Sewing: Easy Pillow Cover with Hidden Zipper | Jennie Pickett | Skillshare

Sewing: Easy Pillow Cover with Hidden Zipper

Jennie Pickett, designer at Clover & Violet

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Supplies

    • Cutting the Backing Fabric

    • Preparing the Zipper

    • Sewing the Zipper Part 1

    • Sewing the Zipper Part 2

    • Sew the Pillow Cover Together

    • Bonus: Stuffing the Pillow Cover


About This Class


Sewing is a great way to update your home decor. Jennie from Clover & Violet will teach you how to sew a pillow slipcover with a hidden zipper in the back. This is a fun, easy way to decorate for the holidays, change decor for different seasons, or just make something new for your home.

This class is great for a confident beginner or intermediate sewer who already knows basic sewing, including how to use a sewing machine, adjust needle position, and change stitches to a zig zag, and is comfortable completing a small project on their own. This class is also great for a more experienced sewist who has not yet tackled zippers.

Although this class teaches installing a zipper, no special feet are required, only a regular sewing machine foot.





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Jennie Pickett

designer at Clover & Violet

Jennie is the pattern designer and blogger at Clover & Violet, LLC, a business she started with her mom (who has recently retired) in 2009. She has a passion for making handmade part of every day life, and loves to incorporate quilted things in her decor.

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