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Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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    • Shy People Power and the Power of Your Image in selling and promoitng you!


About This Class

I love this topic for our WiT (What it Takes) TeachAbout.  I am a introvert and quite shy, yet you probably won't believe that when you see me perform and learn from Episode 1 in a whole new series called Shy People Power.

I know that there are millions of very talented artists, performers, musicians, writers, designers and other creative people, who find that sticking out, and shouting out, and self promoting themselves is hard, unnatural, and they are not very good at it

I know that there are millions of great people in sales who could be great at selling if they were told that, and shown that, you don't have to be  a loudmouth, super extrovert, in your face rude one, to be successful.

I know that there are many more wise, wonderful, and talented people who could make their mark if they knew how to speak in public, be on the radio, do a video, write a book, and were just a wee bit "smoother" and relaxed in personal conversations.  I will teach you how to do these things and become that kind of person.

This is Episode 3 in this adventure and here I will begin introduce the you to the big I word that you need to know to be great and promoting and marketing you!

Now take it all in and talk back to me so that we can become great together.


17 Feb  2017






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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted

I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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