Sharing Your Story: The Importance Of Content And Messaging

Jaclyn Mullen, Ready to help you grow, give back & have fun!

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1 Lessons (22m)
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About This Class


Have you run out of ideas with regard to your online content?

OR, do you feel as though something is off?

Maybe you feel:

  • Invisible
  • You can't find your voice
  • You don't want to sound "too promotional" or pitchy
  • But you're using social media for a purpose: to generate sales, to share your expertise, to build social proof.

In this class, I will review with you content marketing techniques to help you identify your desired content goals, cultivate consumer generated content that you can share, establish a content ratio--(so that--in the event you are selling/marketing something, the calls to action are there) and all around start to get a little bit more creative and strategic with your content creation in general.

Who doesn't want to be more creative?

Let's begin!