Shading / Learn to Draw the Figure in Dramatic Light & Shadow | Brent Eviston | Skillshare

Shading / Learn to Draw the Figure in Dramatic Light & Shadow

Brent Eviston, Master Artist & Instructor

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7 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Welcome and Orientation

    • 2. Preparing to Shade

    • 3. Dividing Light from Shadow

    • 4. The Core Shadow

    • 5. Cast Shadows

    • 6. Midtones

    • 7. Highlights & Refinements

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About This Class

Shading is the most sought after figure drawing skill. If you can shade basic volumes like spheres and cylinders, this course will teach you how to use those same skills to shade the human body. You’ll be led step by step through the figure shading process from simple light and shadow patterns to highly rendered anatomical details.

In addition to Brent’s award winning instruction this course includes a set of 50 photographs of beautifully lit, fully nude figure models. These photographs were created specifically for this course and will provide hours of shading practice.

Each lesson in this course focuses on a specific step of the shading process. At the end of each lesson you’ll be given a specific exercise. By the end of the course you’ll have your own fully shaded and rendered figure drawing.

Because this course features photographs of fully nude models, it is important that you conduct yourself maturely and appropriately in the course.

This is a challenging figure drawing course. It is highly recommended that you complete my GESTURE / An Introduction to the Art of Figure Drawing course as well as VOLUME & STRUCTURE / Learn the Art of Dynamic, 3D Figure Drawing before taking this course.