it, I will show you different possibility that exists so that you can decide what you actually wanted to yourself. What are the actual assistance? This is becoming more and more popular by D-Day veteran assistance. So you already know what an assistant does like an equity vassal status of a CEO does. To take cause you answer immediately. It can emit chin and adapt retreated duties. So what do sympathies task, the entropy knows Dan need an assistant. So you can list your service as a philosophy and be offering virtual assistant to different client decode unit or you'd study hours on like a part-time job where your time is constrained. For virtual assisting, you decide the hours, how long do you want to walk or how short you want to walk? You decide the hours you have free. So you see she's asserting this man, what is it? Don't visit a column for better assisting. You had really certain online. You are doing the same job online, dosing coffees, tax writing, email reply, e-mail, attending to your customers, you are deleted mine, which I spent an average of about $20 as a virtual assistant. And if you're interested in digital, you can apply in these website virtuous tangibles, pre-opened online jobs dot pH. So these are the website that you can apply for. It can also apply on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer people per hour are several websites like that. Another job that you can do as a freelancer is website design. You can design website where people create eye-catching website. It is not catching. You can create it. What? To create website you need experience in Adobe Illustrator us, an int, TSS. Also limited experience in UI. And if you are interested in designing a website or people Boyd spirits, they are cost is you can take on this platform and even free on YouTube, you can use to start designing websites for people. And you've just spent an hour LIP of Apache Guatemala. And in particular by our Decebalus beginner, as you grew, you can charge whatever you want. And these are the websites that you can register in order to start getting jobs to do. I have a graphic designer. I'm discussing a lot about websites. So let us cut about graphic design. Beautiful images like this, image like YouTube, totally different kind of images. Thus available, caravan images for people to post on Tiktok, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook. So you are not a designer. I can design it using compound. Applying to make a course on combat to toDF of beginners just to explain the whole compound concept for beginner classes are real dispatch them you can pick that will spill come back to you and I had to use it. So it's like in modern petition is an online website, design and graphics. So you can use the smart part is pick monkey, there's adopt petition. There's Adobe Illustrator online for two designs are becoming very popular and so you can use any one of the convenient to take courses on how to use it and become an expert. Or you can enter batch $40 per hour. So if eligible website you can apply for the website. You can apply it to get jobs. As a graphic designer. Yes, you can design. It doesn't have to be difficulties and can be as simple design. So design needs. I know your client repay you point. It was taking that to be a graphic designer certificate on TFLite, making you to dominate and makers dominates, been discussed. And it combines not as difficult as making. It's really simple. You need twice and trials. You already knew up on less time to become faster for you and told you that remember you can scale it to the business. 14. Content Writing: Another job that you can do as a freelance editor, you can be a video editor. I'll do a detour some editor and emission short video ads you can edit for people. And I didn't put a podcast. You weigh between what your YouTube via digital media causes disgust. You're watching what I did when I was an editor and I paid him for the job. So you should expect, on average, our Allenby of $50. If you want to be an editor with time, you grow. But as a beginner and on the lowest K, which is like within the law. But as you become an aspect, you can enter our NMR dollar per hour. So, which means what hours you are already n and what doesn't dilemmas. And this weight and gets pretty easily for a week, for a month, you are looking at sound like partisan doulas, which is higher than most people are average salary. And of course, a key muscle, the website that you can apply for these jobs, you can check the Patch Tool icon. Apply for these jobs. She's editing a video, yeah. Yes. You can also be a transcriber who's a transcribed by charge carbon is like someone doesn't listen to audio recordings of people and pack it out. Watch movies, you've seen those. So tied to this, this is generated by artificial intelligence, by machine, a computer, but there are some people also need to review it to be sure that those terms are correct. So if you are starting, I use Google Doc, Voice Typing us free subtitle website, just go dump the audio or don't dividend, then it gives you subtract two. So you'd want to review it to be sure that everything is correct and exonuclease activity, intelligence and machine, they have some minor problems. So they may say is and type it as was the receipt. I am walking and I understand game. So in you'll be done to correct it. And you have paid an average of $20 per hour for doing transcribing. And of course, the waves I can apply is transcribed me script B, got transcript. You can apply as a transcriptionists as a transcriber near the central, social media is becoming more and more popular and businesses are looking for who we manage the account for them. So you can be a social media manager, simply involve rolling campaigns and social media platform like Facebook, Youtube, tiktok, histogram. So you just make a creative post. Euler's mean, are you, you bring your unique perspective to the business. So you manage business for them and a lot of activities. So you already love to use Facebook, already know how to use Instagram. You see the campaign just for using please, just by using tiktok. And it has an average pay of quasi dollar per hour. The website that you can use to apply for each are listed here. People per hour, Bye-bye, walk in deed. You manage social media for businesses. You as a business manager, social media for their businesses is not exciting. Also, if you are someone that doesn't like, they can cause like a customer service care, you can become a chat agent if you're good with typing instead of Ashok won't cause you can become a change agent or these businesses, the APA chapter services for the customer. So you solve this problem using a corner, using a competent is simply customer support via texts. Bees charge. So you have to put your customers and you just get an average payoff of 10 dollar. Our website, you can become a chat agent. Indeed, crap charge job or 50 and similar websites. Also, you can become an R specialist. We'll talk about it as a middleman and John, you click campaigns, you click Post for businesses, an AAC specialist you create arts. Are you modify acts, what businesses must be necessary. Don't have the time or S bacteria that are on campaign by you as a pilus, a happy time. So you become an art aspect and if you don't know about us, you can take courses in order to know more, but the goal is to create, enticing, creative and Teller campaigns to S is specific audience. So whenever I want to run ads on Facebook, on Instagram, they have a target audience. They have a conversion goal in mind to you. We have them to design the ad across the arts such a way that it would be attracting to the specific audience. The way you advertise to Junzi is not the way you advertise to g. X is not the way you advertise to millennia. So you need to understand what ought just want to see. I would tell all the hours based on your needs. You see this this slide is excited. So would you think would be APEDE? We did design decision X, Gen Z, and millennials, Obama's, which one leaching could be attracted to this kind of design, TMI in the comment section of this video. And you can spend on our LIP of about $8,200. So let's say an average pay of $70 per hour does good. $70 per hour, that is good. That is so good. And we can grow it and even have an axe advertising. You can become a big company. Remember, this code is not just about user doing it business to end Moneyball and patch and lives. And we are going to become. Motif bill on the lab business. And it just touch with little packet data, $1.2, $100 to $1 million. You know the next step. So you keep growing under that places that you can register as an AAC specialist in an advocate in jobs. Also, if you are very good, We're actually content. You can have your own blog also, you can write the contents. What are people? The quadrotor data is otherwise known as a copywriter, likes or the internet and asset will last write that four blocks or magazine or Jonah's for newspapers. Everything that you see and these are not only reaching by the newspaper communism and eaten by philosoph. So you can become a freelancer. So the kitchen here is to pick your passion and your niche that different areas and be quiet to passion. Egg, relationship, tourism, PECS, which one is the interest? Remember freelancing is you doing what you love, doing, what you enjoy doing, and doing what you do, also, doing what people are willing to pay for. So you just bet on our LIP of $50 per hour just for writing. Sometimes you are paid based on number of ways that you write. If you write, that does unless you get what has handlers, if you write a 100 ways, you get $1. So the more you write, the moment you get and the Gooten about this in a modern one is, you don't need to worry if an iterator, it can be a speaker, become a soda can talk. Just take your phone. The apps that you can be talking to, like Google Voice Doc, be talking to the app and inspiration for you. So as I'm making this video, I'll be talking to my phone as an example on my laptop. And it'll be tapping it at comin up or facility India voice Inuit oil in a column, we will offer the service, does it roughly services that you can use? So you don't actually need to type. You can just be talking to it. And it would type by itself automatically even PowerPoint I'm using Apache service to your job will be good too. It revise it and send it to your client. These are places that you can get jobs for. As if freelance writer regulates is well-known. For Blogger, blog improve, news outlets, different news outlets, ganglion, Vanguard and not lose news outlets. They appreciated. So now you have scale of writing. You don't need to write the council use voice recorder as you talk into tabby for you and your client money. But an average of $50 per hour was an oratorio because all not very good with your voice. You have a French boys or the Spanish voice, or in deep may voice is sweet female voice, or a child's voice. You can N1, which your voice. So I just need to do you just to be reading such an act, we have voice. It could be it could be a magazine. If you've listened to Amazon or DIBL, the pay for this panic don't register of Amazon or DB2. You go to This is for Amazon, iTunes and the rest. So you are just really book and actually analytes be recorded. Fish if you want to add a slash spikes, you boy, if you don't want to let it be. So you just talk into the microphone and it's been recorded. We are voiced like you really book by Allyn and it allowed Amazon is looking for you. Itunes, paint patrons podcast app are all looking for you. Just so happen that sweet, unique voice. I'm attractive. People would love to listen to. Michelle spit on our LIP of about $40 per hour just for reading the book loud as I am talking now, I'll be talking to you a recording device or advise you not to use your consolidated be Clara, use a good audio system like this. Now you have seen, use a good microphone like the Sadat's to be recorded and your voice instance, which remember, our goal is to scale it to the business. You want to keep doing it. A beauty to the business. Empire was appropriate as people that can read through a walk, correct grammatical mistakes, IRP for each PDA, but the actual API, just to read a walk. The dollar per hour does good. The different apps that can help you now even Grammarly can help in the sense that you connect with the product, grammatical mistakes and curettage. Even Microsoft has an editor that you can use now to edit what is reaching to spot grammatical errors and make it better adapt to put abdominals such an extensive proposals looking at who currently are grammars. In fact, for me, I use Gmail and Microsoft Editor. My Procreate, because on the right is naturally selected puppet would actually lead to, let you walk right in chains. They need someone to help them to spot and correcting grammatical mistakes and typos in May for blogs, for business but document. And you can be present if a very good English 0, which the language that are looking for amass usually these are the websites that you can apply for. Our friend here is looking at this book. So spotted the error and correct it alone. I USE. I see it. Thank you. We also have ICU specialist SEO simply missed search engine optimization. Does this. Everybody wanted to be at the front page of Google. Everybody wants to go viral, everybody want to trend. And there is a way to go back to trend. If you want to be at the front page of Google and Apple put IS patch in this spot a billion backlinks and optimizing existing content of the website. And if you are someone who has very good we teach, you can apply an unabashed take T to quasi dollars per hour. So boy, you need to have experience in doing this. Selects can get job and attuned to them. You can take some courses in order to lend it. If this your area of interest and desire, the website you can apply for to start getting job as by making you a $50 an hour. Also gazebo website desktop. If you are someone that I want to review website user experience and suggest improvements, that different website at different apps become open to the public. The loop of people don't have them to test it, to be Shonda, people would like it. So just go to a website with them. Then the more you like and what you don't like, which they can improve on. And they pay for that. The pay off at 20 dollar per hour. Just to tell them what you like and what you don't like about the website is usually for 20 minutes or 30 minutes, you end $20. And you can lead for apps or software or box for us. And these are the website that you can apply for user testing. But then for patient trauma, you're just did the boy, you like about the website and what you don't like about the website. For example, this is the website, Mary Webster website. An iPad good at just as an example, you go with them to this website and that I'm working. I like the way I don't like the way I put it up, just my anabolic reactions. These shops. It's at the top HUD shop yeah, for the UPN. So just like that are very small and basic and the pay $20 per hour for drainage. So if you're interested in it, go to user testing now, respondent pupation, that will give you more details about it on icon status. 15. Online Moderation: Also that people die into data there like how long the life you can't do the database data, data visualization using Excel or using PowerPoint. You can make delta cr clumsy. Desert bit dark data data is clumsy. Or you are someone that can make it sweet and powerful. Nikki, like a core sample gas Honda can make it look presentable. Seems that had been Tesla in the feet away does not say computer. So if you're not good with data, ownership data by tuning data using Microsoft Word, excel and things like that, you can apply for data entry job on, walk, walking solutions pipeline. And you can end up at $30 per hour for just been somewhat visualized data of people is not your own data. Data that already make it more pleasant people for their clients, data is not worn by people. People they enjoy it. So it depends on what suits you and thus giving you different possibilities. And to give you an idea of what you would likely want to have online quadratus does this. There are several online forums and platforms, online groups which are like an exam. So the exam, so there's holistic Madrid. This is an online moderator. So you be the one to tell them Oh, no, Dominic's nine wouldn't talk from 11 to 01:00 PM. You regulate them and you are paid for each EU manages the day-to-day duties, which involve answer, negative comment, categorizing queries are settling disputes and online forums and social media groups and are paid up at $30 per hour. Aligarh find job on Glassdoor, client walkers and Upwork. And the last but not least, is translator EPR very good with speaking one language? They say are good. We speak in French and English. Damn movie die in French. Don't want to be translated to English. You can have with that, translate English to French subtitles. And just like that, someone has good with two or more languages. So you have to translate it from one language to another add-on by saying it aloud, by type elites, by writing it. This is very common with movies or do undocumented, and you are paid about that in the last pair, our website can apply for the jobs are Glassdoor. Read indeed. So I very good with speaking Spanish. Bella Zhao, Zhao. Zhao Zhao. So you can't translate it to English for people like me, but don't even know the meaning of potlucks. And so yes, I have a page for each a package, the last per hour. What do you need translation by VMAT or by typing it out? Yes, w goes to the last jobs are discussed a lot about online online job rebound in jobs have discussed it can't be done online. The online jobs, you compete at the comfort of your house, but just to do, but for people that wanted to be a physical job. So managers with algebra available, you can do manage those. With Amazon. You can do part-time jobs with Amazon. Facebook does go to the website and apply for is a coelom managers. Also, we have house Ampex it in our friend here is Teton dispatch. So you Assad have interest in patch or interests in cities because well done around. You can apply and get paid for each. So does our website and apply for these jobs. Also, if you'd like delivering of a bicycle, we can walk Padilla b2, dot dash, Amazon Flex in order to start. Any muscle, can be an Uber driver or Dreyfus, different companies that are coming up this, this value WTO I can cook that different side hustles that you can do and start just after the cover. Most of them. If I think of my own just gone Lana, such quality. If you go to this website, also be, lexicon, good. And so it shows you different ways to make money online with the Greek side also, there are different sizes. You can start from a to Z C then different jobs you can do from a different job evenly want to rent at the site also tactics, you can rent or you want to sell these actions, you can sell at a pretend doesn't go to this website and check for the defense side hustle does here. And now you can start basically to you, but it depends. Philipson jobs that you can do. You can look for clients from Facebook, from Twitter, tiktok. You can look for clients from, from Gonzaga own website and also the message or family members. Sometimes it takes a long time to get freelancing jobs and I need immediate one. We can apply onclick Walker. And you do some manner jobs by a pinpoint, some mechanical jobs. You can also apply the Amazon Mechanical Turk you or give you simple tasks to do, like beliefs onto next, or items containing word, backslash and past data. And you are paid for each click OK eyes more profits. They put an Amazon, a back-end OLAP, our foia paid instantly and you get job as buckling. If it very easy, peasy, very quick to get it misses is a small amount of money and I would like you to get data. I didn't cover Shopee and market research discussed because they're easy to get body or motives, $2.3 dollar Armstrong box. So on depending on your needs, if you want an immediate money because I will stop you been applied to Amazon Mechanical Turk to do smart tax or click Walker in order to get immediate mana. But diets better get a $100 thousand from the adaptive plan to do it for a long, long time. So I just want to be very inclusive with everything that I teach you doesn't bring in this art here to show was obtainable when it comes to freelance. 16. Freelancing Jobs to Start : So let's see what's available. Yes, We are here on Fiverr Fiverr gigs directory. So what do you see the different options that exist? What services can you offer at the duodenum service-based businesses? What are the services that you can offer? What are services that already exist? Diluted, offering advice on the largest and the biggest plasma Epstein data here. So you can see for graphic and design, these are the available services that you can do. There are so many of them. When it comes to design. I us logo design, brand style guide, gamepad, see what I am designing. Usually quote, programming, you are designing using compass, flyer, pasta pattern. We were able designing for social media or Facebook or Instagram. Or you are designing using landscape design, manner, 3D and 2D drawings. A lot, a lot and a lot. This is just for design. We have t on graphical design and thus several options. Now, if design is no way to go for music and audio, The ought to do bicycle been missing a mastering, producing, and composing for anyone who entered a batch, make a note about it and click on this link to Panama pocket that different people have taken this course. And each of you have different interests. So I can't go through all of them. So there are different options for music and Abi was our programming and tech. I do programming and tech. Do you have to acknowledge U and X button tag? You can assess ABCs and WordPress Beauty website in game development, see who go down the stream or mobile apps, desktop applications, block chain and tokenizing. These are services that people are already offering a UAG tomake than you can offer services in social media advertising, social media McCutchen, such Engine Optimization, see that different niches available for you if you're interested in business is insists, is the impact to our systems. It's in market research, is in business plans, is it in project management seen at the beginning I said 50 businesses. As you make it 1 million businesses, you can start from a 100 businesses to kathekon whom see all these available options for you. Right now, Translation, see the options available to you into data. Data, data processing, data engineering, data visualization, lifestyle, lifestyle, gaming, life coaching, does lessons. What have we done an emissions. See the opsonized, productive photographing. So let's take this example. You are a photographer. You click on it, you see product photography. We are Fiverr area and you see other people that are offering the same service. They are regions, they are review how many jobs are done. If you click on each one of them, we see how the market themselves, how they present themselves. So I'd actually selling ninety eight fifty five, forty two Deci and SLM. So let's click on this one just as an example. How we should high-quality product photography for your business. And five, I see that people keep coming back, which mean this person knows what he's doing. So the basic is amine the UK, so it's in pounds, 11.51 pounds. This panel is 20 pounds, the premium is 250 pounds. And see what they're delivering on how many DC to take. You go to them as C1 is monetary be media is like $200 and we check how they describe themselves, what they're offering. The competition is a five chord us in Q, which means people are really coming back five orders and q. So which means the AC, market for product photography, it people can be q. Not ready for this one. So you check what not just only one person you use all the examples. We check promote people. Switch. And again, let's click on this one. I we should eye-catching product photography 3 or does enqueue. And how much is he charging CD business? Even 100 pituitary pounds does a lot of money. And only 200 pounds premium is 260 pounds. You see what they're offering? She examples. That report does in Q, which means there's a market for them. Let's see MCAT in product photography. This is just an example of me picking production photography. So what's Ci De want to offer? Panacea consortium, accounting and bookkeeping. What expertise do you have? Just come in our tidy link in the description of this course to go and check this out and see the service that you can offer. What service are you offer to other people? Please remember that different options, guys, STN. So you have to look for what you enjoy doing. What do you enjoy doing? What are you competent at? Not just enjoying it, what are you good at it? Are you competent? And are people willing to pay for it? And how much are people willing to pay for each Eucarya jacket? Different options that exist, and pick the one that lines up only when you, nobody would do that for you because that'll be your own interest. Well, you enjoyed doing the social media management analytics are tracking, app design, UX design. There are different options diocese, that disaster site host of business you can do at home. During the gluten hepatic, we can do a distance at the comfort of your house, the gluten or baton that if you have interest in any of the cytosol, you can take a course or need to find out more about their cost is already available on this platform that I will strongly encourage you to take in order to know more about a particular niche or you choose. So pick any one, Let's pick ba. So by again, just as another example, suppose to urban fringe voice. Which way do you have? For me, I'll say Nigerian voice or African voice. So you, which boys do you have that click on this first one and see what is STN? There's one per dime Q. And he has made like magic power or does see a number of ways determines how much charge you. 7.67. I will record in mid May French voice over. So you see he's selling his voice, the voice over and he's paid for it. Same. So if I type let em see like 10 thousand wall for 10 thousand ways, he would collect about several as the seven parts from me. This is like what doesn't do as well, just 10 thousand ways or you do it just to be reading it out using MAY french voice. He already has invoice kidnapped by the voice from anywhere. You already have the voice. So if you have to buy anything July the audio equipment, like $20.30 dollars to just buy a good audio system in order to start voice-over at a book of 10000 ways, he will charge me about $100. Can you just imagine that? That's a lot of money framed for what you have already. He's not buying the y terms on the urea as the voice. Just add electronegative and we start making a lot of money per month. So you see voiceover and there's one or not, we'll cue for him. Even though we are here on Fiverr. There's no rule diagonal register on multiple freelancing website. They are seen from other websites. The Rialto freelancer, I should do diagonally Power BI Desktop walk. There's freelancer, There's guru days, like in my designs, these people per hour. And they said that offering service, philanthropy, the job of the future, about 50 percent, 70 percent of workers these days would become freelancers. So you use nothing in me that you're already ahead of the Republic. So we say that scoop out the existing niche. What are they charging? What are they making? Is there space for me? Is the opportunity permitted tribe? I'm not someone that just pick the best option. Says your fertility like giving you the holistic view. So don't go to the pessimist highly paid in our present. But the last person I compare. So you could go to add this one. Recommended. Us aromas, people that are stops and you put down what attraction is lower than what happened, especially more stretch and sit in us less and less time. 10 thousand or 10 thousand ways. He is charging up at 500 thousand languages about try it iterate pumps. They are seeing here C and you have a good audio equipment, which I was telling you before. C, to play this video, we have these boys, how to sound. So you see, and you can register multiple website to offer this service to which they'll be kind of fun. If you are confused, you don't know the SMEs that are available in the market go to slash categories and find out what already exist. Some of us will be I think can be started also. Will I think in it what, what kinda of my thinking on necessarily what you have is a long just come to this website and see what is already existed. Of course, everybody keep Lennon, I'm still n. So if you want to learn more, you take more courses. What you need to be done in order to have more exposure or your niche. So we've seen different niches available in the market telling you that you can start the sandbox of business today. And I will strongly encourage you to please check out this website, data website like freelancer guru that offer similar services that you to cast by using to say your business. 17. Freelancing Statistics 2021: Hi, thank you for taking this course so far, it really shows that you're interested in choosing a side hustle business will discuss a lot so far, but I want to do MO on freelancing. Freelancing is a huge part of cytosol business. A lot of people that say that they are into cytosol are truly freelancers. So because freelancing constitute a big part of site also business, I want to discuss it further so that some of you don't want to become a freelancer. You will know what is obtainable the market as of now, and what to be obtainable in the future. So just before we dive deeper into discrete answer, please, I will strongly encourage you at this point to reach REP discuss. It has been a pipeline experience. So you should give it a five-star rating when it span to read a review discourse and how highly encourage you to tweet. Now, it takes like two seconds from you to just rate and review. Elected me so much for me if you do it. Thank you. Yes, we are talking about freelancer. So let us see some matrix, let's see some numbers. Why freelancer? What is happening in the world of freelancing at the moment. So let me show you some matrix freelancing. So Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platform, which I like Python. Every year, they only do a survey of what's happening in the freelancing word. As freelancers do survey Asada people and they carry information to tell us what's happening in production work. And the Collins pre-labs forward and then read through every answer is an independent workforce report in the US. And it was done by Upwork, as you can see. So they give us the numbers of what's happening. So data loss at the moment, 59 million Americans are freelancer, which is about 6% of the total workforce. So in America, as of today, we have about 59 million. Freelancers. Does huge, about 59 million people are already doing freelancing jobs. What's the trolley Freelancer? Let me explain further here. Freelancing is the concept of working for multiple clients must be necessary. There was one person or two persons of freelancing is working for different clients. If you can do sometime you offer the same service to different people. So you never call free Lassen, like it's free. You are free to offer the same service, two different clients. I have shown you a list of available freelancing job you can't do in America now, 59 million people are already into the business of freelancing, which is about 36 percent of the workforce. And trust me, the number will keep getting higher and higher. None of this 59 million people versus percent of this freelancer do so full-time. 36 percent of them are doing freelancing job full-time attitude, you align these costs so people do cytosol in addition to the foot time 95 job. Boston people, they do side also as their full-time job. So appetitious percent of these freelancers doing the job full-time. But we also have an interesting number that 75 percent of those who left an employer to freelance, they, they make the same amount or more income than they did in the attentional job is a huge number, which means more people are getting more money from freelancing that they get from nine to five job. This is huge miss. More people are paid higher. Been freelancing job. That the typical nine to five job apart 75 percent are saying that paid the same or higher, which is good. Some of them are making their full-time job wherever that 20 percent increase in total. And our freelancer n, with a total of $1.2 trillion this year, about 59 million freelancers, I ended up at $1.2 trillion. So does the amount of Mandanten and which an increase of 20 percent from the previous year. So there's an increase in free landslide have an increase in revenue. So Azure KDC and there's $1.21 trillion, $0.2 trillion that's been made by freelancers. By this 59 million freelancers. And every generation chooses freelancer. The gene set, which is people between 18 to 20 to 50 percent of them want to become freelancers. Millennials, which is fun to entrained to the i-th, want to become freelance us. When Gen X want to become freelancers. Bowman's want to become freelancers. So every generation I in love with freelancer don't want to chase financing ACASI, the younger they are, the more they excited to join the freelancing. Freelancing is the job of the future. Actually, freelancing provides necessary flexibility. So you can't be a caregiver or even do you have a disability? You can also have be a freelancer. So you care for your parents at that age or you having a disability of any kind, don't know, stop you from any YOR T2 and DAS on bringing this course to you so that there will be nine species. Why you should not end? There is no reason why you should not end watch. Or what you are willing to end. So an ANOVA people reported that could be material didn't wear. So freelancing where people were crying or our SOC I was full on. Freelancers are like Yes, we're like before these two, they didn't experience the uncertainty that most traditional workers experience. And the good news is that more professionals are constituent fill answer. So after the equivalent measure era, more people now are interested to become freelancers. And the last model, Listeria. Freelancers, optimistic about the future, about idiocy space into a freelancer state, the best days are ahead of freelancer, which means the hoof. Since we keep getting better and better for them. So you see why philosophy is really making the news? Because a lot of people are doing it and more people will join it, is the job of the future 50% of American workforce to actually become freelancers. Or freelancer you can't reach with a third-party website like Upwork, Fiverr, guru, freelancer, or you can have your own website and start doing freelancing job. So just to summarize, utilize million Americans, this is million. Fifty nine million Americans are currently freelancers, 5,986.5 million workers, we go freelance, so more people want to go into freelancer. And degenerated applied to $1.4 trillion to the US economy in just 2020. And fulfill us Are they have typically about four to five client each month. For example, percent of millennials are already finance US and more willing are ready to join. In the last decade, more than half of Americans workforce, we do freelance work, which I've explained to you that more and more people actually interested into doing freelancing because of the flexibility of us. He offers revenue because most of them, 75 percent of them, at least their income effect plus the time it off, are working with different people and separate experiences. You can see why people want to become freelancers because they are generating income from it. And more and more people are embracing the concept of online jobs, walking from whom you want the freedom to work from home, and trace the way you want. You want the freedom of using those key to N1 and the gluteal that they are legit online jobs with reliable and constraints, you see the income oxygen about $1.2 trillion to Theta is legitimize. Car is actually for rebar doing it. And the office, excellent flexibility done most traditional workers will not offer. So you see she's walking from the comfort of a bet. These are the reason why people are into freelancer offered auto show you the website that you can apply for these freelancing job. So you can apply for freelancing on five-by-five. I is well-known for it, which I've showed you. There's freelancer, there is pop walk, they simply hierarchy. There is 1999. There's Doctor Des people per hour. These are website I already learned for offering financial services. Just registering this website and you start getting jobs that will help you to stay in dialogue of freelancing website, a movie come up in the future, but these are the most popular ones. 18. Freelance Platforms: Pros & Cons: Just before conclude this session of pillars and our freelance marketplace, what the pre-lesson is actually what it using pi by using AAC walk, using the proper, our pro blogger, blogging crew. Does he actually watched it. So let's see if it works better for you to build client bids. If you don't have clients, just registered this website and they will bring clients for you. He was able to get the experience of dealing with people or for the poor acquire when it comes to your site. So it gives you audience, it gives you experience too. Also, you don't spend any money on parks. You just list your products. Clients will look for, you know, contract manipulations. It has no house to offer like dislike. Memorize that no, no contact manipulations. Robot tried to, placemat would be Lazarus bought when you use Website, the sheet you have all those irrelevant in a typical bringing business, houses are paid on time, Amanda, to do your job at any time. You are paid on time. You won't have to be chosen by clients from wanting to send a catalyst. It means for them to pay you, do your job and they pay you beam. Then Patty marketplaces ensure that you are Peter Pan. Just briefly to tap on Google and check out on WebAssign out of your savings. And even if the only smart and all these things that I've shown so far, you can start your own sediment message, our creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship is the key to success. So these are the things that you enjoy when you start with the P.ball last savings compared to starting a business or your own. And I'm sure that as a beginner you want to start happiness periods getting plant-based, atomic him on even while as patching. So this will help you out regularly to start with this website. As you grow, you can't have your own website and grew into a business. So the question is, do you want to have your own platform or you want to use already existing platform to sell. Of course it has a crew, There's a cone. So if you're using Amazon website or at a party website, you want to think of coding or drawing southern, oh, panda is already established. System is really established. So in simpler and easier. Also you have large pool of Consumer Cellular pick welcoming them are coming to Amazon, coming to EB on the POC to buy what you're selling. Democratic or you read a book, a 100 magazine for you, as is sometimes handed magnetic per unit. So Instagram cannot baptize for you. So just like that, There's my kitchen already done for you, so you don't spend more money on marketing. If there's any magazine are doing within it, a house you had it within the, within the website. And what is cheaper than doing it an astronaut website. But for all these advantages that they offer you, that the fields are commissioned. So you have to weigh whether the Peel Commission wattage, but maybe it's better to stay up, profit down. Don't have any pocket authority, put it on your website. You may not make any sense alleles at the beginning, start with that party website. And as you grow, you can have your own website to start selling the same item. And also you get profit. Sometimes they share a particular probability offering yeah, platform to you. If you're selling a unique product are to do immunity to create your own website or Shopify if you have your own unique products on the last, new to the market. Because let's talk about generic. Go with Databricks website. If you are selling handmade objects or items at a milk is a car. Online, you can sell it on LC and eBay. 19. Final Thoughts: When it comes to Staten, a setosa business, I have showed you different possibility. What is ashamed you ought to hundreds and masseuse biochar stat, but does by Shri you over Python to emphasize also that are possible, my advice is start with one, the power one. Start with one. Start with one. Which one? I can't say it enough. Which one is repeated? Tommy, start with one. So it's important that you focus on just one opportunity, at least one. Now, if you try to do two monitors, I want it just get harder. And that's the statute. If you've taken this coastline, unlike our data set, was, you want to start all of them at once. A is become very difficult for you to even associating one you asked us to start with. One is a more difficult one. I know exhibited costal margin, identity, Cacioppo difficulty. You don't want that as a beginner. You want to make your life easier, you automate your business is equally to start. So start with one. I've explained a lot. Is it click walker? I want print on-demand. They can causes cellulitis on Etsy, selling on Amazon, eBay, or even be a day trader. D12, do affiliate marketing of podcasts. Are you interested in blocks? All you freelance and remember to freelance and dark default opportunity Dionysus, just for freelancer. Or you are someone does interested in making TikToks, YouTube, Instagram. Do you want to teach students and primaries, but teach languages? So which cell is do you want to offer? Which saved offer? So the choice is yours, what service or what products you want to sell, or what service you want to offer an attribute we can start by registering on freelancing website or that party website. And once you master how the business works, because our scaling, Agile own website that our scaling, and for whatever you start, our Lewis Collegiate have social media accounts that you post consistently in a way to get more audience, to get more customers to your business, it would draw more people to buy the item from you. It's like free McCutchen, seasonal media, fema kitchen or you start with one. I've explained a lot about my advice is for you to start with one, I can't sit them up. Don't put all your house at once into your march. You see? If I tried to put my hands on my fingers, I wanted the moment it went down. Well, what can enter? Two can enter to start with one and acid glutamic it to a microphone. As you grow. A good example would be used satellite Tik Tok. You start tick tokyo, what your audience. You can add them to YouTube, your courses. I am making on SkillShare Udemy. You can make merchandise for your shed. Merchandise from the electorate, a podcast from diagonal cell or a product. And it continues and continues just by having a TikTok account or YouTube account or Instagram account, you keep growing and growing and growing and growing and growing. So start with one channel and channel the audience to ADA, website or other platforms like you have. So the bill goes to the end of side hustles or beginnings in the sense that the cytosol. Now you can start as a beginner. And I've shown you different set of options that you can start to build unless costs will be talking about how to start. I didn't want to show you what you can do by Sunday. Show you how you can do it, how you can start. So in our next course, it is about how to start a side hustle business. They already had less opportunity. And if there is no opportunity, you can start one. So I have discussed a lot about cytosol can start in the next session of discourse, Polignac, how you can start at a doesn't want you to watch this video and getting permission room. I want you to take action and stat and actually start a side hustle a Philipson job and start making possible Company. Thank you so much for taking this course. The less session would really discuss a lot about how to start and the mindset of an entrepreneur, how to advertise at the MCIT have to satisfy horses because patently business is difficult. It is difficult. So rotate, you want to have lunch? My own personal suddenly business. Try to help you in starting your own business. Our day mitosis or my pillow, so that it uses the information to start your own and wrong isn't fly your business. I remember the goal is really to start small and become big stars topic and become bigger. So I'll be discussing a lot about how to start a side hustle business so far. Thank you for taking discussed. Please rate and review our highly and so much. Appreciate you rating and repeat discuss. Now, select it. You have to grow a community leader of people and associated costs. People don't want to set aside awesome Bodhidharma idea of what is important, what is needed. You can test the piracy. Good cause to shade. Show your friends, show you a loved one, share it with your family, have explicit detail. Step-by-step in the welder. You can't start easily to please share this course with an epic already discussed five-star and either sunny losing weight should not be a pi star, which are to meet reply melody discussions. So that we'll find out why. Because sofa, you say five-star costs. So thank you so much for taking this course. I deeply appreciate it. Didn't necessarily would be my exciting, would be more engaging. So for now, we'll look at what you can start.