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Share Your Artwork With Flatlay Photography

Amanda Creek, Photographer, Designer & Biz Coach ☕

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10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Class Materials

    • 3. Class Project

    • 4. Ideas and Inspiration

    • 5. Flatlay Scene Ideas

    • 6. Props & Placement

    • 7. Setup & Lighting

    • 8. Finding Your Focus

    • 9. Quick Editing Tips

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to Share Your Artwork With Flatlay Photography!

Sharing your artwork is an important part of being an artist. It helps you to become visible to those who will buy your work, as well as those who might share your work. By learning how to take photos of your artwork through Flatlay Photography, you'll be able to show your artwork in a fun, creative way no matter where you're at in the creation process. 

In this class, I will teach you different flatlay scenes that you can use to showcase your artwork, how to focus your camera so that you get fun and interesting photos, how to setup your flatlays so that it's easy to take the photographs, how to place items within the picture to create an interesting scene, and some simple editing tips to make your photos stand out and look super professional.

When you're done with this class, you'll have a creative flatlay photo sharing one of your beautiful artworks!


Here are some of the examples of flat lays that I created during the creation of this class:








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Amanda Creek

Photographer, Designer & Biz Coach ☕

Hi there, creative friend! 

I'm so happy you're here on Skillshare (and that you've stopped by my profile). Learning is one of my absolute favorite things, as I imagine it is for you too. 

As a teacher here on Skillshare, it is my ambition to create practical classes that grow your skills and knowledge. Currently, my classes are all geared towards teaching you how to use photography for your Brand and business, but be on the lookout for some other fun clas...

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