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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Video Marketing

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1. Video Marketing: thank you for investing your time in this course. My hope is that you'll use it to help you succeed in marketing. Here. You will find innovative ways to generate massive traffic to your websites, increasing your conversion and purchase rate. You can do all of this by implementing video marketing. Video marketing is one of the most effective techniques used to bring a large amount of traffic to your store. In this video, I'm going to lead you through the basics of video marketing techniques. So without further ado, let's begin. I believe that most of you have had the experience of watching a sales video on a sales page, and you know how powerful it is to watch a video on a product you're interested in. People nowadays can get access to content on the Internet fast, so it's natural that they want information fast. This is why video marketing works so well. Visuals always work better than text. You can present a long message within just a couple of minutes with video to further increase the exposure of your services or products. Video marketing is a time tested technique. Internet users watch four billion videos per day on YouTube, and that's just one outlet where people are seeing sales videos. People are naturally more inclined to watch videos than to read content, so why tell them about your product when you can show them? Showing a short video creates a greater impact with your customers than presenting long text, because people can get a clearer idea of what your service or products will be like through visual demonstration. Because it's more engaging and user friendly, watching videos is an easier and more enjoyable way to digest information. Before you start your production. The first thing that you should do is decide on the type of video you want to create. There are several types of videos for you to consider. First, you can create a screen cast or video screen capture. This could be used to demonstrate a product, and you can do this by recording your computer screen, showing the product and at the same time, screen capture software can record you verbally discussing the product, or you can make it an on screen tutorial toe. Walk your audience through how to use a particular product. This type of video is very effective for demonstration purposes, because users get toe watch how something works. Step by step on screen. If your product is something that requires a showcase screen cast is what you'll need. The recommended software to use for video screen capture is Camped Asia. The second type is Power Point or keynotes lives. This is where you deliver your message to your viewers through PowerPoint or keynote presentation slides. As you narrate, this type of video is extremely effective. If you have a really long topic to share, you can even make it a series of videos to share with them every week or month. Next is a talking head video. This type of video is very good for personal branding because the audience will see what you look like and how you interact with them. Instead of putting yourself in the video, you can interview someone to endorse your services or upcoming product launch. Apart from this, you can interview customers to get their testimonials. It's much more effective than talking about how good your product is all by yourself. Next, you can choose to put the video live on the Internet, which is called Livestream or Webcasting. Go to live stream dot com or ustream dot TV, and you can record live video of yourself or an interview with experts online. If you're not too excited about appearing in person, you can use animation as a substitution. There's plenty of software available online that could make your work easier, Such as video maker FX. It's a great way to easily create an animated video. It don't need extensive knowledge and animation to create one with the software. After you've created your videos, you need to put them where they can do the most good for your marketing. I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube or Facebook. YouTube and Facebook are the most prominent social media platforms on the Internet for watching videos. If you've decided to implement video marketing, YouTube and Facebook are the two platforms that you should definitely use. Also, you want to make sure to always link your videos to your online store. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, which is why you should use it. However, we must think ahead to the worst case scenario that could happen if the video does not drive traffic to your site. This can happen if your video does not have a high viewership rate, but this can be solved by using Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a popular and effective paid advertising platform with a huge number of users. Google is indeed the most recognized ad platform in the world. More than half of the world's population uses Google search engine daily, so using AdWords can double or even triple the traffic to your site. One feature of using Google AdWords is that it strengthens your CEO, which is search engine optimization. You will need to learn about the most searched keywords and your niches in order to get a good search result. With Google AdWords, your budget is fully under your control. You get to set your own daily budget for your advertising campaign to start an advertising campaign with Google AdWords. You just need to follow five simple steps. First, you need to create your own AdWords account. Don't worry, it's free of charge. In addition, the sign up process is very simple. You only need to enter in your email address and password, and Google will automatically fill in the other fields for you. If you are already a Google user, in just a few minutes, you could be up and running the next step you'll choose. Video campaign Google AdWords is not only for video marketing. If you have your own website and you want to be at the top of Google search engine results , you can place admits here for that as well. I'm not gonna go further into depth on this because it's a topic for another video. After you've picked video campaign, you'll be directed to another page where you can select your budget. You can set your daily budget or campaign budget based on your financial plan. Let's say the cost per view is 10 cents on average for your video, and you'd like to bid for AH 100 views per day. Your daily budget will be 10 cents times 100 so in total $10 per day. Of course, after some time of testing the traffic, you can change your daily budget. If you think increasing or decreasing, it will help you sell your product. Next you get to choose the delivery method. You'll need to choose the network YouTube search page, YouTube videos, advertisement or video on Google partner sites, APS and Display Network. You can click every box there if you wish, and then choose the locations you want, your video ad to be shown and the language is your target audience speaks. Under the advanced settings. You can schedule your start, date and date and add scheduling. It is better to have an end date just in case you forget to end the campaign. You don't want to keep getting charged for no reason. The next step is to choose the type of advertisement you want for your video. There are two types of video ads. The in stream and in display video. The in stream video ad plays before another video on YouTube. Viewers can choose to skip your ad after a few seconds, and you only pay if a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the ad, whichever comes first. On the other hand, if you choose the in display video ad, it requires you to upload an image and add some text. This ad will show differently, depending on where on YouTube. It appears it will either show up in the search results page YouTube related videos as a YouTube overlay or on partner websites. You pay on Lee when someone clicks your ad to view your video. The ultimate goal of bidding on keywords is to move your video to the top of the ad rank. This is how competition works. In that words, the higher your rank is, the better exposure your site gets. Add rank is decided by Google and determines the placement of your ads. You might be wondering how this thing actually works. Well, I'll talk about that now. One of the factors that affects your ad rank is the amount of your bid every user gets to choose how much they want to bid. However, it's not Onley based on how much you bid, if you think that the higher bidder always gets a higher rank than you're wrong. Besides looking at the daily budget you've set for the video, Google also looks at the quality of your video. Now you may be wondering how to get a higher rank. Google wants to show Onley relevant videos to their users and avoid advertisers that simply by the ad space but only provide irrelevant ads. So here's how you can move your video up to the top and add rank. Follow the sad rank formula, which consists of three elements. If you can do these things, you're gonna get yourself to the top. The first element is your bid. In this bidding competition, you are competing with millions of advertisers all around the world. This is not a small number, so make sure you calculate your own financial budget before you put in your bid amount and get a feel for what other people are bidding. Your bid needs to be competitive with theirs. The second element is the relevancy of your video. Google will analyze the relevancy by comparing it to the language on your site. The language on your site has to be closely related to the headline and text from your video. This, once again proves how important it is to choose your keywords wisely. They need to be relevant to your niche. Google will then determine how well your video ranks. The final element for ad rank is performance factors such as view rates. Google will evaluate your videos with the key words you've set and calculate the expected view rates of your video. This is not something we can predict because it's determined by Google's algorithms