Show Off Your Art - Creating Mockups on the iPad in Procreate | Jane Snedden Peever | Skillshare

Show Off Your Art - Creating Mockups on the iPad in Procreate

Jane Snedden Peever, Illustrator and Digital Artist

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12 Videos (41m)
    • Trailer

    • Supplies and Set Up

    • A Simple Wall Art Mockup

    • Backgrounds

    • Blending Edges

    • IPad Mock Up - Preparing Your Image

    • Masking the Background

    • Fixing Mistakes

    • Masking Individual Items

    • Drop Shadows

    • Adding In Your Art

    • Inspiration and Ideas


About This Class


Most of us use our mobile device to share our art and creative work on our social media sites.  Wouldn't it be great to have the perfect backdrop and lighting to take a picture of your art, right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere?  

Well Mockups are for you then, and you can create them right on your ipad, so you can share your art, on the go, without having to bother with finding the right setup and light everytime.  

In this class you will learn you how to create your own unique mockups that you can drop your artwork right into on your iPad and then share with all your social media peeps!  

You will be able to take these techniques that you learn in class, and create many more mockups of your own, the ideas are only limited by your imagination.

What you will learn:

  • Using Snapseed to enhance your photos
  • Creating realistic drop shadows 
  • Finding and creating your own backgrounds
  • Using blend modes to help get that realistic look
  • Masking out a background
  • Masking individual items to seperate them onto their own layers
  • Organizing your mockup for mulitple uses
  • Adding art work into your mockup

And as I do in all my courses, I share lots of my tips and tricks that I use in Procreate along the way.  

This course is presented in a step by step format and hands on demo so that you can see exactly the process I use to achieve each step.

I am using Procreate 3.2 on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil

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Jane Snedden Peever

Illustrator and Digital Artist

- The most beautiful designs start with the simplest ideas. -

I believe the first step to accomplishing your goals and dreams is to just start. Jump in and learn as you go. Allow yourself to make mistakes for those are the best lessons. Don't judge your work, just do and then do it again and do it some more. Watch it evolve and look back with awe in how far you have come because you chose to just start!

My goal in my classes is to break the process down into simple techn...

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