Shooting In The Dark: Intro to Night Photography

Chris Ozer, Photographer

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2 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Night Photography: Lecture #1

    • Optional: Previously Recorded Q&A


About This Class

Light is like oxygen that fuels a photograph, and yet many photographers get that fuel from only one light source: the sun. So what happens when the sun goes down?

At night, it may be dark, but don't put that camera away! This class will teach you how to shoot in low light and improve your photography skills. Learning how to shoot night photography will have you thinking of fun and unique ways of capturing light to create stunning images and will improve your photo skills in the process.

Long Island City, December 2012

Who This Class Is For:

This class if for anyone wanting to learn to shoot in low light, improve their photography skills, and simply have fun with new ways of shooting. Both DSLRs and phone cameras can be used in this class - any experience level is welcome!

What We'll Cover:

In this class, we'll cover the basics of shooting at night: what you can and can't do, using a tripod or other steady surface, and then move on to topics that will have you creating those great photos: long exposures, light trails, and light "painting".

Tackling tough lighting conditions at night will challenge you as a photographer, forcing you to really think about the best approach to setting shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and making you be patient with your shots. It provides you with one more tool in your photographic belt and you'll end up creating beautiful images. Did I also mention that it's really fun?

Your Project:

Your project will be to take what you learn and create a set of images shot at night, including landscapes using long exposures, landscapes with light trails, and portraits. At the end of class we'll go over the class' images, providing critique and constructive feedback.

By the end of class, you will have gained exactly the foundational knowledge you need to to go out and shoot stunning night photography.

5 Av, New York, New York

Hope to see you in class!


21 of 22 students recommendSee All

Chris Ozer is a master. Great course if you;re looking to get started with night photography.
Viktor Bezic

Creative Technical Strategy Director

Great class ! Love the way it made me change the kind of night photographies I shot ! Thank you Chris !
Jean-Philippe Velly

Software Engineer

I highly recommend Chris' classes here on Skillshare, because he is a well-organized and attentive teacher, who is very passionate about and experienced in photography. Before taking this class, Night Photography was something that I used to shy away from. Now, shooting at night time is something that I look forward to, thanks to Chris' well-organized lecture where I learnt about the fundamentals of photography and got inspiration by seeing some great night time photography. Moreover, alI students received personal attention and feedback from Chris, which shows that he cares about the improvement of his students. Thanks Chris!
Yalin Büyükdora

Aspiring photographer





Chris Ozer


Chris has been an active member of the photography community since he began shooting and publishing photos with his iPhone in 2008. He is currently featured as a Suggested User on Instagram, where he has garnered over 300,000 followers. His work has been featured on the Visual Supply Company website, Digital Photography Review, and Mashable,  and he has been hired for professional work through his Instagram feed and blog.

You can view Chris' DSLR, film, and mobile photography on his website and his Instagram photos here.