Shoot, Edit, And Upload Videos To YouTube With Just Your Smartphone | James Woo | Skillshare

Shoot, Edit, And Upload Videos To YouTube With Just Your Smartphone

James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Downloading The App

    • 3. Two Types Of Videos You Can Upload

    • 4. Adding Titles and Description

    • 5. Using Filters

    • 6. Adding Tags

    • 7. Summary And Class Project


About This Class

If you are traveling, or don't have your laptop or your normal computer with you, you can still create, edit, and upload videos to YouTube.

You will also learn how to share the video to other platforms.

This class will show you how to go about trimming, adding filters, and titles to your video right from your smartphone.

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1. Introduction: how to edit at Abla Video to your YouTube channel right from your smartphone has been quite a while since you can upload a video right from us, my phone. But recently, YouTube allows you to even treatment any yo yo before you upload so that your video will be ready to show the world. Now, why would you want to upload a video right from your phone? Well, perhaps you RV logging and just want to create a quick video for your audience all. Perhaps you see something and you found sudden inspiration, and you want to quickly record a video and uploaded to YouTube to connect with your audience. Or you may just want to Children in formal video and connect with your audience that you don't usually do, just to add some variety to your channel. So whatever the reason, uploading a video to your YouTube channel is can be done quickly. You can edit it, uploaded and ready to show the world right from your smartphone, and it allows you to also create links so you can actually link the video to your Facebook page or your Facebook timeline so that people can also connect with you. So in this costs, I will show you exactly that. How do I did? And upload a video to YouTube right from your smartphone. And you will be able to create more videos and more media for your social media channels. So, without much ado, look forward to seeing you in the next video. I show you how to go about this. 2. Downloading The App: Okay. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have tow YouTube app on your phone. If you do not have that app, install here on the world to your place, Tom and search for the app and what you want to do is to say, for the YouTube, okay. And this is actually the official you chip, so it is safe to install. So click on install. Since I've really installed it, it's the option that's available for me is to uninstalled the app. So I'm just going over back to the screen and go and open up the YouTube. 3. Two Types Of Videos You Can Upload: assuming that your YouTube app has really been installed, What you need to do is to click on your YouTube. You would take some time to open, all right? And if you hit on the would toe the I called where there is a personal way there, Right? So for me, this is mine channel, and you see a red camera icon there, right? And you can actually click on this icon to either record a video or upload the video that you have radio recorded. I'm going to show you by uploading a video that have already recorded earlier on. And that's going to select this, uh, this video here. All right, off these dog, when you open this screen out, there is an option for you to add a title toe at the description and to select your privacy policy. Whether you want it to be public undisturbed are private. All right, so you see here the screen with the top here in this video here, let me just play for short while. So this be over there. All right? And here this is the great thing about this right now is that it allows you to edit this video, right? By moving the blue button, right? Yes. Use us, Kroto. They say you want to play the video. Let's move the button here, Okay? And then you can actually move the video, play it to start at a certain location. You can actually also slide this to the point that you want, and that will be the video. All right, So the next step I'm going to do is actually to give it a title, and I'm gonna show it in the next part of this video. 4. Adding Titles and Description: all right. Now that you have actually selected this video here, what you can do is to give it a title. And let's say I'm just going toe give you that either off. Cute puppy. All right. I didn't that description. I will say that, uh, you not be tricked, all right? You can give you whatever you want to give it. And for this time, for the time being, I'm just gonna give it as unlisted. Okay? And if you scroll back up here, there is some settings for you to a creative field us to your video. Right? So in the next time, I'm gonna show you how you can actually create the futures and also audio to your video. 5. Using Filters: Now that you have Daniel potato in your description and the sort of privacy, let's click on the right icon with a stick in with tree sparse over there, you can have the normal future. You can have the dance filter or or the dreamy future right off Glamour. Okay. And it Mm. If you want to create the a meme style off you right, there's also see will scream, right? And what kinds of things that you can select. So let's go and select a meme, okay? We're gonna select you, name em, and then in the next step will show you how you actually use the audio settings over here so you can get the musing there. You can add the feature music. All right. Whether it is one, there are most popular at this time, so you can also see selected based on general and mood, right? Whether you want to have a cinematic order, music that's ready on your device. OK, I'm not going to do that, because those music on my device probably have a copyright. So you gotta be careful in that sense. All right, so let's head over to my video. So my video is proximate me about the 19 seconds. So if I want to select video, then I need to select a shot video. I mean, a shot. Hold your foul. Okay, so I'm not going to select that, But maybe we can just choose decency. Right? So you see your time in seconds thinking we can actually see, like, music based on debt. Okay, I'm going to I'm not gonna select now music for this video. And once you are done, I don't accept. That you do need to do is to make sure that you offload this. All right, you can just blow this and by clicking this button here. So I'm going to do that right now. And click triangle button. The video is being uploaded, and you will take some time for the video to be already. So I'm just going to stop this video now and I come back to this once the video has been uploaded 6. Adding Tags: Okay, The video is being uploaded. Is about 60%. 70% done is pretty fast. A few months against the upload A video. This is a clear. The video, the video. They're uploaded for a happy Chinese New Year greeting. It was actually created with a smart phone and uploaded it exactly the way I'm teaching you right now. It would take some time for this video to process off YouTube to process. The video is actually being uploaded. Ready? And in case you want to check, make any changes, you can cancel the upload over there once the video has bean processed. When you click on the three dots on the right side of the video, right, you have different options as competitive in your uploading the video. You're uploading the video. The only option you have is to actually just cancel the upload. You can see that the other options which to get to watch the watch later that to playlists delete any safer lying share. So let's head on over to the edit but didn't hear. So let's add some text. And, uh, let's call this say cute. Okay, let's give it a space in Tennessee but the video. All right, so this But it s done. And if you want to change your privacy settings for the link, you can actually change this as well. Less living as unlisted for now. And when you click on this prying go button under right top, break inside. What this does is actually evoke up. Did the video that you have uploaded? Okay, so I'm just gonna do that. So right now, if I were to go in and go to the end, edit either getting you will see that there, that text. Ah, day. So I can add more tax as well. Let's see, we put the US anymore videos, Any moves, right? And that's I did that. Okay. You gonna cost change the potatoes as well. Oh, and then you can actually I share this video once have been uploaded. So if you click on the share button here, you will see that there are options for you to share the video. Whether you want to copy the link posted up to Google, plus a Gmail tweet, tweet. Whatever eps there on your phone, there's a connected. Okay, so this makes sharing with on other social media platforms very easy. For example, you can just copy the link and then post it up to your Facebook page. Or you can also share with your friends on what set or any other than you like. 7. Summary And Class Project: Now they have learned how to edit and upload a video to YouTube and doing all the necessary things to make your video such a bow. Your class project is to record a short video between to the tree minutes long, and I upload that video to your YouTube channel and then link your video to your class project. We're here so that anyone can see your class project the convention. It doesn't have to be perfect, but just to share and learn from one another things that you have picked up from this class and also any other insights that you like to share it on this.