Show & Go | Poster Design #6 | Golden Spin | Using Cinema 4D, Indesign & Photoshop | MadeByStudioJQ | Skillshare

Show & Go | Poster Design #6 | Golden Spin | Using Cinema 4D, Indesign & Photoshop

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6 Lessons (30m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Cinema 4D 1

    • 3. Cinema 4D 2

    • 4. Adobe Indesign

    • 5. Adobe Photoshop

    • 6. Conclusion


About This Class

Show & Go | Poster Design #6 | Golden Spin

Using Cinema 4D, Indesign & Photoshop to create a series of vibrant, abstract looking poster designs.
Each unique, yet work together as a brand.


1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. It's Johnson Quinton here from Studio J. Kidd. Yeah, it's been a while since I don't place the master class because this is the client to take a neighbor when it comes to it. You need toe. You need to pay the bills, kid. Creativity flowing, but obviously got be on the board. Client work. I have Mr and Posters. Glad to get back into it. This one is gonna be called Gordon spin. A lot of people have been asked how it creates the actual Sina lawful Geographics, then going to posters. Thank you into food shops have a place. So with this, with this video, what I want to do is try and take you through the whole process. Uh, but nobody means on Knox. Um, efficient in cinema four d your lips, you just have a play around. And if I like the designer, get further in it, some of the results been coming out really nice. So what's do is creates show you how to create sort of an abstract shapes seen, bring it into posters, and then just have a play, and then you can just take you anywhere from there. Um, my style is you see here I've bean using, like a clean a clean style of outside shapes. And then, over the past month, May while it starts changed quite a bit. But I just been exploring different ways off putting posts together. I quite like the clean shapes and then a bit more abstract shapes on top. But using my three d work, I think into sort two d setting I really like. So hopefully you guys can have a player's. Well, give me a follow on instagram and then also just type your work and then I'll get feedback . I appreciate it because I dio really respect this point. Guys, give me so yeah, let's get started reversing about full day. 2. Cinema 4D 1: where then does This is kind of what we're gonna be trying to create. Uh, this is what I've done before in this in this sort tutorial on the crate summit. Similar. So it's always gonna be different, but I give you an idea. This is the inspiration well cared for. Um, so using Nice. So is that this not go over facts? Yeah, So here we are. So I usually fall the size I would gave for around 10,000 cents meters. Just because I want to make the er what kind of big enough for it? Teoh play around when you when you bring it into the posters, you can a large it quite big, because then you see the details which I really enjoy. Ah, see if you see here, this was saved out. 300 DPR that lasts only a 33% say 100 person. Really, Captain, that knows details here of all the shadows and stuff. So just to run through things, basically I do. I'm just teach myself, but I want to show you how I don't like that. So, first of all, I create a plane. So, um, don't say that one away. So when you only have your our cultural scene, you've gots I put in the physical sky to bring in the light him, but it always brings up the background. So I just wonder now you can see it brings out this fate. Uh, I quite like it having the background of one color. So I'll bring in a plane. This is just off the class. So turn the rounds. Did you see her? The clinical or backgrounds on? Then you know that this is always gonna be one particular color for the this instance. I just go for a while. So have you See here? Just preview it. My computer's really slowed, by the way. Say I appreciate and understand. So you got that most white backgrounds. Okay, so then you can see the details. So what we'll do next is correct. Some of the gold, the gold under the bumps off the shapes here. So, um, trying out, bring in a bring it up this way again. Placement could be Well, was it place that could be random? Something that was a just has to work with with the composition. Just just remember what you want to try and create at the end. Um, okay, So I found some of these, um, solos on lie I think I purchased. It was well from grace Kind of gorilla or some really, really good. So I would recommend using them instantly. Just prince the the illustration of creation to life. So bring that material onto the onto the sea air. Have a quick look. So, you know, with with the lights in the physical light, that's looking really, really less. Um, go about doing this backwards. But I've got bringing physical skies, and then I bring in another sky. Andi, I'd put a haste hey, backgrounds with this come, these can be found on on the internet. Um, you just search for that. It brings in just after nice reflections to the to the icons on the shapes and stuff. So next I had just got some of that is going on, so I might bring in some polls. So bring in the cylinder. I should really start down there, but what state? Bring in the cylinder. I like that smaller. You can click on there and do The answer is done here. So it's a big gates. While 600 there again, I wouldn't the coppers to bring in that dragon that onto there, as I had before. You can have one more. Say what then Did skate Teoh paragraph to Kelowna for the citizens into the cloner. And then we got the options here where I make it into a grid array. So you see, here is instantly added because money is you're one bizarre, um, knowing there. So we just spread the lab quite nice with perspective, right? Which is odd in some tough could prove it. So it's nice hearted gays in between each of the thing much. Yeah, that's nice. So I'm just gonna suit that, and then we go into the next. 3. Cinema 4D 2: All right. Welcome back. Yep. So now we set up the cylinder polls, so I had a bit of perspective on a duplicate this. Bring that down. Similar size for this one. Looking that make, um, give it the bunk bumper. Fat. So kind of you at noise until it Teoh just make it look different. Not a smooth kind of looks like the moon. So just to show you how I did that, uh, you got the color. You want it there, Major. Maybe have a bit of purple that are quite nice. You got the reflective on because that's from that ballot. Used the life sponsor off. And then we've got the texture here, which I have used noise. You can use different ones here, and then it gives you lifetime doing off How, actually, lots. Um, just pretty cool. They said, Just have a place in which you think looks best. That's just a fact for now. And see what looks like as you consume news. My favorite purple again standard. So now that the gold, the gold in the purple do you actually really nice? You've also got the reflection off the poles onto the boards where this looks very good. Um, this little bit thing in the middle, Uh, I'll say how to next. Something this is created form a landslide. So believable to bring that up. Maybe thought a bit bigger. Okay, you can, uh, player these These Ah, different figures here. So see how you want it at m I t make its as a swear I can't say that word and then make it a bit smaller, As you see the ask given a really nice punchy look, Let's just see what that would look like. And the purple put previous you see there with the different shapes on the on the text says this is really other than really must by the flower, but really abstract. It's I really like. Okay, so that was mood for just the landscape. But then if you Jeep Okay, that What if you Jupiter on June? Okay, the material to say the name of that. All right. Then you can get to the bump against the noise and then play with the noise on on That matures while So you not only got the landscape of fat before, so go the noise effects on there as well, so I think that really cool. So let's have a little look at that as I, as I mentioned it, is just playing around once, you know, that's why you got night for it. Um, you really start to enjoy the doesn't look. It's done too much, traders said. I don't think my my clients may use on cinema. Faulted starts making noises instantly. So just something to play here with. How much? How much scares all the on the one I want. Let's see a lot of blood. As you see now, that's too much. So they're going to get back on. But it is just having a play. Like said, Don't do that is him Esper as Let's have fun, some pollen. So that money allowed a few more simple shapes in the Mets. More touches. What kind of a book about signal for deals that you make stuff with people. Some of those that are showing friends of what is it must be like making people question what ISS This is something I got on. So this was fun, huh? So just just to recap what we've done, we've put Cem, um, pre made materials on. We've made some materials on. We've put in the light in. There are a lot more than some actually can do it like him. But I would still learning myself just to preview that you can see now it's really obstruct . Well, I think this is a good start for them. Bring the into in design to see um I'm not a few more A few miles fears one here, there, just about it up. But this is a good start, Teoh then export out at 300 DPR clear with Saturn's. It would be good to your physical rendered depending on what you're using on then the output for my posters. I would get Teoh a one or a zero at 300 then it does take a while to render. But you get high rez too. Then we can work with, like, really good quality. Okay, so that's the end of this first step and then we'll be taken into in design 4. Adobe Indesign: Welcome back, everyone. So after 2000 Ford and some two million hours, uh, you see that America is now rendered my artwork. It wasn't a that you can have prior Saturn's, but I want to just create something that's hard, nutty out to play around with for the video that I want to get back. I would just just get back and get the runs a bit better, but it's still looking really good. So we're gonna do three different start posters. The first is globally. Quite a simple, just just using, uh, occupation form Summer, fall day in our grid system. Eso just couldn't say shoot from her or its own girlfriend. Okay, I still remember. Still call it complete and paste copied in my on my keyboard to place inside the box. So I told about since the great press old and shift. So in all 10 shift apple of a on a paste the image into that box and then you can use this upper just to play a round of how it sits in that box. So it looks like this was gonna be a really simple clean. There came one. So tissues in the illustration. Teoh administration tradition from similar 40 The Sirikit live Drop some of these girls. It's got a nice purplish so really, really, really simple design This one wanted model crosses in. Just think about selling. I just made that even something Teoh design Nice. Including a simple So we're gonna keep it up page. This one is gonna be, um, a bit more abstract, the guns using the grid. But we're gonna break up the break up the average just to see what? Just to see what happens. So move the image. Iran press a on using the mouse just to bring round the image inside that books, see how it just can abstract strong design. It's already like bringing a bits of white over. Maybe so he's a how click on the box window down, Teoh Color on swatches. My, that whites. That's a pretty another one. So stop the crap. Magical. No, Right. So shut these classes for this one. You have another one of these? Well, the scent of the Purple 100 on this watchers. And then she's attendants. It feels like to become more of these shapes using again to me that around that's a bit grace. Organize a bill. I just use the same looks to continue to design, even spin it around his neck. I think also one will be quite nice. These other goals when I pick a nice one, no together said that one up. This isn't it. So far. 40 creations. Inspiration. And they were the blocks ago, keeping on the grids. So it's just school that well, good small los a go ahead to use the digits of 100. Negatory of hundreds was consumed. Those cursing quite nice. I'm struck constant May the upper berth. You can also use, um, what strikes to even lay. That's what a tiny bit destruction toe it in the bottle. The more things how important is making that shoulders always lands back on the grid. And, you know, on your job, the money's not 24 months to something. Something. I think I'm seeing a lot of talk first ball. So in a pit of dark purple, it's a complement of the flower kind of shapes. Can I drop again? Actually, it was glad they're just make that a swats. Do the beautiful once let's and get rid of all the ones with use. So I know where the blues and I think that our that please from the great temper that blue might actually be quite license. So that's that's designed Just just have a plane. See? So what was best for, um, on this? Yeah. For the 3rd 1 One of using the straight a bottle during that we've been for to shop, but I need to make the far already. So get rid of those on this is gonna be the whole page. But apple, I'm we'll see, uh, apple bolt on very place in place. So we're gonna have up back. We're gonna complain about with afterwards with the greater that's gonna go on top in case this is the indusind part ongoing. Take into food shop nets. So have further player of filters on do the presentation. 5. Adobe Photoshop: So now at the final stage of the video, we're just bringing in the E. P s is created in, um, in design on just getting things ready for presentation. You've probably seen this in the, um, older villages, um, bodies. Wants to show you, uh, a bit of effects again. How? I got the planted, the blurry shapes, um, and then I just just conclude everything together to see how they work the set. God. Right. So you've got, um this is only the paste three, my school boiler pull into little pit. That's Prince the smaller. Okay. Brushing dio when it finally leads. Um, I want a bit bigger for this. If you see that for most sizes. Being really ready. Big. Um can I say that a case. You need to get out trained asteroid on that. We're gonna get to filter. We're gonna first. I do like liquefy were first. Look at what happens when we dio there. Is that distort Zigler concurrence. Really nice effects. Hurston No. Six. Our apologies. That says, um place. So sometimes. So one of those, some of those so you can see that different? Um, bringing this great does question before a copy and paste it in. It's a girl on top. Two Sounds another level for a service. Also tried like five minutes. So that was like Could even make someplace together. Make this side of time bigger People asked me to the day I'm hot students. Old Instagrams. This is her. That's mature. Prevented CEO Could be an answer. So Terry Milk crushed out. See what's. But I must say, it's really cool. Absolutely nothing like, Well, the first great says This is what I like. Okay, it's so much. So go out that back in Bring a lot of time a bit side So violence washing books Think for the 1st 1 day with the the is exact It wasn't what It's a lot plus tries it I don't know this star get rid of I don't see much the Browns girls So you display the colors . Do you like the original colt Purple sets that somebody works? So parents credit masks of our house I'm going about to the original the original one. What is it? This is what I mean. I know what it is so we can change color. Listen it, But it's got tested two different different stars. And what we'll miss is really working one, which is really clear. One middle now. One more goods, No. 100% place in this in again. Welcome sense of what ecology have originated in the in the designs. I think it's picked up love. Um, a lot of problems. Trying to less good. See what it does. A bigger you can just go about tweeted originators, person to say similar facts. What? I do not climb down. Thank you. Smaller stretch things out. Surely with slides. So run. And then I think that's done it, doc number. Well, I know that wasn't something. My purpose? Um, yes, is not be placed another one since the presentation, Um And then just conclude the free designs together to see how to say how they're quite different. But again in the same style. So, yeah, I thought that 6. Conclusion: So now I RL the the three designs created from inside into folks shop, uh, had a play with this one using the neck of fire fats, uh, when he called obstructs. And then you've got the other world, which is playing with the grid and shapes. And then we got the moments just the outward by itself. So that's free variations off the same design that was made in cinema full day. But just to share that, you can use the graphics in different ways. Um, I hate you like this. Uh, this style off presents him were done through the beginning of to the more full day that in design and first shop, you got any feedback or any questions Just hit me up on Instagram, which was made by Studio J. Kidd. All the links with my profile on that would be called to see what you can create. Basically, just have some fun. It's a lot for watching Ana. What do they say? Until the next time? And so