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Shells Calligraphy: Wedding Escort Cards Tutorial

teacher avatar Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction to Shell Lettering

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Remove Connecting Muscles

    • 4. Preparing Mussel Shells

    • 5. Preparing Oyster Shells

    • 6. Choosing the Right Shells

    • 7. Demo 1: Painting the Gold Rim

    • 8. Demo 1: Lettering the Shells

    • 9. Demo 2: Gold on Mussel Shells

    • 10. Using Pointed Nibs with Masking Fluid

    • 11. Painting Over and Taking off Masking Fluid

    • 12. Working with White Inks

    • 13. Water Solubility of Inks

    • 14. Showdown: Brushed-on Paints versus Spray Paints

    • 15. We did It!

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About This Class

Explore how to create elegant escort cards for the perfect beach-themed wedding with letterer Joy Tay. In this 60-min Skillshare class, you will wow your guests by incorporating your hand lettering or calligraphy skills on shells.

You can choose to start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

Joy will take you through a step-by-step approach of how to prepare the shells, supplies you will need, and how to create the lettering. Get foolproof methods to create these beautiful calligraphy pieces that attract compliments every time. Other techniques and different designs for you to explore will also be covered.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the

Intermediate level: Familiarity with using brush pens, brushes and pointed nibs for modern calligraphy would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at craft stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her methods for cleaning the shells (because no one wants to receive something that smells of last night’s vongole, amiright?). The reasons behind her preparation choices and how it affects the shells will help you decide how best to clean your own shells for your project. You will also learn how to evaluate the most appropriate shells to use.

Lettering on Shells. Get tips on how to create lettering on shells and draw confidently on different textures and shapes. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed researching on the right supplies to use. Joy will share tips on which pointed nibs to use and why, how to get the best out of supplies and tools such as masking fluid, spray paints, and brush pens, as well as get intimate with different inks and their properties.

Getting creative with shells. With two demonstrations using different shells and designs, Joy aims to fire up your creativity to create pieces everyone will love. If you received a big order of shell lettering (yay, you!) with a tight deadline, Joy has got your back with her time-saving tips.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction to Shell Lettering: welcome to discuss where you're walking with oyster and officials. My name is Joy, and I'm here to take you through the prep play on display process so you can select the right kind of shells, tools and supplying so that they all work together. More honesty. Infusing your calligraphy designs onto the shelves. You can use them expensive projects. Hold ical Aydin's or place things at your kind of ends. Then no prerequisites for taking this class and you can infuse your old style chattering onto these shells. So come on, Come Germany. I cannot wait to see inside. 2. Class Overview: for this class. We're using muscle and always the shells, but you can use any kinds of shells that are readily and locally available for you. I have been embarrassing, the last collection of shelves that I use for my art projects, and I love all of them. By the end of this class, we will have completed together to shell lettering projects. Project one is the gold rimmed oyster shells of calligraphy and project to its goal in lettering on mussel shells. So why these two projects? Because I find that the offer the greatest impact for the least amount of time taken, which is important when you have a lot of shells, the complete in a short period of time. Also, I find that have been full proof in getting compliments, so I can assure you that the people you be creating these four will love it. This whole class is divided into three stages. Brett play and display. This is very prepared, clean and choose the best shelves for you to work on play. This is where you fire up your creativity in working with different techniques and supplies . I'll share with you two projects and techniques in walking with masking fluid, white inks and pigments, solo ability of different things in water and walking with pains. Buses spree. Pedes. The Last stage display. This is time for you to showcase. You'll walk into class project. Oh, and also note that for this class, although I know they're different, I'm using the terms calligraphy and lettering somewhat interchangeably. So I hope it doesn't confuse you now. Are you ready? Let's start with preparing our shells. 3. Remove Connecting Muscles: prep top time. Once you detach to meat from the shells, sometimes you are left with the connecting muscles. To get rid of them, I stock the shelves in water for at least an hour. Then I take them out and scrapped them with the back of my fingernail like so once the connecting muscles out, it's time to clean the shelves. My preference is the clean mussel shells in a dishwashing liquid solution, not bleach, because bleach would ruin the vibrant green color off the outer shell. I clean oyster shells in a bleach solution, though, because it's a more efficient way to get rid off. See, read that I cannot scrub off. Don't leave it on too long or the shells would become brittle. But if you're not concerned with how the outer shell off the muscles look like you can go ahead and clean them in a bleach solution, I find that the initial become even more iridescent, and this may be the effect that you want. Now let's get cleaning 4. Preparing Mussel Shells: So put the shells in the bucket of water, make sure that the water covers all the shelf. And then okay, I have here dishwashing liquid and gonna call, maybe about 15 ml, maybe one tablespoon. I'm just gonna pull one round into the bucket and I'll be taking a chopstick or any other longing them in just two. So maybe you can leave it alone for a while, Maybe about 15 minutes or so once the shell has been in the bucket for about 15 minutes, so I'm gonna pick out of the shell is clean, and I think a youth to fresh. I like this one because off the rubber and plastic bristles, But you can just use any brush that you want, So I'm just gonna scrub it inside as well as the surface, and then I take okay. I'm gonna miss so once you already you can get up from the dream water, give it a prince and give it a shake. And then I'm just gonna right on they say, And it will be good if you dry it where the tip is facing up. Because otherwise, if you do it this way a lot of water was still continue pulling down, and it won't dry. So you can please this tip, so I like using the it happen because Number one the material makes it very easy for water to be absorbed. And because off the it calls, it makes it easier for me to start the shelves and at least a very compact surface, as compared to using people, towels and drinking. 5. Preparing Oyster Shells: something about the border with about 30% leach. So this means that if it's 1000 ml of water, you have about 300 melo bleach. I have creature and the speaker, and you're going to sure that makes would implement. Then place all the oyster shells in it. You just at the same time you so wouldn't chop steak. So just make sure that shows old able to reach the we for about 10 to 15 minutes. So I have this one, which is already quite is Kinsey. What? Banged up already? You can see it's quite brittle. And if we leave it in the beach for too long, it gets even bus and the parts off the shelves gonna get So once it's been inside for about 10 to 15 minutes. We're gonna use your rubber gloves and you pick all the shells clean, shake it off. Seems saying used to fresh and then cc after erupt Used to fresh take a pill. Oh, clear what? It I used to read it. So once you have Winston, give oce eight. Did you know you're gonna drive them? I again I drive them on the cover, but the's always. The shells are a lot because of my mussel shells, so usually are just be some just make sure that maybe that's likely tell that just for the wild dream off. 6. Choosing the Right Shells: but this class they're using both my shells e fell in the show, but you can think about any locally available shells that are readily available. You want a snack shelves with no barnacles and then for the surfaces moves as possible to write So you can remove the barnacles with a flat hit school driver that I'm trying to do it here, but it just and you can scrape it off. It takes all too much time sometimes, so I don't. But even then, if you remove the barnacles, you'll find that See this DeMonaco that just removed. But the Scottish you're still remains, so I just don't use this up. Pick something out, which is smoother So But if you look at this shell, there is still a bit off the white on the rims, and if it's on the rims, I think it's great because you can still use it. I'm gonna teach you a tip in project to how we can work around it. Try not to have those with that bums around is like this because it can be t impact the final aesthetics of peace. So one tip, unless this is really at the rims, then that's OK, because we're gonna be peeking over it. But if you can see it and it's visible alongside the lettering, just pick another one. So for the oysters, so like a surface where it is off even color if you have too much of the darker areas like this one who find it's quite difficult for you to write the veterans because that that events will interfere with the you might also want to pick a shell, which has a shape. Your life, like this is a really cute friend. Treat one. Or maybe if you're lecturing, you have very long names to write. You might want to pick something that's a little bit more elliptical so that there is more space for a two right means. 7. Demo 1: Painting the Gold Rim: So for portrait, one is about the finished piece Looks like. So it's got a very lovely goals are on the edges as well as the calligraphy writing in the middle. So what do you need for the gold edges? So the 1st 1 is this liquid leaf in classical. If they can get any color that treats like this, I believe you can get any other critic. Metallic pain is just that This is the one that I really like because of how crossing the people. So in orderto wash this paint off your peak rush, you have a tough time. Oh, Pete, Dinner. I really got to tell you a story because I'm so used to lecturing and I always wash my Knicks in water. And one time I tried to wash my brush in water, and obviously it didn't come off. And at 8 30 at night, I have to Russia and vitamin time. If I have dried up my brush. And speaking of brush, I use a flat tip brush. It's just the right size for the prince and the size that I got a size eight and diversities. What about for the calligraphy peace in the middle, so I have to go to. Choice is the 1st 1 Is this zik for the puree Metallic that's one is in black or silver. If I want to show you the tip, you can see it's much larger then the Trumbull foodie knows. So if you have a larger piece, this gives you a bigger bunch and this. So why do I Truth? East pins. I find that the color pops out more on the shelves. That is just more intense. At the same time, I feel that the right mix off hot and softness off the tips. So it is hard enough for me to have control over my writing, but also wanted to show you soft enough that when you're coving, you're writing on the show it comes from. So if Adrian Calligraphy peas used these two. But if you're doing a full calligraphy peas, I think any black pen was so the one I selected. Is this the below which we pain? But I think really you could just get anyone for your local crossed. So that's it for the supplies between before. With that, just check that your paint is evenly distributed, according to scientific research. You have to turn it 22 times and ones. It's kind of even. Okay, So normally I would actually protect my surface, but newspaper all plastic. But I thought it might be too distracting for this particular figure. I left it as it is, but you might want to actually protect this office before you begin. Your So if elected is to piece this is the flat piece. This is the piece off the shelf. I feel like that. These because you can see that it's quite even. Yeah, it just has a very nice Tempus because they're not too many of the gray and black areas. And this is a very nice office for your calligraphy to pop. Okay, If I already let's do the opening ceremony, color is gorgeous. Okay, so I just got put this site off, but in this piece, But the big show that your peach it's not to in it's okay. Vits I think it makes it a lot. The time be it retains since I get nervous because I did not cover the surface with some protective sheathing, which you will cordage. I'm not so worried that no leaves every indigenous. Give it a lot of character. What you think? So there's a first pieces. The flat, please. Minute. Set it aside. It doesn't take too long to dry if you drink a lot of pieces by the time you're done with you But peace, it's normally right. Okay, so let's do this one. Hey, So how usually start is arrest this shell on the surface? But I will secure it using my thumb and the index finger. It isn't too much. Any start. It was the same thing. I love this pain. A slow the answer work. Make sure not to touch the paint. - I do like the drip effect. I think this one is a bit too much. She's okay. You might also like to just Pete and coat a bit of the altering. So choose like you understand? - Okay , We have it. 8. Demo 1: Lettering the Shells: Now that the paint is dry, it's time for Esther, right off the BP. My other. There are two kinds of Penn State use. But I thought that because the surface lots Mother, I'm just going to use the Tomball. Is this gonna use this? If you feel that you have here is much before I start my thing, you might want to again because this paper, anything how would you write out? I mean, I think I'll write off. Okay, so I transferred this to my shells. Let's do it. So just a note. Sometimes it doesn't turn up exactly how you want it, but it's just gives you a good idea of how you want to write your piece. Just sometimes have to follow the bridges, and you have to go with the flow that's trying, not heaven. Just make sure that it's roughy. Number uses school sometimes because of the slopes was fast. It's laws just in a slips. He is quite challenging because there is a group just going still. Sometimes, yes, which my Elvis, that's good. And you can see here because the groove it's hard to do it just no yeah, so for this cup Pease. I'm remembering another knee, but this time I'm going to use Okay, so if you don't have a calligraphy pen, I think it's totally fine to be I'm just gonna do focus. So again, as in previous example, think about the name but you want to use and how you think it's gonna appear. So I am going to do me this. It's not tracks that this show, this is a lot more challenging. Life it slope. Just make sure you go. So because sometimes it just kind of slips and a video pecs you're trying just to make sure that you have an idea. Just run your fingers along and try to see where the topography Oh, the show is Okay, so I think one to write something. Oops, it's high to can't attend the show to help you issue writing out. Okay, So as we for calligraphy be not going to fill in bounce tricks, he's all these dumb. Now let's strokes you go. This can roll this along with you, right? Marriage. You know that there's anything else. No intention. So you think that I got a fine. So you made so heavens to sound the flats surface and me using for calligraphy and that's it. That's the end of your first project. 9. Demo 2: Gold on Mussel Shells: congratulations on getting through your vice project. So now we're gonna move on to the second. The second is a lot. Most implying I'm going to use muscle shells. And all you need for the second part is a shell and a pen. So the penned I've decided to use is this deadly metallic marca wanted to amend tip now tell you why I decided to use it. I have actually tried other pens. And another Penn. A close paper. It is the sick who day beauty, metallic in gold. There a few factors why I chose this instead, the 1st 1 color capacity. If you were to zoom in at these to show, which one do you think is the color Boynton? I think you would say like me. There's going to be the one on the right and you would be right. And this is exactly the pen that used to get this more intense color. If you were to go Cosi, actually for the food, Abe Yuri, although it can write on the shell, is actually just the comments. A bit more died. That's the plus weaken. The second factor you might want to consider is if you want to use a sick? Actually, you can get your calligraphy style off. Contract meeting. Pick entin strokes, which you cannot get rid of. This guy's mom borderline So each lying each stroke is the same with. So that's one of the other considerations. It might not be such a bet. Didn't, though, because perhaps you are someone who is quite new and you just want to have your own style. So for that you don't need something that has six and things. They can't continue to go on this date. We talked about color intensity and we talked about that. You can have then six strokes. The other factor you wanna look at if this letter Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. So why do I still continue to use it? It's not been a problem for me one for I wanna share with you Waas at this particular wedding. I waas and I finished writing all the shells, all the names on the mussel shell, and it turned out on that day, like half an hour before the event was supposed to start. It turns out that one of the names was Miss Belt. So actually, for these kinds of occasions. I always have backup shelves in case the shells break or something happens. I can always write another name. But in this particular case, when the name was Miss felt, you know, I didn't even have to use my backup shelf. So all I needed to do was take a wet paper towel. Just wipe the name off, and because the ink is what a soluble, it comes right off, and I just write that you need and you'll live happy ever after. So it's never been a problem for me. That's not what So because this particular pen is also wanted to an end. So the size you can't really, very whether it's big. Often that important thing for you is you have to choose the right size mussel shell so that you're let us all your name is not gonna appear to time. So let's get right into it, as I share in the previous video. So I'm using this, that the metallic marca and I like that too. Mussel shells. So this one, as you can see, is a good choice. There's not too many Scottish you from the barnacles. It's relatively smooth, so this one, I select. It is also a good size shell for me to be able to write the name. You might also have a situation where you have something like this, but it's not really a problem. I can show you how you can cover on top of it. And it may not even look very obvious. So you don't have to throw out this kind of shell. If you find it, you can actually use it as a future. So before me, right on the shell, as usual, let's practice on people first. I'm going to write the name Elise. So I'm just gonna practice for some people to make sure that I am from the how strokes are . Okay. All right, already. So I'm gonna write on this show. So for this, I'm going to support it like this, so the shelf will rest on the surface. Three of my fingers are going to be inside the inner shell and go to stabilize it with my thumb else on my next victim. If the ready, let's go. So I'm gonna bring it closer to be. Just make sure that it's kind of simple. So you have good spacing. So you need this, please. OK, what about this kind of show? But if you have something like this and you don't have enough shell that has a very small surface. So what you can do is what I'd like to do. Is this our color? The area where there is the Scottish, You from the barnacles. And you see this? The pigment is so strong that you can tell that it was Scottish. You underneath. Okay, now the fun begins. So maybe because I have less space, but it may be all right. A short the name. See? We were right. Chili, right, Sam, Today go. Yeah. Used to example, all you need is just a bit or another one of your choice and a message. Congratulations. We have finished project you might be wondering. So we wrote it outside. But what about writing inside? I think it's about what you find you. So if you looked toe, look at this piece I wrote should be inside the shelf. But I do feel that the contract between the dark green and gold just looks so much better then white and gold. So that one reason why it is that true? I did this baby rather than this. But you know, you can do both, So give it a shot. 10. Using Pointed Nibs with Masking Fluid: I also want to share with you another project we use masking through it. I don't really use this method for often because it's extremely time consuming. But if you want to try, this is what it looks like. So for this muscle show, you can see that the name is written in masking fluid so you can see that it is the same surface s a shell and it's surrounded by color. That is what we're gonna be working on. So for this particular project, he said, the materials and supplies that you need the 1st 1 is obviously I must be for bit. Oh, I use the people drawing them. How do I write the need? I used to use a brush head and realized given size. They were brush. I realized that it really guns up my bristles, so no more. Instead, what I use is my pointed hips. He sees a two of my favorite, but this particular project OK, so this is the browse e f 66 and I didn't get because for a slight change in pressure, you can see the pine split so the drawing gum is going to come out a lot more so you can use this. You may also like to use the energy for the same amount of pressure. It does not really split off. The times don't release play as much. But I do like to use and quite comfortable using any Koji. So there's also one of my alternatives. And of course I have my pen holder. What about the color so far? This cover I actually used the Stadler gold pin and you saw this in project through earlier . But for this particular one dream together with you I will be using this liquid leaf. This is what we saw in Alba Project one together with the flat brush that you saw yet How do we lift off the gun once it drives? I have a safety pin Just make sure not to scratch the shell. Don't press on it too much and to live off the come I also have chooses. So before we start on, this is just like the other. Like a few pieces you might want to write out that me buzz on paper. So I'm just gonna dio Yes. So the masking fluid on the drawing come down using is that people were drawing gum, so just opened. And I already have my point, David days. I'm just gonna dip it. Just make sure that it goes above the hole. So I dip it in the box. Go good, right. You really have toe. Just go, Mr It just so it's hard to write and you can hear this scratchy sound. It is one of the most annoying sounds effort. Which is why I don't use this method very much. You have to a e Think I'm gonna do, Carl. I think that's enough space are you have to keep reading, being just as you do with your ink in my Okay. So I'm just gonna touch up a little bit. Because, as you can see, my c told me. See, it's not as visible. Okay, So what did it dry? Okay, I think I took off some off the trying gun, so I have to do it again. Make sure that you don't touch the rest of drawing room. Anyone would not let this right 11. Painting Over and Taking off Masking Fluid: just a note about washing your tips if he's in the drunken so immediately after, use it out, of instance in water. But even by then the drying up would have dried up already. So actually use this brush. You can use any toothbrush, any to pressure plastic bristles. But I really like how it has plastic. As first RBob bristles and it's just quite nice. Do you have it on the running water? If you choose, just dip it in water and they just make sure that you're this clean. So just make sure to take care if you did it because you'll be using it for you at the well they were going to continue where we left off. So just now you thought that I drew the name Karl in masking fluid or drying them. Although I think that is a really cool meant that I do find it quite difficult to make sure that the strokes are like ours. Didn't as I like it, okay, but now we're gonna pick this shell over with the liquid leave and again, as usual, make sure that you have turned it several times so that your paint is evenly distributed. And once you're ready, then we're gonna do the opening ceremony again. And we're gonna Pete, this whole surface, the meat. Okay, Just make sure again that you always cover yourself. It's protective plastic so that it does not. Okay, I'm ready. I always love opening this bottle because the peat is so beautiful and glossy so to Oh, how do you know if it's already dry? So you just touch it and it's not too tacky. It's good to go. So this is ready. So you begin. He just goes right above the dry trying for it. They conceded some bumps where the trying through it is. Then I'm gonna pay the other side. Just check that the pain, which is all the areas you're able to Pete on most of the surface. Okay. I just want to leave this to dry. Hey, so now the paint is dry. If I want to touch it is no longer textile and remove B had the masking fluid at the knee. So now we're gonna take it off, so I'm using a safety pin. It's easily available to me. You might want use on the elephant chapa that this process is gonna take quite a while. I just need to be quite careful about it. So the office where you see a bump, that's where the masking fluid is and you kind of just sweet, gentle. You try to lift off the masking food anyone did right off. You can see it's lifting off. It's best if the muscle food is a big if you would toe Look at E. It is easy to lift it off a girl coach off much more. Easy E is complete, and sometimes the safety pin doesn't really lift it off really well. So I have to use a season. I'll show you how to use it once I get there. Okay, this once. Okay. Sees done. Maybe kind of need to blow it. I think you are. You know, it's great the shell. But just because if not, it would leave a mark on the show. Just gently scrape off the top, the people. So you might want to use Tereza in cases like this, Um, case easy, this gunk. So I alternate between using the safety pin and the teaser a little bit more, just a little bit more. Okay, so this piece. Maybe Teoh. Okay, lets go on. If you have a few pieces, just a little bit more hit. It also means quite shop. Okay, There you go. Car. So let me put all these Concha site. So this is the end off the bonus project. This is if you are to use masking fluid so that you can show off the show, the need and also have the color surrounding 12. Working with White Inks: So what if you want to use white ink in the black? The snow fell for Project one. We use you sure you use black great. And then for project Truell. You news cool. You lease. And what is it you want? Quiting. So in the bonus project three you had masking fluid, so you don't have any ink on it. But what if you feel that you really, really want to use? Why? I think so that it will pop something like this. Okay, so I'll show you two methods that I know use. Okay, so one of the things that I really like is using Dr Ph. Margins believe proof white. I think the color is really intense. And this one off the things that I normally use. But if you were to use this on top off your liquid leave, you can see if you look at me, me focus on the end of it. So if you were to look at me, do you know this? That this is a deep It really helps to show it better. So the areas where because off the nature off the pain, it is actually quite impervious. The water so it's quite difficult for an ink to adhere to the surface. So what? This is quite intense. You can see some strokes. Now, I think I use the browse E f 66 for this one, but on the up strokes, it is very, very difficult to get enough ink to make an impression. So So I wouldn't recommend you putting white ink on top off this, Okay, so if you look at this again, you can see the hopes you can see that it doesn't offer that much contrast. And if you don't like it, you need to have it pop up a little bit more like this. You can see that this is the same being that I used, but the white pops up a little bit more. So since you can't have this case where you write the ink on top off the pain, what you can do is after you do the masking for institution you feel in these areas with white. So what I like to use is the Ph. Martin's people white. Maybe you can close that little bit This Okay, that the modern speak proof, right? And now I am going to paint it. So I've already painted are or SD And now I'm just gonna color in the e So select a brush. They've been enough. The design is the brush zero and to hey, listen, has already bean kind of graduated already? Just make sure that I do enough to use because it's quite viscous, okay? And then you fill in. So it is actually touching the surface and not the paint. So there you have it so he can see the white really office. You agree to contrast then the ones that are just left them asking for it. So you know already that you use pH margins be proof white. The other method I like to use, especially if you know the name is not too long. And there's a big service era I like to use chop bull market. So I just right, Michelle? Yeah, Alan, just make sure she's the pen. You can write to me so you can go slow because of all the bridges. And you can turn show it's need So you can see that the trump Pete Marca it here so much better then the peach Mateen's people, which it's not as intense, but it could be because of the brand on the market and using. But chalkboard Marco looks much better than picking up a little bit more they go. 13. Water Solubility of Inks: So a note about what? The proof nx So I have here with me three examples I have So Meat Inc. Which I used with my point of pain. I was have the combo which was used for Project One, this state February, which I didn't show. But it is also something that I use quite a lot in my project. Full writing shelf. So I just want to show you what it's like, but it's not a proof or not. So the 1st 1 let's take the so meek. So this this game, in its favour cheap. I got it. Die for Japan. Okay, so this is my stomach lining. If you were to look at it, it does look a little bit smudgy, even though it's dry, but it does have lasting power. I have a dropper with Martha, and if I want to drop it, we can see that actually, states. So this is a good choice. If you really care about the your book is gonna be want to perform. So this is Sunni driving. The other thing I want to show you then is put this out of the way. Okay. What about the tumble well, think again. It's a game. You can see that generally it's days. So it was OK until you may be decided to drop it off. But even then, it's not not so easy to off, so you can rub it off. But it's not so easy. So also another good tries for you. Think about the trouble if you want to think about making your book a little bit more. What listing the last piece is the sick February. Everything like this one, because I also on transparency, and it is saying it is something that it's quite with water that's again. You can still see how it doesn't mean much for that fit on what us. All the ability off the date tumble and this will be think, and this is not true for all kinds of eighth. But if you think about the fact that what the scalability or what, approving it's important to you. These are the three that I would really recommend 14. Showdown: Brushed-on Paints versus Spray Paints : I have a tip for you. If you have a lot of the showpiece is complete in a short period of time. Physical. You know, I already like using liquid leaf, but there times when you just got to get things out very quicky. And for that I use acrylic for metallic copper. I think he used any at this. Repeat the one that I really like. This one. It says true mental like finish gonna show you what it looks like. So this done in the ST Pete says can see it is quite glossy. And if you want to do, is use it on the other side off the show. It is not so closely because off the rough edges, but I don't mind. It gets a very shall we say, antique finish kind of shabby chic. So if you would compare it with the surface of the liquid ease. So this is done with the belief and it is in the vehicle, See? And if I have a lot of times, that's what before to use. But it's not so bad. It's a different color, is that it's classic gold. And this is from the Crillon is copper, but you can see they're both pretty cosy. So if I have a short of time, Um, I thought you think spooky. I think that's totally fine. It looks the color is quite different, but she can see they're both equally causing all the more power to you when you're able to save time on your projects. 15. We did It!: how again? How was it that it's about new ideas for you now for your class project? You didn't select a shell that you like. It could be anything in the oyster shell. Or it can be mussel shell for anything that you can find readily available for. You gonna take that shell and you're gonna do Is your old style off lettering on it? Snap a picture of this. I don't tell me how you use it. Is it a whole Dicle item or usable kind of fence, or is it a gift when to stop a picture of it uploaded to our class project? If you have any questions, please feel free to put your question in the community section below at upload and new discussion. Are you just in working with other materials? I have projects ranging from a gate conceded bikini. So I hope to see yet another class. Thank you for taking this