Sew Like a Maker: Start with a Pillow Cover.

Ginger Hendrix, Author of TIME TO MAKE

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12 Videos (47m)
    • Trailer

    • Sew Like a Maker

    • The Project

    • Low Stakes Fabric

    • Just a Couple of Tools

    • Sort of Measure & Then Cut

    • You Can Thread Your Machine, I Swear

    • Basic Seams

    • From the Inside Out

    • Flip & Shove

    • Tinkering

    • Final Words from Fay


About This Class

Sewing: it's not just for Jr. High Girls and Home Ec Teachers anymore. Even MALE PEOPLE can do it. You can learn to sew like a DIY Ninja--with speed, just enough accuracy to get the job done, and with pins and patterns only when you feel like it. The sewing machine that is shoved in the back of your closet is an unbelievably handy tool that you can master well enough to tackle all sorts of projects.

Class led by Ginger Hendrix, author of Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don't Wait and writer at Wienerdog Tricks. Featuring appearances by our good friend, Fay from Fargo.


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Love her style. She has a great sense of humor and makes it very easy to watch and stay engaged in the content. :)
Corny and simple way to learn how to make an easy pillow without a bazillion steps and complicated pattern for people like me who didn't know how to thread thier machine (she covers the basics on that too).
Laura Wrede

Greeting Card Designer at Irene Irene Art

I dont know how to sew, do not even have a sewing machine yet, but wanna learn. So I really needed you to explain me the obvious, point by point, just as you did. But you did it in an ironic and fun way that I just loved. Thank you very much! Thank you also for your carefree attitude: what if it is not perfect, if the thread is white, if its a bit wrinkled... sometimes we worry about the small irrelevant details when everything has to go right if you just enjoy what youre doin. Lovely class, I hope you teach us more soon.





Ginger Hendrix

Author of TIME TO MAKE

Ginger Hendrix makes stacks of things from rescued fabric in her garage studio and recently released the book Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don't Wait.

She writes the blog Wienerdog Tricks and has been known to teach sewing and writing.

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