Sexy Signup Pages: A Fun Guide to Customising Newsletter Subscription Pages | Rich Armstrong | Skillshare

Sexy Signup Pages: A Fun Guide to Customising Newsletter Subscription Pages

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

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13 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. The Intro. Watch & Enroll

    • 2. The Point of The Class

    • 3. Create a List

    • 4. Form Setup

    • 5. Basic Design

    • 6. Custom Form Options

    • 7. Embedded Forms

    • 8. Custom MailChimp Forms

    • 9. Examples

    • 10. Sneaky Image Hosting

    • 11. Even More Custom

    • 12. Share Your Progress

    • 13. The Last Video – Watch It!

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About This Class


Ready to create a stunning newsletter signup page?

Want to make it easy for potential subscribers to hand over their email addresses?

This class is about a) creating simple custom signup pages; b) inspiring you to blow the socks off potential subscribers; and c) showing you how to get started!

Why Should I Take The Class?

  • Gathering email addresses and sending email newsletters is a leading way to create a captivated and engaged audience.
  • But signup pages are often bland and boring – which is stupid, considering we live in this information-saturated and attention-scarce age! Who wants to hand over their email address to just another somebody?
  • By customising your newsletter signup pages, you can get them looking hot and sexy, and increase your signup rate!
  • But most importantly you can get them looking like your brand and the content they contain. This way, you're guaranteed to attract the right subscribers.

Who's It For?

  • You’ll need some HTML and CSS experience to get the most from this class.
  • But there are options for non-coders too!
  • As a designer, business owner, or anyone with a newsletter, you get to learn what’s possible!

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Rich Armstrong

Product Designer

Although Rich calls himself a Product Designer he's more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn. He designs, animates and codes. And if you want to learn how to make stuff unicorn-style then read on! Rich studied multimedia design and graphic design, and taught himself to code. He's freelanced, worked for agencies and startups, and now runs a studio with his wife in Amsterdam. He creates compulsively, has super ginger-powers and can touch his nose with his tongue!


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