Share Your Child's Art With Canva | Charmaine Boggs | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Make an Instagram Post

    • 3. Make a Facebook Post

    • 4. Make a Greeting Card

    • 5. Make a Photo Collage

    • 6. Commercial prints from Canva

    • 7. Share Your Project


About This Class


If you're like most parents, you've acquired a colorful collection of your child's creative art work that is beginning to take over your home, or at least a good bit of real estate on your refrigerator door or the playroom walls! 

In this class, you'll learn four quick and easy ways to use the Canva app to take some of those youthful masterpieces to the next level. With Canva, you can create engaging Facebook and Instagram posts to share with family and friends and printable greeting cards and photo collages for grandma and grandpa to display in their homes.

The Canva app is free for iPhone, iPad, and Adroid phones and tablets. There is also a desktop version for those who prefer to work on their MAC or PC. You can download the app from the App Store, Google Play, or sign up for a free account at The video demonstrations in this class are shown on an iPad Pro, but the app features will be similar in any format that is used. 





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Charmaine Boggs

artist, educator, creativity crusader

 I'm Charmaine, artist, arts educator, and creativity crusader ... living an art-full life fueled by Starbucks and beach dreams!

After retiring from a forty year career in education in 2017,  I realized that I was not ready for a life of leisurely luncheons and golf outings. I'm sure the fact that I've never even played golf might have something to do with that! 

When I'm not busy working on my painting and printmaking, I enjoy spending time in my flowe...

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