Shopify SEO 2020 - Powerful Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization To Improve Your FREE Google Traffic

Jono Farrington, Shopify SEO | Ecommerce SEO

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17 Lessons (5h 5m)
    • 1. The Results

    • 2. Why We Made This Course

    • 3. Housekeeping Youtube & Facebook

    • 4. Pre Audit Preparation

    • 5. Using SEMrush & Ahrefs To View Current Site Performance

    • 6. Using GWT & Screaming Frog To Analyze Your Site

    • 7. Theme Considerations For Best Optimization

    • 8. What Are The Best Apps To Use

    • 9. Keyword Research - Using SEMrush, Ahrefs & Keywords Everywhere

    • 10. Home Page Optimization

    • 11. Image Optimization

    • 12. Collection Page Optimization

    • 13. ProductPageOptimization

    • 14. BlogPosts

    • 15. How To Fix Shopify Duplicate Content Issues

    • 16. Setting Up Your Internal Links

    • 17. How To Add Schema To Your Store

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About This Class

  • The SEO Problem With Shopify

Shopify has exploded in the last few years, but much of the online training has been based on paid advertising. Shopify stores do however rank very well if you set them up correctly. Many gurus will tell you they are hard to rank, but as an agency who rank client Shopify stores everyday, we can tell you that is simply not true.

We've uncovered the golden nuggets required to rank and bring in traffic with SEO.

  • Organic Rankings

Improving your stores organic rankings and traffic is not rocket science, but it does take effort. We've optimised many stores for our clients.

  • Who Are We?

We optimize e-commerce stores everyday. It's what we do. We have real clients, real staff, and real revenue. We walk the talk.

  • Lifetime Updates

We offer lifetime updates to all students. Regular video will be posted as and when needed. Google changes everyday, and so do we!

There are many webmasters who will tell you that Shopify stores are difficult to rank in Google, but nothing could be further from the truth, as long as you take the time setup your store correctly. Some of the specific tactics you'll learn include:

  • Access To Our Proprietary Shopify App - not available to the public

  • Auditing your current site

  • Keyword research

  • Theme Considerations

  • Core Site Optimisation (Home Page & Image Optimization)

  • Collection Page Optimization (This is incredibly important and overlooked by most store owners)

  • Product Page Optimization

  • Blog Post Setup

  • Fixing Duplicate Content Issues (A common ecommerce problem, but rarely taken care of)

  • Internal Linking

  • Bonus - Schema (We were not going to add this to the course - it's simply too powerful and in the wrong hands.............well...... you get the idea

  • Access to all code and downloads we recommend are provide