Sewing Basics for Easy Start of Any Sewing Project + DIY Bunny Sachet | Aleksandra Shupletsova | Skillshare

Sewing Basics for Easy Start of Any Sewing Project + DIY Bunny Sachet

Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Class Project Overview

    • 4. Tools & Materials

    • 5. Main Parts of Sewing Machine

    • 6. Basic Caring for Sewing Machine

    • 7. Changing Needle & Presser Feet

    • 8. Changing & Winding Bobbin, Threading

    • 9. Main Settings for Stitches

    • 10. Starting Class Project

    • 11. Basic Stitches: Straight

    • 12. Basic Stitches: Zigzag

    • 13. Finishing Class Project

    • 14. Class Resume


About This Class


This class aims to help anyone who doesn't have any experience in sewing or meets some troubles with stitching quality due to lack of basic knowledge.

Going through the class videos you will learn all basics required to start almost any sewing project without fear and with confidence. Also you will get some useful tips & hints that will help you to perform best results and long-lasting quality in  your sewing projects.

Here are the main topics that will be covered in the class:

  • main parts of sewing machine
  • basic caring for sewing machine
  • threading the top thread
  • winding and changing bobbing
  • changing needle
  • changing presser feet
  • main settings for stitches, possible problems & trouble shooting
  • correct start (first stitches, tacks, etc.)
  • straight stitch (+ training task)
  • zigzag stitch (+ training task)

The class also includes a fun project - we will practice all acquired skills while making a cute bunny sachet. Watch class videos and check project section for more details 

Now kiss goodbye your concerns and fears, collect simple materials and tools needed for the class - and let’s start!





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Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·

Hello! I am Aleksandra, Sasha or Sashu as my friends call me - that's where my project's name comes from - SASH? d?cor bureau.

I live in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), but originally from Belarus and in love with Paris :)
I make various handmade stuff since early childhood. Now I run Etsy shop, where I sell the best results of my creative experiments that meet all high quality requirements and pass my strong self-criticism filter.

I like to challenge myself, to learn and to dev...

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