Shape Modifiers from A to Z | Master After Effects | Alan Ayoubi | Skillshare

Shape Modifiers from A to Z | Master After Effects

Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

Shape Modifiers from A to Z | Master After Effects

Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basics of Shape Layers

    • 3. Merge Path, Offset Path, Pucker& Bloat, Round Corner

    • 4. Trim Path

    • 5. Twist, Wiggle Path, Zig Zag

    • 6. Repeater & Wiggle Transform

    • 7. Homework Project 1

    • 8. Homework Project 2

    • 9. Homework Project 3

    • 10. The End

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About This Class


In this course, we will cover everything about shape layers, we will start with the basics of shape layers and how they work, how the fill and stroke work. And then we will go to shape modifiers and explain one by one, we will know how they work and what is their potential. In the end, we are going to work with 3 real projects together and apply what we have learnt.

This is the second course of the collection of courses that I promised to publish about Adobe After Effect. In this course, we are going to talk about the shape layers. If you are just starting with adobe after effects make sure to check my other course Afte effects from scratch, this course will give a full understanding on Adobe After effects, and make you ready to work comfortably on Adobe After effects it will also make you ready to understand this course better.

Meet Your Teacher

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Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm island, a motion graphic designer and a photograph for for almost 10 years. This will be the second course of our master that will be after effects collection. And in this course you are going to talk about the shape players. So you're going to master shape players in adobe aftereffects. But before I start with this curse, if you're just starting with the after effects, make sure to check my first course, which is adobe after effects from scratch. This will give you a better understanding. I don't br three picks. You will make you ready to work comfortably, work with adobe aftereffects. And also you will be more prepared to take this course in this course, we're going to talk about shape players. We will start with the basics of shape players, how the fail and strip works. And then we were going to the shape modifiers. I will go one by one, explain how they work and what's their potential. At the end of this course. Together we are going to work with three year projects and we were going to apply everything we have learned in this course before. We start with the course, I just want to mention that all the project files are in the classical drink. Make sure down with them before you start with discourse, because you'll need it during the course. So let's together start with our course. 2. Basics of Shape Layers : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover the basics off shape players. Okay? I'll started by creating a new composition. My composition is full HD and 60 frame and 10 seconds. Okay, We will start with the shape players. These are the tools that we can create the shapes in adobe after effects. And they are Victor based means that when you resize them, they're not going to lose. There is emotion. So I'm going to create their circle when creating shape layers, and it will be aftereffects. They're in this type of players. If you select this layer and create another shape, for example, on creating a rectangle, the rectangle will be made in the same layer. But if you don't select anything, just click anywhere, blanking timeline and create another thing. Now it's in the different layer. So for now, I'm just going Teoh, create everything in one layer and I'll show you the properties of each of them. Okay, I'm creating another one, Which is this one. Okay, well, the gun make the smaller. Okay, Now we have three times of shapes. Okay? Now I'm going to shoot the thing that are similar or common between them. And then I will go through the thing that there are not common. Like for example, police start have some options that the rectangle doesn't have it tangles has some options that lives doesn't have. So let me bring all the options here. So, as you can see, that trance firm is common between age over. This is the transform for each of these individuals. And then you have a trance firm for the whole layer. I'm going to show you later all. And he made this and I will show you. How can you use this feature? So aside that transform. We have the stroke and feel which is common between all of them as well. No, no. Start with the police star. These are the options that police there has. These are the points. You can have more than one points changes like this on by the you can any made all of these options? These prepared This gets life again. You have the position here. You have that out. The radius on the roundness. You can create somebody cool shapes with this. Okay? And then we have the stroke. For now, the stroke is only 1%. You can have this stroke care. And this is the color on this truck. By the way, you can control the stroke and failed here as well. Okay. And then you have the caps on joint. I'm going to cover this for okay, Okay. These are okay. And then we have the line cup and join online. Join. I'm going to cover it in the rectangle. Also in their stroke when it drove something. Because because in this one is not going to change anything. Okay. And then for the stroke, we have dashes this. What does it do? Kook. Okay. And then we have a link up on the line. Joint line cup, online joint. I'm going. Okay. And then we have link up online, join or leave this after I cover this. Okay? And then you have these do I'm not going to cover these because they will not be visible for now. Now we'll go to the dashes for the dash. It makes dashes for the stroke like this. And now if you go and change the line cup, they get round. You can see now we have these drones. You can add more dishes. One more you can create very, very nice variation with this on their all any made it you can be made them easily. Okay. I want to make something nice if you want to remove one of them. Just first This one. And now we have this one. Okay. I want to make them circles. Yeah, just like this. And then the upset you can Any made them like this? Now let's go to the field for the fairly have the blending mode. These blending modes are similar to what we have in the photo shoot. You don't have any background. That's right. Something to change anything. I will leave this for now. And then you have this one. If you wanted to be a Buffel below this truth so now they're struck is below there. I feel okay. We'll keep it like this for now. And this is the color on this one is a pastie. It controls the past. So you have all of these controls a side of that. We have the transfer control. We have all of their past the rotation scale position. You can control all of these and you can also any main thing because they have this for the rectangle stroke feel transformed. There are the same but the hair in the Congo Pat, we have one option that it didn't have in this one, which is promptness. You can round our tango just like this. And by the way, you can Any made it as well. And for the circle, everything is the same as the rectangle, but it doesn't have the darkness. Something else we can do here is you can actually like movies around. For example, Now I put the field above this truck and now the struck is below the and all of these. They have blending modes. One more thing, you actually kind creator groups, as you can see now, we Because I copy and paste these, they are being groped in one lifts and we can create more lives. Actually, you can care. Now we have a different lives from this one. And inside this you can create more lips. They'll be groped. This gave you so much control. Now let's talk about what's the benefit of having transformed for the layer and also the transfer for each of the content. Okay, I'm going to create two more circles. Okay, I'm pressing shift uncommon to make a perfect circle, click and ship and common. Okay. Now our Sorry. I created this in the new layer was not paying attention. Make sure that you select you layer so you don't create a new layer. Okay, Just like this will make this of its smaller. Great. Now I want to Any made their layer the whole layer. I want them from here to come here, so I'm going to put them here. Transformation position. You would accuse him of the 2nd 1 then goto the I mean, the 2nd 0 Then go to the 2nd 1 on. Bring it here, then I'm going toe disease. No, to the curves on. Okay. Perfect. Our animation is nice like this. No, we need to any mate this individual circles. So I'm going to go to each of them bones firm position, transfer position. Okay. I'll give a friend too. The position for each Okay. Press you to bring your key frames on the timeline. Okay. In the middle of the way, I want these two any right to come here. Just want to go here. This one here and then copy and paste this key Friends copy Control C Control, Control C Control Because we want them to be in the same position when the teacher going to disease. Mikey firms to the Kraft and make my animation smoother. We're here as well. You see, this is really nice. So it's your turn to create your own stuff. That's the end of this lesson. Hope you enjoyed in the next Listen, you are going to start with the shape modifiers. 3. Merge Path, Offset Path, Pucker& Bloat, Round Corner: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to start with the shape modifiers. I just created these two shapes with a circle Andi rectangle shape modifiers work with this content with the content in the shape layer. So you have lives and Rick Tango. If you want to add shaped body fired both off them, we're going to select content and go to the at. For example, I'm going to add his exact to these so whatever above their shape, modifier, the shame. What if I would apply to them, for example, Now it's only a lips that above the shape modifier, and it's only applied to the Ellipse store. You can also add to the individual contents. For example, I select rectangle. I want to add exact Onley rectangle. Now added to it. It's only applying to their title. Okay, let's start with our shape modifiers. You're going to cover mash path, offset path Walker and blood and around corners. I will leave the repeater for now. I'm going to cover another. Listen, it's time to start with the marriage. No, added this one. And as you can see, there are the marriage together. If you go to the settings for the merge we have Aetna. If we change this to subtract, it will be subtracted ever above. What is Billy would be subtracted from it as you can see, the rectangle subtracted from their lips. If he dedicated, you know we have two rectangles and both of them are subtracted from the lipstick. Remove one with rectangles unless changed the mood again. No, I will try Intersex. As you can see, it's intersection just like this. And then we have the exclude intersections. The area where they intersect will be excluded. There was all about the marriage paths on. Now he will move to the second modifier. Let's go to the end and we will have the upset. This one basically offset the past off the shape. It put it inside and outside the emergence of the ship and one of the thing that is interesting about this one. If you draw a line, it will give a stroke to align. Actually, just like this can see you can also around the corners just like this. Yes. This is all about this money fire. I'm just explaining what each of them do. And in your work you can use them for many things. And now let's go to the 3rd 1 which is the poker on bloat. With this one, you can create some really interesting shapes, and by the way, you can any made them. And most of the modifiers are any meat that will you can any made them and make really interesting animation from them. If you want to know about the animation, checking my cars the after effect from scratch, where I explained how to any made stuff on also, I explained how to make your animation smooth with speed graphs. No, If I create another shape, for example, I'm going to create a circle this money. If I were applied automatically because it's below with them and it's already animated just like this, we have the second shape. Yes, that's all about this money fire. Okay, let's move to the last modifier for this. Listen, with just the round corner, as the name say's, it runs the corners just like this, and you can any made that. Let's give a key friend and tear you around the corner a bit just like this? Yes, that's all about this money fire in the next lesson. You are going to cover a very interesting shame, buddy. Fire, which is the term path. See you there. 4. Trim Path: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to cover term path. This is one of the most used. The modifiers used a lot for animation, especially the local animation. Create a circle with only the stroke. Now, if you go to the term path we have start and it you can play with the stroke just like this No, let's any made this struck. Give a different to the end. The second key frame will be zero on the 1st 1 will be 100 just like this. We animated hours through. Remove this key for him and play with the start a bit. Now, with the offset we can play with the stroke like this, it's any made that struck with the upset? Yes, with the offset. Can any made your stroke like this? I would just increase the rotation. Offset. No, I'll make this line struck a bit longer by playing with the start. Okay. Just like this. And then all public it that lifts. No. You have to circles up with him beside each other. No. We will create an infinity shape animation now turn multiple shapes and make it individually from simultaneously. Now, there are any mating individually, I'll just move this key from a bit and then I will increase the irritation. Okay, perfect. As you can see, they are starting from here. It's when he's starting from here and this one from the other side. We want to change that. To do that, Goto lips stole than less path and converted to busier path. Then select the path. Then go to your shape. Click the anchor point that you want, right click and then mask and shape path, said Fares Vertex. Now the animation will start from this anchor point. You'll do the same for their 2nd 1 Okay, make it, uh, busier path. Select path and like this anchor point, make it pairs of tactics. And now we have something like this. We still don't have the infinity. Look, there is one more thing that we want to do, which is very simple. Just go to the path and change the direction just like this. No way have this infinite with the term path can create unlimited type of animation. It's a very amazing this everything about this shape modifying the rest depends on your creativity and what you make from this street. This is the end in the next Listen, you're going to cover toe six. See you there 5. Twist, Wiggle Path, Zig Zag: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to cover twist. We go path and exact. I'll create these shapes. Artists are modifiers on them. Okay, Now I will start with the 1st 1 which is the twist on them to select the first Pallister and twist was go to the twist prepared. These we have centred on an angle center joins the point where the twist happens on and go to east the shape actually on This is any made double for example, we can now and he made the angle. Give a cue from go to the 2nd 1 on change the value No any meeting this Let's go to the other shape and give it twists to it as well As you can see, you are giving the twister individuals not to both of them. So just like the other one, play with the angle on center like this Let's any made this as well. This time you're going to any meat The center in the state of angle just like this. If you played, we have this any mission. This is all about the twist modifier. Let's move with these exact and we go path for that, I'm going to create two lines to demonstrate wiggle path and exact. Okay, we will start with the Rico path, go to the Rego path. So in this listen, you're going to couple legal path and exact the wiggle transfer. We're going to cover it with the repeating another. Listen, we're going to cover these two in another. Listen for known, it's go to There we go. Path bring the properties and we have all of this. We have the size which control the size over the we go. Then we have legal Second it controls. There we go. Spare second. So now we have six. We go spare second. If I remove the failed from this line, you will see better. This we go. And if he put this to zero, the Wiggles will stop and we can man Wally, play with this with the temporal on special face. I'll give some key friends toe this just to see for him to this one. Now we have this animation. If you go to the points, we can make it there smooth. No, you have the smooth edges. I'm just going to enable the feel again to see the look. Now we have something like this and the last thing is the details is the details of the we go. Is it gonna see I'm just going to disable the field again just to see how does it look? That's all about the We go. You can create a lot of stuff with this and we're going to use it in our practice. Now we'll move to the 2nd 1 which is the exact select content at his exact. So they prepared tissue have made the size the size of those exact and then you have for disappear, signal and then we have corners. You can make it smooth. I think this I'll remove the fields. We can see better. Okay? And we can Any made this? I'll just give some key frames to There were just per segment. So I give one in the 2nd 0 and the 2nd 1 I'll give another one and play with their were just for signature. It doesn't change much because we need a greater valuing marriage per segment. No increased on. We have this one. Let's see what will happen if we any made the source with the rich per segment. No, I don't give a key frame of the 2nd 0 on another key frame by the 2nd 1 Until you the value . Now we have something like this. Perfect. This is all about the regal path and the six sec. I'll see me the next. Listen where you'll talk about the repeat and we will transfer. See you there. 6. Repeater & Wiggle Transform: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to cover a Peter and weak of transfer. So I credit the circle, and I'm heading there the pizza first. So as the name says, it repeats the shapes. Now we have six copies, and here we have the offset. If you go to the transparent for the repeater hair, we can change. Most of the things can change their position. We can change the scale as move. But I will leave us care for now. We go to the rotation, you have something like this. Okay? And then we have the capacity on they start a pastie. By playing with these separate parties, you can come up with some unique stuff, so just make sure that you play with them. For now, I'm going to reverse the sittings, and you're going to duplicate this repeater. Well, she was something else. I think this 100 again, The GOP's make it six again and opposite make it zero and control Detour. Ow! Kate There, Peter. Now go to the properties for the delegator. Peter, you'll go to the position. L said there's zero on. Then play with this one. Okay, Now, you have something like this, Just like the other Inter. Peter, you have control over everything. I'm just going to test some of them. You have a pastie start on the end. You have the rotation here. We have the position. I don't have the scale. Yeah, basically everything you can many relate. Now let's move to the wiggle transfer. I will add it on put it below their Peters open and go to the transfer and change the value off. One of the transformation prepared this. As you can see, the wiggle transferring gives an animation without any key friend. Just play with the properties on the animation teams just like this. You have this very interesting animation, and then we can change the temporal phase on special face. You just need to play with these until you get the look that you're looking for. Then you have the relation. Okay, so something between zero and 100 will be good for that correlation. Wiegel second decides the speed of the Regal. How maney wiggles do you want in the second just like this? Okay, I'll bring back that. We get per second to minus stores also fine and then correlation I will bring Get to somewhere on 61. Now we can go and change their peters and the change will be applied to the animation. Now we've played this. We still have our animation, but with a different book. Because you are playing with their Peter and like this, you can go and change anything in your main shape and it will be applied on all of these shapes. No, if you go to the stroke, if I increase the stroke, we can increase it like this and it will be changed for everything. You can also add more modifier. So if I add there we go path, for example because you can see who added their ego path. We can add more stuff. We can play with the sittings of the Wigo path. Make it smooth. I mean, you can combine all of these social modifiers and create your own unique style like the possibilities is unlimited. Now I will add another money for which is the term path. You can also play with the sittings of this modifier. And he made it as you wish. So I did this just randomly and as you can see, It looks like germs are pathogens. Let's remove the Phil. No, I will at some key frames to the term. Okay, So you have something like this. Let's at another body fire. I'm going to add a twist this time. Guys, I'm doing this just to demonstrate that you can combine all of these things. I'm not making anything specific in the next Listen, you're going to use all of these modifiers in some rail projects. The project files are in their class Project, please. Down with them because you will need it for the next lesson. So this was the end of this. Listen, I'll see you in the next one by 7. Homework Project 1: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to do our first homework, which is this one in this project you're going to create the shot and also the animation off the gun. And also, the breast opened the project file that you download it from the class project and go to the fairest camp, which is the name. It's cursed. Come. You'll see something like this. Okay, We'll start with the water short. We're going to add the term path and then go to the term path and you're going to any made the start and end to create our shut. Okay, let's treat a key frame for the end and I remove it. The few frames hit. We wanted to be 100 at this key frame. And at the first key frame, you wanted to be zero and the same thing for the start. Toby zero. The first key frame few from ahead, and it will be 100. Now. I'm going to Eazy e's Mikey friends and go to this graph, and I'm going to smooth in our animation. Sorry. You need to select it again. Okay. Now, if you played, nothing happens because we need to make a delay between start and ain't. So I'm going to move the start key friends just like this. Let's see, It is a bit too along the shot, so I need to move it. Okay. Basically, one key friend is different between the end and the start, and we will have the shot. Okay, That's all about the shot. Let's move to the breast for this. I need to enable their safe margins, okay? And I'm going to make my breasts right in the middle. You need to do it from the middle because you're going to use the repeater, and it needs to be in the middle. So for this year, make it breast, and you're going to use to shame modifiers. One of them will be term path on the other one will be repeater. So I'm going to add that term path, and you will make the similar animation to the shot because you wanted to move like a breast. So I'm going to make these 20 at the first key friend and I will move around five key frames. I mean, five frame Sorry Now will make both of them 100 Okay, You know, start and then select them. Make them easy ease and go to the sweet graph on It's more than the animation, just like the other one. And for sure. We need to make a delay between the start and end so you can see the breast just like this . Perfect. And now the next thing we're going to add is the repeater. It's like the content go to at repeater, bring in the properties. I just moved this so I can see the breast. I will make the position zero for both of them. And the rotation 60. Okay. And number of the copies will be six. Now we have our breast. Perfect. So we're going to move this brust toe where the like the shot hits the spaceship. I'm going to move this in the composition. And also we're going to move the layer in the timeline later. So now it's okay. Let's go to the layer, bring in the key friends by prison, you and move you on the animation to start when it hits the spaceship. Just like this. No, we need to wk this breast. We need to move it in the timeline as well because the animation happened first. And then we will move it in the view port to the gun because you want this breast to happen when the gunshot happens. Sorry, I'm just moving. This gonna but because it's not in the middle of the shot. Okay? I will move this breast right here just like this. The next thing we are going to any made the gun, we're going to any made the position and rotation for that press shift p and then shift our It'll bring these two position on rotation. Give a key frame to it at the beginning of the timeline. Go a few from head three friends and to retained your gun just like this and move up the position goopy. The first key friends go three more friends and paste it. Now it's very fast. We need to select all of the key frames and then press option or altering the PC and move them just like this. Okay, now one more thing Is that Brust the gun Brust. I think it doesn't happen in the right time. I will move a frame just like this. And also in the view port. I'm going to change the position. Okay? Right here. Perfect. That's all. The one last thing we're going to do is too easy. There were key frames for the gun animation, and I'm going to make it smoother with the speed graph. That's all for this project. Hope you enjoyed and learn something new. I'll see you in the next listen and you're going to cover our next project. My wife. 8. Homework Project 2: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to cover our next homework project, which is this one. We're going to make these electric shocks, and then you're going to make these terrible ing effects for the gunman also for their spaceship. Now go to the project that you download it from the class project. Then open the second composition. You'll have something like this. And now you're going to recreate these electric shocks, go to the Elect and then opened the content. We have shape one in shape to We will start with the shape one. Open it. Go to the content and ad legal path. Now we have video path. Bring it under everything else. Sorry. Bring the good path here. Okay, open it. And now we're going to play with the size. Okay, 30 is good. And the details you'll make it 55 for 60. 60 is good. Then we go per second. We're going to make it. Something around 50 55 is good. Now we created our electric shock will go to the other shape for this. You're going to copy this week. Oh, path and paste it in the second shape just compute pasted during the second shape. Okay, let's change some of the sittings. We will change the details to 20. Okay, let's make it 20. Okay, Perfect. Let's move to the other one. I'll copy it again and you'll see. And then I will pasted on the elective. Open it. But first, let's change the strip color to be similar to others. Okay, Now go to the content on pays the wiggle path here. So we based it on the content, not in the shapes, because you wanted to apply for both of them. Okay. I think the look is good. We don't need to change anything. So the next thing will be the terrible ing effects for the spaceship. And also with a gun. Okay, we'll start with the spaceship. I'll bring the position by pressing p Give a key friend, go three friends ahead and move it slightly just like this. Go farther. Three more friends and copy and paste the fairest keeper. No, we need to move this animation with the expression press out and click on the stopwatch. Then goto the prepare tea hair envelope out. Now we are loping our animation, but it is a bit slow. I'm going to bring these key frames together. I'm going to select them and press Hold on, bring them together just like this. Okay, let's do the same thing for the gun. Bring the position. My pressing P Look. You make a key friendlier and move it slightly. Then co p the first key frame and paste it here. Then go to the stopwatch Ault and click and go here and prepare these then Loped out. Now our animation is completed. Hope you enjoy it and learn something new in the next. Listen, we're going to cover our third project, which is something very interesting. 9. Homework Project 3: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to create this one. I mean to any made this scene open the project that you download from their class project and opened their composition three from its four. But for you, it's three. And you will have something like this. Now we will start with this fan if you open it. We have a couple of content here. You have the base and we have been the fun. And also this little circle here. Now let's go to the police start, which is the fan. And he will add Twist to it. Okay, in the angle. Make it 350 won. And no, before you any made this fun, we'll go to the circle and make our particles or bubbles. Okay. Click on the bubble, go to the content and then we'll add there, Peter. We'll go to the settings for the repeater. Makes six copies, and that will be all for their Peter. We're not going to change any settings for now. Now you'll doubly Kate, this repeater control d and go to the trans firm. We're going to change the position here to zero and then you're going to play with this, Bring it down just like this. To add a bit off the variation to the opacity, I'm going to change the start of prestige to 18 and also the incapacity to somewhere around age. No, no. Start animating our fun. We'll go to the fun Pallister, bring the sittings, They're going to any made their points and anti rotation. So I'm going to give Ah keeper into the rotation. Move it to the end of the timeline and it will make it 11 so it will rotate 11 times. And then to give that blur effect, you're going to any made the points as well. Give a key for him at the beginning of the composition and increase this to 55. Look, Ephram again. Okay, now the animation looks much better. And if you turn on the motion blur, he's gonna look much better. Okay, let's turn on the motion, blur and see. As you can see, it's much smoother now. Perfect. Let's move to the bubbles and you're going to any made them bringing the content and then go to the AB and we're going to add We go transfer. Okay, bring get below everything somewhere around her. When the fun starts to rotate fast, you're going to any made the bubbles. So for the legal path, you're going to any made Their trance firm said things. I'm going to give a key frame for all of them. Okay, someone around. Terror will be good when the fun starts to rotate fast. Okay. From here, I'm going to give a key from all of them on. Then we're going to move it, looking there will be good. We're going to change their skill. I think they're defined for 53 will be good. Okay. 35 is good for the rotation. Also, 30 will be good or 35. Look, actually, 54 will be good. And now for the position, I'm going to move to the 2nd 8 and I'm going to change the position. This one will be 318 and the other one will be 300 for And like this, we're almost there. But the only thing we want is to like the animation of the bubbles you want to happen about earlier. That's why I'm going to move the key frames up it even more. A bit more. Okay, Like this is good, but as you can see, their stinkin their position we want these bubbles to go out of the frame like to push to the right side. For that, You're going to any made that transfer me for the whole shape. Okay, I'm going to the transfer. My and then position. Sorry. The position, not the rotation. Sorry. Remove this key friend. Go to the position, give a key frame, bring it at the beginning and move the bubbles. Okay, That'll be good. I move this key from a bit to the middle of the animation. Yes, I think that's it. This was the end. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new. I'm very excited to see your projects. Please make sure to share them with me. I'm happy to give my feedbacks. I want to see what you're going to make with these shape modifiers. 10. The End: This was the end of the curse. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new. If you're new to my profile, make sure to follow me and check my profile regularly. Because all becoming with more courses in the coming weeks, I'll see what the next cars by my