Sewing Machine 101 | Jaime Johnson | Skillshare
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10 Videos (1h 31m)
    • SM101Intro

    • SM101DialsButtonsFeatures

    • SM101BasicAccessories

    • SM101WindingTheBobbin

    • SM101ThreadingTheNeedle

    • SM101StitchItOut

    • SM101ToteBagProject

    • SM101CleaningMaintenance

    • SM101Needles

    • SM101Thread


About This Class

Unlock your creativity by becoming friends with your Sewing Machine! In this class I'll demystify your sewing machine and work to overcome hurdles so you can get to the fun part - creating lovely items for you and your family. The Sewing Machine 101 course is for you if you have a sewing machine but are afraid to pull it out of the box. Or maybe you use your sewing machine's most basic features but would like to know what all those dials and accessories are for. Either way I can help! I can't wait for you to take this course, conquer any fears you may have about your machine, and unleash your creative potential! Once you know the basics, it's just a matter of practice. 





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Jaime Johnson

Sewing Instructor

Hello, I'm Jaime. ​I started sewing when I was 15 and, with some guidance from the local sew & vac owner, I taught myself to make dresses, quilts and bags during my summers off school. I went on to study Home Economics in College and earned a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Clothing & Textiles. I went on to sell sewing machines for Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff, work in a quilt shop and manage a bridal alterations room, where I was introduced to Industrial Sewing Machines. I h...

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