Shame-free Granola: How to Tame Your Acne with Food | Kalika Peske | Skillshare

Shame-free Granola: How to Tame Your Acne with Food

Kalika Peske, Acne survivor

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8 Videos (21m)
    • Intro

    • Acne 101

    • Basics of anti-inflammatory eating

    • Buying ingredients

    • Step 1: Liquid coating

    • Step 2: Granola

    • Step 3: Baking

    • Beauty is always on the inside


About This Class

This class is a combination of a nutrition class, a dermatology appointment, and a cooking class.  If you have acne...if you like healthy eating...if you like being creative in the kitchen...if you want to get more comfortable in the kitchen...if you aren't sure if you can cook at all...if you want to be healthier...then this class is for you.

Learn what causes acne, why it's a sign of more than just a cosmetic problem, why it is totally treatable, and how to eat the right foods to minimize inflammation and control breakouts.  Then I'll walk you through your first anti-inflammatory recipe and believe me, it will be delicious!





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Kalika Peske

Acne survivor

Hi, I'm Kalika! I battled acne for 15 years, crying my way through one dermatologist's office after another and trying even more remedies in an elusive search for relief. Every topical cream, prescription medication, herbal supplement, home treatment - you name it, I tried it. I bought tea tree oil, zinc vitamins, slept with toothpaste on my zits, washed my face more often, washed it less, got facials, and in the process spent thousands of dollars.

Eventually I stumbled across the ro...

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