Shoot High Quality Video with an iPhone for Your Brand or Business | Joey Daoud | Skillshare

Shoot High Quality Video with an iPhone for Your Brand or Business

Joey Daoud, Documentary Filmmaker

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11 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro to iPhone Video

    • 2. Planning Your Video

    • 3. Framing for Social Media

    • 4. Planning for Multiple Videos

    • 5. Creating Questions and a Shot List

    • 6. Best Settings for iPhone Video

    • 7. Gear for iPhone Filmmaking

    • 8. Framing and Eye Lines

    • 9. Lighting & Sound Made Easy

    • 10. Show, Don't Tell with B-Roll

    • 11. Onward to Editing

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About This Class

In this class we’re going to unlock the potential from an iPhone into a professional filmmaking tool.

We'll cover everything from planning a shoot for social media, the best filmmaking gear for an iPhone, optimal settings, how to pick locations and conduct an interview, and how to light, shoot, and get quality sound to shoot professional looking videos.

The course is structured around building a video to market your business or brand, but if you have any interest in upping your iPhone video game, you'll find this course useful.

By the end of this class you'll feel comfortable shooting quality video with your iPhone for sharing on social media. 

While this class is geared for an iPhone, there’s still lots of great tips and tricks that you can use with any type of camera.