Short Stories: The Beginning, The Middle, The End | Charlie Aylett | Skillshare

Short Stories: The Beginning, The Middle, The End

Charlie Aylett,

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11 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Straightforward Structure

    • 3. A Dally with Description

    • 4. Make Sense

    • 5. Conjuring Character

    • 6. State of Mind

    • 7. The shift

    • 8. Finding the Plot

    • 9. The Structural Shuffle

    • 10. Sort Out Sentences

    • 11. Final Assignment


About This Class

For those who are just starting out or those who want to create more balanced short stories with structure and purpose. This class explores the interplay between description, character and emotion through simple exercises and techniques.

- Simple structuring from the beginning

- Effective description

- Conjure up character through household objects

- Emotional plotting through transformation

- Classic plotting through goal and obstacle

- Basic structural and copy editing.

So, if you want to jumpstart your desire of being a writer and rise out of the quagmire of confusion, no need to flounder any longer. Come join my class! I promise you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be challenged, but most importantly, I promise you’ll have fun. I’m here to help, and together, hopefully, we’ll unlock a side of you, you never knew existed.

Update your progress in your class project by uploading your exercise pieces and give feedback to your classmates too!





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Charlie Aylett

Been writing longer than I should have. Along the road of those many years, I stumbled into editorial work and currently reside at Flash Fiction Online. I read a lot of stories every month, the majority of which are declined. I’ve critiqued hundreds of novels and short stories, read a thousand more, written a ton of rejection letters and tried to give helpful advice wherever possible. I've always taken pride and pleasure in helping writers understand key fiction writing techniques and g...

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