Sharpening Landscapes in Photoshop | 10 minutes | Ray Salisbury | Skillshare

Sharpening Landscapes in Photoshop | 10 minutes

Ray Salisbury, Hot Pixels Photography Tutor

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Sharpening Basics

    • Masking

    • Sharpening & Noise Reduction

    • Bonus Freebies


About This Class


Ray shows you how to sharpen your landscape photographs using Adobe Photoshop software.
Quickly learn the professional trick to sharpen the foreground, but not the sky.

You will learn:

  • Basics of using the UNsharp Mask filter
  • How to use the Quick Selection Tool
  • Use of Layer Masks to separate land & sky
  • How to use the Reduce Noise filter to eliminate digital grain

You will need:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC (2016). However, a 30-day trial version or older version (CS4+) is okay.
  • Landscape / scenic photo with both sky and land
  • Computer & Monitor
  • 10 minutes to watch the videos (plus extra time practicing what you've learned.)





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Ray Salisbury

Hot Pixels Photography Tutor

My name is Ray...

As a qualified and experienced art & design teacher, I am passionate about helping you improve your photography. That's why I am teaching on Skillshare - so you can invest some serious time into your hobby - you deserve it!

As a power user of Photoshop, (think 25 years+), I will show you what YOU NEED TO KNOW, not all other bright shiny objects that might distract you.

As a trained photographer, (think Bachelor Degree), I know how frustrating it can be, ...

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