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Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief Exercises (At home)

teacher avatar Yoanna Savva, Movement Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Shoulder & Neck pain relief

    • 2. Floor angels exercise

    • 3. Open book exercise & Windmill circles exercise

    • 4. Cat-cow exercise

    • 5. Arm circles exercise

    • 6. Thread the needle exercise

    • 7. Neck stretch exercise

    • 8. Child pose exercise

    • 9. Thank you

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About This Class

Have you been having stiffness and tightness in the area around your neck and shoulders? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and bring your awareness to your shoulders, noticing how they feel. Chances are you’ll feel some pain, tension, or sensation in this area.

Shoulder pain or tightness is common, affecting 18 to 26 percent of adults. Luckily, you can take steps to relieve discomfort in your shoulders. 

Learn how to do 8 simple shoulder exercises to relieve pain and tightness. These lengthening and strengthening exercises will also improve flexibility, increase your range of motion, and bring greater comfort and ease to your movements.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoanna Savva

Movement Coach


Hello, I'm Yoanna.

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1. Shoulder & Neck pain relief: Hello. Today I'll be sharing with you some exercises to really live in neck and shoulder pain. Usually that happens or occurs because of us CT for too many hours in front of a computer typing or messaging or maybe watching TV. So what happens? They shoulder start rolling inside and as a result, we saw having pain on our shoulder and slowly, slowly on our neck. So today we'll learn a bit about that. 2. Floor angels exercise: The next exercise we're going to do is cold but Florida angels. Okay, so we're going to go on our back. We're going to have our feet flat on the floor and Denise bed. And the first thing we're going to do, we're going to place are the map of our hands on the floor. We're gonna stay here. We're going to Elaine Hale from the north, from the mouth in S, we are exhaling. And now the rib cage to come down towards the floor and Tafel pelvic floor. So then we achieved a flood back. Okay, so we're going to practice that for five times. Iin helpful from the nose, Xa from the mouth, and release the ribcage down and connects the pelvic floor. If you find it difficult to release the ribcage down to the floor or you don't understand how to do that. A very simple way to, to practice that is to email from the north and then have your jaws relaxed. It exhale in this manner. This way of reading allows you to relax then body and completely released the ribcage dancer floor. After we finish our five breaths, We're going to inhale. And when we exhale, we are going to start sliding the arms all the way to the back until we get the arms to go straight. Now, the most important thing for these is to keep the spine flat on the floor. That's why when we're moving, we're exhaling so I allow the air to go out and we allow the leakage to hold floor also. We stay here. We even heal again as we exhale and bring the elbows. Next Lombardi. We pause here. We even hail. We exhale, and as we exhale, we take the arms back where we were before. Now, some of you might find this difficult. You might feel that in order for you to keep your arms down to floor, you need to Archer spine. So we want to avoid that. So instead of arching the bug, we want to simply raise the arms up. We raised the arms up as much as it's necessary to keep the spine down. And we do exactly the same thing. So we inhale, we exhale, and we tried to come slowly, slowly down to the floor when the body allows us to do that. Okay. So we inhale, we exhale and we start moving the arms in where we feel that the spine starts to roll up. We studied lifting the arms up to allow the spine to stay down to the floor. In hell here, exhale, incumbent them. This exercise is very important because it helps us activate the movement of the shoulder blade. But at the same time, it helps us open up the muscles around the chest area, the pics. So if this Muslim are too tight, they pull visual disease. And these has, as a result, to make the neck and the shoulders hertz. We're going to do his team reps of that. And then we're going to move to the next exercise. 3. Open book exercise & Windmill circles exercise: The next exercise we're going to do is called open-book. We're going to lie on our site and we're going to have the nice on top of each other. You might have seen these into one of my previous class s. So you might recognize it, which is fantastic if you haven't seen it yet. Well, today's the first time. So we're going to keep the needle told each other. Okay. And we're going to have the hand either supporting our heads if we need it, if it feels very uncomfortable to habit of the fluid or if you're a care with it, we're going to have to hunt, hoping our nice like that. The other arm, the top bar, is going to reach as far as possible. And then from here we're going to inhale, exhale, and we're going to open up. We're trying to go as far as possible towards the floor on the bug here, exhaled income back. Now, you might notice that as I'm going back, my top leg from the heap will work to port back. Like a nice, we don't want to let this happen. So we have to stop rolling backwards before this happens. We reach again forward. We inhale, we exhale, and we go back. We're always trying to put push the top leg forward in hill here, exhale and come back. We're going to do three more of this in hell here. We just far as possible, exhale and go all the way back in hell here. Exhale, come farm. Every time we go, we tried to reach more, more towards the floor. Exhaling, reached the floor. Inhaling. Come forward. We have one more left email here, exhale and open up. Let's take a little break. So we will do 23 breaths in this position, allows everybody to read. It, will stay in this site to-do indifferent exercise, very similar to this one. And then we're going to rotate and do it on the other side. Okay, so for the next exercise, we're going to take them Watson leg all the way straight and bringing the top leg to the front. Here. We're either going to support the head with our hand or we're going to keep my head up and reach forward. In young here. Now we're going to follow with our eyes on hand and we're going to go all the way around him, him, exhale all the way around. We tried to keep close with flow with the hand. Inhale, exhale, reach forward and we repeat. Inhale, exhale. We tried to stay as close as possible to the floor 6pm straight and go all the way around. We're going to do three more. In helix, he'll open up the chest, roll all the way around, try to stay as close as possible to the floor and come back around. Tumor left. It's okay if your arm and your hand is not as close to the floor as mine, it's fine. With time. You will reach to the floor as I do because I practice every day. So last one we go all the way around, inhale, exhale, all the way around, and we arrest, Take a little break. And we're going to go to the other side. We are going to start again with the open book. We're going to have the nice on top of each other. Either support your head with your hand or have your hand-holding or nice together. Now remember, we don't want the top need to slide back, okay? We want the top to stay on top of the other. Neat. It is very important because even the top leg slides back, it means I'm going to rotate from my lower back. And we don't want that because we're working to open up the shoulders and the neck. From here. We're going to go forward, even heal HCl here or pena. We're following the hand, regard, eyes, inhale, exhale, and we've come back, reach as far as we can in her legs nil and a watch not to allow your shoulder to come and touch your ears. The shoulders and the ears are not friends, so they always have to be far away from each other. We go out, inhale, exhale, and we come back. Three more left. Inhale, exhale, and we go back. Inhale here, eggshell come forward to more left, inhale, exhale, move, inhale, exhale, come back. Last one. Inhale, exhale, open up. Here. Exhale in rest, take a little break. Take a few breaths to allow the body to reset. And then we're going to take them bottom leg straight, bringing the tablet forward. We want to have them in the same way or slightly above the knee. We don't want to be in this position because then we might arch your back without even knowing. So we'd want to be on the safe side. So from here we're going to do five circles. We're going to reach forward for low with the either hand, inhale, exhale, and move around. We all tried to stay as close as possible to the floor. In countless. We always want to breed, really takes us places. It allows the brain to see safe. So we can go to different positions that we will never go before. Inhale, exhale. And this is the fourth one all the way around. And we can rest. You stay here. It can do a few breaths here in this position. And we're going to want. 4. Cat-cow exercise: The next exercise we're going to do is the count count. So we start with our hands underneath our shoulders and the lease under neither Heaps. We want to be very soft. The fingers are always working and underneath are not holes. We went to press this part of our palm down to floor. Actually, all of the palm is pressing down apart from this little part here. Okay, so we create kind of like a pro. So we bend the fingers and we press these now a bit less here. So where here what we want to do, we are going through ten of these. And every breath we take, we're going to move. Show. We are here. We inhale, exhale, and we go up here. Exhale, go down here, exhale, go up here. Exhale, go down. Cuteness going. We keep them really. And I'm gonna give you a few tips. We go what? We want to see the head, trying to get you looking at the fields, trying to get the chin to the chest. Here. When we exhale, we start tilting the pelvic floor and rolling the spine, rolling the shorter beams bug. In, losing accuracy. Here, exhale and we go all the way up again. Every web withdraw. We tried to allow them to go a bit deeper. So we're trying to go further and further to the range of our ability. We inhale and exhale and go up. Take your time. Not only to rush. In hell. Exhale moods. Seeing about what your body's doing, feel your fingers, feel the palm of your hands. Inhale, exhale tried to fill what your spine is doing. We're going to do two more. Here. Exhale all the way up. Squeeze your shoulder blades in here, exhale all the way up. Last-mile. Inhale. Exhale all the way up. Going to rest. Give ourselves a few seconds and we're going to move to the next exercise. 5. Arm circles exercise: In this exercise, we're going to use and band. If you have a band around, or you could use a broomstick and whoop steak. Or you could even use a big towel and you can't hold the big towel from the coordinates. So to start with, we want to hold them banned or the towel from the edge and then broomstick or the down from the edge as far as you can. And we want to keep our arms straight completely. Okay. So we're going to do some shoulder circles. We want to do, we want to go all the way up, allow the shoulders to come to their ears and go all the way back. If you cannot go all the way back with your arms straight, greater tend to decide to eye. You can see what I am doing. If you can't go all the way around with your arms straight, simply just going to turn to the side so you can see simply we go until the one allows us. So if these easy it and then I need to bend my arm struggle back, then I'll have to stop here. Come forward and repeat. We're going to do ten of these. Okay? We're trying to go as far as a model allows us without bending the arms. Another thing to mention here, which is very important, is to keep the ribcage and the pelvic floor connected. So if they want the starch to arch, we don't want that because the work is not happening from the shoulders anymore. The word is happening from the lower back. So we want to keep this tight thing that somebody's punching you in. You want to fight them so you keep but very raid tight. Okay. And will continue to finish our ten nice big circles. Slowly, slowly. We inhale, exhale while we move, of course. And we do ten of these. Once you finish your ten, you can put your mind on the side or the tau, whatever you're using on the site. And you can rest. 6. Thread the needle exercise: This exercise where we're about to do is called thread the needle. So we're going to be in this position and we're going to push slightly the hips back. Okay, so this is a position you need to achieve. And then I'm going to show you the actual exercise. So as we're here, we pushed the hips slightly back and we're going to use one are okay to go through a little window that we have made in between there and the arm. Okay. So I'm going to go through here. Okay. Handy's active as we said before. And now from here, we're going to go through and allow they are, but we have on the ground combat and I'm going to go through with the other arm and look up to the ceiling. We stay here, inhale, exhale, and we come up. And we repeat the same thing. We go through. In her legs hill here. A comeback. Now where it will aid obese if you have not use or maybe you haven't noticed any 2K. My body is not shifting to the side. As I'm going through this little space here, my embodied will stay centered. And the only thing that is moving is my upper back twisting my arm, going through the little space recreated will come up. And we repeat. We go through without shifting the boy to the side and back up. Again. We go through every time we tried to go a bit further and back up one more time. And we're going to switch sides. We find our position again. And from here, we're going to go through inhale, exhale, look up to the ceiling, n up. And again through inhalant hill here and up. We have six more going through trying to twist them on as much as possible. And amp watchman to twist from the lower back. We want to twist on it from the app per bag. So from the shoulder blades towards our shoulders. But the upper bucket here. So we're twisting from here to here. Okay. Two more, please. Go through twisting up and last one and rest. Well, Dan. 7. Neck stretch exercise: So our final exercise is to stretch. They place here from the, behind the ear until down towards your chest. We want to have one hand. The pot is flat and is trying to reach for the floor, going to turn around so you can see what the mode is doing. So I'm trying to reach down. So I'm making this space here as big as possible. Okay, Sean reaching down with these R and then I start to shift my ear to be opposite direction, shown. Staying here, inhale, exhale, and then I'm going to put my hand next to my ear or on top of my year in slightly pull my head to the side even more. Withhold that. We will be five breaths. Keep trying to reach the heel of your palm down to the floor. We inhale, exhale five times. Slowly soil were released their hand from their head. And we bring the head back to the center. And we're going to go press the other palm towards the floor. Slowly, slowly start leaving the head to the side. And we're going to bring the hand and place it next failure or on top of the ear. And slightly, very shortly, we pull their head facade. Inhale, exhale. Five times here. When you finish your five breads, remove your arm slowly, slowly come back to the centre. Start pressing the pond towards the floor. So you want to feel here opening up the space. We inhale, exhale till the head to the opposite direction or place your hand on top of your ear. Porn in her legs held here five times. Keeping the ribcage and the pelvic floor engaged big deep breaths. When you finish your five breaths, you remove your hand, cut back to the center. And we do the last Fred. We tilt their head to the opposite direction. Plays the hand on top of your ear. Pull slightly softly. Inhale, exhale here five times, and come back to the center and rest. I am going to turn around so you can see how the body is moving while I'm in this position. Ok, so I'm going to reduce from this height. So we're here, we're pressing the pond damps the floor. So if you can see the shoulder is trying to go as far down as possible. So I'm trying to elongate my spine from here. I'm going to inhale, exhale, see on their head to the site. So I'm opening up here like that. I'm keeping the pressure that I have created from the pile. And then I'm placing my hand over my year. Inhale, exhale here five times, and then slowly, slowly waving their hand. Recall back to the center. And we continue with the other side. 8. Child pose exercise: A very good thing to do after every workout is the next exercise I'm going to show you, which is very simple and it's a great way to reset your body to be able to continue a day or finisher bay. So very simple. We are going to a child pose. You, you can have your niece as white as you want, as close as you want, whatever is more comfortable for you. Remember this is to relax, okay? So what we're going to do, we're going to come forward and try to stay as close as possible towards your heels. Now, if you are a person that cannot stay on the hands is not a problem. We can work on that for the future. But for now, what you can do, you can just come off of your heels. Just do the exercise occasional, don't worry too much about that. So we're going to come forward and we want to try and play the head on the ground. Then we're going to put the arms, necks, the body with the pumps facing the ceiling. And Nazis, I'm going to allow my elbows, 2MB Ben and my shoulders to go wherever they want her grow. In this position. I'm going to concentrate my breath to go everywhere but as spatially here. But we're going to inhale, exhale, relax the body here. When we inhale, we want to fill up pressure around size because our belly is expanding. And when we exhale, we want the pressure to be gone. Okay. We eat him makes him here for ten times, trying to relax the shoulders, relaxed and bag. Let them connect with the floor or the ground. If you are one of these people, but they cannot touch their head on the ground and you look kind of like that. What you can do simply put your hands on top of each other and then place your hands on your forehead like that. And then we can rest there, inhale, exhale, and do exactly the same thing with the people and have their arms on this island verboten. Remember, we are all in different chapters, so it's okay if you cannot get there yet, but is your aim for your future? Inhale, exhale, finisher ten breads. And when you finish your ten breaths, you can come up slowly, slowly and revenues. And to the center. 9. Thank you: The x is, as I have shown you today, are to help you relieves the pain if you have on your shoulders and your neck or the stiffness that you might feel because of a lack of ours working in front of the screen, you will be good if you could do these may be three to four times a week, or you could do this. Machinery has paid. Well, enjoy.