Showcase Your Artwork – Make Your Own Mockups | in Adobe Photoshop | Maja Faber | Skillshare

Showcase Your Artwork – Make Your Own Mockups | in Adobe Photoshop staff pick badge

Maja Faber, Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator

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12 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a mockup & why use it?

    • 3. Your project

    • 4. Where & how to find photos

    • 5. Prepare your artwork

    • 6. Simple placement

    • 7. Perspective & texture

    • 8. Change the color of an object

    • 9. Edit the photo & match the colors

    • 10. Artwork with dark background

    • 11. Ready made mockups

    • 12. Thank you!

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About This Class

Mockups are a great tool to showcase your artwork. In this class you will learn how to create professional looking reusable mockups, using free stock photos in Adobe Photoshop. Maja will teach you different techniques to make your mockups look as realistic as possible, so that you in the end of the class will be able to make your own high quality mockups using any photo with the right basic conditions. 

The class is built up so that the techniques gets more advanced for each lesson and each technique is presented in easy to follow steps. 

You can use mockups on your website, in your look book, in social media AND mockups are a great way to make future clients visualize how your artwork would look on their products – which in the long run can be a deal breaker if you are trying to sell your artwork to clients.

To take this class it’s good to have a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop. You can use your own artwork or you can download my original pattern design here in class. Please note that the pattern is my copyright – you may not reproduce, recreate or sell it in any way. But you may use it for personal purposes, such as using it in this class. 

What you’ll need to take the class

  • Computer with Adobe Photoshop
  • Your own artwork to place in the mockups OR download and use my original artwork here in class
  • Download the photos to make mockups of, linked to on the page Your Project

 What you will learn

  • What is a mockup & why use it? You will learn what a mockup is and why you should use it. What the difference is between ready-made mockups and the ones you make yourself and the pros and cons with each of these.
  • Your project. Presentation of the class project and a little bit about how the class is built up.
  • Where & how to find photos. Maja will share her favorites sites to find great photos to use for mockups and will go through a checklist that will tell if the photo would work as a mockup or not.
  • Prepare your artwork. You will learn how to prepare your artwork in Illustrator before you start to place it in mockups. Maja will also share her tips on how to remove those white lines that sometimes occur in patterns.
  • Simple placement, Mockup no1. In this first mockup you will learn how to make a simple placemant of your artwork and make a few adjustments that will make the mockup look realistic.
  • Perspective & texture, Mockup no2. In some photos the object has a perspective, in this lesson you will learn how to manipulate your artwork and place it in perspective. You will also learn how to adjust the artwork to the texture of the object in the photo, using the diplace filter.
  • Change the color of an object. Maja will show you how to change the color of an object in the photo so that you can make a mockup of the photo.
  • Edit the photo & match the colors. You will learn how to make smaller edits to the original photo and remove details – which will make the photo a better base to make a mockup of. Maja will also share her tips on how to match the colors of the photo and artwork.
  • Artwork with dark background. In this lesson you will learn what to do if your artwork has a dark background.
  • Ready-made mockups. Maja will share her tips about ready-made mockups – where to find the great ones and how they work.


You'll find links to the sites mentioned in class on the page Your Project here in class, as well as as an attached PDF at the same page.

Follow Maja on Instagram @maja_faber  and share your class project. Learn more about Maja at her website

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