Sharing Your Story: The Importance Of Content And Messaging

Jaclyn Mullen, Ready to help you grow, give back & have fun!

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1 Lessons (22m)
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Project Description

Create Content That Excites Your Audience And Supports Your Goals

This is a project about storytelling....and content creation.

The purpose of this class is to help you emotionally connect, educate and empower your audience so you land the customer, land the job, land the art grant, _________ (insert your deliverable here).

Often times in this digital day and age, we feel pressured to "create content for the sake of creating content" but this is ineffective for you and at the same time, can start to become boring for your audience.

After this class, you will be invited to share a content deliverable of your choice be it an interview, blog post, customer feature, video or call to action post that you create.

Student Projects