Sewn Notebook - Design Your Own Source of Inspiration

Caro Laina, Graphic Designer

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools, Materials and Format

    • 3. The Sewing Machine

    • 4. The Cover

    • 5. The Text Block

    • 6. Sew It All Together!


About This Class

For a designer, artist or an everyday doodler, there is one important tool that must be carried at all times: the sketchbook. Whether you prefer them thick or thin, white or square paper, to have a notebook at hand will ensure hours of fun and creativity that no digital gadget can compare. 

Who hasn't found an old notebook full of doodles or ideas for a logo and suddenly, you feel a rush of how much you have grown in your Design career.... or how many ideas you had back then and are inspiring you for a project you're doing right now!

Notebooks are just that: little gems where you will pour your endless creativity, to go back from time and be your own source of inspiration! 


In this class, you will design your own notebook from materials you have at home. You will choose the cover you want to apply, whether fabric or paper and we will learn together how to prepare these materials for the cover and the text block, before binding it all together.

I'm very excited to take you with me in this experience to make your very own designed notebook.

Music Credit: 

Air Hockey Saloon - Chris Zabriskie

Cheese - David Szesztay