Sew a Real Leather Clutch Bag on your Home Sewing Machine | LaToya Stevens | Skillshare

Sew a Real Leather Clutch Bag on your Home Sewing Machine

LaToya Stevens

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About This Class

Hello. Welcome to my class. Today, I will teach you to make your own leather clutch bag, on your home sewing machine. Despite what you may have thought, it's very easy to do. If you watch carefully, and listen to tips given throughout this video, you will gain the confidence to try it for yourself! 

Recommended leathers will be of lightweight class (ie; lambskin, pigskin, goatskin), for use on a home sewing machine. You will have better results with using a "walking foot" or Teflon foot attachment, when sewing leather on your home sewing machine. Your choice of thread should be an 'all purpose' type. Avoid 100% cotton and silk threads. The zipper you chose can be brass or plastic teeth, but not an invisible zipper. The size is up to you! This project calls for a lining fabric. But, this could be optional.

The finished size of this clutch is approximately, 8" x 6 1/2". 

If you're looking for leather ideas, try an old leather garment for leather pieces. Once you gain more confidence in sewing leather, you can graduate to a purchased leather hide.. or, two!






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