Short Films 101: Plan, Capture, and Edit Cinematic Shorts | Gabriel Noguez | Skillshare

Short Films 101: Plan, Capture, and Edit Cinematic Shorts

Gabriel Noguez, Filmmaker

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14 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gabriel's Project

    • 3. Introduction

    • 4. Equipment and Working a DSLR

    • 5. Capturing the Establishing Shot

    • 6. Editing the Establishing Shot

    • 7. Capturing a Subject

    • 8. Organizing Files for Editing

    • 9. Choosing "Selects"

    • 10. Using the "Interpret Footage" Function

    • 11. Adding Audio Elements

    • 12. Editing to Music

    • 13. A Critical Look at Selects

    • 14. Finishing Your Edit

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About This Class

Select a person, place or event in your life and create a short, 1-minute film about it. Capture a memorable weekend, share on your blog, or add to your portfolio. A cinematic moment is life without the boring parts. 

Cinema empowers its creator to convey emotion and tell stories across many different moments, creating a narrative often frozen in still photography. Masters of cinema know how to leverage moving images, music, and a suite of powerful editing techniques to invite their audience to experience an event, place, person or thing as if they were there.

In 90 minutes of video lessons, you’ll learn cinematic tips and tricks on capturing and editing footage from GoPro filmmaker Gabriel Noguez while following him through the streets of New York and inside editing software. You’ll create a 1-minute short film capturing a moment in your own life, telling your story through music and cinematic editing techniques.

Watch Gabriel's 3-minute film of a friend's party in Brooklyn, then create your own.





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Gabriel Noguez


Ceremony is a film production company started in 2011 by Jesse Chorng, Jimmy Chorng, and Gabriel Noguez.

Gabriel has worked as an editor and cinematographer for film, television, and online for over a decade. Most recently, he was a senior creative on GoPro's media team and helped capture stories from Combing the Hills of Valparaiso to traveling with The Weeknd at his first sold out stadium show.

Jesse Chorng is a former video producer at Skillshare. He helped build the video ca...

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