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11 Videos (33m)
    • Roll-Up Organizer Welcome

    • Roll-Up Organizer Supplies

    • Fabric Prep

    • Pinning The Fabric

    • Sewing The Fabric Together

    • Pressing Shut

    • Drawing The Pockets

    • Decorative stitch test fabric prep

    • Stitch practice

    • Stitching Decorative stitches

    • Thank You


About This Class


This class is perfect for all skills levels. Roll-up organizers are quick and easy to make. All the seams are straight but the decorative stitches really add some pizzazz to the organizer. 

In this class you will learn:

  • Create a custom roll-up organizer
  • Edgestitch straight edges
  • Use fusible webbing
  • Sew corners by pivoting 
  • eliminate the need to reposition your fabric at corners
  • Sew decorative stitches in straight rows
  • Adjust your decorative stitches
  • Create a stitch sample book

Not only will you come away with your own roll-up organizer, but you will also gain the knowledge and confidence to edge stitch straight edges and use decorative stitches without fear of the uneven rows of stitching. 

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Thank you. My biggest fear of using decorative stitches has been keeping them straight, now I know how.
fun project and lots of sewing tips
This is a great class if you've never touched a sewing machine or are looking to improve some skills.





Margaret Smith ✂

Sewing Instructor @ Let's Learn To Sew

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Margaret has dedicated her life to sewing clothing and teaching others new techniques, and she specializes in helping beginners master difficult techniques with ease.

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