Sewing Basics for Easy Start of Any Sewing Project + DIY Bunny Sachet

Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Class Project Overview

    • 4. Tools & Materials

    • 5. Main Parts of Sewing Machine

    • 6. Basic Caring for Sewing Machine

    • 7. Changing Needle & Presser Feet

    • 8. Changing & Winding Bobbin, Threading

    • 9. Main Settings for Stitches

    • 10. Starting Class Project

    • 11. Basic Stitches: Straight

    • 12. Basic Stitches: Zigzag

    • 13. Finishing Class Project

    • 14. Class Resume


Project Description

Bunny Sachet

Instead of sewing just dull and simple test lines with main types of stitches we will make a fun project!

Let’s train acquired skills while sewing a cute bunny sachet, which you can stuff with lavender or other dried herbs and use as long-lasting home fragrance. Or you can use it as bonbonniere stuffed with m&m’s or candied fruits.

Fulfilling the class project you will practice main stitches and test useful tips & hints given in the videos.

All instructions needed to fulfill class project you will learn from the class videos.

For the class project you'll need (for more info watch Video 4):

  • a sewing machine
  • 2 pieces of linen or other type of fabric (1 - enough to make double layer of about 19x13cm, 2 - small piece for tests)
  • spool of sewing thread of desired color
  • scissors
  • simple pencil or chalk (or fabric vanishing marker)
  • several pins
  • printer or paper to draw on
  • ribbon of desired color and type
  • desired stuffing (dried lavender, m&m’s, etc.)
  • also find attached PDF with bunny pattern - print it out in actual size, cut according to external line.

There are three main assignments within the Class Project:

  1. straight stitch practice
  2. zigzag stitch practice
  3. finishing touches for the class project

You are very welcome to share your results in the Class project section! You can do it posting each assignment step by step or sharing the final result at once.

Recommended total deadline for the class project - 3 days.

Any feedback and reposts of the class and its project are very welcome and appreciated!

Important and cheering note

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! The project is built in a way that will give you some no worries practice opportunities with a guaranteed nice final result - so in the end you will be inspired to continue learning to sew and to make more bunnies :)

Let's do it!

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