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12 Videos (34m)
    • Apron Supplies

    • Fabric Prep

    • Cutting The Pattern

    • Cutting Out The Apron

    • Cutting the ties

    • Ironing the ties

    • Finishing the ties

    • Pinning front and back

    • Sewing the apron

    • Turing right sides out and ironing apron

    • Topstitching

    • Thank You


About This Class


This class is perfect for all skill levels. This reversible apron is mostly straight seams with 2 small curves. The apron is fully reversible, all seams are hidden and then top-stitched to add a professional touch. 

In this class you will learn:

  • Create a reversible apron
  • Topstitch straight edges
  • Topstitch curves
  • Sew curves
  • Clip curves so they lay flat
  • Sew a lining
  • Adjust the length of your apron

 When you complete this class not only will you have a reversible apron but you will have also gained the knowledge and confidence to sew curves, clip them correctly, sew a lining and the ability to topstitch all your future sewing projects when needed. 

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great videos and easy to follow along with. The pattern is a great extra!
Well made class with very detailed instructions. Thank you for including the template.
Thank you for sharing. I have been meaning to make some new aprons. I like that this one is double-sided.





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