Shopify Success: Building A Successful Store & Ecommerce Brand | Adrian Brambila | Skillshare

Shopify Success: Building A Successful Store & Ecommerce Brand

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Shopify Success: Building A Successful Store & Ecommerce Brand

Adrian Brambila, Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur

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6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Building A Successful Shopify Store

    • 2. Behind the Scenes Of My Store

    • 3. Building A Flexible Brand

    • 4. Brainstorming A Brand Name

    • 5. Creating A Shopify Store

    • 6. What Makes A Good Product Page

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About This Class

Learn how to build a successful Shopify store & brand in this masterclass taught by 7 Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur Adrian Brambila. Adrian Brambila has been featured on the official Shopify Masters Podcast explaining how he is able to build numerous amounts of successful Shopify brands. 

In this Shopify class you'll get to learn through a REAL store that has made 5 figures in sales from numerous amounts of products. 

This Shopify Masterclass Will Teach You:

- The strategy in creating your brand

- Should you create a niche store or broad store?

- How to build a Shopify Store

- What makes a perfect product page

- And so much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Brambila

Ex-Pro Dancer & 7 Figure Entrepreneur


- Made $1M in a Year From Internet Side Hustles

- Ex-Pro dancer (T-Pain, AGT, Step Up 3) 🕺

- Over 100K subscribers and 15 million views on my YouTube channel.

Catch my interview on the the official Shopify Masters Podcast for scaling a store from $0 to $18k selling pink beanies.

Hey SkillShare :) 

My favorite thing in life is teaching someone something I know, watching them grow, and then applying it in their life. 

I first became a teacher about 8 years ago when I uploaded my very first dance tutorial. I didn't know it at the time but 300 tutorials later I would have taught over 15 million people how to dance. 

I used to be a professional hip hop dancer for T-Pain but something incredible happened t... See full profile

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1. Building A Successful Shopify Store: Hey, what's up? Everybody in my name's Adrian Brambilla and I'm a seven figure e commerce entrepreneur. And in this course I'm gonna teach you how to build a successful shop by store from scratch . By the end of this course, you're gonna learn what it takes to build a successful online brand. Even if you have zero experience, you'll have answers to so many start out questions such as What should I call my brand? What type of product should I sell and how to Shopify even work to make this course really transparent? I didn't just create a dummy Shopify account, actually created a real store just for teaching purposes. I could make a really cool, transparent course. I'm gonna show you a clip right now. I know there's a lot of, uh, gurus online. It's hard to tell who's someone that is legit and whose someone that's basically opposer. And so one thing I thought I would do to basically demonstrate what a cool brand can do now to capitalize on trends, which Shopify is that basically recorded starting from Justin Idea and then seeing all the way through in a matter of just 10 days, so Here's a clip of the entire experience. Theo. Adrian, the Eagles just won and are hanging the Super Bowl. And a massive consumer trend is happening. Oh, my goodness. I launched an ad literally five minutes ago. Check this out. 50 three people on my site right now, and I'm gonna hit Refresh, because just within the last five minutes, eight orders, I'm pumped to see where this is going to go. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. Check this out Today. Sales, they're literally every few minutes. It's been going crazy since launch yesterday at like a dish PM I could. My thumb is hurting. This is in, say, the Eagles are now my favorite football team. Do This is nuts since launch 3100 and something dollars and it's still cracking like Raisi . 10 people on the siren now just got another sale. Two hours ago, I just ordered 150 units, and I think we're gonna pass that in the next hour. It's It's only 10:39 a.m. So I'm gonna have to go back to that manufacturer and by MAWR, because the thing about this product is people want to get it in time for the Super Bowl, but they don't doesn't mean massive refunds checking in today, sales are at $2570. Yesterday that was at $1530 which puts the total campaign since I launched around 10 p.m. last night at $4113. And my spend is even crazier. This is my total spend. Right now it is $642. Yes, I am using Onley Google ads to do this. But what I'm actually really impressed with is the overall stats, not just the sales numbers for such a quick campaign. Literally, this is 24 hours that went by because I launched a campaign yesterday pose I like 10 PM It is 9 47 PM so basically exactly 24 hours to hit this sales data. But check out some of these starts right here that are really, really awesome. So we're looking at a conversion rate of 8.23%. Sales so far are at 7700 ish dollars. This is exciting. I mean, today is, but this excitement is gonna die down here as we draw closer to the Super Bowl. For a couple reasons, the main one is because this isn't drop shipping. I'm buying. I bought hundreds of units of the dog mask. And, um, what if they don't make it here? I'm basically screwed, so Oh, days, lady. Oh, thank you. So really, I was worried that these were making arrival in time. Oh, yeah. Now, the most nerve wracking part of this all is I gotta open them through legit, because I had to act really fast on this trend and I didn't know. I've never worked with his manufacturer before. I, um it's a gamble. It's a risk right now. I don't I didn't know if these product quality was gonna be good. I mean, this is the thing when you market on a time sensitive trend is like, you have to act so fast. And if it's a new product, your you're there's a little bit of gambling. It's it's definitely a risk. So let's go ahead and and open this right now. I have some good news. I have some good news. So now that I just got my products and they look great. The responsible thing to do would be start shipping them. But there's something very important I need to do. First way down 50 units. Crazy. What's up? It's 8 p.m. On a Saturday, and basically I have all these boxes. Look, I'm standing right now. That's how many boxes I have to fulfill. And I have a couple of buddies coming over. I incentivize them with some pizza and some, uh, survey saw and the thing about doing self fulfillment? Uh, yeah, it's kind of annoying, but it's a good problem to have out that gives you some contacts into the crazy nerd that I am. I basically live this stuff every single day. I'm a full time entrepreneur now for five years and shove if I did change my life. So in this course one to basically teach you everything I know and everything I do when I create a brand from scratch, what goes through my mind, the types of research, the type of products and what to even name it. So I hope you enjoy this course on how to build successful shop of vibrate 2. Behind the Scenes Of My Store: in this video, I'm basically gonna walk it through the entire back end of my store. So I want Oh, give a couple disclaimers right now about this store. This is a really live store. I've had it almost for a year now. And when I built the store, it was strictly for educational purposes. So what I mean by that is I made the store with the intention that I was gonna share everything about it. So because I'm doing that, the obviously prevents me from trying to scale something too big on here. Because since I'm sharing it, what happens when you share something that works? Well, everyone copies you. So with that said, though, this store basically has the same layout and foundation of a lot of my other shop, five stores. I'm gonna make sure that every single detail year of an APP recommendation a leave in the course section here. Um, now, let's take a look at first. What APS I'm working with and these are might go to APS. Consistent cart activity monitor is the best abandoned cart app. It doesn't all. Including as a recent update in the last 30 days, Facebook Messenger So what you can see here, besides his cart metrics, is you can create automated Siri's on you can have up to three abandoned e mails also abandoned push notifications and customer Thank you. Order email or automate birthday. You know, I don't set up these bottom ones cause they use my email platform to that. But you can do you can do abandoned emails for sure. You should 100% push notifications or Web browser based, and I don't set that up. I think they're kind of family. At this point in time, they will change. But they do work too, So you should check him out and all in this app you can set your Facebook messenger, and I haven't even taken the time to set that up. So shame on me. I actually have a different app set up. I need a migraine. Switch them over. Um, but theater thing you can set this is this is really cool. Feature is an actor car pop up so soon? Someone could add to cart. They opt in the email, their brushes, I think three steps later, toe opt ins you have more chances of if they abandoned the police have their email to remark it to them. And then a couple other things this app does is when you navigate to a different tab. Um, so let me see if I could pull examples and I have a different tab right here. Um, this should start blinking with some other message. Yeah, right there. See says Don't forget this. That's what that does just kind of a little eye candy reminder. And then I will also create those little pop up at the bottom that show. Hey, someone recently purchased this. So it does all of those things, and it's literally, I think, five or six bucks a month. I don't think there's anything on the market that comes close to that price point and to do all those things. Eso Although I have Facebook Messenger, I would actually for the price deathly do consistent car. It's better. What's interesting about this app right here? Is it it? It adds a huge dynamic element. And instead of just going to the app age, um, let me click on a product here and when you click on a product and there's a couple things happened right when you land on it, and it creates kind of a demand and urgency. So right here on the right, it shows how many people have viewed this product. How many people have purchased it? Um, and then also in that same map, it kind of creates. You can kind of create known scarcity that this sale at this price is only limited for this time. You can also add how many items were left in stock and again being fully transparent. Is this sale really end in two hours? No. Do I really have only 53 atoms and start? No. I'm doing all these things to create my own sense of urgency. It is, uh, I think a very smart tactic. You should do that when someone lands on your product page. You want to make sure everything all the content on that page is making that incentivizing that person to purchase, and that if they leave, they're gonna miss out fomo Fear of missing out. So all these things help do that. Other APS? I have Google shopping. I image optimizer. This is a really, really significant one because a lot of people just plop on images. But these images air heavy, and they weighed down a site page load time. And that is a killer for conversion. The slower your page. I think every second your conversion goes down something astronomical, like over 20%. So you wanna have a fast pays? What? What is a fast page? I would look at it a fast page around, like, three seconds. Um, so, uh, these other APS right here mobile Web use just adds a pop up with a mobile phone that they can add to cart, and it kind of hovers at the top. Overloads. Great for drop shipping. Um, quantity breaks is a super slick app that incentivizes people to buy a bull. Check this out. I haven't set up on the dad bag. As I've shown from other videos, people did buy the 10 option, so I had $200 orders of these bad boys. So here's the layout of what that sets up as and again, you can see that app. Dude, it's magic right here. Um, those numbers are actually there. They are made up. It's it's probably accurate, cause of how, uh, how much I scale this around those numbers. But when we clicked back there. I don't know exactly 5001 or 60 people viewed. I placed those numbers. Basically, you create a range and then ill randomize What? That ranges for every visitor. Um so buying in bulks super easy, They just click right here and then automatically adds that scale down price on the add to cart the view cart. It'll show the quantity that they ordered. So has the price here and a beautiful pop up. How much they say So Super awesome app highly encouraged. That one, um and then t escape is just a print on demand App. For those unfamiliar, it means that as opposed to drop shipping something when someone buys and the item of a T shirt design, then they get set to this place and they make the item on demand, and then they send it out to the customer. So most of the stuff is from when I scaled uh, the women's march. I don't really market to try to sell T shirts, Actually, because it's educational side only market a lot on it. I've optimized it for S E O, which stands for search engine optimization, and occasionally I will run trend ads only if I feel like it's gonna be a great content for education for this course. Eso Here's one example how powerful s CEO is. So I'm gonna go to October 29 3 years He had 1000 won her intend Does anyone sense? And I had an order. Come in. Um, and it was through PayPal Express. I'll get that a couple days, but $1000 order. They came from Google, and this dude bought four long boards. So he Google search long boards Wouldn't long boards, which I have my, uh, uh, items optimized for And hey, found it. He bought it. So I have a ton of sales that come in organically, which is awesome. So I'm not always paying for traffic, So that's great. I think last month I had the dad bag some of the dad works you can see right there on the night. The rest of that, I actually put on click funnels for some sales, too, and I was transfers. That's the one thing you're not going to see on. This is a lot of people. Once they have a winning product, it will try to move it over to click funnels because you have a higher convergent rate when it's a landing page strictly dedicated to that product. Versus, um, a huge store front gonna go back to my email app. Just you can see what kind of e mails I'm sending, Um, and if I click on the 1st 1 here, I just keep it very pretty generic. This stuff works at the very bottom. I put a PS. I listed 10% discount. I said that in one hour after someone abandons the second email, I said after two hours on, then I have a free shipping to see if maybe the 10% was enough. But it was a shipping i item because maybe shipping was expensive. And then the very third email, I have a 96 hours after they get, and then I'm giving them a huge 40% off, discounted this one to make sure they come back. And usually I'll be honest that last there are female. I don't know if I've ever gone. Maybe just a few handful of conversions from the 3rd 1 I usually get them on the 1st 1 actually, and then the 2nd 1 second to that. But, uh, if you are not spending money on trying to bring back conversions, then that is a mistake. You want to put a much money as you can to the back end of your of your conversion machine website to bring people in and purchase. So again, this is kind of an overlay of the store again is a test store. I don't really spend money on ads unless I know I can have a trend that I can talk about share. And so if you're wondering, Well, how am I getting? You know, where's all the traffic coming from? You know how to get the 66 people if I didn't pay for today. It is all organic from Google. So that's one of the coolest things about Google ads is, um, the life span of your content. If you're If you have optimized content in your running money on on a Google ad and you stop it, you still have a residual effect. And that adding that product has ah still good chance of being searched for in the ecosystem of Google and popping up from one someone to purchase versus on Facebook the moment you turn your Atta boom, you're gone. There's a very slim chance someone will ever even see your ad ever again. So one of the cool and one of my favorite things about Google so back into my store. If you have questions, uh, if you want me to dive in deeper into what I do for my stores, just let me know comment in the Facebook group. Or you can email me at Adrian at search engine conquest dot com. 3. Building A Flexible Brand: unlike most courses that Onley walk through a dummy website actually made a general theme store, which is what I want to encourage you to make. There's often a debate should you make a niche or general store, and there's actually a middle ground Nestle create a ah brand that is flexible when it comes to its products. So it's not necessarily tied to a niche. It gonna have a range. So I'm really excited. This is a new level of transparency and teaching that you're not going to see anywhere else . This is a real live store. Could escape is my store, and, um, I run campaigns to this. I use riel dollars. I generate riel sales just to prove it. This is last month and last month in sales. So and actually, this specific campaign, it's gonna be taught later in the course. Every single thing I do on here, it's strictly for this course for teaching, all for educational purposes. It's complete. Look under the hood of what it takes to generate sales through drop shipping. So as you start to think about what your brand is gonna be, what your store is gonna be, I really like to break down the fact of what this store is specifically as a clear example . Kicked escape when I originally created it was to be a flexible brand. Obviously, if there's kick push skating here, I did it from the song Lupe Fiasco, if you know what that is. And it was originally gonna be a skate store as the niche, but I developed it as a brand to be extremely flexible so I can sell a variety of products . So of course you're going to see boards here. But I can basically get away with selling any kind of gadget, any kind of, um, clothing, apparel and decor. Now, when you start to think of a brand, it's very hard to create a brand that can sell it. All right, you're not gonna create a walmart. But the thing about my store is what the campaigns I've been able to sell, which your I'm gonna dive into all of them. This is actually how I'm teaching you really live campaigns through some of the strategy have sold. Here's, um, you know, I've sold things like a dog Halloween mask to socks, two pink Beanies, and my brand is flexible. I don't to create a new store every time I see a trend, and that's the whole point. You want to create a flexible brand that when you do see a trend, because this is a data driven approach to marketing, it's not gambling. We're not gambling anymore. 5 10 Proxy Day We're finding data that encourages to move forward with something, and when you do find that opportunity, we want to make sure, for example, that your store is able to sell a jacket If the jacket is what's trending Or, um, if it's ah, board, you know your brand should be able to sell that now. What I don't want you to do is copy this store exactly, and I'll tell you right now, this is not a good market to be in the penny board business, but what I want you to take an example. Feel free to click around here, and just you could get a Justin. Understand all the different items I have and and how it's acceptable for that toe Albee displayed in my store kicked escape. Also keep in mind when you're developing a brand, you know, like if you're start to click around and look at my store here. There's a lot of things I probably could not get away with if I was going to sell like high end furniture like a nice white leather sofa. And a customer came on here and they saw my white leather sofa. But then they looked around like what? This is a skateboard shop and they're selling that white sofa. That doesn't make sense, right? So my brand, although it's very flexible, Doctor will. It also has limitations, too. So, um, I think people always ask, Should I go after a passion, or should I pick something that you know, I just I think that's gonna trend. And this what you're gonna learn in this course is everything is data driven. If you find data that encourages you to do something, go with the data. If you have a passion in it, too great, that's a plus. But data always comes first when people think of creating a general store, I see too many people that gravitate to making something like this, a deal's type of website where there's random knickknacks and I just want Teoh encourage you and give you direction that This is actually not what you want to create. Your site should not be a site that is just this random, cheap looking site. Shut up and take my money dot com. Yes, I'm sure they make sales. However, this site is built upon the culture of discounts and you do not want to be throwing out discounts as your main call to action. We're going to teach you how to strategically target consumer behavior and marketing a value you want to increase your average order value, not decreasing with discounts. Again, we're going to get into all the details. But I mean this product right here, Yes, it's a hot trending item, potentially. But when you combine and someone goes on the store, this this store doesn't create a culture. This is this is a crappy type of Brandon. Eventually, this is another example here. This is why I am broke dot com. You do not want to create something like this. You want to create something that you can tie a story too. And I think all in all, what the's websites are trying to do is they're just basically trying to turn to the next group on When you think of Group on, you automatically think discount. That is not the type of brand that we're going to encourage you to create. There's lots of opinions on this niche vs general, but I think where we're trying to encourage you because we've seen a lot of success. Kick, Push Skate is an example. Last month again, those $12,000 in sales off of a fad that probably was featured on here. Except I'm able to establish a brand. I'm getting organic sales, not just paid sales. It's because I've built a flexible brand general store with with a range of things this right here, just a random Knick knack of stuff all put together, and it's just not the way you want to go. So think about creating your brand and make sure it doesn't look like Groupon 4. Brainstorming A Brand Name: creating a brand is really just about brainstorming. I mean, the name is important, but customers aren't going to not buy or by just because of your name. What I encourage you to do is think about a word that has some type of meaning to you either personally, even if no one else, it's gonna recognize it. But that is just part of the story that you're going to create eventually for your brand. This jewel right here is a shop by name generator. It is incredibly awesome for brainstorming. So let's just say, for example, um, you knew off top your head that you wanted to target a women's store, something for women that let's say, that's all you know at this point, you know, all you'd want to do is type in a word, um, like intentional. Um, and just with that one key word, there's a ton of names that this name generator is gonna come up for you. So you can also put in to words. So let me see if I type in intentional and market than a different, um, ideas pop up here. So, um, you know some people they spend hours developing a brand name. Others. It's more of like up. I just need something. I want to just try something all wrong with it. You can always change this for sure you can, But I think if you just spend a little bit of time and, uh, put your ideas in a hat, Ask your friend. Ask you ask your mom even, you know, what's a good name of a store? Um, that is gonna be a good place just to get some other feedback. But you're creating a brand. Remember? You do want to care about this and put time to it because this is going to be the entity that helps take you to the next level. 5. Creating A Shopify Store: So after you've built your brand and maybe even already done some research as to what you want to sell now it's time to create our stores. I'll do a quick little walk through of how we do this. Used the Olympic that we've sent, which is gonna be for a 14 day trial. Um, so click on, get started at once. You're there. Um, type in your emails. Just gonna be a demo store here. Pickleball airs if you're wondering. Pickleball is a sport of when I play. Um, it is a growing niche, considering, ah, that it is the fastest growing sport in the US But this is definitely no real store. But all of this information only matters toe. What type of content Shopify is going to try to show your email U S o It doesn't really matter. You can just put I'm getting started. Um, hit. Next, you add some personal information here and we'll lot just like that. 60 seconds. We just created a Shopify store. So if this is the first time you've ever looked at this Shopify is basically a content management system. You may have heard of wordpress. That's also a content management system. It's just another way of saying how you're gonna manage your store and we'll just do a quick walk through here on the next section. We're actually talking about some of the more technical infrastructure, things that you're that you're a store is gonna need to be successful. We will walk through all the fundamentals and setting a lot of this stuff up here, some things to note. So even though I put pickle ballers here, my demand could be completely different. I could turn into a dress store. This right here is just your log in to the back end. Your customers are actually never going to see this. You'll want to set up and link your domain to that, and you can buy a domain through Shop of Fire through Go Daddy on and we'll walk through a demonstration of using, um, go Daddy, just because it's really easy and very popular. But if you're doing Shopify, it's extremely easy. Will use article for that as well. Let's do a quick run down of the columns and the options here. Just so you have some sense of navigating if you're brand new to this, so Once you start making all these orders, they'll show up here, you'll have abandoned check out. So I will show up here. But we're gonna recommend an app. Teoh away Better Apple of capturing those your products. So right here. If you wanted to create a product, we actually could do that from scratch. Eventually, when you get customers from purchases or just signing up for newsletter, they will appear here. Andan, you'll have analytics. And this is where you can kind of see what your conversion rates are. Um, and we're gonna walk you through the next one Google Analytics, which I highly recommend as your main analytical tool. But lots of really cool information here that you can get, um, average order value, which is really important. All things will walk through. This is the place where you actually create your discounts. So we wanted to give a, um 25 off all products would be the discount code. You put 25% there, and this is where you can select you know which product or collection or is an entire store . Do you wanna live it? Number of times per discount could be used or limit one per customer. So lots of cool information. I'll just click save here. So that's a quick, high level or review. Feel free to click around and get yourself acclimated to where things are. And if you are feeling really ambitious, go ahead and try to figure out on your own. But rest assured, this course is gonna walk you through every single part here of below these options on a more deeper dive into How do You Shopify and truly is the best platform for e commerce. All right, we'll catch in the next section. 6. What Makes A Good Product Page: after you've done some preliminary research, what products you want at your store, it's now time to actually add that product. A lot of people start with Valley Express. There's a lot of good things and bad things about it, but to encourage you that it is definitely a good place to start, that is my honest recommendation. All the products I sell from kick push skater, all from Ali Express or from Ali Baba if I'm buying in bulk, but it is, it's a great place. I think where people go wrong with Al Express is that they don't take the time to interview the supplier. Whoever is making the product and eso they just add a bunch of products that you know that whole shocking approach right, so that when you finally get a sale and then they have to process it, Drill express. This person has never, ever talk to them, and then that suppliers of not being a good job and you know whose fault that is that is actually the seller smoke. It's not. I'll expresses spoke. They didn't take the right time to see if this person is good suppliers. All it takes honestly what I usually do is I'll send a quick chat message to whoever's making. I don't know what this is. A product I was selling, Um, whoever's making this, I would just contact them. So ask a couple questions. Like what? You're shipping time. You know where you base, how long you've been in business, and usually if they don't respond, that is one sign that these people are inactive at all. And if they don't respond to me, I will not have the product. Um, and if they dio maybe what we care about a conversation that and I say great, thanks. Looking forward to hopefully working together on the long term. I'll send you the script. But it's definitely one thing to do that. I think a lot of you will just will add a bunch of products and will never have this conversation. Remember, this is a real person at the end of this in China. Real people and they want to make money. They want to make sure your your trustworthy and so it's about relationships that they have a day. So I didn't do a full deep dive on, um, the research here, like I just taught in this course. But for this is just for sake of winning at a product. And I want to just pick something that wasn't just so random that actually looked encouraging. So, um, you know, this is Google trends. I searched workout band boat that is definitely on the rise and trending. So obviously from here from now what you know about research, there's a lot more things that you would do to validate this. But again, for sake of showing typically, the next step that I do is all hop in, I'll express, and I'll just see if this product is there. So type in workout band and boom, lots of different options. Cool jump, probe, the finger workout bands. But I like all of this, this looks really good and I'm going to click on a couple of year, and what I'm doing is I'm just doing a quick validation again. Normally, I would actually contact the suppliers, Um, and if I'm being really serious about long term, will actually get a sample for myself. But obviously not doing any of that I don't know. I don't like about this. Is that whose Bryant Fitness I want to sell a non branded product it possible? Let's keep looking here. Perfect Natural elastic band. Good length, decent stock photos. Sweet. That's kind of exactly what I'm looking for. Perfect, perfect, Perfect and the everything Teoh. Take a look at his reviews Now, If something does not have any reviews, that does not mean they should not use them. It could be a huge opportunity that no one else is marketing that product. But it's especially for those types of products. Always, always, always reach out to the, uh, contact the person, which you can do right here contact now because, you know, there's no social proof that other people have purchased this product. So, um, and this is one quick way that can verify. Hey, this is seems legit. So Khan to that person talked them. One other thing that I will do is actually asked for an image for them to take a photo of the product and sent it to me. That's not one of their stock photos here. That's one way to really get an idea if it's legit or not, Um, and if they can't come up with the photo, that's usually a sign that this is, You know, that this is not right. They're not gonna be good to work with. But so let's say, um, you know, I'm fast. Morning. This is not my normal possible. Let's say it's like, Boom, this looks good. I'm gonna move forward. So I'll just copy this year. Earl, download the overload capital pop up right here. You can find in the shop by store when you give it a click. So once you look at or below, click on search products and then you can do import product by your Eller. I d. And type that in right there and click import and the products being imported. And then it should show up on your import list, which is right here. Home took it up. Cool. So now it's only one click away from being live on my store. And, um, I don't know. I usually don't like editing in this little box here on everything. Oh, definitely wanted change. But one thing, I it's easier to change in here. Is the price Very. And so cost is this, um, I want to change all the prices, and I always recommend if you're testing something should have a minimum a minimum of three times multiple. Unless it's a high end ticket item where it costs 50 bucks and you're selling for 100 bucks , then you know $50 is a good enough range toe working. But for something this tiny, um, you know, I need I need to make sure it's three times multiple. Usually there's $20 or less and try to do that. Compare at Price so that the price where shows like it's 40 name too. But it was really 1999. So you're getting it deals. You can change that there, too. And let's go and import this now. So again, we're gonna want to change everything here. But just so I don't that delete too much, I wanna put work out band and I'll click Push the shop. Okay, so that just pushed the product in my shop. Okay, found it. Click on the product and now your practice here. So now we go into all the elements of what makes a good product paid. So first thing, never, ever leave your product page as is copied from the Ali Express website because you have someone who second language is English. Tried to put this together, and it's never gonna work out good. They're not the smart marketer. They make the product. You're the smart marketer. You have to design and make this product page to be an amazing product page. So I always try to change all my images, Um, if possible. If I don't like him. This image is actually not bad. A super stocky, but there's a lot of different ways to do this. I will usually first from an image perspective, try to look on Pinterest on and then Instagram. So if I do workout band and what I'm trying to do is find someone else's using the product and then, um, basically just copied this image is over now. First thing I will say is, obviously I don't want to put a product that isn't my product on be like a It's a it's a workout band. And then really, what I send them is a rubber band, right? Asked me the same product up a workout band. Typically, they all look the same so you can get away with pretty much anything. But this is a really good stock photo. I'm gonna just save that image so usual spend time to get at least a couple here. Minute search. I'm gonna go on instagram and take us. Ah, search here. So now I'm taking a look at Instagram. I'm typing workout band and I'm just trying to see what's gonna pop up here looking really foreign image, um, of someone using a perfect It's just sweep this exactly what I'm looking for. So take that. Screenshot that or save it and see if there's anything else that is not a product and a little natural I'm looking for. That's another really good one. Perfect. So I am being very fast with this, but I want to prove to points that it is easy. And, um, you can get away with using these photos on a public domain. Okay, so I found a couple, I think, first take a speed. I'm gonna I'm gonna stop hope this another good one. And I'm actually gonna copy this whole thing, this whole one, because she doesn't reference a, um, the brand at all. And this really looks like a testimonial. Um, that all the elements of a good product page will walk through, but So now what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to change this photo when he had the images that I just, um, had right here. So let's change this to to that. So I changed my image up there underneath the product description. I wanna have a happy customer section, and this is typically a place will always be able Teoh share. Um, it's always good to have social proof, right? So that's the whole point of me trying to do this on. And I'm gonna add the image of, um, that entire instagram post. So right here. So, So happy Customers like that plural. So she's in there. She's looking good. Um, let me see. I'm gonna include one other image. Post that one's a good one right there. So I've include some images. Everything is always check here that the variants link up. So the color blue Indigo blue is gonna is gonna select that one and so forth. Um, the take the time to write your title as if someone would church it in. So workout band for, um forgot van for females. I'm guessing with a lot of the images. I've seen him. This is definitely to be targeted towards females. So I'll actually remove this image to so work up in for email. So I'm adding some personality here now. The only thing I need Teoh remove now is this stuff which it is bad. And one place I like to get an idea template is Amazon, so I might go work out band. Let me see if I type in female. What pops up, See if it's distinguished. Not really strict. This cool. So I'm gonna do a copy and paste chair. So funny. Thanks, Amazon, And let's see here. So now I'm gonna quickly dive through and making sure this is somewhat custom. Normally, if I was really gonna send adds up, I would go through this with a magnifying glasses and make it custom for the beginning. Amazing results. Facet Veil space Been frozen. True strength K. Good. Um, now this because I didn't I didn't take time to look at my practice scriptures. I don't know if it is non natural. I would never want to lie, um, about my product and saying that it offered something doesn't. So I'm gonna remove that. But most of this other stuff is just any of the work out bands could be made at 100% natural latex. So I do want to double check and see what it is made out of. You know what's so funny about Amazon? There's this world of people who are not doing drop shipping there, doing F b A on Amazon and that all they're doing is they're taking a much more risk of the baby. They're buying thousands of these and then the shipping them. That could be the exact same product. Honestly, so let me just quickly check product description. Yep. Natural latex. So I can leave that partner. I'm hoping you're finding value in this. I've had people requests like, I want to see a full walk through of how you create product page. So that's what this is S o I'm going through. All this is all good. Gets a great paragraph. Heavy, duty resistant bands. See, take a cool delete This last part money back guarantee. I love offering that. You should to um it just gives definitely a big trust factor for people who have never purchased bring before. So I think all that's good. So now I got my bullet points on point. And now the only thing I need to add to my product page from a description standpoint, something custom. So, Lemina, let me quickly jot this down. So I've added one little sentence here that I just made up very quick. I've spaced everything out. I'm gonna say this now. Let's have a quick look at our product Pages live. Check this out. You also notice a couple APS the upset recommended or popping up here. These are my favorite type of APS. They do so well for creating a sense of urgency here, but check this out. So we got a lot of really cool stuff happening. Um, and the price you can see there compare at price sales price. Let's take a look at this school. So it's all connected, right? Um, got my nice, long product description. Happy customers. Just a little bit of social proof. So everything right here matches for what a good product pages. Now with the fine tune comb. There are some things that I would at it like I'm looking at closely at this product. That was a pretty crappy, uh, screenshot job looking that outline rookie and the other thing, I would definitely change. It would take the time to to find more is right here. I would get rid of this for either photo. Shop it out first, double check if it comes with the product, hopefully not or find another one. That doesn't. Yeah, because that that looks kind of junky to me. So I wouldn't I wouldn't do that. Um, I think also, just, you know, because this is not a super hot commodity, like flying off the shelves. I would probably put this number two like there's only 30 left set of six. And, um, everything else looks good for, like, a first run. There are definitely elements that tad more to this. But at this point in time, you know we want we don't want to spend 10 hours making one product page. You want to basically make it what's called the M V p in the start of world, which is a minimum viable product. But think of it as a minimum viable page. You want to make it as good enough to go to get it launched and test. And I feel confident. You know, this product page would sell with the right traffic. Now, if you are maybe, like no way that doesn't even look good. You know, this is another product age that I used and I sold $18,000 worth of this product. I kid you not. So this is that I haven't touched it since then. Look how short it is. I only have two images, and really, you know, you don't need these really long romantic novel of of a product page. It all depends in the context of what you're selling. A $12 beanie is not a lot to think about either. Like the style of it told. Bucks don't even flinch. Boom. You purchase or you don't. If you're selling a $3000 you know, peace, French, Er, this is not gonna work. You're gonna need images. You're gonna need video. You're gonna need testimonial. You won't need it. All the descriptions of this sofa, that's good quality. And that will be a longer purchase. People don't just hop on a patient by a $3000 couch in a couple of minutes, right? They're gonna look and make sure it's the right decision. So the context there's no there's no right answer of this is the best product pages short or a long It's all in the context of what you're selling and more specifically. Now they know about research. Think about the user intent behind the search phrase. What does this by what their needs? What are they looking for? What can you dress right away so all those things make what is a good product page?