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Shuffling Masterclass - Five Professional Ways to Shuffle Cards

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. What You'll Learn

    • 2. Overhand Shuffle

    • 3. Tabled Riffle Shuffle

    • 4. In-The-Hands Riffle Shuffle

    • 5. Faro Shuffle

    • 6. One Handed Shuffle

    • 7. Thank You!

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About This Class

I have been doing card magic since 2007. During this time I learned several different ways to shuffle playing cards, a few of which I would like to share with you in this class.

I will start off with a basic overhand shuffle and after that I will teach you more advanced shuffles like the riffle and faro shuffle. And if you want to become the ultimate master of shuffles I also included a very difficult one handed shuffle.

To recap in this class you will learn:

  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Tabled Riffle Shuffle
  • The In The Hands Riffle Shuffle
  • The Faro Shuffle
  • A Very Difficult One Handed Shuffle

Here's a sneak peak of some of the techniques taught in this class:


So grab a pack of playing cards and let's go!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. What You'll Learn: Hi, everybody. I'm Mr Decker Thoughts. Andi, I have been practicing the art of card magic since 2000 and seven. Now andan this. Yeah, pretty long time I've become quite sufficiently proficient in the yards off handling and shuffling a pack of playing cards. So today I want to show you a few ways you can shuffle ah, deck of playing cards in a very professional manner. I will start off showing you the overhand shuffle. Andi, that many people know that it's very common. That's not very hard, Teoh, but it gets the job done. Then I'll show you something different. That is the riffle shuffle. And there's thetacticsroom riffle shuffle that you need the table for Andi, This variation off the riffle shuffle. It's used in casinos all over the world. Eso It's already pretty professional. And then there is the indie hands Riffle Shuffle, which is a variation of the riffle shuffle that you don't need a table for, which is great if you're just out and about, or if you don't have a table at home. Also, it looks pretty cool. I will also teach you a move called the Bridge, which makes the cards flow together really nicely and looks pretty cool. Next up, I'll teach you the Pharaoh Shuffle, which is some sometimes also referred to as a perfect shuffle because it's intertwining the two halfs of the pack perfectly. So there's always one card from the from one pile from the one pile, followed by one cut from the other and so on. So it's Yeah, it's like a zipper off sorts, so it's a really nice shuffle. I'm very professional and I will teach a TV. And lastly, I'll teach you, Miss, Maybe is a bonus. I'll teach you very, very hard way to shuffle cards. That's actually a one handed riffle shuffle, so you can do it using only one hand. And, yeah, it's not really it's more for showing off. To be honest, there are better ways to shuffle, but this is a nice one. Yeah, it's really, really difficult, so you'll have to practice a lot. But in the end, you'll know a move that probably nobody else can do, you know? So, yeah, that's about it. I hope you have fun with this class on, but I would love some feedback. But now let's jump in and let's start. Let's start actually shuffling some cards 2. Overhand Shuffle: Okay, So in this video, I will teach you in the overhand shuffle. That's really basic but quite useful. And you can use it in a lot of lots of different situations. So if you don't already have a pack of playing cards in your hands, stop the video. Now, grab a pack of playing cards and come back because I think the best way to learn. Actually, any CART moves and he can't magic or who shuffling for about matter is to watch the video, vile. You're actually handling the counts. So grab a pack of playing cards and come back. All right. So, um, this is what the overhand shuffle looks like. Andi? Yeah, It has a nice nice. It has a nice rhythm to it. Andi, it is one of the most used shuffles off off the model. I think so, Um, it's pretty easy to do. You start in this mechanic scrip, as always. Then what you do issue rearrange the pack, You grab it with your right hand, and you put it like this. All right. So, you know, in a position where the thumb it's on top like this, the index fingers curling right here. The middle and drinking are on the back, and the pinky is keeping the counts from falling to the floor down at this edge. All right. Okay. Andi, the carts are touching the hand right here, like this. Okay, So look like so. I know the right hand approaches the carts, and it's more or less like a reversed middle grip. Like this is the normal bittle into this, just from the other from the other side. So the pinky is not in contact with the cut out all the middle and ring finger on top patch come down on the bottom, and and the index finger is on this side right here. Okay? Like so. And now all you do is, um, the thumb pulls some carts every time. The approach. Okay, studies E. And in the end, you just square up the carts and you're done one more time. Flip them. So they on this configuration, and it's important to learn this, right? Right. Index finger here. Thank you. Here because later on, for example, if you want to do some gambling techniques or if you want to do cart magic, there is a reason why the pinkies here and the index figures here. So to control cards, for example. But for now, So that's the reason you should learn this right from the get go, and then you just just shuffle. It's very, quite easy. And it can do this. Start slow if you're learning really slow movements, precise movements. Andi. Later, you can shuffle obviously much faster, and then it's more off. You don't really need to pull with the thumb each time. You can also just throw some cards all right, like so so. But I think that's that's about it for the overhand shuffle, because it's so basic. I don't think this much to talk about, really. Just practice this. Look at smiley hand positions. Um, try to mimic them while you're watching this video, and I think you're he'll be fine. It's pretty nice. And the square up also can do like this, and then you're immediately in position for the next shuffle. Okay, Okay. 3. Tabled Riffle Shuffle: next up, I'm going to teach you. The tabled riffle shuffle looks a little bit like this, and it's also known as a casino shuffle because you can see the shuffle being used poker tables all over the world. And it's a pretty elegant shuffle, I think has a nice sound and nice, elegant movements. That's rhythm, and this is how to do it. All right, So you start with the pack on the table, obviously, because it's a table riffle. Shuffle on. Do what you do is, um, you grab the pack like this. Your two index fingers are on top, touching these little circle. See if you you have bicycle carts. Onda thumbs are on the back, and the middle and ring finger are along the top, right? Like this, pinky. Best nothing. Okay, like so Now what you do is with the right hand, you're sliding out the bottom portion off the pack while retaining the top two top portion in your in your left hand. Okay, So, like this and he placed them at about this angle. Maybe 120 degrees. I don't know, something like that. And you're in this position on what you do is the index fingers come down, press down on the top. Not very firmly, but a little bit. And the thumbs actually bend the cards upwards. OK, so the pink the index finger put us down, thumbs up and the fingers here. Keep the accounts from moving around, and then you're just riffling the council with the thumb and you do this at the same time, so the cards will in tow and tow swine. Okay, like so for more time. You obviously have to, um, moved to count slightly towards each other. So they will. This this corner will intertwine. Okay, then what you do is you push pushed him together like this until they are in cross like, position on. What do you do from here? Is your middle finger moves Middle things move up here and you're just straightening out pack and for finishing capture. You can do this. This move to to square up the pack. Okay, I'll do this one small pull out riffle like this. It's a little hard to see the cards because I have to grab around the camera. I'm sorry. Then you're pushing in. And for this you can also move the ring fingers through this edge to really push it like so Okay, here on then the families contact this corner. The middle thing is up here and you're squaring up in the last bit. You do with the, um, with the index fingers and thumb, like so, look for a nice, elegant finish. Okay? Also, But if while you're separating the halfs, it's a little bit messy, you can do something like this to square up, shuffle and push. Okay, once more like this, and you can obviously many variations, so can also find your own rhythm. But I think it looks really nice in this kind of phases for me. So that's the tabled riffle shuffle for you. 4. In-The-Hands Riffle Shuffle: okay. And this video lt to the in the hands Riffle shuffle. Looks like this from the bridge to finish. So grab a back pack of plain Kansas. You don't have them in your hands on. Let's let this light. I think this is my favorite shuffle because you can do it any way you don't need a table. It looks and sounds really nice. Andi, um, it doesn't really good job of shuffling as well. Like the overhand shuffle is not very thorough, but the riffle shuffle previous. Okay, Okay, so let's get into Okay. You start in this position, I always in the mechanic scrip. You come over and you take the pack in your right hand like this. Okay, then you're actually reaching around with your fingers, like so Okay, like this. So you can do this about the counts for me can to distance the good. Good indication that your group is right. Okay, so the index fingers curling in the back, some riffling in these finger are just holding like like this. Okay, then you're riffling a riffle off about half the cuts, and you let it fall to the other side and you're grabbing it the same way. Okay, now the index fingers come to the back like so and now you can refer with both both house like this, Okay? And if you do this at the same time while angling it so they fall together, you're shuffling. That's almost it, actually. Yeah. All right. For the bridge. You your thumbs need to need to convict this, to keep it from separating again. And then all you do is just turn your hands, move your hands together at the bottom. So a bridge homes with cart cancer bent. And then you show you one more time. You you have to create a little table with your fingers so you bend and then your fingers, former table. And then you just released slightly the pressure and the cuts will fall. Okay, one more time. This is this Start from here. Your riffle. Flip it over. That way you do this once more. What detail is you can also riffle against his fingers to have more control. And then you're already in position to flip and you want accounts to end up right on those on the second joint. Okay. Like here and then you like fingers. Go to the back, repeal the top. Together, you're make a table. Release the pressure on the council full. Okay, so in real speed, it looks like this. What I also like to do is, after I've transferred the cards, I like to, uh, go along this edge of my index finger to square them up. Because sometimes if you rotate em over, they will fall a little bit like this or something. And then you just go like this. They're off their perfect again. Okay? So just keep practicing this bond. Once you get the hang of it, it's not. Not a very difficult awful, but it looks very impressive, and it's really nice. Okay, so one last time, if this configuration riffle rotate? No, you have the same mirror image on both hands, Okay. To the back can ripple and shuffled them through the Brits. Okay, like so. So if there are any questions, please ask them in the discussions tap and I will try to answer them. But business the in the hands riffle shuffle. My favorite shuffle 5. Faro Shuffle: next up, I'm going to teach you the thorough shuffle, which looks a little bit like this. And the Pharaoh shuffle sometimes also referred to as a perfect shuffle. Because if you do it well at this, you can see I didn't. But if you do perfectly every other count comes from one pile and every other from the other. That makes sense. So Theo cards get mixed together, like like a zipper perfectly. To be honest, I haven't practiced to Pharaoh very much lately. So my Ferro's tend not to be perfect at all. You can see. But I can teach you the basics. And if you practise enough, you will be able to do it perfectly also. Okay, try one last time. What, Almost to death, too. But that means that I at least separated two counts perfectly. But that's another thing entirely. Okay, so let's get started to get started. You hold the the constant, this kind of elevated position in the left hand. So from this side index here, under these figures here, then you come from the other. Uh, the pinkie actually does nothing. You come from the other side and you grew up. It's like a mirror image second. See? Okay. Then you try to take exactly half of the cons like this. You can also train this as I haven't done a So you can see and you square them up like this . They have kind of like a mirror image. This hand grabs from the top and this from the bottom, with the difference being that the index finger is at the back here and it's on top here. Okay, so what, you don't do this, Uh, the guidance off this index finger, you have a slight angle. You kind off, um, wrapped the cards together like this. And, as you can see, they will interred Intertwine. Okay. So once again, you separate the cuts Scrabble, and now you just let thumb intertwine, and then you can do a bridge. Okay. One small. You separate accounts, then you that the motion is the following you. You start a little bit like this, right? And you move to that while putting pressure in this direction. But it's all very, very, very fine. You're not putting a lot of pressure on the cards. And once you're in this position, you can grab the pack like this. Your right hand on the left hand pushes up once. So you're creating the bridge as you released a little bit of pressure. If your right hand the carts before. Okay, so one last time. One more time. Separate the cuts, push them together like so letting them do the death thing and through the bridge. It's also notable that this works best like most cart stuff with pretty new cart. So if the Carter already very old love scrubber old, crappy pack here, you can see already. This is very lumpy, very old. And then you tried to do the pharaoh shuffle. It will be much harder to do. Okay, It still is possible that well, the new cards just work better. So especially when you're starting out. Don't use cars that are right, totally new because they will be very slippery. The edges are still very rough, so it's also not optimal. But you some cards that you have maybe practiced the in the hand special stuff before, or some overhand shuffles. And then when the council broken in, so to speak, you can do some pharaohs as well. Okay. And one more thing when you intertwined them. You first intertwined this, uh, this corner and done. You simply moved the cuts together. So that's but that's kind of intuitive things. And you deliberate. So I think that's about it for the terror shuffle. It's very hard to do for me perfectly right now. Also because I have to reach front the camera and can really see the cards. I can only see the council my tiny screen, but enough for the excuses. It's just also that haven't really practiced the pharaoh too much, Uh, or the perfect pair of, for that matter, because to be honest, you don't need the perfect pharaoh shuffle that often. There are some applications in CART Magic Recon Eustis, but if you just want to shuffle the cards, doesn't really matter if it's perfect or not. Right, um, so, like, this is a very no purpose fully did a very imperfectly shuffle, but as you can see, it's still is a very decent truffle. So don't. Especially if you're starting out. Don't worry about being perfect. All right, Um, and don't worry the pack, sir. Now, clearly the rival nous much bigger than the left one, but still works right just won't be perfect. Okay? I think that's it for the Pharaoh shuffle. If there any questions left just custom. And this customs panel as always. And yes, I hope I hope you liked my little tutorial. 6. One Handed Shuffle: Okay, So lastly, I'll teach you the one handed shuffle. And this is indeed one of the most difficult ways to shuffle. So don't get discouraged if you don't have it. Should it is very quickly. This really takes weeks and weeks of practice. OK, so don't give up on D eventually you'll be able to do this, Um, quite comfortably. Okay, so let's get into this. You're starting out in this position. It's the position for a Charlie a one handed cut so I can teach you. This is another class, maybe sometime. But what do you actually do is your next finger is appear. These two fingers are appear the pinky ist to decide to stabilize everything. And the farmers here. Okay. So you could remove those two. They're not really holding, but they're just stabilizing. And that's exactly what you do. You remove the index finger and it goes to this back edge near the corner. Andi, it separates the packs into two about equal Hoffs. All right, then you open it a little bit further and you have asserted your index finger into the break. So now the nail off your index finger is actually touching the face of this card and from this lower package is contacting the the index finger about the second joint like this. OK, so know what you want to do. You want to angle it like so? So the this packet wants to fall into this direction. Okay, so now if you move the thumb upwards and the this packet upwards, so you're moving to thumb and the index finger upwards like this, they all you end up in disposition on. What you do here is you put your index finger between the two packets. Okay? So they know and should contact the index finger at about the same height. Or you have to be pretty precise about that too. Okay, so now what you can do is you can use this this index finger as, ah, a za point off rotation case. You know, you can rotate the low packet and you can bring it next to the other packets. Okay, The former top half know what to do this. You simply press them together very lightly. And eventually they'll dale intertwine. And from there you can either just let the cuts fall. Like so, like a little water for all. You can do the bridge. Okay, so one small, you go to this position, you intertwined them, and then you can do bridge. Okay, So I'll it is slowly, once more on bond. Trust me, it's even harder to do this slow because the cuts will wobble around more. And there's more margin that margin of error hostess slightly bigger. So you insert the the index finger like so, Andi, now the top packet conglomerate on the nail off, the off the index finger. Okay, like So once the index finger clears, you straighten it. And the two packets I know next to each other. Okay, let's do this. Move one small. You here, make two packets. Insert your next finger, move the pick it up, clear the index finger, straighten it. And now it is sandwiched between the two packets. You rotate the lower packet until it is on one on the same plane is the other one. You touch them together and you lightly press. And what helps if they don't want to intertwine like now you can actually try to maketh, um, go up a little bit, like attend something. Uh, so you just pressed together here and it will go up, and sometimes that manages to snap them together. Okay? And when you're here and you want to do the bridge, this that's actually the easy part, because now you you curl the index finger, you pull down with the index finger while you closing your hands. Right? So now you're creating this to spend this bridge, you turn over you and you remove your index finger. And now if you release the pressure a little bit, you have a bridge into the bridge, okay? And the cards get bend a little bit, so bend them back and you're good to go for the next next try. OK, so go all the way to here, snap them together through the bridge and you're done. So this don't get me wrong. This is a very, very difficult move. So don't be discouraged if you don't manage to do this right away. So let's let's try one more time. I'll give you some some details in some tips and hints. Okay, separate the house, move it. And now this is a crucial part because you want to really clear this index finger from the upper upper half. Okay, You want to go here and you don't want to straighten it right away? Because if you do, they're not on the same plane. They're not. This needs to be here. Okay? On the same exact spot as the other packet. That is crucial. If you get this part only slightly. If you miss only slightly, it will make it so much harder to intertwine the cuts later. Okay, so this is a crucial point. You go all the way. You really have to open your hands. Okay, One more time. I tried to show this, like so, like, with the help. Maybe. So you really You want to also clear this first knuckle. Clear, clear, clear. And now the carts will automatically stop in the right position because they're still on top so they can really fall further down. Okay, so once you hear, then your straighten and now you're on the right plane. All right, one more time. Like this. Go, go, go, go, go. Don't stop going. Once the nail passes, stop when the knuckle has passed. Okay, then rotate and you're on the perfect plane. Okay, So putting it all together in this position you make sure the cards are not spent too much . You separate the Hafs, you let it pass. Go here. And now you push them together and you do the bridge. Okay? One very last time. Okay, so you insert No. Also try to make the packets about the same size at least. So you insert, you go here now it really helps to release some pressure. Just relax in this position. Don't put a lot of pressure on the cards. Because if you do, they won't intertwined us nicely. Okay, relax. A little bit. And now, nice and relaxed. Push them together and you can see how they what it snapped to get at some point. And now, if you don't want, if you want to do the bridge to that But you could also just later cards here on your hand like this. Remove the next finger. So you're now in this position. They're just laying on your hand basically. And you know, you creating kindof zipper if you want. And so now the cards. Now you can let them fall one by one. This also looks really nice and you can let them fall from from a higher height also. But, um, that's it's not in the picture anymore. So Okay, I hope my instructions were kind of clear. Andi, if there any questions left, as I should, they are, because this really is a very, very difficult move. Dems don't make a MISTAKE It is really advanced, especially compared to all the other and shuffle shuffling techniques I showed you in this class. They are. The other ones are pretty basic. Or maybe it's immediate, but this one is certainly advanced. So practice for a vile. And if you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask for help in the discussions panel. I'll be glad to to answer all questions and maybe make another video as well if there's something really, really missing from this explanation and it my best. But the truth is, you really have to practice a lot. This took at least 23 weeks. Probably. I don't really remember because it's it was years ago, but it took some time. I certainly remember that to master this or master, I'm not a master off anything, but, um, yeah, it's it's ah, it took some time, so don't be borage. Don't be afraid. Just keep practicing. And most importantly, if you get stuck, stop practicing for a while. Sometimes if you give it a few hours, just doing something else. Practicing some other stuff. Some shuffles, Uh, or what notes. Then the next time you pick up the cards and tried Dragon, it will be so much easier. I don't know why. Because maybe the brain re wise or something, but But that's just my experience. All right, so thanks for watching Andi Hope to see you in the next class. 7. Thank You!: so really hope you enjoy this class. I should have fun on teaching it. And I think, Well, I hope now you know a little bit more about shuffling Andi. Well, now it's up to you to practice on, Master, all the all the slide state. Did I talk to you? But if you found this class at all helpful, I would really love you, Teoh. Give it a positive review as I put lots and lots of time and effort into all of my courses on bond. Yeah, I just I want I want people to know that my courses are actually worth watching. At least I hope they are. Andi. Yeah, really? You two would certainly go a long way in helping me succeed with with my teaching, So I appreciate that. And I hope you found phones this material helpful. Um, if there any questions left, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be thrilled to aunt answer any questions and yeah, I'm excited to talk to you guys. Actually, in the discussions, our panel off this class to hear inputs or maybe a few back. What could I do? Better? What wasn't quite clear? Yeah. Um well, I also, I invite you to check of my other classes if you want to learn some cart magic. Andi. Yeah. I hope you once again. Have you enjoyed this? I hope you got something out of it, Andi. I hope to see in the next class. Until then, have Ah, most pleasant day on and goodbye.