Shy People Power #1 How to Powerfully Sell & Promote You in Your Career & Business If You Are Shy! | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

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Shy People Power #1 How to Powerfully Sell & Promote You in Your Career & Business If You Are Shy!

teacher avatar Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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1 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. How To Start to Be a Powerful Shy Person

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About This Class

I love this topic for our WiT (What it Takes) TeachAbout.  I am a introvert and quite shy, yet you probably won't believe that when you see me perform and learn from Episode 1 in a whole new series called Shy People Power.

I know that there are millions of very talented artists, performers, musicians, writers, designers and other creative people, who find that sticking out, and shouting out, and self promoting themselves is hard, unnatural, and they are not very good at it

I know that there are millions of great people in sales who could be great at selling if they were told that, and shown that, you don't have to be  a loudmouth, super extrovert, in your face rude one, to be successful.

I know that there are many more wise, wonderful, and talented people who could make their mark if they knew how to speak in public, be on the radio, do a video, write a book, and were just a wee bit "smoother" and relaxed in personal conversations.  I will teach you how to do these things and become that kind of person.

This is Episode 1 in this adventure and here I will introduce the you to your journey and get you started by telling you that the future belongs to the Storyteller... and how to start.  

Now take it all in and talk back to me so that we can become great together.


13 jan 2017

Meet Your Teacher

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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted


I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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1. How To Start to Be a Powerful Shy Person: greetings. My name is Stan Houston, and I'm the leader of a group of people who subscribe to the view what it takes we're trying to discover and then design and then do what it takes, tow, live fully alive and is a concede in our life career in our business. And this program could be for you if you are shy, because we're beginning a whole new Siris of classes and learning experiences called a shy people power. And what I'm simply going to try and do is to help you, particularly if you're like me a little bit shy or maybe very shy. To begin to sell market position, perform and promote yourself in such a way that you will no longer be afraid to do some of the very important things you need to do to sell and market and do the things that will help you become more successful in your career. As I say, your business, your career, you're calling your occupation, your seeking to influence people. You're supposed to impact people, and hopefully that will lead to increased income, and you find that a little bit more challenging than some people because you're kind of shy . Does that mean anything to you? Well, welcome, because here what we're going to do is at least once a week, maybe twice a week, maybe three times a week, we're gonna have a little, uh, will be. Call what it takes teach about. And it will always be under about 20 minutes. 17 18 15 minutes. And we're going to help you discover and then design a plan and design a way to perform so that you can do the things you have to do to be more successful. Does this appeal to you? Is that something you'd like to know more about? Oh, well, great. Then you're in the right place and keep coming back to this place, and I think it will be more than useful. I think it could be a bit life changing for you now. First of all, I'm shy now. I've worked very hard for a number of years as a speaker and as a broadcaster and as a teacher and obviously doing what I am right now. And, uh, I can do things that are quite expressive. But what is really true is this is not quote the rial natural me. If you would have known me as a child, Even as a young man, you would have said, Well, you know, Stannis. He's really kind of shy. And in fact he would have said I was very shy now when I was young, I just that was the empty No. And as I grew older, I had a bit of a complexion problem, and that made me shy. And you know the story. We all know someone like that. Perhaps many of us have been that way, and we still are a bit shy, and that had a really impact on some of the things that I was seeking to do. And it took a AH force of will to some extent to begin to do the things that were more helpful and useful to me. Let's face it, Ah, the world, the business world, the career world tends to reward those people who have no problem in standing out, sticking out, shouting out All of that stuff seems to be rewarded in many ways. And even though we have friends, people who love us and you've all had this happen, haven't you? Oh, don't be so shy. Well, but there's ain't is don't be who you are. Well, that really isn't very, very helpful, is it? Now, what can we do? However, And I believe that I can help you to put together a way of what you hear. What you think. What you do can make you a bit better at performing, promoting, selling, marketing you and your business so that you can have many of those things that you want in your life in business. Not only has this been a passion of mine since the fact that I came from that, but, ah, it goes back a number of years ago where I was working with a large insurance and financial services company and the boss appreciated much of my business coaching and what I did. And he began to know a little bit about me, and he called me in one day and said, Stan, uh, I'd like you to talk to, and he gave me her name and said, I've set you up. Um, she's really, really good at this, and, uh, but she needs some help, and so perhaps you can help her. And so, uh, I walked down to the office where she was at and introduced myself and she was expecting me . And I just sat down and I said, Uh, tell me your story. By the way, that's your first lesson in being shy. That's a question you ask people all the time. Tell me your story. Everybody has a story, and you know what? What you have to do is you just have toe, listen and pay attention. Tell me your story and she's a ball. I didn't say, Where are you from? I didn't say, What do you do? I said, Tell me your story. Well, she did that and then finally, she's had brought him home. But here's probably the reason you're here. She said, Stana, I do a really good job. I worked very hard at what I do. I've studied a lot. I'm a good student. I read a lot. Uh, this is a complicated business, and I'm I'm good at it. I'm good at it, and the clients and customers that I have, they really appreciate me, particularly the fact that I that I'm very thoughtful and I've got I know my stuff. Uh, and I worked really hard. This is what Stan part of the business means I have to go out and sell. I have to sell stuff and I have to sell myself, promote myself and market myself and sell, sell, sell me and sell, sell, sell stuff. If I could just find a place where I could just do the job that is so close to my heart and passion. But you know what? I'm gonna lose this job, because if I don't get enough new clients and customers, if I don't sell, sell more of the products and services, the company is gonna let me go and I'm gonna lose my job. I'm gonna fail. I've been such a good student and good person. I've never failed and she just started crying. Can you relate to that story? Well, that's where we're at. And I said, Do you want to really get better at doing some of those things? And if we can find a way that you conduce those things and they might be a little bit challenging, but we're not gonna ask you to change who you are, would you be willing to give some of these things a try? And she says, Stan, I'll try to do anything. Uh, I really will. Okay, if that you here's how we begin now. First of all, I just helped you one of the key ways to start getting to know people is to be interested in them. Now we think that guy or that gal who simply calls up on the phone someone they don't know and they picked him. And of course, when the person says no get lost, they cares and they go on to the next. You've all had sales and marketing, and people tell you that Hey, get over it. They reject you. They won't buy your stuff, Just walk away from it. They're not worth it. Some people conduce that I know people who could do that. But I'm not really very good at that. I'm not very good at just calling people up. I don't know and interrupting people and asking them to buy things and tell them that they better get with it. I know people who do that, and some of them do it quite well. And some of them just kind of comes naturally, but it's not me. All right, What do we do? Well, the first thing we do is we understand that we become interested in others, and it's OK. Your shyness allows you to be a good listener. Two other people's stories. That's one of the powerful qualities that goes along with your personality. Tell me your story. The first thing you say to a person who has a business. Oh, tell me about your business. Uh, don't say. What do you do? Tell me about your business. Tell me your story. Ask the hear people's story. You know what? They're gonna like you right away, because everybody, once they get over some barriers, they want to talk about themselves. They want to tell stories, and they really will find it very unusual if someone like you will actually really listen to them and listen to their story. So your first lesson is toe listen well, a lot. Getting effective in life and business is first of all about understanding what's going on to be very watchful, observant. I want you will talk about reading, but I want you to watch a lot, uh, use that part of your personality in a strong way. And, uh, when you meet people, you greet them calmly and nicely. You don't try and be the loud mouth. It won't work for you. It won't come off is natural. It just doesn't work very well. But you can say that, people. That sounds interesting. Tell me your story. How do you do that? And right away you're going to discover there is great power in storytelling. But there's sometimes even Mawr power in story listening. That's the lesson. First of all, let me tell you, a story begins with Tell me your story. Hmm. Begin now to do what is natural for you, which is toe listen and perhaps begin toe. Ask some questions about how they live their life, how they do their business. All right, now I'm going to tell you another story, and this will kind of conclude it for today for this lesson for today. Years ago, when I was working in learning how to be a radio broadcaster, I went to a broadcasting school. Now, this was quite an adventure for me because I had loved listening to the radio. I loved radios, a shortwave radio listener, been a hamri. And now I love maybe I'd like to be on the rage. My and one of the gentleman who was our instructor tells a very interesting story. Turns out that what he was, he was the the kind of the younger son of a very prominent family in New York City. A Jewish family and all of his brothers and sisters had been very, very high performing professionals, doctors, attorneys or professors, and he decided that he wanted to go into radio. His mother was mortified. My son, the Dis Jackie. Well, it turns out that that's what he loved to do, and he loved it and even a bit shy. But he was great on the radio. He was. He loved to play music and talk, and he said I was by myself in the studio and it worked out real well for me, he said. But then I discovered that dumb. If I really want to make some money, I was gonna have to get in the advertising. Oh, selling advertising. How am I going to do that? Well, here's what his story of how he became successful, he said. What I did is I was able to arrange with my boss that I did the 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Morning reshot, in which I was the drive time disc jockey and then, later on, I had to come back a little bit later in the afternoon to do the news for the late afternoon, he says. But in the middle, I had the opportunity to go out and try and sell advertising. And if I sold advertising, that would really help me. And he had this very wonderful story because it was kind of a big guy. You were short, but he's big, you know? And he said he would go in to this ah town where he was at and he would introduce himself and say, I'm Mike and his name was Levi, like Levi from radio station. Done it out, get it up and, uh, threat. Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah, I heard you. And then he said, the normal reaction was, Hey, we don't want any radio advertising. We don't need any advertising that we don't need it. And he said, This is what he did. He had a his big coat on and he would say, I don't have a contract on me. I'm not here to sell you anything, he says. What I'd like you to do is would you show me around your business? Okay. Sure. They love that. And then what happened? His He would just follow them around and ask some questions and show some really interest. And then, of course, they were introduced Any of the employees and, ah, they got to know the people. And they were glad there was good. And, uh, he thanked the owner or the person who was in charge and go. And then, as he was looking out and say, Hey, I'm gonna mention on the radio tomorrow that I visited your company, visited your store, and he would, But then you know what he would do. A couple days later, he'd walk back in and he would simply say this. You know, you were telling me about this Ah, paint sale you're gonna have or something like that. And guess what I thought. I wonder how I could help themselves some painting. And then what he did is he would do a little 30 to 62nd commercial for them, and it was back in those days. I don't know if any of you still remember and know what was these little cassette recordings and he would give it to them and say, What do you think? And these persons in these people would they would hear what the commercial would sound like. And it was about them. And it was about something they had talked about. And he said I would then give him a call and say, Well, how did you like my little idea? And ah, that began the presentation, uh, answering the questions, asking more questions. And he said What usually happened? They said, Well, what would it take to get this on the radio? They asked to do business with him. There we go. Now that is your first inspirational little lesson in how Michael was shy. That's why he liked being on the radio, cause he didn't have to be in front of people. That was hit. First lesson, how he began and how he taught me how you begin to sell and promote yourself. If you're shy, you show interest in other people. You say, Tell me your story now they may even then ask you to tell the story and remember every deal , every transaction, every business event takes place because two stories meet and that's how the product or the service or whatever else is being marketed or sold actually will get done. So there you go. Now, in less and number two, I'm gonna teach you again not to reject your shyness. But in this lesson, remember, Now, here's your assignment. If someone would say to you just exactly what I said to you, tell me your story. Can you do that? Think about it. Now write it down. Think I just If I would say to you tell me your story without bubbling and burping and below the river. But what would you say? Second thing I want you to do is I want to be boo bold enough to from time to time start to simply say that the people with a smile Wow! Oh, hey, tell me your story now. Often time does it. Well, when you meet, I've got no story. Oh, everybody's got a story. Where did you grow up? Get them started. No, If you get a reputation as a listener, you're going to go a long ways as one person one time said in their recommendation to me and I actually asked they called me that it was easier for me. They called me and asked me to come and visit them and perhaps be their coach. And here's what happened. I simply said, Well, you know, this is very kind of you to ask me toe kind of audition to be your coach. But why did you do that, Joe? Uh, my friend Deb, your friend, She she recommended you, and I saw, which is it? And here's what she said. Stan will listen to you like you've never been listened to before. Now, would you just let that sit on your head for a while? What would happen if you had a reputation shy person for that? They will listen to you like you've never been listened to before. So here we go. What's your story? Be prepared to tell your story and understand that the ability to start being a storyteller and being story listener is the first and most powerful thing you need to know about having shy people power how toe cell market before and promote yourself for true and happy success . There we go. End of lesson. What? I hope you'll come back for the next lesson in shy power shy people power how to sell, position, promote and market you even though in fact, because you're shy all the best and blessings to you I'm stand for what it takes and we'll see you again.