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ShapéMon: Character Design with Shape Manipulation

teacher avatar Jason Smith, Create Things, Hunt Gnomes.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introductions

    • 2. Setting Up

    • 3. The Ball

    • 4. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 1

    • 5. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 2

    • 6. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 3

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About This Class

It's taking the world by storm....again! PokéFever is upon us all once again! And quite frankly, it's brilliant! I grew up with this fantastic game in my life, and I'm so grateful for it's existence! It was one of the main influences that drove me into character design and design in general! 

So, to celebrate my love for this wonderful critter packed creation, I have designed a class in which you'll learn how to create the original three starter monsters using and manipulating shapes in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn to bend shapes to your will, use them in various combinations to create new shapes and add real volume to the design of your character! 

There isn't much more I can say, but to those who love pocket monsters, character design, shapes and learning new techniques that combine all of the above! This class is for you! :{D 

This is a class for all levels. Seasoned pros might pick up a couple of new tricks and heck, have lots of fun...and for those who are new to Adobe Illustrator, this class might just be what you wanted to pick up to get you stuck into the vector based program! I have included the shapes for you to use to build your characters out. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Jason Smith

Create Things, Hunt Gnomes.


Designer person. I like making pretty pictures and other such stuff. I also enjoy time traveling and gnome hunting. 

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1. Introductions: I'm Jason on. This is a class about shape manipulation with character design. I think for this class is the ever popular pocket monsters, you'll have a chance of creating one of three of the original starters. Of course, if you want to create all three, go ahead. There's nothing stopping you. We'll even have a chance of creating one of the original. If applicable was, too the classes for Aled design levels. Whether you're getting into a double Illustrated right now or whether or not you're a seasoned pro, doesn't matter if you want to join along and you are a beginner, I've included the files defiled below, so you can just grab those pull the shapes together, really sort of dissect the files on bond building characters. We'll see you soon. 2. Setting Up: Hello and welcome to the first unit in this class. In this lesson, we're gonna be setting up our new file on 800 by 600 outboard covering of couple of shortcuts that will become our best friends by the end of this course. And, um, how to set up custom shortcuts, just in case you were using anything from CS six below. So kick things off, we got to file and you and we're gonna want to just cool this shape, Iman. And then whichever character you've chosen to actually design you call it that. Allow you just called it 12 or three. That's with 800 high 600. Okay. And now I can actually just come back because we've already set this up. We can take this off. I want to concentrate on picking up a couple of these shortcuts. You don't have to worry about them too much because I'll show you where they actually are. All now talk panel here. But I think it just be jumper activity to know that you can just jump straight to them. Especially when it comes to shape manipulation. Onda character design. To start, we have the rectangle, which is employed keyboard. Simply hold shift to draw out square or two. Just let go and just drag out. You can draw a rectangle now is full circle again. Shift will create you a perfect circle, or you can just draw yourself a noble. Then we have the rounded rectangle, which is basically dis rectangle. But which around the corners now this shape you can actually customize around the corners individually. But in CC, unfortunately, we don't have that luxury in CS six or below. We do have the option of coming up to effect style that was denies rounded corners and then having to basically create he set of corners that we want. It will be all of them at 10 10 picks was there and then would have to come to object, expand, and then that would basically turn it into a solid shape. And then we could customise. From there on out, I find that's a little bit tedious, especially now. I've actually had the luxury of using cc unfortunate my computers and powerful enough. So that is why this lesson isn't in that personally. It makes more sense to set up a shortcut outage issues around a rectangle tour, which is found under the talks panel here. You're saying I'm actually set up with all I'll go ahead and draw out rounded rectangle that by holding shift dries out in that square a square type fashion. Um, you'll notice at this point that our corners are radius on our corn is actually quite big. We can effect to make that change by pressing up and down. It's really slow if you simply do just press up and down. So I've found If you actually wiggle from house up and down, it changes much faster. You see that much, foster? Now you can reset that by pressing ever left or right left will take it to back back to a square where you can start again, pressing up down to bring back to the square and then right world jump you straight to that rounded Cool. Now, if you do want to set up a a custom short cup or you have to do is come out, you edit all the way down to the bottlenecks is keyboard shortcuts. Tap that search for the shape or the if you could do you want to create select it. And then if it's going in it already, you can You can take that way if you don't actually use it so much type in your new one. Okay, Save over. So I was right. Yes. And then we also set up originally or actually activates the rotation talk. But I don't use that as often. Plus, you have the option of using the irritation total here too. So I think being able to jump to my round of rectangle tour is a lot more efficient. When when? When it comes to mind on of work, at least So there we have it. We said everything up, run over the short cuts in the next lesson will be building our little house i e. The football in which our creatures will be balancing upon, um, all used as an accessory within your illustration. And then we'll go on to create our pocket monsters. You can, in fact, just select one if you want to, or you can choose to do all three completely up to you. We'll see you in the next listen 3. The Ball: so to start things off, we're gonna want to build our little bull here. I've drawn out here so you can see we can break it down section by section before we actually then start building out also. But to give a little palate over here, which is basically deconstruction off the colors I've used, we didn't potable, I think the students I quickly now is where shortcuts come in really handy l or under That's for circle. We're gonna draw a circle, thank you around the same sort of size holding shift As I drowned, they back to the normal custom that now I'm gonna make this red. So if I I That will bring up my eyedropper where I can come over here just like so I ve again to get back to my normal circle. Now, see, you will notice that this has actually been broken into two sections and that is what I intended to do. I put this black strip through the middle of that, but before we do that, I actually want to get these middle circles or set up. So what we want to do is copy and paste this circle three times within the middle of this outer circle. So to do that, we do command for Mac or control for P C C. And then again command or control F and that will paste it directly in front rather than to the site there. No, we hold both shift and old in the older and then drag it down where we think we're gonna want it there. And then we can change the color of this one. So we will. I again. So I dropped Come over. Like so then we're gonna go command copy, command f Make that a little bit sooner again. We're just I dropped the background cause that's his morning is your man So probably make this a tiny bit bigger. No, in the copy of place. Once again, Come on to see command s Take that down some. Let's count. Oh, if I drop and when I select is great or I mean, obviously I'm just doing this as it is. Jenna, you're gonna have these colors toe, hand like so. But that doesn't mean to say that you can't come up with your own. I mean, maybe even choose different colors for the ball. There are so many to choose from completely up to you to come back the color combination. I just suggest that you set that up before you start. Just so you've got that quick reference so you can jump backwards and forwards. And of course, if you want to add to your color palette, then it that's perfectly fine. You just experiment as you go. Nothing wrong with the battle, OK, so I think we're gonna want toe add our strip across the middle there, we're gonna end Oh, come up here to the rectangle tool and draw a little strict Make that black by pressing I the back to normal again and I'm gonna double select So we're gonna select our rectangle and I'm going to hold shift. We're gonna select our circle back around to circle and when Then we're gonna let go of everything and tap on our outer circle because this is our shape. This is the focal shape. If you like, this will be the one that we align everything to. They're gonna come up here toe are alignments, tours and we're gonna horizontally line it and vertically line it Now we're going to come over to our Pathfinder panel, which you can actually drop down from Window Pathfinder to get the open. We're gonna then come over to the bottom left hand corner to divide. Tap that. And now that's broken. That shape into 12345 different shapes. Now we want to do is shift and command G two gone group or you can right click on group and now select the pieces we don't want. So these two out pieces we're just gonna tap delete. Now this bottom piece, I want to make this gray this off way. Obviously, if you have a color background, then you could make it white. But in this instance, I've made it this off. Gray. Just give a little bit of death on the white background. I feel I drop making sure you got your shape selected tip over the color that you want to make it, you'll notice is actually a little showing on here. I'm gonna let this and show you to do that. So we're gonna take this shape before we send it all to the back and complete our how bull there. I'm gonna take this shape, hold bolt and then we're gonna hold shift. No, no. Sorry. We're gonna hold Holt. We're gonna drag and then hold shift, and then that will basically help prosecute that in place. And you see, I'm copying this bottom shape. So now this shape I'm going to go command to see Come on, F copy and paste it in place because I want to do because of that, when a whole shift, Make sure making sure that top one is selected. And now select this copied shape that we dragged off to decide there and come up to divide again. You can actually use minus front, but I think it's safer to you. Divide. I mean, you could just delete which which segment you don't actually. What? We're gonna take a Doric select where you can compare to the white arrow, the White Coast of that hold shift. Once you selected the ones you want to speak like multiple shapes, Natalie, and it's going great. So now I think I've actually go. Just check. I think I've actually got multiply. Yes. So I got a transparency effect here on my showing. Gonna come over to transparency, which again is under window on the way down there is transparency. This is alphabetical order. So that will help you out. Come down to and then multiply. Talk there. There we go. That's great. That's totally deaf. I really want for this. I'm going to create this little shine here now. I think so. We're gonna come up to our top segment. We're going to come on and see. Come on, Death again. And now we're gonna come up to object. Come down to Paul's on an offset path preview so you can see what's going on on tap in our little feel dead, and then hold down. Or you can type in the minus numbers. Uh, I'm just going to tap down to get it to where I wanted to go. 14 pixels. Okay, that's it. In a shape. No. If I pressed only to get my eyedropper up, make that white hold press be to take it back to my normal cursor. Now it's moving into total. Change it to a from a field to a stroke. There is a shortcut for that, but I won't use purely short cuts because that will be just confusing. Pick them up as you go. Now we're getting over Tyra struck, filled and up Or just type in the number that you feel walks to you Nearly seven. Now I'm gonna press C, which is actually brings up my little scissors So you'll notice this year with a pair of scissors. This works really well when it comes to manipulating strikes or even shapes if you want to take a segment out. So if we just press to see, that's always we've got it because there was no selected. We just select the segments that we we want to cut out, create anchor points to reach now, using the darks electoral by pressing a we're going to select the pieces we don't want. Then we have it. We have a little showing that looking great. Okay, now, So we actually want these segment the these pieces that are behind the rest of our shape, a harvest of administration going to select almost all of it. And I'm gonna hold shift and de select fish departs that I don't want. I want to bring this all to the front. So can't object. Arrange, bring to front just like that. Um, super simple, super easy to go ahead and draw out a look. Shadow here by pressing L and drawing at an interval pressing I again for I dropped their selecting the color we want and then place that behind object range sent back and we had a little shadow. We're gonna line that too. If we come, we select our shadow onto the bomb segment about shape there. Like I love everything. Tap upon segment centrally, and we have it on. We're going to select a little bit by howdy by just dragging across and then holding command and hit g. All right, clicking on we can group it. And there we go. Now we've built our little Pokemon house. We can move on to our creatures. 4. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 1: so to stop, we set up a Linux folio. As you see him have actually set up a component here for us to work with. I've got our original just a reference, and I've got our shapes here for building out the head because it's a little bit more detailed than the rest of the body. I'm actually just gonna show you how to create this as it is by hitting l. We can now go around an oval. I think what we might start with is drawing our center circle first. So it's more of a sense circle like so And then we're going to draw our Oh, this is gonna be the shape that builds out the top of the head. And then we're gonna draw our circles that create that little shake, their for the year, so elegant. Here we go. Uhm I'm going to select it. I'm gonna hold Olt, drank and then hold shift to keep you in line. And now we want to select both of these circles by holding shift hitting command and G to group them, select everything, select our once everything selected. Don't hold any keys, then just tap on this out to circle. Come here to our horizontal align center, and it will draw a straight down the middle there. And now what we want to do is committed defined again. And, uh, Pathfinder panel own group. So what, you're gonna just right click on group Select each segment. We don't long so each segment on the outside here, like so and then we have it one head. So then what we want to do is come up to unite on the pence Pathfinder panel. We get great stuff to move yourself away. For now, I don't know what we want to do, I think is create the lex. So to create the legs, what we've done is drawn out circuit again. So l for circle hold shifted without Now if you hit back slash, which is just underneath the delete button and just above the return button on your keyboard, or you can actually come right opposite here to your shape, pull out. There's a there's a line that's the line segment. All draw a line out. So we're gonna hit that. We're going to select it and hold shift, enjoy it straight down the middle of our shape crispy. To get back to Animal Crescent, select a circle by holding shifts that both selected again. Just tap that circle. And in a line, it's centrally, both horizontally and vertically come over to our vital again. And we've now just divided that into two separate segments. That is your nose. Actually, your second shape manipulation. This was your first so right click on group when she will both of these shapes so we can come to the coordinate and just hold shift and take that nicely. We now have two front legs. We could probably do with making those tiny bits more. So you hold shift and bolt and you can resize them nicely. 61 hold shift Select to hold Holt, drag across for a back legs calling shift. These will most likely be tiny, made to be a title. Bigger back legs generally all so they're holding shift and drinking from one corner we could make them is a tiny bit bigger. Pull those together to okay, now we want to draw his body. So by doing that, we need to do again. Dora another circle. So tap l the keyboard. Old shift. Grab a circle backs life for online tool. And around there no perfectly center. But we want to. Where did you drop that? Says nice. Nice distance there. We don't want a huge circle. Maybe drop out selector A circle again, Horizontally aligned divide. Now, instead of on grouping this, we want to just delete this top piece. So we're gonna have a for a Doris Electoral. Select our out circle intact early twice activity take our so called that. Break it down the line it nicely. Let's hold shift and drag out from just one corner. Your line it like so yes, and a little look at sea. Now we've got things sitting over here to have got these shapes overlapping. I think these are actually the other way around. So we're gonna select both of those. Come onto the corner, hold shift and rotate them. Then it worked nicely. Now, how about was already quite sure? It would seem so we can drag these out selector circle. We can always change sides of things for proportion And what? No, it's never gonna be a problem. Always at your disposal that we commit this a bit short too. So we go back to our line tool drawer line out where we think we might want it. You can always go back his world. Forget Kamanzi, Come over to our divide. Split them into two aid to direct. Select this top piece Delete twice back to V. Dragged it out to our shake them. So they along quite nicely on I think I wanted to align those two top corners there. You'll notice that the strict wake is changing as I go. Don't worry about that too much, because ultimately we're gonna be turning everything into a stolen apart. Next, we want to create the bolt so we won't out. Run it rectangle talk for this one. Um so all if you haven't got to set up or up here into the Shapes panel there drew around yourself a rounded rectangle such more of a straight down oblong. And I'll tap down to make sure it's away on the right to make sure it's pulled away at its most maximum radius line tool. Let's cut this nice in early. So draw that across. Don't worry about centering it because it isn't a circle that won't create an order. Sighs there on our decide. Although it is good practice. So let's select both Doro. Select our out of shape essentially a line that come over to devoid again. Cut that A for July Rex Electoral. Take the ship we don't want flew twice. Now we want to take now segment there. Hold OKed and drug across holding shift. Same time that and you'll see that there's now look a point. So select both with ease committed. Divide again. A direct, select selected two seconds we don't want delete delete And then we have the beginning of our bulb Struck this out 20 and place it where we want it. Good. Always again. Conaway's changes shot the shape and the size of this. I think we're in a pretty good place. Aligned it here to the bottom of this corner, aligned it to the eventually aligned it to the total with or the body. I think I might want to make it tiny. Bit sure to those I'm just gonna drag down. Not too terrible. We can always make this point shocker if we want to, we can hold shift and pull the up and you'll see that that arch has increased. If you're not happy, with it, which I'm not entirely. You could just try again and create that point even sharper. So we hold we basically take care of shape we take again. We drank either way holding shift. So let's both divide a Theodoric select. Select the shapes We don't want tap delete twice. And I have actually got much sharper point, which I'm a little happier with. Personally speaking. I'm gonna align this to this point right here. I'm gonna just squish it up, so it's more or less in line. He Here we go. Um, drink it down. Just emphasise lately, there we go. I think I'm pretty good. I'm pretty happy with that. Now I want to come into this and then we can move on to making the face, which is incredibly simple. I'm just going to use the colors that I've got set up here. You go ahead and use whatever colors you want. I'm gonna use my eyedropper talkto I hand I'm going to send things to the back object. Arranged back a V. Sorry to get back to my dark. Select my selection tool. Yeah, I'm just gonna walk through this quickly and fill in everything so you can see it's done. But you can really spend it with time working out the colors as I've actually already got these set up and then we go looking good. I mean, I could always just make his body 20 longer to that. Looks good. Hey, I think we're in a good place. Let's actually just retain out first. So we're gonna get the we're gonna use thes Squirtle. So I m off shift and draw or else quit. And then we actually just We don't want this section here, so I'm gonna hit the minus tall next to the plus symbol. Talk that, or we're gonna come over to our panel, hold down on our pentacle, hold it down, and then you'll see that there's daily anchor point we want to do. I just believe that now we've got to you. Looks good. Um, unless go ahead and verify cell. So we drove one early, and then we could just duplicate that group it duplicated. And then it's just a case of during the mouth, so l circle people drawn out. And then we want to create another one in the sense of that. So command and see, come under F shift an adult in the order drag that circled down. I've actually got mine, but more of an over or so I'm gonna squash mine up a tiny bit. I'm gonna select both of those by dragging across so that ran out to circle horizontally alignment. I'm gonna go ahead and turn it into a stroke quickly so I can see what I'm doing. Make this black. Now I'm gonna go ahead and draw out the lie brown. So elegant drawer and little praise squish from place it in the middle. There, you see that my my shapes actually centrally aligned there because I got that smart guides set up as well as so down here, you can have small guides and I really hope to as well. That's not the point. We can hit shift at Holt. That tiny bit bigger, I realize when I was great at this point, I'm going to make our out circle white by aging life. I drop the again on I'm just gonna make eyebrow the same color as our bold, completely up to you. What you want to do that? I'm gonna select everything. Come on. TNG for group drinking onto our face. And then I'm gonna hold haute drag and hope shift to keep them and 11 another on select both. And then I'm going to hit. Come on, Angie again to group them, Select out, out to shape there horizontally alignment, sex in the middle. Looking great Don't actually, depending on how you want to work your perspective as we're working as well, as well as the body is coming from this way on, our line of sight is over here. Having the eyes facing towards this edge, more so than the center, makes a lot more sense, respectively. It's completely up to you on how you want to a line everything. So we want to draw another circle for his mouth quickly. Holy hell, of course, should again l drug shape, power shift, lying told by backslash or appear line tall. Draw a line out for the middle. I can see it's the middle there, devoid a for direct select Delete that copies tapped up delete twice, take your mouth drag over he and shift to change its lately I'm gonna make this Now the same color is amounts of I've I dropped her and they select the eyes, select the mouth, double select the eyes again. They're just horizontally line so that they centered toe one another not necessarily sent it to the head. And then we have it we have at all green Colby, dinosaur looking monster. So now the next steps to you are too. Get to this point and then don't adding shading, adding shadows, adding textures. However you want to complete your illustration, of course, bringing in your polka ball there so you can then add that to the illustration to rehab it balancing on his back, balancing underneath him like I have had him standing on it. However you want it from this point onwards, it's all up to you. I've just got you to this part. If you really liked and enjoyed creating this monster, please do have a goat creating the next one. It's all up to you. If you don't, then don't worry about it. One is perfectly fine with me. I hope you had fun and I will maybe see you in the next lesson. 5. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 2: this says you see, is a more stylized and illustrative version off our character. What really going to be concentrating on in this is just the basic shape manipulation to sort of get a basis for them. You as an individual to build upon. I'm just gonna basically set the foundation and help you build that. So then you can add these really cool little details along with the polka ball that you may have already built. So to start things off one of CEPA new foil by going to file and you and then 800 by 600 call it whatever you fancy. Okay, I have my set up already. I have a look color palette here, set up, ready to go. You can, of course, do whichever you would whichever color combination you like. I've got this set up, so I know what coolest to put where Andi again. Even even though I've got this up here, I might end up changing my mind as I start to build. So that's completely up to you. It's just something I like to do personally. So first shape is our body, which is actually just around a rectangle, so going all. We're gonna come over here and select rounded rectangle. Do you haven't got that set up hit right on the year keyboard just to sort of get that all the way over to its fullest radius. We're going to select our lying tall by hitting back slash just underneath. Delete. There are coming up here right next to our shape. Do a run across anybody. Double select now. Body central. Line that and then come over here to Pathfinder. And here Divide, Press A for Doric Select and delete this part of section tapped twice just to make sure it's gone back to the to our normal selection. Eye for eye dropper. I'm gonna select. Tell orange there straight away. You can just work in strokes if you feel if you feel comfortable doing that or any color for now, Really? Black and white works too. Now I think we will build the arms and legs which were actually all the same shape. It's just a circle, So l drew a circle out. Things pretty good. Backslash against the line tool drove us straight down the middle. Now let's double select a circle centre line. Just a good measure That doesn't necessarily always have to happen. But it makes sense to just so that's symmetry. Sits well, for you could move it to divine on Pathfinder. You confined Pathfinder under window. Go find it. It's alphabetical, so you will see just that. And now we're gonna right click on Group Dragon two shapes, Paul. Okay, so we can actually duplicate these right now by holding by selecting both and holding fault on the keyboard and then holding shift to distract those down. And now what we want to do is rotate them These things bought on to on We can align these up left and right. So I'm gonna select this one on the left here, select a body double, select the body and left the line, and I'm gonna do the same. But writer line with that right side. Zoom in a little bit. Take her legs up. So this Centrepoint aligns quite nicely here with the bottom of our shape. Take home on, bro. Take that, Sir. It's laying down on its belly again. Centerpoint, this is a war. This is This isn't necessarily 100% um, what you have to do, but it's just like it and I sir, guide, I like to centralize everything and then move around and shift things afterwards. They're gonna so look both of their owns because they're not actually aligned to the top there. Select one of the right. Doesn't matter which one actually lying to the top. And then we have it. Oh, really close. I think this is one of the easiest characters to build out, actually. So next we want to do is maybe draw out out tail. That's actually another rounded rectangle. But this time it'll be more on the square side. So are, or rounded rectangle tall. And now let's hit lest And then that will take us back to it. Uh, a square up and down, Alas, manipulate the radius. And if you wiggle it just deficits. Likely it will happen a little bit quicker. So I'm gonna step up and wiggle, and I think that's a good place. The curve about tail there. Backslash for online tool drawer line like so I think we're going together. Shop point up here a six point down. Hey, select Both Come over to divide now a for Doric Select. Select that top section did it twice, and then we have to tell you direct. That would be, like so on line at the bottom. So select a body andare tail shape, double select the body aligned to bottom Looking good. We can change the size of the ever so slightly by holding shift and dragging down the anchor points completely up to you. Don't have to do it all. Doesn't look too bad like that. You can shoot the arms up and down. It's all completely up to you. Okay, so I actually want to book this flame allergies quickly. Do notice here I have to. This is actually how it's built out. So it's a rounded rectangle with two squares. That's the easiest way to create this off my shape. So oh, or rounded rectangle tool store drawer on oval out and hit down and right to make sure it's all the way across. Do you mean second should be doing and for Mark for these Gretel Online it like So I have my smart guy to turned on. So if you go to view smart guides and step two point there really useful to helping things align nicely, it was a little bit over there. I want to try and get that center to this shape. It again did it for me quite nicely on its select. This shit is gonna do again. Damnable here would vote. We don't need to hold shift at this point and just make sure it's off. Sits in the center of the lines nicely on the left. That and then we have our flame. We're gonna do command G or right click and group. That's one shape. You can actually just unite this like so and then it will create it as a single shape. Also, depending on how you want to position your flame, I think that looks pretty good. And of course, if you do hit a and you thought this was too long If you A and select just these anchor points here, you can remove some of these two. If you feel if you like it, you can just tap left or turn right. Make that either longer or smaller, without notably losing that sort of rounded corner edge. Because if you were to do it just as that you would distort that, that doesn't look very clean. Okay, let's move on to the face faces Super simple. It's all built out of rounded rectangles. Extra little triangles on circle has been split up. So let's say L it took that mouth going shift. We can draw that, circle out backslash for online, tool your whole shift and then draw that line out of the way. That line will just go diagonal, I mentioned now come up to horizontal line, center and vertical, but go over to divide and cut in half. And now, instead of just deleting one of these, we can use this top honors on NOS. Well, snout and then this bottom as our mouth. So if we get to this bottom corner here, hold shifting old in order, drag out ever so slightly. Put it down. I'm just a line knows that problem like so go else now on our mouth, which is great. I'm gonna just to make these colors. I want them accident. No. Well, quite a line does it. Now you'll notice that there's actually a tongue and we have some teeth, and we actually it's most rose, so it's good has internal straws, rounded rectangle tool, most well rounded rectangle bed we can make this the same colors is brown here and then maybe come over to, uh, a passel transparency and make that 50% multiplied looks good. I think the biggest Dio hold a selected called old drag across the duplicate hold shift to select both on group click group. Now weaken center all of these to the to the nose there by double selecting, selecting all, double selecting out top circle there. Com'on allying like. So maybe we'll draw our eyes at this point to, as they're basically rounded rectangles as well, just a little bit longer. You see, start truck has a square, but if I tap right, then that corrects that for me and draws it out to its fullest radio points. Holy, old and holding shift afterwards to drag across to create our eyes that duplicate looking pretty good. Let's get some teeth in that showy, so I'm gonna come down. I haven't got a short cuts it up for this sexually, but there's two ways of making a triangle. You can come over to shake toe and rush a star so the whole shift draw out, drag out a star. Otherwise it will do whatever it wants and then you can actually hit down on up to on and take away points of your stuff. So that was one way. Delete that. And if you come down to your polygon tall, this is another way to do it. Did you write your particle toe driving out holding shift? At this point, you don't necessarily have the whole shift just tap down. And they have you travel whole shift to keep it straight. Hit V to get back to your normal selection. Take that. So it's upside down. Doral. Both of our travels that never got great. Make those whites. That was I for the eyedropper. I selected it. I held boat direct across holding shift and then aligned it essentially to these two points here. Think lastly we want to do is create our tongue. So I'm gonna take this top section, but hold old and then shift and direct down about there. Take our mouth shape. Come on, Aussie. Come owned F to copy in front. Select both of these two shapes. Come over to divide. Uh huh. Directs electoral and get rid of the two shakes we don't want with a little delete. She liked the tongue on like that. Right Then we have it. Perfect. Okay, I think this is a looking good. We group all of them individually aligned elements by command and G all right, clicking in G. We can then make sure everything centrally aligned by double selecting one shape out of all with ease. It doesn't matter which, actually, at this point horizontally lining. And then we have it. They were pretty good. Is one thing missing from this face is your little eyebrows completely optional Completely up to you. I'm gonna go circle so l draw that circle out, Michael backslash a man holding shift drawing that line out, selecting our circle double Select that horizontally aligned vertically airline Come over to divide And I'm gonna delete this bottom section So I'm gonna go a for dark select delete twice Drag my eyebrows over like so So then it's centrally aligns My smart guides set up on an old and then shift to drag across and do OK, so let both of those and come on g or drop down group Make those my night color And now we've got a group all of this. In fact, I'm not I'm going to align my eyebrows to my nose. There it looks good, right? Click or command and a group come over to her body. Gigantic face. It's OK. Doesn't look too bad. Actually select the face because that's group that's now one shape or a collection of shapes. At least it now recognises as one solid shape I'm going to select Tell Body there to double select that just by tapping on it. Essentially a nine. We have it almost there, I think, and that's paid next pieces is literally just his little belly. So L for circle draw an oval. It's actually drawn it out in the color that I wanted it. And then just position as you want it. Select both the shapes you want a center, line it to this out of shape. So that's the one you want to double click on. Or just not DoubleClick, but double select. So you just select both tap on the out of shape Century a line. No, I have it. One Fire dragon visiting. Hope you had fun making this character next for you. Next challenge is to ads in detail on just a really experiment with, um with your shapes. Main point is hope You had fun and I hope you learned some stuff. I look forward to seeing what you do. 6. I Choo-Choo-Choose you - 3: and you see here I've actually created a little seen. What we'll be doing in this class, in fact, though, is just creating the bare bones. And then you'll be able to create this character in full detail on and do whatever you really want with that. So let's set things off. We need to create ourselves that a new file so file new. And then we can call this whatever we want, as long as it's 800 by 600 click. OK, I don't need to do that because I already got one sets help. I've got my character here for reference. I've got some colors here, also for reference just so I can pull from it. You can set up comers to start, but I actually advise just going with black and white. That makes a lot more sense, especially at this level, purely because when you're worrying about the colors and trying to get them right before you've actually built character, you end up slowing yourself right down. So to start things off, I think what we'll do is we'll set with the body, so we're gonna use our new show cup for around a rectangle or we're gonna come up here and just select that from our tools. I'm remembering that we can actually jump backwards and forwards using right and left right , and that's left. And then up and down will change the radius over a rounded rectangle that I want to make sure it's along the way to the right. So it's there's no chance of it being squared off in any way. So that's, uh, magic eye dropper. By pressing I I can just select that toll and then picked this color next shape round a rectangle again. You know how to get that. Now we're gonna take the line tool, which is actually just right up here. But I'm going to use a shortcut, which is back Slash, and George is down there. It's almost of center. It doesn't really matter too much to come over to Pathfinder and hit divide, which is this bottom left corner tool Now, using a A jump in force from V and a lot V is for the just The General selection A is for direct select, so we can actually just pinpoint which anchor points we want to pull about. In this instance, I'm gonna hold shift. I'm gonna tell the 1st 1 gonna hold shift and I'm going to like the next one, which allows me to select a little bit more on a direct this out to the center of our shape . There you see the aligned quite nicely, which is nice. I change our shape and I'm gonna send a subject to the bank. So object, arrange center back and as a little bit too big. But that's okay. We can now press a for direct, select and drag across the ANC appointed. Want to move, drag that cross like so it goes great. It looks good. Now, let's start this little detail here before we move on to the arms and legs. These are all rounded rectangles again. So I'm just gonna go ahead and create those. Well, all right is gonna be It's not gonna be 100% um, on a 100% duplicate, but this is just to show you how I got there. Everybody's is gonna be different, which actually, in my opinion, makes everybody's unique. So that's a good thing. With this shape, there are actually three I have in place here. So what I'm going to do is hold old and then dragged down from my shape holding shift at the same time. That only hold shift once you've started drinking, put it to where we want it. And I'm going to go command D And then it will repeat that shape in the same with the same spacing, which is great. Now, come on, G, or you can right click in group. Well, a rounded rectangle. He frieze. Um, circuits. We are looking good. Okay, um made will create the title next. That's another round of rectangle just aligned to the bottom. There. Very subtle. You can send us to the back by going object Arrange sent back I for I drop out again. This is like blue and now we want to make sure this is actually a line to the bottom here. So I'm gonna select that shape on a selected body, going on a double, select the body just by tapping it, and then come up to Al Vertical align bottom And then that will align everything to the bottom quite nicely. Next up, I think we create the legs. It's another round of rectangle. It's drew one out again with the line tour. So that's up here or backslash. Drink it straight down the middle. We can make sure is the middle by coming up here and going horizontal aligned center. Now divide. We're gonna keep both of these. We just make them a little bit bigger. But you are dragging that corn around by holding shift, and then I'm going to press a for direct, select, select my top anchor points and just pull them down ever so slightly because we don't really need them to be that long Now, right? Click or command and shift on group that's rotate this one. Have you ever looked more? Drag them into where we think they might want to go? We can resize them. You can mess around with that. Get 20. You really want them a little bit of color. That's like that. Okay, so now we want to send this right to the back. Object arranged. Center back. We don't want this to be sent right to the back, so we're gonna select this shape, the shell, the tail on the leg, and then I'm gonna send it to the back, and this will sit behind this but on top of show that so object a range since back Okay, We got looking good next to the arms were gonna want to circle So that's l Or up here on our to bow You're so come out. But I just changed that pressing. I make sure that I I dropped the right color lying to him again. Backslash draw that through the middle. Let's make sure that's the middle by center lining them with these two options here. Vertical and horizontal line center. And then we hit divide. Now, actually, I'm gonna on group, so right click on group to show that drink this one off and then rotate it. I can align these two to the top, so I'm gonna select both of them and then tap one just to select them and align to top. Make these some once more. Do you mean a bit? Yeah. Again. Line to the top. I want to send this one to back. So object arranged Since back, we have it. We have the zones. It's looking pretty good. You can effect make these smaller. You can adjust all of the sizes as you go. Oh, make them all and then step back, step away for a minute and then come back and tweak. That's what I tend to do, at least so now we want to do is create the head heads a little bit fiddly, not too fiddly, just a little bit. That's drawing a circle by pressing. Now, make sure that's the right color. Changes size but coming to the corner there and holding and shift to bring out from the center. How head drops a bit too big. Here we go. Looking good. Okay, so now we want a rounded rectangle for this Bolton house that this big all right, a rectangle or appear again. Now we want to make sure that that cross in the middle there is actually roughly where that cross in the middle there the circle is That's the secret on this. Just one hand, almost that stringing up just a little bit. Then again, now it's just too big. That's fine. That looks good now. Line tool. Now let's drill that straight through the middle of the rounded rectangle here, tap to select and central line vertically and horizontally over to divide. This breakdown is a direct selectable to get rid of this top pace. She hit delete twice just to make sure. Now I'm going to just drag this over here so we zoom in, we can see that this lying curves around followed straight into this one quite nicely. What I'm going to do next is used Durex electoral by pressing a select these to anchor points on drag them across. So about that, it's a good place. Now we have ahead. We could bring it down. It's looking good. Excellent. And now we want to create the mouth, the eyes, the eyebrows and we're going to create the glasses. Of course I haven't done yet, but I'm going to I'm going to safe Commander s do Please remember to save as you go. Maybe even after every shape. So next we're gonna l cool shift Drink out Circle line tool Against this backslash select both of thes We are double select the back shape vertically and horizontally. A liar on divide. I'm gonna keep this one, so I'm going to right click and on group truck that just up here for second Now this is gonna be on mouth, so let's make this black. The man for juice is actually got some teeth in it so we can create them by getting the line tool again. Backslash dragging across our shape to where we want teeth to be. And we can copy and paste this on top. So come and see you. Come on to death. Select timeline divide direct Select. Remove that bone piece Direct. Select this talk peace eyedropper for the white and then we have it. I'm gonna group these just to make sure that they don't move and miss a line in the on. And we can draw out a little eyes, which are to be easy starting shift. Control those out. I think that was dark too. Make them a tiny bit bigger. Drink that one across cu Just make the whole thing So I get bigger again. You can mess around with that. That it really isn't that big of a to we're gonna take out shape here, which is actually about eyebrow. Take the line tool again. So backslash or just up here and we don't want it to be a complete half circle this point, So I'm gonna crop that down. So it's both divide. Doric selected to lead this piece back to V. So our normal selection tool and anger is gonna select that, like the l Blue, his eyebrows. Obesity. So it's taken down some. Yeah, looking great. Okay, so there's a little bit of difference is a subtle difference in both of our characters here , but that's a great like I said before. It's your character. So each and every time you make it, it's gonna be a little bit different for every person, which is great. So next we want to do majority triangle some boxes. To do that, we're gonna want to come over to our shapes here, come down to star or polygon. Either way, we can create triangle we have to do is select one, drawing out no holding shift. At this point, you can hold spaceport to move around while you're drawing out and then tap down to the very last point. And that's the same with star I country that just quickly so drive a star tap down and I'll take me to a triangle that we just had these anchor points that you could like to delete if you want to. We don't want one, then a squish that down. So it's been around. Make sure it's blank. We've got a line on here. So sort of Chris creating two of this shape and then add in the line twice. I could just do it once. So what I'm gonna do is use a line tour dragged out by holding shift. So it's diagonal. And now, holding old, I'm gonna drag my line across and then shift just to make sure it stays in line. I've got a nice distance between the two. Maybe drink it back a little bit, Select all 30 before did actually I want to copy and paste this in front. So come on, C Come on. Death selector Two lines divine and I direct selectees to shaped on the outside Eyedropper white cool I shine and I'm gonna just hold select everything. I'm gonna hold OKed and then shift drag across and I'm going to select everything again And come on G or right click and G the group. Now we have Ah, cool Turtle scored. Squirtle scored glasses. I'm not sure. I think it was the boss man, that wall to be the big beast he wants. Everyone else got round ones but it doesn't matter. It's just a nice little accessory. And then we have that. We have no square toe now our total school. So I hope you enjoy this. I hope you were able to follow along. I hope you enjoy creating the others if you actually took a stab at them. Um, if you haven't already go ahead. There's nothing stopping you classes here. We're not going anywhere. Once you've got them to this point and you're really happy with them, you can then start building out your mini seen slash illustration. Why? Maybe grouping a selection by right clicking grouping and then just rotating that? Just add a little bit death. Now he's looking up to the sky cheering for no. You can do that in lots of different ways. You can answer in depth. You can add some texture. You can add shadows and shines Experiment. Have fun. Just remember to save all the way. I look forward to seeing your submissions in the project below. Thank you.