Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing Patterns

Ariana Bauer, Sewing teacher, pattern maker, and mom.

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11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Finding and Buying Sewing Patterns

    • 3. Reading the Front and Back - Part 1

    • 4. Reading the Front and Back - Part 2

    • 5. Unpacking The Envelope

    • 6. The Instructions Sheet

    • 7. The Tissue Paper Pattern

    • 8. Assembling PDF Patterns

    • 9. Reading Vintage Patterns

    • 10. Think Before You Cut

    • 11. The Final Project

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Project Description

Prepare a pattern of your choice for sewing by selecting the view, size and create a list of fabrics and notions you will need to sew the pattern.


You will be using the lessons from this class to purchase or select a sewing a pattern you would like to sew. After selecting your pattern, you will work through the attached worksheet to discover all of the parts of a sewing pattern. By the end of the project, you will know what size you would like to use, what view you are using, and have a list of all of the items you will need to purchase in order to sew your pattern.



Your project will include:

  • The manufacturer of your pattern and the name or number of the sewing pattern.
  • Your answers to the questions in the attached worksheet.
  • A picture of the pattern you are using.
  • Feel free to share any sewing pattern resources you find with the Community



  • The class attachments has an extensive list of resources of pattern shopping for all types of sewing patterns.
  • If you get stuck and need help, you can always use the Community discussion area. I always tell my students that if you are having trouble, that means someone is having that same trouble - so please do not be embarrassed to ask.

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