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Shaping words with envelope distort in Illustrator

teacher avatar Isabella Thaller, Graphic Designer and Art Director

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 01 Trailer

    • 2. 02 Envelope Distort – Shaping Words

    • 3. 03 Outlining, Colouring, Gradients, Pattern basics

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About This Class

I'm going to show you how to use the envelope distort tool in Illustrator to create a variaton of letterforms.

Meet Your Teacher

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Isabella Thaller

Graphic Designer and Art Director


Isabella Thaller is an Austrian graphic designer and art director. After having worked for various leading design studios and as a freelance designer in London and Berlin, Isabella now runs her own Vienna-based studio. With a focus on brand identity and print, she creates visual communication across various media, from conception to production. Working with clients of all sizes and from diverse sectors, both locally and internationally, she is supported by a network of talented suppliers and collaborators. Her aim is to capture the essence of a brand or enterprise and make it visible to its audience.

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1. 01 Trailer: Hi, my name is is about a Tele. I'm a graphic designer based in Austria Vienna, and that was in designing for print and branding. I especially like creating brands from scratch because I couldn't come up with the initial idea, created logo visual language to go with it and then spread it out across different media. What we're gonna do today is we're gonna create just live typographic mark using Illustrator. There's a tool called end look to store, which gives you the option to distort and shape your letter forms like you want them. And that way you can get some personality to the type of team we gotta do a small square out book that you can share later on Instagram if you're happy with it. But you can use it to create any kind of operate like posters, greeting cards, T shirts, packaging like a gentleman, previous project or anything else. Really? So let's get started 2. 02 Envelope Distort – Shaping Words: we're hearing illustrates that. And then we wanna creating you file. You can also press command and on your keyboard I'm gonna name it words. And I want to have four outboards, three former outwards and want to draw. I'm going to get from the size of 1080 pixel square because that's the ideal size for an instagram image. I make sure are to be kala mode is selected. And I said my PPR to 72 because we're creating something for screen. OK, first, I want you to think about which word and which fond to use. Ideally, you use short word and the sounds a reformed, but because that gives you more eligibility once have shaped the word, I'm going to use the type tool. And I'm gonna select a condensed fund just because I like the look of it and I'm going to set the size to 450 pixels. I'm clicking on the first outboard and I'm writing my first word. I want this to be at the center of the outboard, so I'm going to the selection tool which you can also reach by hating and be on your keyboard and make sure aligned to our board is selected. Now I can horse onto the in vertically align, It's of a center. I'm going to copy and paste it on the following toe Outboards now. So I'm gonna hit command, See, to copy, select the second our board and press command f to paste in place. And I'm doing the same for the 3rd 1 Not looking on the words to change them. I'm searching back to the selection tool. I'm selecting the word love and now I'm gonna show you How do you lock the store to It works. You click on object, an envelope distort and you can see you've got three options. Either make with warp, make with mesh or make the top object. This the one we're going to use for the word love. But I'm just going to show you to make with war. I suggest you explored it on your own because you've got already pre existing shapes which you can change by that using these pyramids is so I'm just gonna hit cancel here. I'm moving over to the fourth outboard because we're going to draw a heart here to shape our world. Love too. I'm assuming in a little and first of all, I'm changing to the airport tool. And I say Show center Mark. Actually, it doesn't show it yet because I need to select the outboard and I say again, show center Mark and you can see a little across here. Now I'm selecting the rectangle tool. And, as you can see here, that's already existing shapes and illustrative rituals, which you can also used to shape your words, too. But we're not going to do that because we're creating our own Let's select rectangle tool. I move my mouse over the little cross here, and while having all and shift practiced, I'm drawing a perfect square. So now I want to rotate it, and therefore I need to switch to the selection tool, and if I move it over to the corner, I see a little ICANN, which tells me that I can rotate it. I want to rotate it in a 45 degree angle so I can again press down Ault and shift, and that's let snatches in at 45 or 90 degrees, and I'm doing it at 45. Perfect. So now I want to get rid off my top anchor point. I'm searching back to the direct selection tool. I'm selecting the top anchor point and you can see that it's elected because it's blue and the other ones are wide with a blue outline. And now I'm just hitting the delete key on my keyboard. In the next step, I need to get rid of to fill. But I need a stroke. So I just hit this little button which swaps filling stroke. I bring out the stroke menu and I give it a really heavy weight off say, 600 pixels. And now I'm changing the capture own shape. And I've got a shape of a heart, which is technically still a stroke. But I can outline that by pressing object expand. Make sure Fillon stroke are selected and hit. OK, great. So now I want to get rid of this little cross. So again I go to our poor tool and sees elect this. I'm going back to the selection tool. I'm gonna resize my heart and I'm gonna align it to the center. Actually, I wanna have it a little bit bigger now. I'm taking it off off the fourth outboard oppressing Command X are moving over to the 1st 1 I'm selecting the outboard and I'm hitting command after pasting place again. I want to take off my cross here, okay? And I'm hiding this little menu here. So now it's a bit difficult to distinguish which optical eyes at the front and Richard the back. And that's very important for the use of our tool. So I'm going to change the color to just any random color. Now I can see my heart is that the frog, if it would be at the back, would look like this. And then I would need to bring it to the front. And I can do that by objects arranged. Bring to front. Perfect. So now I'm selecting both of my objects. I'm going to object Envelope to stored make with top object and I found a shaped to the heart. You can see a little gray thing here, but if you assume in or out, it will disappear because it's just a visual error. Great. Now holding on to my second word for this one, I want to use the mesh, so I'm selecting the word I'm going to object. Envelope distort and I say make with mesh. It asked me how many rows and columns of one and I can hit the preview button to see how it looks. And I say, That's okay for me tonight. I'm just making it really tall and slim. And I'm assuming in a little and whatever they like about this one is that you can keep the outside intact and just shape the inside off the word. You can all shape the outside, but that's not what I want to do. Now I'm changing to the direct selection tools and by just clicking on anchor point, I can move it around. And that's what I'm going to do with the whole word. Okay, I think I'm happy with it for now and moving on to the next one for this one. I'm just gonna draw a random shape and I'm gonna use the pen tal. But actually, the delete anchor point is selected between don't want we want the pentacle and I just click on my art board to make an anchor point. I click again and if I click and hold it down, little handles come up which allow me to shape a curve and I'm gonna draw a random shape existing off round curves and sharp edges. So now I'm using the selection tool, Select both object and I say, object and loved the stored. Make top object. Now, that doesn't quite look like I wanted it. So I'm going back to the direct selection tool, and I'm manipulating my anchor points until I'm happy with them. Yes, that's what I want. 3. 03 Outlining, Colouring, Gradients, Pattern basics: We're going to finish all the artworks now, and I'm gonna show you a few different ways of coloring them in. We're going to use Grady ins and patrons, but if you want to give them just a plain color, you can select your object that looked like on the color feed down here and select the color. What's great about this tool is that you don't need to out on your phone for most coloring techniques, so you can still double click on it twice and then change it. I think I preferred it as it was before, so I'm gonna hit Come on sets. What I want to do is I want to create a beast poke pattern for the love symbol. So let's move over to the additional Odd board. Assume in a little bit. That's like direct angle tool and double click on the top left corner of the outboard. Now I'm going to give it the size of the outboard because I wanted to be a full bleed background. I don't want it to be black, though. So again, I'm double clicking on the color feed done here, and I'm going to make it a dark rose a red. Right now I'm switching back to the selection tool. And to make sure my background is not selected, I'm gonna click anywhere on the drawing board. Now I'm changing to the paint brush tool, and I want to select specific brush. So I go to window brush libraries artistic and I'm going with the 2nd 1 here can browse through my brushes and I'm going to select the first brush because it's really thick, and I'm even going to give it a really fix drug of 20 pixels. Now I still need to make sure that there's no feel selected and then double clicking on the stroke to give it a brighter color. Now I can hide this menu here, and I'm gonna make some random brush strokes on my outboard. This looks a little bit off, but that's exactly what we want. I'm going back to the selection tool, reflecting both the brush strokes and the background and hit command G to prove it. You can also do that in your object menu. No hitting Coman X to take it off the outboard. I'm moving over to the 1st 1 selecting the first our board and hitting command after pacing it in place. No, it is at the front, and I wanted to be at the back so I can either use the menu or press command shift and the left square bracket on my keyboard to go into the back. Perfect. My goal is to create a clipping mosque off the front object in the background. But for that I need to outline this phone. So I select it. I got to object and expense. I make sure object and Phil are selected and I hit. OK, now I've got single letters, which are fine, but I need to make this a whole shape. So I opened the past, find a menu, hit this little icon here. Then I go to the top menu on the right, and I say May component shape. This should allow me to make a clipping mask, and I select the object in the foreground and the one in the background. And I used the mouse right click or call hit control on my Mac and click and I say, make clipping mask and that's what I intended. So let's move on to the next one for this one I want to use a full plead background in the radiant within the word. So I'm going to direct tangled tool again double clicking on top left corner of the outboard and give it the same size as they are bored. I'm gonna change that to a bribe. You. Now, I want this to go to the background. So again, I'm hitting command shift and the left bracket again. I need to outline my fund here. So I selected say, object expands, make sure optic and feel are selected and hit, OK? And I did the same as before, and I make it a compound shape. So I'm using the grading menu here. I'm picking on this little square you can see now with gotta Grady in some double clicking on the black and I'm gonna make it white. And also I want to change the A pass iti to 20 to make it look like it was fading out to the right. Perfect. Now let's do our third world for this one. I want to use pattern, but not one. I create myself, but one which comes with illustrates. Um, so I'm gonna select it. Don't look thick on the type and I'm going to window Swatch libraries patterns and nothing . I want a basic graphic like a texture. So now I can select the petting alike and I think, how didn't know which one I want, which is this one. So what I need now is something for the background. I want to copy the square here by pressing Kommen sie Let the third outboard and press command f to paste it in place. I wanted to go to the back some pressing command shift on the left square bracket. No need to get rid of this anchor point, but I don't want to open up the path and deleted. I wanted to stay a whole shape with three sides. So I'm using the anchor point Alito appear and I'm just going to click on it and it's gone . So now again, I'm changing the color by double clicking this little icon and I'm gonna make it a really bride. Salman Toe. Great. I cannot get rid of my last outboard of this menu. Now we're finished with our little typographic marks and I hope you enjoy the class. It will be great to see you Outcomes on the page