Shooting the Purrfect Pet Portrait | Bonnie Marquette | Skillshare

Shooting the Purrfect Pet Portrait

Bonnie Marquette, Macro and Nature Photographer

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10 Videos (43m)
    • Pet Portraits Intro

    • Lesson 1- Equipment

    • Lesson 2 Composition

    • Lesson 3 Backgrounds

    • Lesson 4 Lighting

    • Lesson 5 Pets and People

    • Lesson 6 Shooting Multiple Pets

    • Lesson 7 Shooting Other Pets

    • Lesson 8 Get Creative

    • Pet Portrait Closing


About This Class

Our pets are more than just animals... they're part of our family, too! They deserve to have great portraits taken to be included with your family portraits. In this class, you'll learn how to get those great shots of your furred, feathered or hooved family members.

We'll be going through a series of shoots that I've done in the past and discuss what works and what doesn't. I'll give you tips about how to get that great shot of your pet you've always wanted!

I was fortunate enough to have worked as a veterinary technician for about 15 years when I was younger and always loved animals. My other love was photography, so hence the marriage of the 2! I'm now a professional photographer and my focus is always on nature and animals.

You may occasionally hear barking, crowing or neighing in the background during this class. I live on a farm in the woods of Louisiana and we have 9 Old English Mastiffs, 2 horses, 21 chickens, 1 Jack Russel Terrier, a peacock, a yellow nape parrot, a cockatiel, a goat and 3 sheep. So I have plenty of material to shoot! 






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Bonnie Marquette

Macro and Nature Photographer

Louisiana resident and native, Bonnie Marquette is a nature photographer specializing in macro photography and enjoys capturing the mysterious, vivid and sometimes hauntingly beautiful sights that define this unique state.

Winner of numerous International, National, Regional and Local awards, her work showcases the essence of this incredible area. She also has a background in Graphic Design and magazine publishing.

Accomplishments in 2015/2016:


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