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Sewing Basics for Easy Start of Any Sewing Project + DIY Bunny Sachet

teacher avatar Aleksandra Shupletsova, · in handmade we trust ·

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Overview

    • 3. Class Project Overview

    • 4. Tools & Materials

    • 5. Main Parts of Sewing Machine

    • 6. Basic Caring for Sewing Machine

    • 7. Changing Needle & Presser Feet

    • 8. Changing & Winding Bobbin, Threading

    • 9. Main Settings for Stitches

    • 10. Starting Class Project

    • 11. Basic Stitches: Straight

    • 12. Basic Stitches: Zigzag

    • 13. Finishing Class Project

    • 14. Class Resume

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About This Class


This class aims to help anyone who doesn't have any experience in sewing or meets some troubles with stitching quality due to lack of basic knowledge.

Going through the class videos you will learn all basics required to start almost any sewing project without fear and with confidence. Also you will get some useful tips & hints that will help you to perform best results and long-lasting quality in  your sewing projects.

Here are the main topics that will be covered in the class:

  • main parts of sewing machine
  • basic caring for sewing machine
  • threading the top thread
  • winding and changing bobbing
  • changing needle
  • changing presser feet
  • main settings for stitches, possible problems & trouble shooting
  • correct start (first stitches, tacks, etc.)
  • straight stitch (+ training task)
  • zigzag stitch (+ training task)

The class also includes a fun project - we will practice all acquired skills while making a cute bunny sachet. Watch class videos and check project section for more details 

Now kiss goodbye your concerns and fears, collect simple materials and tools needed for the class - and let’s start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksandra Shupletsova

· in handmade we trust ·


Hello! I am Aleksandra, Sasha or Sashu as my friends call me - that's where my project's name comes from - SASH? d?cor bureau.

I live in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), but originally from Belarus and in love with Paris :)
I make various handmade stuff since early childhood. Now I run Etsy shop, where I sell the best results of my creative experiments that meet all high quality requirements and pass my strong self-criticism filter.

I like to challenge myself, to learn and to develop. This permanent creative process fills my shop with a variety of styles and techniques. I take natural materials (linen, cotton, wool, natural stones, wood, etc.) and transform them to cozy home decor & textiles, stylish earrings & accessories, and other beautiful stuff.

I do everything ... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is Alexandra. Always. My friends called me Sasha or social, and I hope that we will become friends, too. And I'm very glad to welcome you at my class name. So in one on one basic settings and stitches, for instead off any sewing project, thes class aims to help anyone who doesn't have any experience in so in, or anyone who experiences some troubles with lack of basic knowledge, always teaching quality. I make various inmate stuff since early childhood, now Iran. And it's a shop named Sexually Core Bureau, where I sell the best results off my creative experiments that need all high quality standards and pass my really high self criticism filter. I like to challenge myself to learn and develop, and this permanent creative process and search feels my project with a really wide writing off techniques and start I take natural materials like linen Korten, buh natural stones sometimes wound, and I transformed them too. Cozy home decor and textiles, stylish appearance and accessorized and many other types off beautiful stuff. E do everything with my own hands and then the weird waking get control. So everything in my soap is handmade with love and get approved behind had made things. I'm also decorated a copywriter, sometimes English, Russian translator and also projects and event manager. 2. Class Overview: video. This bus was actually inspired by my own story. I've never learned to sew before, maybe because I didn't need it as my mom is a designer and she's able to so almost anything , maybe on the accept truth, like clearly anything from underwear to quote. I've always admired her talent, but I was sure that it's quite impossible to reach for skill level like it will take forever. I really saw everything too complicated when it was moving to another city. Teoh, start medication at university. My mom gave me a present. A Jaguar, not a car. Eso in machine. Uh, I was better, of course, but not really excited. And my Jaguar was standing useful for a long time, but yes past and suddenly a desire to learn. Someone came to me as they wanted to brought in my hand, made skills and to and reach my project with some salts. That, of course, now, when my mom was far away from me, I had to learn everything by myself when I was serving before, I've always been upset with my seems because they came out not nice, not straight. I had some problems with threading with needles and a lot of other annoyance stuff. So I decided to forget everything I tried to do before and to start from the very beginning . Like literally. I took out the menu off my Jaguar and studied to study this book from the very first page from the main parts of sewing machine. Okay, I have to admit, it wasn't out. But, you know, some kind off magic happened when I finished this book and had a little bit of practice, some kind off clear and simple understanding off. The whole process came to me. Now I was smoke confident. I even started to fuel pleasure from the so in product process. And of course, the results were much better now. So I invite you to make this first Dow, but very important. Step together. Now you will be not alone anymore, and I'll do my best to try to make it fun. Together we'll goes remain parts of seven machine. Very briefly. I will give you some in for about basic caring for seven machine as it's also influences the seven quality. We will learn straight in the top threat winded and change in mobile. I will show you how to change needle. How to change press if eat little ghost remain setting stress teachers as tension off top threat off the bordens red regulation off the teachers lands. We will learn how to start so incorrectly how to make first teachers attacks etcetera. And also we will train two types of stitches straight ends Exactly as these are the main two types of structures that you will meet in almost any kind of sewing project. I will also share with you some useful tips and hints that event from my mom. These steps are not written in any book. Oh, menu. This is some practical skills from her 40 years experience that will help you, Teoh, make some moments easier to treat somewhere in order to perform better results and long lasting quality for almost any sewing project. And also, I've prepared a fun class project for you. Check the next video way 3. Class Project Overview: no way we're going to train the quiet skews, while so in acute Bunyan Sasha, which you can stop with lavender or dried herbs and uses long lasting from fragrance. Or, for example, you can stuff it with some Candace M and M's maybe ended fruit. So this is a multi functional, small project that can be small cornetto for interior. Or maybe a funny small gift. For many occasions, I really tried to be on this project in a way that will give you some no worries practice opportunities with guaranteed nice final results. So in them, people be inspired to continue to learn to sew em to make from Bonnie's s momani small practice. 4. Tools & Materials: To fulfill the class project, you will need a sewing machine off course, two pieces or fabric all the same. Type one is large enough to make double layer off about 19 to 13 centimeters, and the second smaller, the same type of crib that you will need to make this. The size is up to you. I will use leaner as its isn't too so, and it's great. Color mentions nicely any color sewn threat. You can use other types of fabric as well. For example, Corton work well. It should be quite seek and solid, especially if you are going to use 11 the stuffing because these small parts of herbs will not go through the threats. Do not use any types off stretching, needed or sick woman for breaks, as they are quite part two. So for the first time, and they do not see the project give to speak about colors I recommend you to use for break off playing colors. There is no ornaments because it will be easier for you to follow the drop on line off the pattern when you will be so in, and also his exacts teach that we will so for the core with another sister with additional Parton's, and the whole project will look balanced. You will also need a servants right of desired color. I prefer to use a contrasting one as it like to make some color accents for the bombing. Also, you will need sharp scissors, simple pencil or ammunition marker for a break, Peens, printer or paper to drawn. Also, you will need a piece off ribbon off desired color and type about 25 centimeters and decide stopping like live in the other dried herbs. Mm, damn etcetera. Also, please find attached. Pdf butter off the bunny. 5. Main Parts of Sewing Machine: in this really will go through the main parts. All the sewing machine. I do understand that there are thousands off sewing machine models, but it to speak about moralists. Morgan machines with electrical food control. All of them have almost the same main parts. Even old will machines with simple pedal also do have this pain parts. Usually the difference is on the in shape or sometimes in placement. We're not going to die of deep inside this topic. We need to know only basics about seven machine parts in order to understand what to push or what just in common. So in situations. And I will show you everything on the example off my jugular. Here is my love jugar the president of my mom. Uh, this is a very basic seven machine, not professional, with some basic feature set in since teachers totally enough for almost all projects. So let's start from the top Here. Is this poop in from where the top straight started spots to needle. And here is this reading pass that comes right to the needle, actually under the needle. We have a very complicated part off Chateau and Robin case, but it's not so scary. We'll talk about it later. And also here we have there thread tension, control that regulates detention off tops Red. Depending on your seven machine, it can be situated not right here like mine. But it should be somewhere near the threading past and somewhere about the needle. We'll talk about the area or for the needle a little bit more. And we'll look at the data a little bit closer. So here is there and under the needle we have a small part called Presser Foot. It presses down the fabric and helps you to control it at the back. Right above the press of food. You have food release lever which you will need to use if you want to change the present food. And also under the present foot you have a small mechanism gold feed dogs which helps to push you for bring forward while so in. So you don't need to push it yourself just to help it a little bit. Here on this side of their machine, we have the bobbin winter shaft. We will use it while winding the bourbon. We will talk about it later. Also here is the hand will by which you can drive your machine manually on the hand. Will we have clutch? Not here. We have also stitch lands control, stitch selector and reverse stage liver, which you will use to make tux. These are the main parts of sewing machine that you need to know and we can move forward. 6. Basic Caring for Sewing Machine: in this video, we're going to talk about Karen for your machine To ensure the best possible operation off your machine. It's necessary to keep the essential parts clean at all times. First of all, you have to keep clean the area or fit dogs and the shuttle era. To clean these plaques, you have to open that chateau era. Take out the board in case usually in the kid of your machine. You have this small brush or if you don't have one, you can use a simple painting brush and you just start to take out with this brush small parts off fabric that can got in here while seven. This is some kind of small, very fine dust. You see, I have also this Did you have to take out? Yes. So in machine will tell. Thank you. If to speak about oil and very rarely you need to oil the machine. But if suddenly you will like to just no the following. You can also have any kids, some kind off this bottle with oil. At one time, you put just one drop off oil no more. And the main parts where the oil goes is this part off the centerpiece off the chateau and the shuttle rates area here. But to do the right oil and you need to take out the chateau case totally out of the machine. And it's quite hard. So not talk about this in this video. Just be shrewd that you will not too put two made too much oil summer or you will not put it somewhere where it shouldn't go after you oil the machine, please use a piece off test for brief for a while because the oil can leave sports. 7. Changing Needle & Presser Feet: first of all, put down the press food, then adjust needle, rising it to its highest position by turning the hand will toward you. Now lose the needle clamps crew by turning it toward you. Remove the needle by pulling it down. We take you need Oh, and, um, there's always one flat side on the needle. You may be you cannot see any there. This is it. So you insert the needle into the needle, clamp with the flat side away from you and push the needle up as far as it can go and tighten the needle clamps crew feeling if you screw driver if needed. So no, Neil is a K, and we know how to change it to change the press of food. Be sure the needle is in the opposition. Rice press a foot lever at the back, right about the pressure food. There is the food release lever. Just touch it slightly and that's it. They're foot will be released, plays the desired food on the needle plate, align the needle holes and lower the press a foot lever so that the food holder snaps on the foot and 8. Changing & Winding Bobbin, Threading: if you have quite more than so in machine, then most probably you have the whole thread and pass marked right on the machine like mine has. You see this? Numbers. 1234 and etcetera. So do start threading the top threat. We need to put down the president and by rotating the hand will to put the needle in deeds high position. Right now we're putting Streb or been on this bull. Here is the way how the stretch should go. So and then we started, like just one by one. Here is one. Then we're going down to three. We have to move toe, show this part three we go again down poor then we have to put the threat into the needle. To make it easier, you have to cut the end off the threat because this card will be nice and fine. L reported here I have a bet. Eyesight. Great. Then you put out deliver even if you don't have a free Borden like I don't, um you can still win the straight off the desired Carla using this one first of all. Well, put it. Put it away. First of all, you have to release the clutch. Nope. Off the hand will. Usually every machine that has marked threading pass off the top threat. It also has there mark us off threading for winding the border. So the boarding off the top threat stays on the same place. And here you have Theis Marks. So in my case, I have to put the threat here. And then here is the small arrow off the direction How it should put their threat like this . Full the end of this Read through the bobbin Hold with finger. It will be on top. I have here also marked the direction off the threat on the bobbin, so it should go from here. Also clockwise. We have the bobbin shaft it should be in. It should be in the west position with Put on it the body hold in this thread and take it to the right position. We're still holding this red juicy, no dawning on the machine. Press the food control and start winding. You see, the Fred knows how to move and the bobbin is winded evenly. By the way, when it will be full, it will be stopped automatically with this thing who they're chuffed to the lift. Take out the Bogan. Then we have to fix again the pledge now like this. And so now we have the ready Bobin winded with threat off the desired color. And we have to put inside the machine to replace the one that building Kevin site. So we opened the shuttle. Eric way. Take the shadow case. You see? You have the small tail. You open it, take it and just think up very easily. Take out the woman. You have to do like this and that's it. You pull and it's out way. Take it away. No. In the right hands, we take our borders. It should run clockwise. You put the straight onto your finger. It will be easier for you to manipulate what it inside the bobbin case like this. Then pulling slightly to the right. You put this red through the sleet and then full when it will be ready. And on the right place you will hear smoke. Click here and leave it like this. Now you take again Small tail with your left hand. Their threat It's towards to you. No, You see here the small part This is the location Ping. And here in the shadow, you have delegation group on top, so you have to match them. You put the board been inside on the center, shaved off the shackles, mentioned that location with the location group. You release this to push, and you just hear this click when it's on the right place. So now the Borden case is inserted. Now you have to take the top threat in your left hand. And with the right hand, you retake the hand will, in order to kitsch the boarding a threat. You see the tops red catches the Borden thread and takes it up. So no, they oppose up and you put down That's it. 9. Main Settings for Stitches: the main adjustable settings that influence the quality of teaching attention off top threat off bobbin thread and stitchers lens. The good looking appearance off your station is legend, determined by the bell distension off both stop and bobbins threats. The tension is well, when these two threats look in the middle off layers of fabric, your soul. And, of course, it's understood that for each project you're doing, this balance will be different. Dependent under for brick thickness wanted to your flares, your sewing, etcetera. The same factors. Metaphor leads off this teacher choose. Let's start from checking the global threat tension as it requires adjustments less frequently than the top threat. It's enough just through check it from time to time to make sure that it's OK and to make any further adjustments just by controlling tops our attention. So let's open the shadow area and suspended the bobbin case. Take it by this red and jerk ones. Cork Bob Intention will result in the threat and went in only 35 centimeters or want to interest. If it's to lose, it will Unwin more. If it's to tie, the thread will not unwind at all. You see in my case, I think that they're bobbin thread Tension is too tight. There is a small screw on the left side of the bobbin case. You have to make only slight adjustments off it with this screwdriver. When you turn it to the right, you increased detention. When you turn it to the left, you decrease the tension. After that, Repeat the test. No, it's OK. So now we're sure that the bobbin thread tension is coric. And let's check and adjust the top Strict attention. Um, my mom taught me that every time you start ah, new project, you have to have a test piece off the same for break using which you will make all needed adjustments before you will start to so actually your project except itself. Joe's recommended to use atyour test piece, the same quantity or flares that you're going to so in your project, like, for example, in our project with the bunny Well, so the double layers, so we'll make all tests and adjustments using them. That's for brick folded into double layer. It is also convenient to have for maybe narrow but loan test piece. If possible, it can save some time and efforts and you will see later. We already know that the tension is well balanced. When that opened, the bobbins threats look in the middle off layers of fabric you're so in, like on this picture. If it starts to so and you see that there are notes off weapons threat on the top side of the fabric, it means the top stage is too tight in the situation. When you see that there are not off tops threat from the downside of the for break this news, the tension is to lose. I'd like to mention here that for the exact speech, the top spread may appear on the bottom, dependent on this thread for breathe type of speech and servants people. But the bombing threat must never appear on the top of the fabric. So if you see that this teacher is irregular, you need to adjust the tension off tops red. Usually there is a marked normal or universal setting off lobster attention on every machine like in mind. I have number five. Let's try it first. If it will not help, then we will make more adjustments and tests. It will have long piece of fabric. There is no need to take it out Every time we need to check the quality of teachers, we just eso 5 10 centimeters off seem and then check it and we make all adjustments with oppressive food down. So let's make our first test well. It's quite a key, but not perfect. I I don't think it's visible for you, but I see really small notes on the top side. So the tension is too tight and let's lose it a little bit and we make one more test. No, I am satisfied we are almost ready to start our project. But before we'll make some adjustments for teach lands, you have to choose. Teach lens according to the sickness and type off your foot break figure for bring demands quite launched teachers sealer smaller but sometimes for very delicate for break too small Teachers also don't work good. Also, a decision may depend on what task your full feeling. What kind of seem you want to have a band like fine shorts, teachers or doing like nice, quiet lawns teachers. It depends. There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration, but as my mom also say's Don't think about everything at once. At the same moment, we can figure out everything by making tests experimenting. But now we'll move one step by step, thinking about only current project. The main idea off choosen stitchers length is to take into consideration the fabric features and to find Bell's between the threat tension to in order to have this perfect balance, teachers with looks inside the layers. So here I'm quite satisfied with the stages lands. Maybe I would like to have them a little bit longer, So I will put my stage lands control at the meeting between three and four, and we will make one more test. Well, now I'm totally satisfied, and we are almost ready to move to the next step and to start our project. But first, please repeat all these steps and make any needed adjustments on your sewing machine and with your test piece of fabric 10. Starting Class Project: before we will start to practice main stitchers types. We need to make some preparations for our project. We need to print out Bonnie Pattern, which you have in the touch. Pdf file. If you don't have printer, you can draw equipe over Parton by hand On paper. For this, you have to open this file on your computer. Lean a piece of paper to computer screen and follow the father in line by pencil. Be careful and do not press the heart, just like touch off pencil will be enough to get a visible line. And also make sure that you have corked scaling over the page in the file and the size off your Parton will be as needed actual size. I wrong 16 to 13 centimeters, but some small sigh inspirations also. Kate. I decided to transfer my fightin on a cardboard as I'm going to use it Multiple e and I wanted to be more durable. You can do the same, so we have our pattern cut out and we will transfer it on for break. I will use for these a simple pencil because pencil line will be easier to fall a while serving. Then choke line, for example, how you can use also special vanishing for brick markers. If you're using a pencil, make sure that it's not too sharp. Now we take our for break. You have to irony before way folded into a double layer. Place the partner in the middle present with hand and just carefully with no salary. We follow their counter with pencil so the pattern is transferred. Now would take appeals and holding together the two layers way, put the beans inside in order to fix two layers. I make it inside the Bonny Quarter, not too close to the lines, so when will be so in these spins will not disturb us. Well, it's ready. You don't have to cut out the transferred Parton from fabric yet, and now we're ready for the next step. 11. Basic Stitches: Straight: in this video, we will practice the straits teach. I will show you everything right, Honourable Bonnie. But you can first train on your best piece of fabric. Let's give more attention to some tips. How to start stitching correctly before place in the material on the machine. Make sure that the ends off both threats are drawn to the back at about 15 centimeters. For six interest, you will have to fold them with one hand your and so in off the proof. Three for teachers off the same start and finish Ever seen. Fasten. You need buy back taken, but this you have to press the reversed each liver, while so in when you start seven and you have to make the first talk at the beginning of the scene, place the foot brake. Not like these, like from the very age of, but most a little bit forward for about one centimeter. Put down the oppressive food and start seven. Present their prestige in lever at once, and then your back is ready. Eso This way you will go through this small area or for break Onley twice, not three times, and it's totally enough too fast in the same and the doctor will be not so sick and will look nicer. Bus. You will save some time. And it will be really easy to starts, Teacher. Not from the very age as your fabric will be already fixed with depressive foot. So now for our money, we need to start serving from the left. Here has its freedom in them. Uh, but and we need to make the first stop. So according to my mom, steep I will place the needle not to this parish position, but into this position. So the duck is ready. Then we need just to continue so in for in the line when you so don't push, pull too hard. If a break. Remember that funny part dogs they already do. Push the fabric is needed and you have just to control it and help with a little bit. When you make the distinction, don't look at the needle to make that straight scene, you have to control the side edge off for big or in our case, we have to follow the line off the pattern. And in this case you have to control that the line goes directly in the middle off the press acute here is one small cheating keep. This is my own invention. Uh, usually in the key to your sewing machine you have several press afi's And if you are lucky to have one for blends teach this is how it looks like. Then you can make a perfect trade. Seem Just make sure that the edge off for break you're going to. So it's got perfectly changed the president to this one just in this part, you can regulate their space between the ages for break and the same that you were. So you put for break like this and just that so in and volatile we have a perfectly straight seem with no efforts. You can regulate speed by adjusting your pressure to the foot control attract places you can lead the machine manually. Vira Kating Will I have to change direction off so we can do this when the needle is down inside the fabric way. Just praise off the press of food, take for breakers needed put down the president again and start. So So here is your first class project assignment. You have to practice straight teach so straits teach on Bonnie Quarter. Start from the mark on the left ear and move following the Contra line to the mark on the right here, like it's marked on the pattern. Don't forget to make tax at the beginning and the end of the seam. 12. Basic Stitches: Zigzag: his exacts teaches, usually used to fast in the age of the fabric, to need and eat. It is also used for a political, sometimes declarative seem. Another project we will use exact for both purposes, to need in the edge and, as additional de court usually have several types of exact on your machine. My machine, for example, has eight steps exact regulated by the stitchers selected up. It means that wits office exact may vary from 1 to 8 millimeters, and changing this teaching plants was exacts. Teach means that you change their closeness offs, teaches off his exact scene when studs exact seems he also have to pull back the bow threats and hold them as well as you have to make tax too fast. In the scene here is one most multi from my mom. Sure commands to make tax was exact seem with strange teachers because they're more solar plans. Exactly. For this, we do the following. We have to place the fabricas we already know moved a little bit forward and to try to make the space between the needle and the age of the brake almost the same. Deck the wits off your futures exact will be. So we put down the press of food, press their reversed teacher liver and start sewing backwards. So now we have to be sure that the needle is up and we switched to the It's exactly now you have to put the press of food up. Hold for brick with one hand on with second hand to move slowly the hand well and look at the needle where it's going to move first to the left or to the right. And according to this, you will adjust the edge of the fabric under the needle. So let's see. Yeah, In my situation, it first goes to the left. So I a just a little bit differ. Break and stop the first stage. So now the video is already inside the for breath, it is fixed. I put down their present food and just that. So in forward, Mr That's it very easy. So the talk is made there exacts teachers also good, and the tax will be strong because they're made with the Straits teach. So now let's those exacts teach on our Bonnie. We will follow the same line and exacts teach will be sold on top off their straits teach. So if you have somewhere small mistakes and this teacher, the first teach is not so perfect. That will be totally okay because it will be covered with our eyes exacts teach and it will be like some kind of additional DeCourcy. We start the procedure with the first stuck that we've already loaned that it's better to make it with the Straits teacher. So let's do it again. We put our burning anything we smoked forward. We place the needle in the position with to start press down the press support and start sewing with straight speech. Present their reverse teaching liver. Now wait a put up job switch to and we followed a needle to understand where the first teacher will go to its right. Okay, so now we will Just a little bit. You can make first teachers in the hand and then just and you see now, when we saw when we can also follow this line that it's over recovered with the straits teach it should go here right in the middle, off the price of food. And we just me no better. We make a nice life. We lead it a couple big here, you see, Here it comes a little bit harder to follow the line so we can move it manually and moved to the top of the year. Almost to that and and here the same US for the straits Teach weaken. Move our machine manually with the hand will. And here is the small teeth. How to make this sharp and corners eso we almost at the top of the year from here we do the following we stop the needle inside there for break. Then we put up the press of food. We rotate a little bit there for break Putin dollars and make one speech. Yeah, we gave put it up and try to get into the same hole that the previous teach waas So in the right position off the needle we tried to put the needle in the same hole. Got it. Also rotate a little bit there for break Put their pressure food down and one gnostic So we repeat this steps as needed. I guess we need one more time to do the same. Hate one. And now wait. Work What? Wait straight, Steve, and make the final tough. That's it. We're ready. Your second project assignment. I used to practice exact stage. You have to sew it on top of the straight stage following its line. You also start from the mark on the left ear and move forward in the quarter line to the mark on the right here, like it's marked on the water. And don't forget to make tax in the beginning and the end of the scene using straits teach . Also, remember that you can stop at heart parts like top of the years and to live machine many. 13. Finishing Class Project: So, guys, we're now almost at the final stage off our class project. Now we need to cut out our Bonnie from this piece of for break for this we need some sharp scissors convenient for you, Andi, with no hurry taking your time. We can't if a break as close to the exact stage as possible. Off course, we have to avoid cutting the best each. And don't forget that we have to cut the area between years. According to the line drawn from our partners, money is almost ready. And I guess that we'd like to I urinate for the last time before we will stop it. Here is additional tip from my experience. I wanted to stuff the bunny with mm dams and I've bought a pack off eat the day before. But today I found out that it disappeared. I suspect my husband and recommend you that if you're going to stop the bunny with something beatable, keep the stuff in in a safe place. But like a layer have some nuts at home and they will be just a k to show you how to stop the bonding and how to finish our project. So We just put the needed stuff in and staff the Bonny inside this hole between the ears. - So I think it's quite enough we will adjust the stuff later. Now we have to share the area between years taking together this part and too tight with our ribbon. - Now we have to adjust the stuff in to form a nice Bonnie's body. Oh, it's head. I don't know. Just pull. Don't be afraid in order to make it nice. Of course, the move. Find staff anus there more nice shape off the bunny will be. I personally like to stuff for it with some herbs, like living there or maybe means because they help stuff and can be adjusted better inside than some big pieces off stoppin like nuts or maybe mm dems. But I think it's just also Okay, So now you see, we have some small fringe is a to the age of our body. We will also help to make a little bit more off them drug This small shreds. We will help them to come out, take again Caesars and called them neatly. And those a pair Feli not cutting the body itself. And finally here is the last consignment for your project to cut and stuff the bonding. Do you have to get out the barn? It s close to his exact as possible. Avoid cutting the stage. Don't forget to cut the ever between years following the line off the Parton, you can also so simple speech at the base of each year following the dotted line on the partner. So the stuff and will not stuck in Venice years. But then proceed with stuff in the Bonny end up to that. Cheer the area on the years diet with the ribbon and adjust to shape. 14. Class Resume: We did it. You did it! Guys. We finished our first. So in project now our bodies already. And now you know all important basics that will help you to deal with other seven projects . You know how to make needed adjustments to prove so quality. You know all basic procedures that you can meet while eso in and using sewing machine. It is not a problem for you anymore. Toe change threats to be involving yourself in machine is clean. You take care off it. I can't wait to see the class Project gallery field with your bunnies acuteness. So please, you are welcome to share your results. You are also welcome toe Ask any kind of questions. I'll try to answer them and to help you as much as I can. I will also appreciate any kind of feedback. What you like in the video. What you need it, like any other suggestions will be really useful for me for my future classes. Hope I will do them. And of course, I will be very happy if you will share this class with your friends. Maybe it can be useful for somebody else. So please, you ever welcome And now, when you first bunnies done, I have to make a confession. I like to you guys. This'll class project is not so easy as I've told you before. Well, really, if you managed to so the same off such complicated shape, like with around parts and sharp corners and especially with exacts teach, then you are almost ready for any kind of sewing project. So please believe in yourself. Try something more complicated, and I'm sure that you will succeed. Well, thank you very much. One more time for which, in my class, it was a pleasure for me to make it. And I will be very happy to see you back. Maybe in my future classes. And I wish you very good luck and see you.