Sewing a Boxy Top - FREE multisize sewing pattern included | Laura Casey | Skillshare

Sewing a Boxy Top - FREE multisize sewing pattern included

Laura Casey, Sewing blogger & pattern designer

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8 Videos (14m)
    • Boxy Top - Intro

    • Boxy Top - Printing the pattern & buying fabric

    • Boxy Top - Laying out the pattern & cutting your fabric

    • Boxy Top - Attaching the sleeves to the back

    • Boxy Top - Sewing up the front and sides

    • Boxy Top - Finishing the vents

    • Boxy Top - Finishing the neckline

    • Boxy Top - Roundup

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About This Class

This class takes you through every step of making this cute Boxy Top. The tutorial come with a FREE multi-size sewing pattern that you can download from the internet. See clear step-by-step instructions for every step. This simple top that can be made in SO MANY different fabrics that it will soon become your wardrobe staple!





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Laura Casey

Sewing blogger & pattern designer

My name is Laura and I run a busy and creative website called Sew Different.

You can find it here:

It's all about sewing the clothes you love. What I have always wanted is to recreate the clothes I buy from my favourite shops. And you will see on my blog that the things I make are inspired by things I have bought on the high street, or just gazed longingly at in Vogue. I often digress into other projects like fabric dying, sewing for the home and things fo...

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