Show & Go | Poster Design #3 | Mammoth | Using Cinema 4D & Photoshop to create vibrant patterns | MadeByStudioJQ | Skillshare

Show & Go | Poster Design #3 | Mammoth | Using Cinema 4D & Photoshop to create vibrant patterns

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

Show & Go | Poster Design #3 | Mammoth | Using Cinema 4D & Photoshop to create vibrant patterns

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction About Class

    • 2. Stage 1 - Maxon Cinema 4D - Model Creation

    • 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Photoshop - Poster Design

    • 4. SkillShare Class 003 Mammoth Conclusion

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About This Class

Show & Go | Poster Design #3 | Mammoth

Using Cinema 4D & Photoshop to create a series of vibrant, fantasy looking poster designs.
Each unique, yet work together as a brand.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.
Source files availabel to download here.

Follow my latest designs on Instagram.



All Works Copyright © 2018 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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Love What You Do


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1. Introduction About Class: Hi, guys. Welcome back yet. We're gonna be doing our third place toe. Think is this week, um, house and get reviews or my latest, um, submission. Uh, just playing around with different stars ago. Um, new techniques for any things. Up starting. Place this up. Um, so we're gonna be doing this Posted have recycled mama for the reason off. There is a round the but I quite like that. I like how the name worked with this poster. I let the really vibrant cutters the blue and yellow, worked ready. While what would during this this tutorial was just show different colors on it as well. You can play with the contrast vibrant colors contests on a dark background will be looking at. Are we made this in? Um, uh, So my four day toe work with shapes, work with the gray, and then we'll be looking at how many of these shapes on top? Just a layer up making the interest. And I must see how we make it a flat color or make ingredients. So, Yep. Um, let's jump in 2. Stage 1 - Maxon Cinema 4D - Model Creation: So, Stage one cinema full day, we're gonna be making this mountain abstract shape kind of thing. Um, for the background of the poster. Ah, that's pretty cool. So, yeah, that's what we're working, Kitson. So if I just heard these on that, we're gonna have the camera in front married, so it spawns we can see what we're doing on. We're gonna be creating a landscape. Um, full size. I think I did it around 2000 1000 there. Most gonna pump these up a bit, right? For thinking was and then that that three need quite. And then we work the hardest truck say, for hundreds you can go of any. Any shape was just about a year when that, but you can have any sexual. Um, I live for quite so one, cause I wanted it to take most that Mr Poster composition up. You can have it down the bottom, have these white bars to play with more, or have more colors of the top. Uh, you can have anyway, what we can Okay, a bit hard on this one. Living three size up. So now we're gonna with the scale in sonnet. It's a really nice to mention now, but so it also we're working with that. What's really nice? We got, like, soft box material, every drug you can have anyone on. You want my once a quite a dark one, which, because I know we will be working with the bright colors having the contrast in the background. This makes it work a lot better. So we're playing with at the moment, which was pretty cool. It's World wants to Do was to have this in the background, but also adds Nelson Top. So I did not duplicated that landscape and we got to hear this type of missile or check box so that would make it. Where were you saying just a ball shaped? Let's just call it up from the swollen they control reminded me hatch. So you just want tops has got this softly. The same, uh, settings is the normal landscape, but isn't a ball are stable? Uh, good. They play with things ago, so yeah, that's fallibility made the shape and then bring in the lights. Actually, it is a normal life, you see now I did not like toe place it where you wanted to go get the shutters, not this trail. And then you can play with the colors of the lights. I shudder continents, so that looks like it's going. Render. Yeah, I think I need another lunch sport by We know that won't be going on it under lights of spot around anyway. So can still stay quite dark. You can play afterwards and friends show, you know, Teoh. So yeah, that's the shape. Just have a play around. Get to a point. Happy with an R that sports out that sorts of us. So that would keep the won the next four ounces around a three, 300 DPR on, Then we'll take it to fit show. 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Photoshop - Poster Design: All right, So now we're afraid to shop with our template guys off before, um, we've got placed in the mountain in the background. Made the background, um, color. Unlike gray, it's that works with the mountain, the contrast. And now what we're gonna do is play with these colors on top so we can have different variations. See here flat colors, radiant colors. The song that just makes it a bit more interesting on top on a trademark. My little Swiss stop, um, shapes today with it. So it's a it's always bear in mind This have the main composition on. Always keep that on. So to make this shape well, I have got my trade him circle make a bit bigger. Good. All right, so then we go up to filter dignify on this time, what we're gonna do, we're gonna be during the the 12. So bring the brush, Downsize that. That's a little place. So just mix are ryland circles of it. So they just play with a great and it does actually really nice. Just keep playing until you're happy with the shapes, okay? No, a bit more. Turn that us too much for the plants on the gun. Bring it down. Three mistakes, but together of it I'm gonna go ago. Really got its start. First I said some pretty good. They came up. See what it looks like on the composition. Say it's really, really I almost got, like, a melted design that that's what kids. So the concern that different ways you want I think what, uh what we will need to dio his problem. I'm probably color of it. You can use these multiplies again So hard ID like what's really well, they alone Not so much Think hard, like was a color birth. It's hard lights. Ah, what's really well, you can see the transparency of the mountain behind so they maybe make this a bit bigger. Drop the name. I just want to pump up the colors of it. You see, that causes wrapped stands really high Rose Very cool on the idea. That sort of play with the colors a bill. So unless they just flowed through, the hearts can turn. So that's very right. But they're quite like that one. So we keep that one. Do you advocate, sir? And then we'll hide it so we can see it. And then what you can do? Erica duplicates circle that they got over the top Olympic about to live for this time. I want to make the colors a bit. Um, that's done That does that same thing. You're looking down Teoh here. Teoh Stark. I want to make the colors a bit more. A lot more flats. All rights were just playing with these. Get down on, then swelled again. You keep your finger on it does actually feel around for a while next year. Anywhere you want. It's still about this, Like again. That was really nice. I'm on the make it bigger, smaller this time we're gonna make it flat color. So we got to here, we're gonna get on. I do not get so effects blended, Watson. Sorry. Then we're gonna go to, uh, color overlay, and then it lets you just changes that the greats of flat color. So you see here how how the color very pops out. You have a pink time of it. Yeah, that comes in like a good duplicate that it's a different color really came for vibrant covers. See how that works so naturally. All right. He relates is really likes to turn off the say the What was that you just have in the play with the colors, you can do different shapes. Bring it on the side. This is not too much. Can this one making kind of like a nice pattern? They will happen And then we'll bring in the Lord shapes that created in, um in a straighter. This is the nature. Yeah, that's basically it. Just making different shapes. You can keep ingredient I'm not flower have underneath also. So yes, having to play like this stuff. New tenley on trying out. I just I really do like the main with vibrant colors on top of the darker backgrounds. But I've always welcome your feedback. And while some might like to see on but for two senior designs thanks so 4. SkillShare Class 003 Mammoth Conclusion: So just to recap today's class, we've you cinema full day to create the abstract background about the mountain Swiss Storm shoots in the background, compliments it and then Photoshopped on liquefied to play with these vibrant colors, but also show you how to do to two flats or how they work together. Um, there's come come together really well. I look forward to what you come up with. Let's look.